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Marz, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Multi-Resolution Segmentation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems Using Deep Learning

Marz, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Correcting the Side Effects of ADC Filtering in MR Image Reconstruction
* Solving Inverse Problems With Deep Neural Networks: Robustness Included?
Includes: Marz, M.[Maximilian] März, M.[Maximilian] (Maybe also Maerz, M.)

Marz, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Fast Image Inpainting Based on Coherence Transport
* Image Inpainting Based on Coherence Transport with Adapted Distance Functions
* volume-based method for denoising on curved surfaces, A
Includes: Marz, T.[Tom] März, T.[Tom] (Maybe also Maerz, T.)Marz, T.[Thomas]

Marza, P. Co Author Listing * DeepLPF: Deep Local Parametric Filters for Image Enhancement
* Multi-Object Navigation with dynamically learned neural implicit representations
Includes: Marza, P. Marza, P.[Pierre]

Marzabal, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Localization Method by Non-speech Sound Via Wavelet Transform and Dynamic Neural Network
Includes: Marzabal, A.[Albert] Marzŕbal, A.[Albert]

Marzahl, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Iterative Cross-Scanner Registration for Whole Slide Images

Marzahn, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Soil Surface Roughness Statistics for Microwave Remote Sensing Applications Using a Simple Photogrammetric Acquisition System
* Comparison of the GPM IMERG Final Precipitation Product to RADOLAN Weather Radar Data over the Topographically and Climatically Diverse Germany
* Decomposing Dual Scale Soil Surface Roughness for Microwave Remote Sensing Applications
* Detection of Temporary Flooded Vegetation Using Sentinel-1 Time Series Data
* Dyke Monitoring By The Means Of Persistent Scattering Interferometry At The Coast Of Northern Germany
* Evaluation of Different Radiative Transfer Models for Microwave Backscatter Estimation of Wheat Fields
* Fractional Vegetation Cover Derived from UAV and Sentinel-2 Imagery as a Proxy for In Situ FAPAR in a Dense Mixed-Coniferous Forest?
* Fuzzy Logic-based Approach For The Detection Of Flooded Vegetation By Means Of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data, A
* Mapping permafrost landscape features using object-based image classification of multi-temporal SAR images
* Multidimensional Roughness Characterization for Microwave Remote Sensing Applications Using A Simple Photogrammetric Acquisition System
* RADOLAN_API: An Hourly Soil Moisture Data Set Based on Weather Radar, Soil Properties and Reanalysis Temperature Data
* Sentinel-1 Backscatter Analysis and Radiative Transfer Modeling of Dense Winter Wheat Time Series
* Using Multi-dimensional Microwave Remote Sensing Information For The Retrieval Of Soil Surface Roughness
* Utilization of Multi-Temporal Microwave Remote Sensing Data within a Geostatistical Regionalization Approach for the Derivation of Soil Texture
Includes: Marzahn, P.[Philip] Marzahn, P.
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Marzal Varo, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Improving a DTW-Based Recognition Engine for On-line Handwritten Characters by Using MLPs
Includes: Marzal Varo, A.[Andres] Marzal-Varó, A.[Andrés]

Marzal, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Car License Plates Extraction and Recognition Based on Connected Components Analysis and HMM Decoding
* Computation of normalized edit distance and applications
* Cyclic Linear Hidden Markov Models for Shape Classification
* Cyclic Viterbi Score for Linear Hidden Markov Models
* Fast Computation of Normalized Edit Distances
* Fast cyclic edit distance computation with weighted edit costs in classification
* Heuristic Based on the Intrinsic Dimensionality for Reducing the Number of Cyclic DTW Comparisons in Shape Classification and Retrieval Using AESA, A
* Matrics, a Car License Plate Recognition System
* On hidden Markov models and cyclic strings for shape recognition
* On the dynamic time warping of cyclic sequences for shape retrieval
* Shape Retrieval Using Normalized Fourier Descriptors Based Signatures and Cyclic Dynamic Time Warping
* Shape Retrieval Using Shape Contexts and Cyclic Dynamic Time Warping
* Speeding up the Computation of the Edit Distance for Cyclic Strings
* Speeding up the cyclic edit distance using LAESA with early abandon
Includes: Marzal, A.[Andres] Marzal, A.[Andrés] Marzal, A.
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Marzal, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Abbreviation Detection in Medieval Medical Documents

Marzan, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Radar Interferometry as a Monitoring Tool for an Active Mining Area Using Sentinel-1 C-Band Data, Case Study of Riotinto Mine

Marzani, F.[Franck] Co Author Listing * 3-D shape reconstruction in an active stereo vision system using genetic algorithms
* Application of Genetic Algorithms to 3-D Shape Reconstruction in an Active Stereo Vision System
* Convex Approximation of Regularization Models for Motion Estimation with Markov Random Fields, A
* Design and evaluation of a parallel and optimized light-tissue interaction-based method for fast skin lesion assessment
* Fast FPGA prototyping for real-time image processing with very high-level synthesis
* Identification of precancerous lesions by multispectral gastroendoscopy
* interactive method for adaptive acquisition in Reflectance Transformation Imaging for cultural heritage, An
* Intrinsic image decomposition as two independent deconvolution problems
* Multispectral Endoscopy to Identify Precancerous Lesions in Gastric Mucosa
* Quadratic Objective Functions for Dichromatic Model Parameters Estimation
* Using Fourier local magnitude in adaptive smoothness constraints in motion estimation
Includes: Marzani, F.[Franck] Marzani, F.
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Marzani, F.S.[Franck S.] Co Author Listing * Asserting the Precise Position of 3D and Multispectral Acquisition Systems for Multisensor Registration Applied to Cultural Heritage Analysis
* Integration of 3D and multispectral data for cultural heritage applications: Survey and perspectives
* Neural Network-Based Algorithm for 3-D Multispectral Scanning Applied to Multimedia, A
* Use of Local Surface Curvature Estimation for Adaptive Vision System Based on Active Light Projection

Marzano, F.S.[Frank Silvio] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Spaceborne 183.31-GHz Radiometric Channel Geolocation Using High-Altitude Lakes, Ice Shelves, and SAR Imagery
* Automatic Early Warning to Derive Eruption Source Parameters of Paroxysmal Activity at Mt. Etna (Italy)
* Clear-Air Anomaly Masking Using Kalman Temporal Filter From Geostationary Multispectral Imagery
* Coastal Water Remote Sensing From Sentinel-2 Satellite Data Using Physical, Statistical, and Neural Network Retrieval Approach
* Discrimination of Water Surfaces, Heavy Rainfall, and Wet Snow Using COSMO-SkyMed Observations of Severe Weather Events
* Dual-Wavelength Polarimetric Lidar Observations of the Volcanic Ash Cloud Produced during the 2016 Etna Eruption
* Evaluation of a New Polarimetric Algorithm for Rain-Path Attenuation Correction of X-Band Radar Observations Against Disdrometer
* Examples of Multi-Sensor Determination of Eruptive Source Parameters of Explosive Events at Mount Etna
* Forward Scatter Radar for Air Surveillance: Characterizing the Target-Receiver Transition from Far-Field to Near-Field Regions
* Inversion of Spaceborne X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Measurements for Precipitation Remote Sensing Over Land
* Maximum-Likelihood Retrieval of Volcanic Ash Concentration and Particle Size From Ground-Based Scanning Lidar
* Microphysical Characterization of Microwave Radar Reflectivity Due to Volcanic Ash Clouds
* Microwave Radiometric Remote Sensing of Volcanic Ash Clouds From Space: Model and Data Analysis
* Modeling Uncertainties for Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrieval: Evaluation of a Case Study
* Mosaicking Weather Radar Retrievals from an Operational Heterogeneous Network at C and X Band for Precipitation Monitoring in Italian Central Apennines
* Multi-Sensor Approach for Volcanic Ash Cloud Retrieval and Eruption Characterization: The 23 November 2013 Etna Lava Fountain, A
* Multisatellite Multisensor Observations of a Sub-Plinian Volcanic Eruption: The 2015 Calbuco Explosive Event in Chile
* Multisensor Characterization of the Incandescent Jet Region of Lava Fountain-Fed Tephra Plumes
* Near-Real-Time Detection of Tephra Eruption Onset and Mass Flow Rate Using Microwave Weather Radar and Infrasonic Arrays
* Retrieval of Tephra Size Spectra and Mass Flow Rate From C-Band Radar During the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull Eruption, Iceland
* Simulating Topographic Effects on Spaceborne Radiometric Observations Between L and X Frequency Bands
* Synergistic Use of a High-Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction Model and High-Resolution Earth Observation Products to Improve Precipitation Forecast, A
* Tephra Mass Eruption Rate From Ground-Based X-Band and L-Band Microwave Radars During the November 23, 2013, Etna Paroxysm
* Validating Subglacial Volcanic Eruption Using Ground-Based C-Band Radar Imagery
* Volcanic Cloud Detection and Retrieval Using Satellite Multisensor Observations
* Weather Radar Data Processing and Atmospheric Applications: An overview of tools for monitoring clouds and detecting wind shear
Includes: Marzano, F.S.[Frank Silvio] Marzano, F.S. Marzano, F.S.[Frank S.]
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Marzano, P. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Models for Topographic Surface Description

Marzano, V. Co Author Listing * Energy Consumption Modeling in Presence of Uncertainty
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Kalman Filter for Quasi-Dynamic o-d Flow Estimation/Updating, A

Marzat, J. Co Author Listing * Detection, Estimation and Avoidance of Mobile Objects Using Stereo-Vision and Model Predictive Control

Marzban, M.F.[Mohamed F.] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Driver Monitoring Database: A Naturalistic Corpus to Study Driver Attention, The

Marzban, S.[Shabbir] Co Author Listing * Multiview structure from motion in trajectory space
* RGPNet: A Real-Time General Purpose Semantic Segmentation

Marzbani, H.[Hormoz] Co Author Listing * Ergonomic Path Planning for Autonomous Vehicles: An Investigation on the Effect of Transition Curves on Motion Sickness
* Motion Sickness Mitigating Algorithms and Control Strategy for Autonomous Vehicles
* Reducing Redundancy in Maps without Lowering Accuracy: A Geometric Feature Fusion Approach for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
* Smart Autodriver Algorithm for Real-Time Autonomous Vehicle Trajectory Control

Marzec, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * Analysis of microtomographic images in automatic defect localization and detection

Marzelli, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Composite MR contrast agents for conditional cell-labeling

Marzen, L.[Luke] Co Author Listing * Mapping and Predicting Land Cover Changes of Small and Medium Size Cities in Alabama Using Machine Learning Techniques

Marzetta, T.L. Co Author Listing * Fan Filters, the 3-D Radon Transform, and Image Sequence Analysis
* New Radon Transform Result, A
* Optimal detection of known moving objects in a noisy image sequence with velocity uncertainty
* Reflection coefficient representation for convex planar sets
* Surprising Radon Transform Result and Its Application to Motion Detection, A

Marzi, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Surface Water Dynamics from Space: A Round Robin Intercomparison of Using Optical and SAR High-Resolution Satellite Observations for Regional Surface Water Detection

Marzialetti, F.[Flavio] Co Author Listing * Capturing Coastal Dune Natural Vegetation Types Using a Phenology-Based Mapping Approach: The Potential of Sentinel-2
* Coastal Dune Invaders: Integrative Mapping of Carpobrotus sp. pl. (Aizoaceae) Using UAVs
* Mapping Coastal Dune Landscape through Spectral Rao's Q Temporal Diversity
* Measuring Alpha and Beta Diversity by Field and Remote-Sensing Data: A Challenge for Coastal Dunes Biodiversity Monitoring
* Monitoring Urban Expansion by Coupling Multi-Temporal Active Remote Sensing and Landscape Analysis: Changes in the Metropolitan Area of Cordoba (Argentina) from 2010 to 2021
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-Based Mapping of Acacia saligna Invasion in the Mediterranean Coast

Marzialetti, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Sino-EU Earth Observation Data to Support the Monitoring and Management of Agricultural Resources

Marziliano, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * In Situ Determination of Dry and Wet Snow Permittivity: Improving Equations for Low Frequency Radar Applications

Marziliano, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of common carotid artery in transverse mode ultrasound images
* Fractional Delay Filters Based on Generalized Cardinal Exponential Splines
* Glottal and Vocal Tract Characteristics of Voice Impersonators
* hybrid watermarking scheme for H.264/AVC video, A
* new semi-fragile image watermarking with robust tampering restoration using irregular sampling, A
* no-reference perceptual blur metric, A
* Perceptual blur and ringing metrics: Application to JPEG2000
* Sampling and Reconstruction of Sparse Signals in Fractional Fourier Domain
* Speckle in ultrasound images: Friend or FOE?
* unified extreme learning machines and discriminative random fields for automatic knee cartilage and meniscus segmentation from multi-contrast MR images, The
Includes: Marziliano, P. Marziliano, P.[Pina]
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Marzioli, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * HORUS: Multispectral and Multiangle CubeSat Mission Targeting Sub-Kilometer Remote Sensing Applications

Marzo, A.[Aitor] Co Author Listing * Increasing the Resolution and Spectral Range of Measured Direct Irradiance Spectra for PV Applications
* Nowcasting System Based on Sky Camera Images to Predict the Solar Flux on the Receiver of a Concentrated Solar Plant

Marzo, C.[Cosimo] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Absorption Bands around 3.3 mu-m in CRISM Data

Marzo, N.[Nuria] Co Author Listing * Detecting Natural Disasters, Damage, and Incidents in the Wild

Marzocca, P.[Pier] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Satellite Wildfire Detection Using Hyperspectral Imagery and Neural Networks: A Case Study on Australian Wildfire

Marzocchi, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * FOSS Tools and Applications for Education in Geospatial Sciences

Marzocchi, W.[Warner] Co Author Listing * Testing the performance of some nonparametric pattern recognition algorithms in realistic cases

Marzolff, I.[Irene] Co Author Listing * Detection of Gully-Affected Areas by Applying Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) in the Region of Taroudannt, Morocco
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Monitoring Soil Erosion in Morocco

Marzorati, D. Co Author Listing * Monocular SLAM with Inverse Scaling Parametrization

Marzotto, R. Co Author Listing * FPGA-based pedestrian detection under strong distortions
* FPGA-based robust ellipse estimation for circular road sign detection
* High resolution video mosaicing with global alignment
* Mosaic of a video shot with multiple moving objects
* real-time versatile roadway path extraction and tracking on an FPGA platform, A
Includes: Marzotto, R. Marzotto, R.[Roberto]

Marzougui, A.[Afef] Co Author Listing * Rapid Assessment of Architectural Traits in Pear Rootstock Breeding Program Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Marzougui, W.[Wissem] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Geological Controls and Kinematics of the Chgega Landslide (Mateur, Tunisia) Exploiting Photogrammetry and InSAR Technologies

Marzouk, M.[Mirette] Co Author Listing * Grammar-based techniques for creating ground-truthed sketch corpora

Marzouk, Y.M.[Youssef M.] Co Author Listing * Conditional classifiers and boosted conditional Gaussian mixture model for novelty detection

Marzouki, A. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Generalized Mixtures and Its Application in Image Segmentation

Marzouki, K.[Kirmene] Co Author Listing * Effective Soft Multiple-Assignments Strategies for Enhancing the Accuracy of the Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems, An
* Optimization of BOW Using Self Organizing Map Artificial Neural Network in Similar Images Retrieval Systems

Marzuk, S.[Stav] Co Author Listing * How Sensitive Is Thermal Image-Based Orchard Water Status Estimation to Canopy Extraction Quality?

Marzukhi, S.[Syahaneim] Co Author Listing * Document Clustering in Military Explicit Knowledge: A Study on Peacekeeping Documents

Marzuki, I.[Ismail] Co Author Listing * context-adaptive fast intra coding algorithm of high-efficiency video coding (HEVC), A
* Tile-level rate control for tile-parallelization HEVC encoders

Marzuki, M.[Marzuki] Co Author Listing * Capability of GPM IMERG Products for Extreme Precipitation Analysis over the Indonesian Maritime Continent
* Evaluation of GPM IMERG Performance Using Gauge Data over Indonesian Maritime Continent at Different Time Scales
* Preliminary Assessment of the GSMaP Version 08 Products over Indonesian Maritime Continent against Gauge Data, A

Marzulli, M.I.[Maria Immacolata] Co Author Listing * Archival Aerial Images Georeferencing: A Geostatistically-Based Approach for Improving Orthophoto Accuracy with Minimal Number of Ground Control Points

Marzullo, A.[Aldo] Co Author Listing * Lumen Segmentation Method in Ureteroscopy Images based on a Deep Residual U-Net architecture, A
* Tensor Factorization of Brain Structural Graph for Unsupervised Classification in Multiple Sclerosis

Marzullo, K.[Keith] Co Author Listing * Challenges in Evaluating Technological Interventions for Affect Regulation

Marzuoli, A. Co Author Listing * Improving Disruption Management With Multimodal Collaborative Decision-Making: A Case Study of the Asiana Crash and Lessons Learned
* Multimodal Impact Analysis of an Airside Catastrophic Event: A Case Study of the Asiana Crash

Marzwell, N.I. Co Author Listing * Advanced Ultra-High-Capacity Optical Random-Access Memory and Pattern-Recognition Techniques

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