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Nitz, K.C. Co Author Listing * image-based mail facing and orientation system for enhanced postal automation, An
* MAESTRO: Conductor of Multimedia Analysis Technologies
Includes: Nitz, K.C. Nitz, K.C.[Kenneth C.]

Nitzan, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Fast Methods for Finding Object Outlines
* Low-Level Processing of Registered Intensity and Range Data
* Measurement and Use of Registered Reflectance and Range Data in Scene Analysis, The
* Object Recognition in Multisensory Scene Analysis
* Programmable Industrial Automation
* Three-Dimensional Vision Structure for Robot Applications
* Use of Range and Reflectance Data to Find Planar Surface Regions
Includes: Nitzan, D.[David] Nitzan, D.
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Nitzan, E. Co Author Listing * Bobrovsky-Zakai-Type Bound for Periodic Stochastic Filtering
* Cramér-Rao Bound Under Norm Constraint

Nitzan, Y.[Yotam] Co Author Listing * Encoding in Style: a StyleGAN Encoder for Image-to-Image Translation
* LARGE: Latent-Based Regression through GAN Semantics

Nitzberg, M. Co Author Listing * 2.1-D Sketch, The
* Nonlinear Image Filtering with Edge and Corner Enhancement
* Signfinder: Using Color to Detect, Localize and Identify Informational Signs

Nitze, I.[Ingmar] Co Author Listing * Developing and Testing a Deep Learning Approach for Mapping Retrogressive Thaw Slumps
* Geomorphological and Climatic Drivers of Thermokarst Lake Area Increase Trend (1999-2018) in the Kolyma Lowland Yedoma Region, North-Eastern Siberia
* Landsat-Based Trend Analysis of Lake Dynamics across Northern Permafrost Regions
* Quantitative Graph-Based Approach to Monitoring Ice-Wedge Trough Dynamics in Polygonal Permafrost Landscapes, A
* Remote Sensing-Based Statistical Approach for Defining Drained Lake Basins in a Continuous Permafrost Region, North Slope of Alaska

Nitzken, M. Co Author Listing * 3D shape analysis of the brain cortex with application to dyslexia
* Accurate modeling of tagged CMR 3D image appearance characteristics to improve cardiac cycle strain estimation
* integrated geometrical and stochastic approach for accurate infant brain extraction, An
* new deep-learning approach for early detection of shape variations in autism using structural mri, A
* Quantification of age-related brain cortex change using 3D shape analysis
* Segmentation of infant brain MR images based on adaptive shape prior and higher-order MGRF
* statistical framework for the classification of infant DT images, A
* Towards Personalized Autism Diagnosis: Promising Results
Includes: Nitzken, M. Nitzken, M.[Matthew]
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