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Katabami, S.[Sachiyo] Co Author Listing * Inspection system and process

Katabathuni, B. Co Author Listing * QUICKSAL: A small and sparse visual saliency model for efficient inference in resource constrained hardware

Katabi, D.[Dina] Co Author Listing * Addressing Feature Suppression in Unsupervised Visual Representations
* Adversarial Continual Learning to Transfer Self-Supervised Speech Representations for Voice Pathology Detection
* ChitChat: Making Video Chat Robust to Packet Loss
* Emotion Recognition Using Wireless Signals
* In-home Daily-life Captioning Using Radio Signals
* Learning Longterm Representations for Person Re-Identification Using Radio Signals
* MAGE: MAsked Generative Encoder to Unify Representation Learning and Image Synthesis
* Making the Invisible Visible: Action Recognition Through Walls and Occlusions
* On Multi-Domain Long-Tailed Recognition, Imbalanced Domain Generalization and Beyond
* Targeted Supervised Contrastive Learning for Long-Tailed Recognition
* Through-Wall Human Mesh Recovery Using Radio Signals
* Through-Wall Human Pose Estimation Using Radio Signals
* Unsupervised Domain Generalization by Learning a Bridge Across Domains
* Unsupervised Learning for Human Sensing Using Radio Signals
* Unsupervised Object Localization with Representer Point Selection
Includes: Katabi, D.[Dina] Katabi, D.
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Katabira, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Crowds Flow Characteristics by Using Laser Range Scanners, An

Katada, K. Co Author Listing * Automated Extraction and Visualization of Bronchus from 3D CT Images of Lung
* Recognition of Bronchus in Three Dimensional X-Ray CT Images with Applications to Virtualized Bronchoscopy System

Katada, S.[Shun] Co Author Listing * Effects of Physiological Signals in Different Types of Multimodal Sentiment Estimation

Kataev, M.Y.[Michael Yu.] Co Author Listing * Cluster Low-Streams Regression Method for Hyperspectral Radiative Transfer Computations: Cases of O2 A- and CO2 Bands

Katafuchi, N.[Norifumi] Co Author Listing * method for inspecting industrial parts surfaces based on an optics model, A

Katageri, S.[Siddharth] Co Author Listing * ABD-Net: Attention Based Decomposition Network for 3D Point Cloud Decomposition
* Metric Learning for 3D Point Clouds Using Optimal Transport
* PointDCCNet: 3D Object Categorization Network using Point Cloud Decomposition
* Synergizing Contrastive Learning and Optimal Transport for 3D Point Cloud Domain Adaptation

Katagiri, D. Co Author Listing * Gabor Filter Based on Stochastic Computation

Katagiri, M. Co Author Listing * Study on a Radiation Management System Visualizing Health Risks from Ionizing Particles by CG Technology, A

Katagiri, S.[Shinya] Co Author Listing * Incremental training of support vector machines using hyperspheres

Katagis, T. Co Author Listing * Assessing post-fire vegetation recovery using red-near infrared vegetation indices: Accounting for background and vegetation variability
* Assessing the Accuracy of MODIS MCD64A1 C6 and FireCCI51 Burned Area Products in Mediterranean Ecosystems
* Comparison of Global and Continental Land Cover Products for Selected Study Areas in South Central and Eastern European Region
* Object-Based Approach for Fire History Reconstruction by Using Three Generations of Landsat Sensors, An
Includes: Katagis, T. Katagis, T.[Thomas]

Katagishi, K.[Kazuki] Co Author Listing * On a Fluency Image Coding System for Beef Marbling Evaluation
* On a grading system for beef marbling

Katahara, S.J.[Shun Ji] Co Author Listing * Face Parts Extraction Windows Based on Bilateral Symmetry of Gradient Direction
* Vehicle Detection Using Double Slit Camera
Includes: Katahara, S.J.[Shun Ji] Katahara, S.J.[Shun-Ji]

Katahira, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of BRDF/BTDF for the texture representation of woven fabrics based on the impression-evaluation model
* Estimation of subjective age based on the facial images of others: experimental verification of a younger identity caused by the effect of delusions of the accumulated memory of a known face
Includes: Katahira, K. Katahira, K.[Kenji]

Katai Urban, G. Co Author Listing * Stereo Reconstruction Of Atmospheric Cloud Surfaces From Fish-eye Camera Images
Includes: Katai Urban, G. Katai-Urban, G.

Katai, O.[Osamu] Co Author Listing * Morphological preprocessing method to thresholding degraded word images
* novel adaptive morphological approach for degraded character image segmentation, A

Kataja, K.[Kari] Co Author Listing * High-Performance Airborne Imaging Spectrometer HyPlant: From Raw Images to Top-of-Canopy Reflectance and Fluorescence Products: Introduction of an Automatized Processing Chain, The

Katajainen, J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Algorithms for Standard Median Filtering
* Computing relative neighbourhood graphs in the plane
Includes: Katajainen, J. Katajainen, J.[Jyrki]

Katajamaki, J.[Juha] Co Author Listing * Methods for gamma invariant colour image processing
Includes: Katajamaki, J.[Juha] Katajamńki, J.[Juha] (Maybe also Katajamaeki, J.)

Katakis, S. Co Author Listing * Muscle Type Classification on Ultrasound Imaging Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Katakol, S.[Sudeep] Co Author Listing * DANICE: Domain adaptation without forgetting in neural image compression
* Distributed Learning and Inference With Compressed Images

Katakuse, M. Co Author Listing * Measurement of Large-scale Solar Power Plant by Using Images Acquired by Non-metric Digital Camera on Board UAV
* Some Aspects in Height Measurement by UAV Photogrammetry

Katamoto, Y. Co Author Listing * Ensemble-based local learning for high-dimensional data regression

Katanforoush, A. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Farsi handwriting strokes using profile HMM

Katano, T.[Toshiya] Co Author Listing * Improved MODIS-Aqua Chlorophyll-a Retrievals in the Turbid Semi-Enclosed Ariake Bay, Japan

Kataoka, F.[Fumie] Co Author Listing * Bi-Directional Reflectance Factor Determination of the Railroad Valley Playa
* Calibration, Level 1 Processing, and Radiometric Validation for TANSO-FTS TIR on GOSAT
* Cross-Calibration of Spectral Radiances and Cross-Validation of CO2 Estimates from GOSAT and OCO-2, The
* Detection of Methane Emission from a Local Source Using GOSAT Target Observations
* Long-Term Vicarious Calibration of GOSAT Short-Wave Sensors: Techniques for Error Reduction and New Estimates of Radiometric Degradation Factors
* TIR Spectral Radiance Calibration of the GOSAT Satellite Borne TANSO-FTS With the Aircraft-Based S-HIS and the Ground-Based S-AERI at the Railroad Valley Desert Playa
* Vicarious Calibration of Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2
Includes: Kataoka, F.[Fumie] Kataoka, F.
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Kataoka, H.[Hirokatsu] Co Author Listing * 3D Change Localization and Captioning from Dynamic Scans of Indoor Scenes
* Adversarial Knowledge Distillation for a Compact Generator
* Alleviating Over-segmentation Errors by Detecting Action Boundaries
* Analyzing Fine Motion Considering Individual Habit for Appearance-Based Proficiency Evaluation
* Anticipating Traffic Accidents with Adaptive Loss and Large-Scale Incident DB
* Augmented Cyclic Consistency Regularization for Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation
* Can Spatiotemporal 3D CNNs Retrace the History of 2D CNNs and ImageNet?
* Could you guess an interesting movie from the posters?: An evaluation of vision-based features on movie poster database
* Describing and Localizing Multiple Changes with Transformers
* Disentangle, Assemble, and Synthesize: Unsupervised Learning to Disentangle Appearance and Location
* Dominant Codewords Selection with Topic Model for Action Recognition
* Evaluation of Vision-Based Human Activity Recognition in Dense Trajectory Framework
* Exploring the Potential of Neural Dataset Search
* Extended Co-occurrence HOG with Dense Trajectories for Fine-Grained Activity Recognition
* Extended Feature Descriptor and Vehicle Motion Model with Tracking-by-Detection for Pedestrian Active Safety
* Football players and ball trajectories projection from single camera's image
* Formula-driven Supervised Learning with Recursive Tiling Patterns
* Frequency-aware GAN for Adversarial Manipulation Generation
* Graph Representation for Order-aware Visual Transformation
* Human Action Recognition Without Human
* Incorporating 3D Information Into Visual Question Answering
* Initialization Using Perlin Noise for Training Networks with a Limited Amount of Data
* Learnable Cube-based Video Encryption for Privacy-Preserving Action Recognition
* Learning Spatio-Temporal Features with 3D Residual Networks for Action Recognition
* Learning Spatiotemporal 3D Convolution with Video Order Self-supervision
* Motion Representation with Acceleration Images
* Neural Density-Distance Fields
* Occlusion Handling Human Detection with Refocused Images
* Pedestrian near-miss analysis on vehicle-mounted driving recorders
* Point Cloud Pre-training with Natural 3D Structures
* Pre-training Auto-generated Volumetric Shapes for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
* Pre-training Vision Transformers with Very Limited Synthesized Images
* Pre-Training Without Natural Images
* Predicting Appearance of Vehicles From Blind Spots Based on Pedestrian Behaviors at Crossroads
* Recognition of Transitional Action for Short-Term Action Prediction using Discriminative Temporal CNN Feature
* Recognizing People in Blind Spots Based on Surrounding Behavior
* Replacing Labeled Real-image Datasets with Auto-generated Contours
* Rethinking Training Data for Mitigating Representation Biases in Action Recognition
* Retrieving and Highlighting Action with Spatiotemporal Reference
* Scapegoat Generation for Privacy Protection from Deepfake
* SegRCDB: Semantic Segmentation via Formula-Driven Supervised Learning
* Spatiotemporal Initialization for 3D CNNs with Generated Motion Patterns
* Towards Good Practice for Action Recognition with Spatiotemporal 3D Convolutions
* Understanding Fake Faces
* Viewpoint-agnostic Image Rendering
* VirtualHome Action Genome: A Simulated Spatio-Temporal Scene Graph Dataset with Consistent Relationship Labels
* Visual Atoms: Pre-Training Vision Transformers with Sinusoidal Waves
* Visual image noise eliminating system
Includes: Kataoka, H.[Hirokatsu] Kataoka, H. Kataoka, H.[Hiroyuki]
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Kataoka, K. Co Author Listing * 3D Building Fašade Model Reconstruction Using Parallel Images Acquired by Line Scan Cameras
* Facial Parts-Based Face Hallucination Method
* Region of Interest detection using indoor structure and saliency map
Includes: Kataoka, K. Kataoka, K.[Kaori]

Kataoka, S. Co Author Listing * Color-tone similarity of digital images
* Composite likelihood estimation for restricted Boltzmann machines
* Linear-Time Algorithm in Bayesian Image Denoising based on Gaussian Markov Random Field
Includes: Kataoka, S. Kataoka, S.[Shun]

Kataoka, T.[Tomoya] Co Author Listing * Designing Unmanned Aerial Survey Monitoring Program to Assess Floating Litter Contamination

Katar, O.[Oguzhan] Co Author Listing * Automatic semantic segmentation for dental restorations in panoramic radiography images using U-Net model

Kataria, R. Co Author Listing * FEATS: Synthetic Feature Tracks for Structure from Motion Evaluation
* Improving Structure from Motion with Reliable Resectioning

Kataria, S.[Saurabh] Co Author Listing * Automated analysis of images in documents for intelligent document search
* Font retrieval on a large scale: An experimental study

Katariya, V.[Vinit] Co Author Listing * DeepTrack: Lightweight Deep Learning for Vehicle Trajectory Prediction in Highways

Katartzis, A. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Markovian Model for Multiscale Region-Based Classification of Vector-Valued Images, A
* Hierarchical segmentation via a diffusion scheme in color/texture feature space
* model-based approach to the automatic extraction of linear features from airborne images, A
* Robust Bayesian Estimation and Normalized Convolution for Super-resolution Image Reconstruction
* Scale Selection for Compact Scale-Space Representation of Vector-Valued Images
* Stochastic Framework for the Identification of Building Rooftops Using a Single Remote Sensing Image, A
Includes: Katartzis, A. Katartzis, A.[Antonis]

Katata, H. Co Author Listing * Object Wavelet Transform for Coding of Arbitrarily-Shaped Image Segments
* Prediction mode selecting device in moving image coder
* Temporal-Scalable Coding Based on Image Content
Includes: Katata, H. Katata, H.[Hiroyuki]

Katayama, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Camera for preventing camera shake
* Camera-shake display device
* Image data processing apparatus and image reproduction apparatus
* Image forming method and apparatus
* Image processing method and apparatus for generating an image from the viewpoint of an observer on the basis of images obtained from a plurality of viewpoints
* Image processing method and apparatus for out-putting dot-processed data with suppression of false contours and other noise
* Image treatment method and apparatus with error dispersion and controllable quantization
* Method of Shading and Shadowing in Image-Based Rendering, A
Includes: Katayama, A.[Akira] Katayama, A.[Akihiro]
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Katayama, F. Co Author Listing * Image Database System Featuring Graceful Oblivion

Katayama, M.[Miwa] Co Author Listing * 3D Archive System for Traditional Performing Arts: Application of 3D Reconstruction Method Using Graph-cuts
* Automatic Figure Decomposition into Elementary Features by Similarity Principle
* Depth Estimation Using an Infrared Dot Projector and an Infrared Color Stereo Camera
* Method of 3D reconstruction using graph cuts, and its application to preserving intangible cultural heritage
* Objective picture quality scale for video coding
Includes: Katayama, M.[Miwa] Katayama, M.

Katayama, N. Co Author Listing * Approximate Matching for OCR-Processed Bibliographic Data
* Attention Monitoring for Music Contents Based on Analysis of Signal-Behavior Structures
* efficient implementation and evaluation of robust face sequence matching, An
* Efficient Tracking of News Topics Based on Chronological Semantic Structures in a Large-Scale News Video Archive
* Image-based automatic detection of indoor scene events and interactive inquiry
* Topic Threading for Structuring a Large-Scale News Video Archive
Includes: Katayama, N. Katayama, N.[Noriaki] Katayama, N.[Norio]

Katayama, S.[Shin] Co Author Listing * ER-Chat: A Text-to-Text Open-Domain Dialogue Framework for Emotion Regulation
* Weld-pool image centroid algorithm for seam-tracking vision model in arc-welding process
Includes: Katayama, S.[Shin] Katayama, S.

Katayama, T.[Takafumi] Co Author Listing * Boundary correlation-based intracoding for SHVC algorithm and its efficient VLSI architecture
* Fast Coding Unit Size Decision Based on Probabilistic Graphical Model in High Efficiency Video Coding Inter Prediction
* Hardware implementation-oriented fast intra-coding based on downsampling information for HEVC
* Low complexity algorithm for inter-layer residual prediction of H.264/SVC
* Measurement of Large-scale Solar Power Plant by Using Images Acquired by Non-metric Digital Camera on Board UAV
* Motion based low complexity algorithm for spatial scalability of H.264/SVC
* Multi-lens imaging apparatus having a mechanism for combining a plurality of images without displacement of registration
* Some Aspects in Height Measurement by UAV Photogrammetry
Includes: Katayama, T.[Takafumi] Katayama, T. Katayama, T.[Tatsushi]
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Katayama, Y.[Yasuhiro] Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration with a Transparent Calibration Tool Using Color Filters: Application to Stereo Camera Calibration for a Distant Object
* new HMM for on-line character recognition using pen-direction and pen-coordinate features, A
* Simple Stereo Algorithm to Recover Precise Object Boundaries and Smooth Surfaces
* Simple Stereo Algorithm to Recover Precise Object Boundaries and Smooth Surfaces, A
* Stochastic Model of Stroke Order Variation
Includes: Katayama, Y.[Yasuhiro] Katayama, Y.[Yoshinori]

Katayose, H. Co Author Listing * Expression extraction in virtuoso music performances

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