20.7.1 Factory Automation - General Vision Systems

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Vision Systems, General. Automation, Systems.

PPT Vision,
WWW Link. Vendor, Inspection. Industrial Automation and Inspection systems.

WWW Link. Vendor, Inspection. Industrial Automation and Inspection systems. Eyebot.

Integral Vision,
WWW Link. Vendor, Inspection. Industrial Automation and Inspection systems. Especially flat panel display inspection systems.

Apt˙ra Machine Vision Solutions,
WWW Link. Vendor, Inspection. Industrial Automation, Assembly, Metrology, and Inspection systems.

Stemmer Imaging,
WWW Link. Vendor, Inspection. Europe based company. Cameras, hardware and software.

Voyant Vision,
WWW Link. Vendor, Inspection. Vendor, Transportation. Inspection and intelligent transportation systems.

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