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Lensch, H.P.A.[Hendrik P.A.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Lensch, H.P.A.[Hendrik P.A.]: hendrik lensch AT uni-ulm de
* Acquiring 4D Light Fields of Self-Luminous Extended Light Sources Using Programmable Filter
* Acquiring 4D Light Fields of Self-Luminous Light Sources Using Programmable Filter
* Anamorphic pixels for multi-channel superresolution
* Auto-Illustrating Poems and Songs with Style
* Computational Camera with Programmable Optics for Snapshot High-Resolution Multispectral Imaging, A
* context-aware light source, A
* Demosaicing by smoothing along 1D features
* Dense and Occlusion-Robust Multi-view Stereo for Unstructured Videos
* Dual Photography
* Efficient Large-Scale Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search on the GPU
* Efficient Parallel Strategy for Matching Visual Self-similarities in Large Image Databases, An
* End-to-End Learning for Image Burst Deblurring
* Flex-Convolution
* Frankencamera: An Experimental Platform for Computational Photography, The
* Geometry Construction from Caustic Images
* Learning Blind Motion Deblurring
* Local Image Feature Matching Improvements for Omnidirectional Camera Systems
* Modeling the world: the virtualization pipeline
* Modulated phase-shifting for 3D scanning
* Multi-video compression in texture space
* Multi-view Continuous Structured Light Scanning
* Multi-View Depth Map Estimation With Cross-View Consistency
* NeRD: Neural Reflectance Decomposition from Image Collections
* Optimal HDR reconstruction with linear digital cameras
* Polarization and Phase-Shifting for 3D Scanning of Translucent Objects
* Principles of Appearance Acquisition and Representation
* Real Time Direct Visual Odometry for Flexible Multi-camera Rigs
* Reflective and Fluorescent Separation Under Narrow-Band Illumination
* Relighting objects from image collections
* Scalable structure from motion for densely sampled videos
* Scale Robust Multi View Stereo
* Scene-Based Non-uniformity Correction with Readout Noise Compensation
* SpatialDETR: Robust Scalable Transformer-Based 3D Object Detection From Multi-view Camera Images With Global Cross-Sensor Attention
* Two-Shot Spatially-Varying BRDF and Shape Estimation
* Will People Like Your Image? Learning the Aesthetic Space
Includes: Lensch, H.P.A.[Hendrik P.A.] Lensch, H.P.A. Lensch, H.P.A.[Hendrik P. A.]
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Lenseigne, B.[Boris] Co Author Listing * Depth from Vergence and Active Calibration for Humanoid Robots
* Keypoint Extraction and Selection for Object Recognition
* New Color Representation for Intensity Independent Pixel Classification in Confocal Microscopy Images, A
* Novel Method for Simultaneous Acquisition of Visible and Near-Infrared Light Using a Coded Infrared-Cut Filter, A
* Using Signing Space as a Representation for Sign Language Processing

Lensen, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * hybrid Genetic Programming approach to feature detection and image classification, A

Lensing, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Achieving Flexible 3D Reconstruction Volumes for RGB-D and RGB Camera Based Approaches

Lensing, P.H.[Paul Hermann] Co Author Listing * GPU-Supported Image Compression for Remote Visualization: Realization and Benchmarking

Lensink, K.[Keegan] Co Author Listing * Weakly Supervised Consistency-based Learning Method for COVID-19 Segmentation in CT Images, A

Lenske, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Assessment of Grassland Conversion and Related Fire Disturbance in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Lensky, I.M.[Itamar M.] Co Author Listing * Early Detection and Analysis of an Unpredicted Convective Storm over the Negev Desert
* Economic Assessment of Fire Damage to Urban Forest in the Wildland-Urban Interface Using Planet Satellites Constellation Images
* Impacts of Spatial Resolution, Viewing Angle, and Spectral Vegetation Indices on the Quantification of Woody Mediterranean Species Seasonality Using Remote Sensing, The
* Improving WRF-Fire Wildfire Simulation Accuracy Using SAR and Time Series of Satellite-Based Vegetation Indices
* Optimizing the Timing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Image Acquisition for Applied Mapping of Woody Vegetation Species Using Feature Selection
* Optimizing Top Dressing Nitrogen Fertilization Using VENÁS and Sentinel-2 L1 Data
* Phenology-Based Method for Monitoring Woody and Herbaceous Vegetation in Mediterranean Forests from NDVI Time Series, A
* Toward Precision Agriculture in Outdoor Vertical Greenery Systems (VGS): Monitoring and Early Detection of Stress Events
* Using Satellite Data to Optimize Wheat Yield and Quality under Climate Change
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Lenssen, J.E. Co Author Listing * Deep Iterative Surface Normal Estimation
* Deep Local Shapes: Learning Local SDF Priors for Detailed 3D Reconstruction
* Pose-NDF: Modeling Human Pose Manifolds with Neural Distance Fields
* Quaternion Equivariant Capsule Networks for 3d Point Clouds
* SimNP: Learning Self-Similarity Priors Between Neural Points
* SplineCNN: Fast Geometric Deep Learning with Continuous B-Spline Kernels
* TOCH: Spatio-Temporal Object-to-Hand Correspondence for Motion Refinement
Includes: Lenssen, J.E. Lenssen, J.E.[Jan E.] Lenssen, J.E.[Jan Eric]
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Lensu, A.[Anssi] Co Author Listing * Coupling high-resolution satellite imagery with ALS-based canopy height model and digital elevation model in object-based boreal forest habitat type classification

Lensu, L.[Lasse] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Classification of Dirt Particles in Papermaking Process
* Automated Counting and Characterization of Dirt Particles in Pulp
* Automated Mottling Assessment of Colored Printed Areas
* Automating Visual Inspection of Print Quality
* Bayesian network model of overall print quality: Construction and structural optimisation
* Combining Multiple Image Segmentations by Maximizing Expert Agreement
* Comparison of Appearance-Based and Geometry-Based Bubble Detectors
* Comparison of bubble detectors and size distribution estimators
* Comparison of General Object Trackers for Hand Tracking in High-Speed Videos
* Detecting irregularities in regular patterns
* Detection of bubbles as Concentric Circular Arrangements
* Detection of Curvilinear Structures by Tensor Voting Applied to Fiber Characterization
* Detection of irregularities in regular patterns
* Detection of Mechanical Damages in Sawn Timber Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* DIARETDB1 diabetic retinopathy database and evaluation protocol, The
* Estimation of Bubble Size Distribution Based on Power Spectrum
* Evaluation of feature sensitivity to training data inaccuracy in detection of retinal lesions
* Evaluation of Unconditioned Deep Generative Synthesis of Retinal Images
* Fine-Grained Wood Species Identification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Framework for Applying Full Reference Digital Image Quality Measures to Printed Images
* Framework for developing image-based dirt particle classifiers for dry pulp sheets
* Framework for Machine Vision Based Traffic Sign Inventory
* Fusion of Multiple Expert Annotations and Overall Score Selection for Medical Image Diagnosis
* High-Speed Hand Tracking for Studying Human-Computer Interaction
* Improving Particle Segmentation from Process Images with Wiener Filtering
* Making Visual Object Categorization More Challenging: Randomized Caltech-101 Data Set
* Mottling Assessment of Solid Printed Areas and Its Correlation to Perceived Uniformity
* Multi-camera Finger Tracking and 3D Trajectory Reconstruction for HCI Studies
* Multichannel Spectral Image Enhancement for Visualizing Diabetic Retinopathy Lesions
* On De-Interlacing and Sub-Pixel Precision Tracking
* On the Uncertainty of Retinal Artery-vein Classification with Dense Fully-convolutional Neural Networks
* Plankton Recognition in Images with Varying Size
* Projector Calibration by Inverse Camera Calibration
* Reconstruction of retinal spectra from RGB data using a RBF network
* Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation for Weakly Labeled Semantic Video Object Segmentation
* Spectral Colour Differences through Interpolation
* Temporal Characteristics of Artificial Retina Based on Bacteriorhodopsin and Its Variants
* Timber Tracing with Multimodal Encoder-Decoder Networks
* Towards Condition Analysis for Machine Vision Based Traffic Sign Inventory
* Two-Camera Synchronization and Trajectory Reconstruction for a Touch Screen Usability Experiment
* Unsupervised object discovery via self-organisation
* Unsupervised Visual Object Categorisation via Self-Organisation
* Unsupervised Visual Object Categorisation with BoF and Spatial Matching
* Virtual sawing using generative adversarial networks
* Visual Print Quality Evaluation Using Computational Features
* Visual saliency and categorisation of abstract images
Includes: Lensu, L.[Lasse] Lensu, L.
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Lensu, M.[Mikko] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Speed of Ice-Going Ships by Integrating SAR Imagery and Ship Data from an Automatic Identification System
* Uto Observatory for Analysing Atmospheric Ducting Events over Baltic Coastal and Marine Waters

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