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Pola, G.[Giordano] Co Author Listing * Mesoscopic Human-Inspired Adaptive Cruise Control for Eco-Driving, A
* String Stability of a Vehicular Platoon With the Use of Macroscopic Information

Polacky, J.[Jozef] Co Author Listing * Automatic speaker verification on narrowband and wideband lossy coded clean speech
Includes: Polacky, J.[Jozef] Polacký, J.[Jozef]

Polajnar, D. Co Author Listing * Local binary pattern network: A deep learning approach for face recognition

Polak, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Use of hyperspectral imaging for cake moisture and hardness prediction

Polak, A.G.[Adam G.] Co Author Listing * Emotion Recognition for Everyday Life Using Physiological Signals From Wearables: A Systematic Literature Review

Polak, J.W.[John W.] Co Author Listing * Urban link travel time estimation using traffic states-based data fusion

Polak, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis and Appropriate Strategy for Determining Dynamic and Quasi-Static Bridge Structural Response Using Simultaneous Measurements with Two Real Aperture Ground-Based Radars
* evaluation metric for image segmentation of multiple objects, An
* Innovative UAV LiDAR Generated Point-Cloud Processing Algorithm in Python for Unsupervised Detection and Analysis of Agricultural Field-Plots
Includes: Polak, M.[Michal] Polák, M.[Michal] Polak, M.[Mark]

Polak, S. Co Author Listing * Head motion anticipation for virtual-environment applications using kinematics and EMG energy
* Latent Model Clustering and Applications to Visual Recognition
* Semi-explicit Shape Model for Multi-object Detection and Classification, The
* Sparse Image Coding Using a 3D Non-Negative Tensor Factorization
Includes: Polak, S. Polak, S.[Simon]

Polak, W.[Wolf] Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm for Video Segmentation and Summarization, A

Polakova, L.[Lucie] Co Author Listing * Effect of Controlled Tile Drainage on Growth and Grain Yield of Spring Barley as Detected by UAV Images, Yield Map and Soil Moisture Content, The
Includes: Polakova, L.[Lucie] Poláková, L.[Lucie]

Polakowski, W.E. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Breast-Cancer Detection and Diagnosis of Masses Using Difference of Gaussians and Derivative-Based Feature Saliency

Polana, R.[Ramprasad] Co Author Listing * email: Polana, R.[Ramprasad]: polana AT strategy com
* Detecting Activities
* Detection and Recognition of Periodic, Nonrigid Motion
* Low Level Recognition of Human Motion
* Qualitative Recognition of Motion Using Temporal Texture
* Recognition of Motion from Temporal Texture
* Recognition of Nonrigid Motion
* Temporal Texture Analysis
* Temporal Texture and Activity Recognition
Includes: Polana, R.[Ramprasad] Polana, R.
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Polanco Gonzalez, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Residual 3D convolutional neural network to enhance sinograms from small-animal positron emission tomography images
Includes: Polanco Gonzalez, J.[Javier] Polanco-González, J.[Javier]

Polanco, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Predictive Modeling of Above-Ground Biomass in Brachiaria Pastures from Satellite and UAV Imagery Using Machine Learning Approaches

Polanczyk, M.[Maciej] Co Author Listing * Disparity Map Based Procedure for Collision-Free Guidance through Unknown Environments

Poland, A.I. Co Author Listing * Space weather research: a major application of imagery and data fusion

Poland, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * KloudNet: Deep Learning for Sky Image Analysis and Irradiance Forecasting

Poland, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Post-Eruptive Inflation of Okmok Volcano, Alaska, from InSAR, 2008-2014

Polanec, K.[Klemen] Co Author Listing * Histograms of optical flow for efficient representation of body motion

Polania, L. Co Author Listing * Ordinal Regression Using Noisy Pairwise Comparisons for Body Mass Index Range Estimation
* Smile Detection in the Wild Based on Transfer Learning
* Visual Prompt Tuning for Generative Transfer Learning
Includes: Polania, L. Polania, L.[Luisa]

Polania, L.F. Co Author Listing * Deep Adaptive Wavelet Network
* Graph Neural Networks for Image Understanding Based on Multiple Cues: Group Emotion Recognition and Event Recognition as Use Cases
* Learning Fashion Compatibility Across Apparel Categories for Outfit Recommendation
* Learning Furniture Compatibility with Graph Neural Networks
Includes: Polania, L.F. Polanía, L.F.

Polanin, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Mining Deformation Life Cycle in the Light of InSAR and Deformation Models

Polanska, J. Co Author Listing * DALSA: Domain Adaptation for Supervised Learning From Sparsely Annotated MR Images

Polanski, A.[Andrzej] Co Author Listing * Application of a Hybrid Algorithm for Non-humanoid Skeleton Model Estimation from Motion Capture Data
* Application of Image Processing Algorithms in Proteomics: Automatic Analysis of 2-D Gel Electrophoresis Images from Western Blot Assay
* Classification of Poses and Movement Phases
* Estimation System for Forces and Torques in a Biped Motion
* Gait Identification Based on MPCA Reduction of a Video Recordings Data
* Human Identification Based on Gait Paths
* Matlab Based Interactive Simulation Program for 2D Multisegment Mechanical Systems
* Novel Lightweight Quaternion Filter for Determining Orientation Based on Indications of Gyroscope, Magnetometer and Accelerometer
* Stereo calibration by planar grid lines
* System for Analysis of Tremor in Patients with Parkinson's Disease Based on Motion Capture Technique, A
Includes: Polanski, A.[Andrzej] Polanski, A.
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Polap, D.[Dawid] Co Author Listing * regional adaptive variational PDE model for computed tomography image reconstruction, A
* Spatial Visualization Based on Geodata Fusion Using an Autonomous Unmanned Vessel

Polap, K.[Karolina] Co Author Listing * Spatial Visualization Based on Geodata Fusion Using an Autonomous Unmanned Vessel

Polapragada, S.[Sridevi] Co Author Listing * Shell-Net: A robust deep neural network for the joint segmentation of retinal fragments

Polari, C. Co Author Listing * Fisheye Photogrammetry: Tests And Methodologies for the Survey Of Narrow Spaces
* Testing Different Survey Techniques to Model Architectonic Narrow Spaces

Polaschek, D.L.L.[Devon L. L.] Co Author Listing * National Examination of the Spatial Extent and Similarity of Offenders' Activity Spaces Using Police Data, A

Polashenski, C.M.[Christopher M.] Co Author Listing * Ground-Based Radar Interferometry of Sea Ice

Polat, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Mapping of Dolines Using U-Net Model from Orthophoto Images

Polat, E.[Ediz] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D model-based object tracking framework, A
* color image segmentation approach for content-based image retrieval, A
* Detecting and Tracking Body Parts of Multiple People
* Multiple complex object tracking using a combined technique
* Robust tracking of human body parts for collaborative human computer interaction

Polat, F. Co Author Listing * Positive Impact of State Similarity on Reinforcement Learning Performance
* Real-Time Edge Follow: A Real-Time Path Search Approach
* Real-Time Moving Target Evaluation Search

Polat, G.[Gokhan] Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of 256-Point Radix-4 100 Gbit/s FFT Algorithm into FPGA for High-Speed Applications
* New Frameworks to Boost Feature Selection Algorithms in Emotion Detection for Improved Human-Computer Interaction
Includes: Polat, G.[Gokhan] Polat, G.[Gökhan]

Polat, H.[Hasan] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection and localization of COVID-19 pneumonia using axial computed tomography images and deep convolutional neural networks
* modified DeepLabV3+ based semantic segmentation of chest computed tomography images for COVID-19 lung infections, A

Polat, K.[Kemal] Co Author Listing * Diagnosis of heart disease using artificial immune recognition system and fuzzy weighted pre-processing
* Outdoor Image Classification Using Artificial Immune Recognition System (AIRS) with Performance Evaluation by Fuzzy Resource Allocation Mechanism

Polat, N. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Historical Doger Caravansaries by Digital Photogrammetry
* DTM Generation with UAV Based Photogrammetric Point Cloud
* Investigating Performance Of Airborne Lidar Data Filtering With Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) Algorithm
* LIDAR Derived 3D City Modelling
* Photo Realistic 3D Modeling With UAV: Gedik Ahmet Pasha Mosque in Afyonkarahisar

Polat, O.[Ozlem] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Mapping of Dolines Using U-Net Model from Orthophoto Images
* Brain tumor classification by using a novel convolutional neural network structure
Includes: Polat, O.[Ozlem] Polat, Ö.[Özlem]

Polat, Z.A. Co Author Listing * Determining Spatio-temporal Cadastral Data Requirement For Infrastructure of LADM For Turkey

Polatkan, G. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Image Super-Resolution, A
* Deep Learning with Hierarchical Convolutional Factor Analysis
* Detection of forgery in paintings using supervised learning
* Painting analysis using wavelets and probabilistic topic models
Includes: Polatkan, G. Polatkan, G.[Gungor]

Polato, M.[Mirko] Co Author Listing * Learning deep kernels in the space of monotone conjunctive polynomials

Polatsek, P. Co Author Listing * Novelty-based Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection for Prediction of Gaze in Egocentric Video

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