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Rath, A. Co Author Listing * Bio-inspired technology systems and data analysis methods for classification and subsequent decision making intended for automated systems

Rath, G. Co Author Listing * Compression of Laplacian Pyramids Through Orthogonal Transforms and Improved Prediction
* subspace algorithm for error localization with overcomplete frame expansions and its application to image transmission, A
* SVD Based Transform for Critical Representation of Laplacian Pyramids, An

Rath, G.B.[Gagan B.] Co Author Listing * fast matching criterion for VLSI implementation of block-based motion estimation, A
* Iterative Least Squares and Compression Based Estimations for a Four-Parameter Linear Global Motion Model and Global Motion Compensation
* Subblock matching-based conditional motion estimation with automatic threshold selection for video compression

Rath, J. Co Author Listing * MTBI Identification From Diffusion MR Images Using Bag of Adversarial Visual Features
* Robust Set-Invariance Based Fuzzy Output Tracking Control for Vehicle Autonomous Driving Under Uncertain Lateral Forces and Steering Constraints
Includes: Rath, J. Rath, J.[Jagat]

Rath, J.J.[Jagat Jyoti] Co Author Listing * Human-machine shared control for vehicle lane keeping systems: A Lyapunov-based approach
* Rollover Index Estimation in the Presence of Sensor Faults, Unknown Inputs, and Uncertainties

Rath, P.K.[Prabin Kumar] Co Author Listing * Moving object detection for humanoid navigation in cluttered dynamic indoor environments using a confidence tracking approach

Rath, T.M.[Toni M.] Co Author Listing * Aligning Transcripts to Automatically Segmented Handwritten Manuscripts
* Features for word spotting in historical manuscripts
* Holistic word recognition for handwritten historical documents
* Learning Shapes for Image Classification and Retrieval
* Word image matching using dynamic time warping
* Word spotting for historical documents

Ratha, D.[Debanshu] Co Author Listing * Novel clustering schemes for full and compact polarimetric SAR data: An application for rice phenology characterization
* PolSAR Scattering Power Factorization Framework and Novel Roll-Invariant Parameter-Based Unsupervised Classification Scheme Using a Geodesic Distance, A
* Radar Vegetation Index for Crop Monitoring Using Compact Polarimetric SAR Data, A
* Target Characterization and Scattering Power Decomposition for Full and Compact Polarimetric SAR Data
Includes: Ratha, D.[Debanshu] Ratha, D.

Ratha, N. Co Author Listing * Back to the future: A fully automatic method for robust age progression
* Benchmarking Image Classifiers for Physical Out-of-Distribution Examples Detection
* Benchmarking Robustness Beyond LP Norm Adversaries
* Cardiac anatomy as a biometric
* Cognitive data augmentation for adversarial defense via pixel masking
* Crafting Adversarial Perturbations via Transformed Image Component Swapping
* Detecting and Mitigating Adversarial Perturbations for Robust Face Recognition
* Disguised Faces in the Wild
* efficient, two-stage iris recognition system, An
* Exploring Robustness Connection between Artificial and Natural Adversarial Examples
* Face anti-spoofing with multifeature videolet aggregation
* Fusing biographical and biometric classifiers for improved person identification
* Gradient Descent Approach for Multi-Modal Biometric Identification, A
* Improving classifier fusion via Pool Adjacent Violators normalization
* Intelligent and Adaptive Mixup Technique for Adversarial Robustness
* Learning face recognition from limited training data using deep neural networks
* Privacy Enhanced Decision Tree Inference
* Robust IRIS Presentation Attack Detection Through Stochastic Filter Noise
* Robustness Against Gradient based Attacks through Cost Effective Network Fine-Tuning
* SLIC: Short-length iris codes
* When Sketch Face Recognition Meets Mask Obfuscation: Database and Benchmark
Includes: Ratha, N. Ratha, N.[Nalini]
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Ratha, N.K.[Nalini K.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Flow Orientation-Based Feature-Extraction in Fingerprint Images
* Advances in Biometrics Sensors, Algorithms and Systems
* Analysis of Minutiae Matching Strength, An
* Anonymous and Revocable Fingerprint Recognition
* Architecture for Synchronous Multiparty Authentication Using Biometrics
* Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Systems
* Biometric perils and patches
* Biometric score fusion through discriminative training
* Biometric Verification: Looking Beyond Raw Similarity Scores
* Biometrics break-ins and band-aids
* Cancelable Biometrics: A Case Study in Fingerprints
* Cancelable Biometrics: A review
* Cancelable iris biometric
* Comparative analysis of registration based and registration free methods for cancelable fingerprint biometrics
* Comparative Performance Analysis of JPEG 2000 vs. WSQ for Fingerprint Image Compression, A
* Confidence interval measurement in performance analysis of biometrics systems using the bootstrap
* Detecting Dynamic Behavior in Compressed Fingerprint Videos: Distortion
* DNDNet: Reconfiguring CNN for Adversarial Robustness
* Dynamic Behavior Analysis in Compressed Fingerprint Videos
* Effect of Controlled Image Acquisition on Fingerprint Matching
* Error analysis of pattern recognition systems: The subsets bootstrap
* evaluation of error confidence interval estimation methods, An
* Evaluation Techniques for Biometrics-based Authentication Systems (FRR)
* Exploring Ridge Curvature for Fingerprint Indexing
* Fingerprint image enhancement using weak models
* Fingerprint Representation Using Localized Texture Features
* Generating Cancelable Fingerprint Templates
* Generating Registration-free Cancelable Fingerprint Templates
* Gradient based Textural Characterization of Fingerprints
* Guide to Biometrics, The
* Hierarchical Partitioned Least Squares Filter-bank for Fingerprint Enhancement
* Image Mosiacing for Rolled Fingerprint Construction
* Improving Cross-Resolution Face Matching Using Ensemble-Based Co-Transfer Learning
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Recent Advances in Biometric Systems
* Iris individuality: A partial iris model
* JC-BioAPI Compliant Smart Card with Biometrics for Secure Access Control, A
* Learning Partitioned Least Squares Filters for Fingerprint Enhancement
* Matching cross-resolution face images using co-transfer learning
* Median Filter Based Iris Encoding Technique
* new approach for iris segmentation, A
* Noise is Inside Me! Generating Adversarial Perturbations with Noise Derived from Natural Filters
* Novel Approaches for Minutiae Verification in Fingerprint Images
* Object Detection Using Gabor Filters
* Outlier faces detector via efficient cohesive subgraph identification
* Parallel Implementation of Vision Algorithms on Workstation Clusters
* QPLC: A novel multimodal biometric score fusion method
* Real-Time Matching System for Large Fingerprint Databases
* Redundancy and diversity measure inspired biometrics fusion
* Robust Fingerprint Authentication Using Local Structural Similarity
* Secure and Robust Iris Recognition Using Random Projections and Sparse Representations
* Secure Protocol for Data Hiding in Compressed Fingerprint Images, A
* Security and Accuracy Trade-off in Anonymous Fingerprint Recognition
* Sparsity inspired selection and recognition of iris images
* Structure in errors: a case study in fingerprint verification
Includes: Ratha, N.K.[Nalini K.] Ratha, N.K.
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Rathbone, C. Co Author Listing * Power line detection using Hough transform and line tracing techniques

Rathee, G.[Geetanjali] Co Author Listing * CRT-BIoV: A Cognitive Radio Technique for Blockchain-Enabled Internet of Vehicles
* Navigation in AR based on digital replicas
Includes: Rathee, G.[Geetanjali] Rathee, G.[Gaurav]

Rathee, N.[Neeru] Co Author Listing * Discriminative analysis of lip features for emotion recognition
* efficient approach for facial action unit intensity detection using distance metric learning based on cosine similarity, An
* Multiview Distance Metric Learning on facial feature descriptors for automatic pain intensity detection
* novel approach for pain intensity detection based on facial feature deformations, A

Rathee, T.[Tripti] Co Author Listing * secure identity and access management system for decentralising user data using blockchain, A

Ratheesh, S. Co Author Listing * EnOI Assimilation of Satellite Data in an Indian Ocean Circulation Model, An

Rather, A.F.[Abid Farooq] Co Author Listing * Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Hazard and Risk Assessment of Gangabal Lake in the Upper Jhelum Basin of Kashmir Himalaya Using Geospatial Technology and Hydrodynamic Modeling

Rather, M.A.[Muzamil Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Identifying the Potential Dam Sites to Avert the Risk of Catastrophic Floods in the Jhelum Basin, Kashmir, NW Himalaya, India

Rathgeb, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy commitment scheme based on iris-code error analysis
* Attacking Iris Recognition: An Efficient Hill-Climbing Technique
* Benchmarking Binarisation Schemes for Deep Face Templates
* Biometric template protection for speaker recognition based on universal background models
* Bit Reliability-driven Template Matching in Iris Recognition
* Bloom filter-based search structures for indexing and retrieving iris-codes
* Cancellable iris template generation based on Indexing-First-One hashing
* COLFISPOOF: A new Database for Contactless Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection Research
* Comparing Binary Iris Biometric Templates Based on Counting Bloom Filters
* Computational workload in biometric identification systems: an overview
* Context-based biometric key generation for Iris
* Crowd-Powered Face Manipulation Detection: Fusing Human Examiner Decisions
* Deep Learning-based Semantic Segmentation for Touchless Fingerprint Recognition
* Deep learning-based single image face depth data enhancement
* Detection of Makeup Presentation Attacks based on Deep Face Representations
* Effects of image compression on ear biometrics
* Effects of image compression on face image manipulation detection: A case study on facial retouching
* Efficient BSIF-based near-infrared iris recognition
* Face morph detection for unknown morphing algorithms and image sources: a multi-scale block local binary pattern fusion approach
* Facilitating free travel in the Schengen area: A position paper by the European Association for Biometrics
* GANDiffFace: Controllable Generation of Synthetic Datasets for Face Recognition with Realistic Variations
* Impact of facial tattoos and paintings on face recognition systems
* Iris Biometrics: From Segmentation to Template Security
* Iris Recognition in Image Domain: Quality-metric Based Comparators
* Iris-Biometric Fuzzy Commitment Schemes under Image Compression
* Iris-Biometric Fuzzy Commitment Schemes under Signal Degradation
* Iris-Biometric Hash Generation for Biometric Database Indexing
* Irreversibility Analysis of Feature Transform-Based Cancelable Biometrics
* Methods for accuracy-preserving acceleration of large-scale comparisons in CPU-based iris recognition systems
* Multi-IVE: Privacy Enhancement of Multiple Soft-Biometrics in Face Embeddings
* On application of bloom filters to iris biometrics
* On the Detection of GAN-Based Face Morphs Using Established Morph Detectors
* Plastic Surgery: An Obstacle for Deep Face Recognition?
* Predicting the vulnerability of biometric systems to attacks based on morphed biometric information
* PRNU-based detection of facial retouching
* Protected Facial Biometric Templates Based on Local Gabor Patterns and Adaptive Bloom Filters
* Reliable detection of doppelgängers based on deep face representations
* response to the European Data Protection Supervisor Misunderstandings in Biometrics by the European Association for Biometrics, A
* Secure Iris Recognition Based on Local Intensity Variations
* Security analysis and improvement of some biometric protected templates based on Bloom filters
* Signal-level fusion for indexing and retrieval of facial biometric data
* Statistical attack against fuzzy commitment scheme
* Statistical attack against iris-biometric fuzzy commitment schemes
* SynCoLFinGer: Synthetic contactless fingerprint generator
* Systematic Construction of Iris-Based Fuzzy Commitment Schemes
* Two-Factor Authentication or How to Potentially Counterfeit Experimental Results in Biometric Systems
* Watchlist Imbalance Effect in Biometric Face Identification: Comparing Theoretical Estimates and Empiric Measurements, The
Includes: Rathgeb, C.[Christian] Rathgeb, C.
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Rathgen, T. Co Author Listing * File Format for Scalable Video Coding

Rathi, N.[Nitin] Co Author Listing * Inherent Adversarial Robustness of Deep Spiking Neural Networks: Effects of Discrete Input Encoding and Non-linear Activations
* Quantitative tissue characterization using discrete wavelet transform of photoacoustic signals: a feasibility study
* Towards Ultra Low Latency Spiking Neural Networks for Vision and Sequential Tasks Using Temporal Pruning
Includes: Rathi, N.[Nitin] Rathi, N.[Nikita]

Rathi, R.P.[Rajendra P.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for monitoring traffic flow

Rathi, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * Efficient Adaptive Window Based Disparity Map Computation Algorithm by Dense Two Frame Stereo Correspondence, An
* Generic multispectral demosaicking using spectral correlation between spectral bands and pseudo-panchromatic image
* Multispectral Image Demosaicking Based on Novel Spectrally Localized Average Images
Includes: Rathi, V.[Vivek] Rathi, V.[Vishwas]

Rathi, Y.[Yogesh] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Kernel Methods for Statistical Shape Learning
* DDParcel: Deep Learning Anatomical Brain Parcellation From Diffusion MRI
* Deform PF-MT: Particle Filter With Mode Tracker for Tracking Nonaffine Contour Deformations
* Dynamic Regression Approach for Frequency-Domain Partial Coherence and Causality Analysis of Functional Brain Networks, A
* Estimating Diffusion Propagator and Its Moments Using Directional Radial Basis Functions
* Filtered Multitensor Tractography
* Filtering in the Diffeomorphism Group and the Registration of Point Sets
* Framework for Image Segmentation Using Shape Models and Kernel Space Shape Priors, A
* Generic Framework for Tracking Using Particle Filter With Dynamic Shape Prior, A
* Graph Cut Approach to Image Segmentation in Tensor Space, A
* Graph Cut Segmentation with Nonlinear Shape Priors
* Image Segmentation Using Active Contours Driven by the Bhattacharyya Gradient Flow
* Joint Modeling of Anatomical and Functional Connectivity for Population Studies
* Joint RElaxation-Diffusion Imaging Moments to Probe Neurite Microstructure
* Label Space: A Multi-object Shape Representation
* Multi-Object Tracking Through Clutter Using Graph Cuts
* On Approximation of Orientation Distributions by Means of Spherical Ridgelets
* Orientation distribution estimation for Q-ball imaging
* Particle Filtering for Geometric Active Contours with Application to Tracking Moving and Deforming Objects
* Particle Filtering with Dynamic Shape Priors
* Reconstruction of HARDI using compressed sensing and its application to contrast HARDI
* Robust feature selection in resting-state fMRI connectivity based on population studies
* Segmenting Images on the Tensor Manifold
* Shape-Based Approach to Robust Image Segmentation using Kernel PCA
* Shape-Based Approach to Robust Image Segmentation, A
* Spatially Regularized Compressed Sensing for High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging
* Tracking Deforming Objects Using Particle Filtering for Geometric Active Contours
* Tracking Through Clutter Using Graph Cuts
Includes: Rathi, Y.[Yogesh] Rathi, Y.
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Rathi, Y.N. Co Author Listing * Efficient Lapped Orthogonal Transform Image-Coding Technique, An

Rathinam, A.[Arunkumar] Co Author Listing * CubeSat-CDT: A Cross-Domain Dataset for 6-DoF Trajectory Estimation of a Symmetric Spacecraft

Rathinam, A.K.[Alwin Kumar] Co Author Listing * Additional Cues Derived from Three Dimensional Image Processing to Aid Customised Reconstruction for Medical Applications

Rathinam, S.[Sivakumar] Co Author Listing * ERCA*: A New Approach for the Resource Constrained Shortest Path Problem
* Multiobjective Departure Runway Scheduling Using Dynamic Programming
* String Stability of Connected Vehicle Platoons Under Lossy V2V Communication
Includes: Rathinam, S.[Sivakumar] Rathinam, S.

Rathinavelan, T.[Thenmalarchelvi] Co Author Listing * Sequence patterns and HMM profiles to predict proteome wide zinc finger motifs

Rathje, J.M. Co Author Listing * Human-Automation Collaboration in Occluded Trajectory Smoothing

Rathkopf, A.T. Co Author Listing * IUE User Interface, The

Rathna, G.N. Co Author Listing * Distributed sigma point information filters for target tracking in camera networks
* GPU Accelerated Face Recognition System with Enhanced Local Ternary Patterns Using OpenCL

Rathnakara Shetty, P. Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Using Undecimated Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform From Depth Motion Maps / Depth Sequences

Rathnayaka, P.[Pathum] Co Author Listing * 3D Visualization of Radioactive Sources by Combining Depth Maps Generated from a Stereo Radiation Detection Device

Rathnayake, B.[Bhathiya] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing via Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Rathnayake, T. Co Author Listing * Constrained Sensor Control for Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter Using Cauchy-Schwarz Divergence
* Generalized framework for image and video object segmentation using affinity learning and message passing GNNS
* Motion Segmentation of RGB-D Sequences: Combining Semantic and Motion Information Using Statistical Inference
Includes: Rathnayake, T. Rathnayake, T.[Tharindu]

Rathod, B.[Bhoomika] Co Author Listing * recent survey on perceived group sentiment analysis, A

Rathod, C.[Chaitanya] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Super-Resolution (×4): Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 HR NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report

Rathod, D.[Dhruvang] Co Author Listing * Q-Learning-Based Supervisory Control Adaptability Investigation for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Rathod, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * Auto Arborist Dataset: A Large-Scale Benchmark for Multiview Urban Forest Monitoring Under Domain Shift, The
* Context R-CNN: Long Term Temporal Context for Per-Camera Object Detection
* Deep Metric Learning via Facility Location
* DOPS: Learning to Detect 3D Objects and Predict Their 3D Shapes
* Im2Calories: Towards an Automated Mobile Vision Food Diary
* RetinaTrack: Online Single Stage Joint Detection and Tracking
* Speed/Accuracy Trade-Offs for Modern Convolutional Object Detectors
* surprising impact of mask-head architecture on novel class segmentation, The
Includes: Rathod, V.[Vivek] Rathod, V.
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Rathor, S.[Sumit] Co Author Listing * Electric Vehicle Trip Chain Information-Based Hierarchical Stochastic Energy Management With Multiple Uncertainties

Rathore, A.[Anuj] Co Author Listing * Generating Personalized Summaries of Day Long Egocentric Videos

Rathore, A.S.[Aditya Singh] Co Author Listing * Survey on Heart Biometrics, A

Rathore, H.[Hemant] Co Author Listing * Defending malware detection models against evasion based adversarial attacks
* Social Psychology Inspired Distributed Ledger Technique for Anomaly Detection in Connected Vehicles
Includes: Rathore, H.[Hemant] Rathore, H.[Heena]

Rathore, M.A.[Muhammad Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Enhancing the Efficiency of Electric Vehicles Charging Stations Based on Novel Fuzzy Integer Linear Programming

Rathore, M.M.[Muhammad Mazhar] Co Author Listing * Vehicular traffic optimisation and even distribution using ant colony in smart city environment

Rathore, N.[Nakul] Co Author Listing * ConVol-E: Continuous Volumetric Embeddings for Human-Centric Dense Correspondence Estimation

Rathore, P. Co Author Listing * Approximate Cluster Heat Maps of Large High-Dimensional Data
* DeepVAT: A Self-Supervised Technique for Cluster Assessment in Image Datasets
* Scalable Framework for Trajectory Prediction, A
* Understanding Drivers' Stress and Interactions With Vehicle Systems Through Naturalistic Data Analysis
* Visual Structural Assessment and Anomaly Detection for High-Velocity Data Streams
Includes: Rathore, P. Rathore, P.[Punit]

Rathore, R.K.S. Co Author Listing * New Iterative Algorithm for Image Restoration, A

Rathore, S.[Saima] Co Author Listing * Brain MRI denoising and segmentation based on improved adaptive nonlocal means
* extended non-local means algorithm: Application to brain MRI, An
* Geometric Pose Affordance: Monocular 3d Human Pose Estimation with Scene Constraints
* multi-modal, multi-atlas-based approach for Alzheimer detection via machine learning, A
* Robust brain MRI denoising and segmentation using enhanced non-local means algorithm
Includes: Rathore, S.[Saima] Rathore, S.[Shaurya]

Rathore, S.S.[Santosh Singh] Co Author Listing * Detection Analysis of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Modified DensNet-121
* Fuzzy Inference-Based Models for Extractive Text Summarization
* Polarity Prediction Using Automatic Semantic Analysis on User Comments
* Weed Detection Using AlexN et in Sesame Crops

Rathore, V.S.[Virendra Singh] Co Author Listing * Resilience of the Central Indian Forest Ecosystem to Rainfall Variability in the Context of a Changing Climate
* Seven-Component Scattering Power Decomposition of POLSAR Coherency Matrix
Includes: Rathore, V.S.[Virendra Singh] Rathore, V.S.

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