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Rema, N.R. Co Author Listing * Extremely High Compression and Identification of Fingerprint Images Using SA4 Multiwavelet Transform

Remaggi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Acoustic Room Modelling Using 360 Stereo Cameras

Remagnino, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Tracker for Assisted Living, An
* Agent Orientated Annotation in Model Based Visual Surveillance
* Ambient Assisted Living: Guest editors' introduction
* AMNet: Memorability Estimation with Attention
* Auto Calibration in Multiple-Camera Surveillance Environment
* Classification of High-Dimension PDFs Using the Hungarian Algorithm
* Classifying Plant Leaves from Their Margins Using Dynamic Time Warping
* Classifying Surveillance Events from Attributes and Behaviour
* Clinically Guided Trainable Soft Attention for Early Detection of Oral Cancer
* Computer vision methods for ambient intelligence
* Crowd analysis: a survey
* Deep Residual Network with Subclass Discriminant Analysis for Crowd Behavior Recognition
* Deep-plant: Plant identification with convolutional neural networks
* Distributed intelligence for multi-camera visual surveillance
* Ensemble Classification System Applied for Retinal Vessel Segmentation on Child Images Containing Various Vessel Profiles
* Extraction of Venation from Leaf Images by Evolved Vein Classifiers and Ant Colony Algorithms, The
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Ambient-Assisted Living: Sensors, Methods, and Applications
* HGO-CNN: Hybrid generic-organ convolutional neural network for multi-organ plant classification
* How deep learning extracts and learns leaf features for plant classification
* Human action recognition using robust power spectrum features
* Improving Dataset Volumes and Model Accuracy With Semi-Supervised Iterative Self-Learning
* Integrated Precision Farming Application Based on 5G, UAV and Deep Learning Technologies, An
* Integrated Traffic and Pedestrian Model-Based Vision System, An
* Intentional Control of Camera Look Direction and Viewpoint in an Active Vision System
* Laplacian Eigenmap With Temporal Constraints for Local Abnormality Detection in Crowded Scenes
* Learning About A Scene Using an Active Vision System
* Learning Video Manifold for Segmenting Crowd Events and Abnormality Detection
* Mining Paths of Complex Crowd Scenes
* Motion Estimation with Edge Continuity Constraint for Crowd Scene Analysis
* multi-agent framework for visual surveillance, A
* Multi-Camera Colour Tracking
* Multi-Organ Plant Classification Based on Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks
* Multi-scale Feature Fused Single Shot Detector for Small Object Detection in UAV Images
* Multi-view Event Detection in Crowded Scenes Using Tracklet Plots
* Multiagent Visual Surveillance of Dynamic Scenes
* Novel Approach for Fast Action Recognition using Simple Features, A
* Novel concepts and challenges for the next generation of video surveillance systems
* On Computing the Next Look Camera Parameters in Active Vision
* particle swarm optimization approach for multi-objects tracking in crowded scene, A
* Plant Texture Classification Using Gabor Co-occurrences
* Quantitative Comparison of Two New Motion Estimation Algorithms, A
* Retinal Vessel Extraction Using First-Order Derivative of Gaussian and Morphological Processing
* Robust Matching by Partial Correlation
* Scene Interpretation Module For An Active Vision System, A
* Self-Organizing Maps for the Automatic Interpretation of Crowd Dynamics
* Shape and Texture Based Plant Leaf Classification
* Smart Monitoring of Crops Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Superframes, A Temporal Video Segmentation
* Telemetry assisted frame registration and background subtraction in low-altitude UAV videos
* Telemetry-Based Search Window Correction for Airborne Tracking
* Towards the Computational Assessment of the Conservation Status of a Habitat
* Utilizing the Hungarian Algorithm for Improved Classification of High-Dimension Probability Density Functions in an Image Recognition Problem
* Venation Pattern Analysis of Leaf Images
* Video-Based Surveillance Systems: Computer Vision and Distributed Processing
* ViHASi: Virtual human action silhouette data for the performance evaluation of silhouette-based action recognition methods
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Remagnino, P.[Paolo] Remagnino, P.
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Remagnino, P.M. Co Author Listing * Model-based Vehicle Detection and Classification using Orthographic Approximations
* Optimal Color Quantization for Real-Time Object Recognition

Remais, J.V.[Justin V.] Co Author Listing * Spatially-Explicit Simulation Modeling of Ecological Response to Climate Change: Methodological Considerations in Predicting Shifting Population Dynamics of Infectious Disease Vectors

Remaki, L. Co Author Listing * KCS--New--New Kernel Family with Compact Support in Scale Space: Formulation and Impact
* KMOD: a new support vector machine kernel with moderate decreasing for pattern recognition. Application to digit image recognition
* Numerical Schemes of Shock Filter Models for Image Enhancement and Restoration

Rematas, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Dataset fingerprints: Exploring image collections through data mining
* Deep Reflectance Maps
* Efficient object detection and segmentation with a cascaded Hough Forest ISM
* From Points to Multi-Object 3D Reconstruction
* Image-Based Synthesis and Re-synthesis of Viewpoints Guided by 3D Models
* Level-set person segmentation and tracking with multi-region appearance models and top-down shape information
* Multi-Class Image Labeling with Top-Down Segmentation and Generalized Robust P^N Potentials
* Neural Voxel Renderer: Learning an Accurate and Controllable Rendering Tool
* Novel Views of Objects from a Single Image
* Pooled NBNN Kernel: Beyond Image-to-Class and Image-to-Image, The
* Reconstructing NBA Players
* Reflectance and Natural Illumination from Single-Material Specular Objects Using Deep Learning
* Soccer on Your Tabletop
* Urban Radiance Fields
* What is Around the Camera?
Includes: Rematas, K.[Konstantinos] Rematas, K.
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Remazeilles, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Enhancing the Point Feature Tracker by Adaptive Modelling of the Feature Support
* Experimental Evaluation of Autonomous Driving Based on Visual Memory and Image-Based Visual Servoing
* Framework for Scalable Vision-Only Navigation, A
* Large scale vision-based navigation without an accurate global reconstruction
* mapping and localization framework for scalable appearance-based navigation, A
Includes: Remazeilles, A.[Anthony] Remazeilles, A.

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