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Nam, B.[Byungdeok] Co Author Listing * Binary Edge Based Adaptive Motion Correction for Accurate and Robust Digital Image Stabilization
* Pedestrian detection system based on stereo vision for mobile robot
Includes: Nam, B.[Byungdeok] Nam, B.[Bodam]

Nam, B.H.[Boo Hyun] Co Author Listing * Sinkhole Detection and Characterization Using LiDAR-Derived DEM with Logistic Regression

Nam, C. Co Author Listing * Models of Trust in Human Control of Swarms With Varied Levels of Autonomy

Nam, C.M.[Chang Mo] Co Author Listing * Weakly supervised Branch Network with Template Mask for Classifying Masses in 3D Automated Breast Ultrasound
Includes: Nam, C.M.[Chang Mo] Nam, C.M.[Chang-Mo]

Nam, C.S.[Chang S.] Co Author Listing * Detecting Human Trust Calibration in Automation: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach

Nam, D. Co Author Listing * 3D Display Calibration by Visual Pattern Analysis
* Analysis of radial symmetric interpolation in hologram generation
* Character Region Attention for Text Spotting
* CLEval: Character-Level Evaluation for Text Detection and Recognition Tasks
* Feature-based registration for correlative light and electron microscopy images
* Flat Panel Light-Field 3-D Display: Concept, Design, Rendering, and Calibration
* Hierarchical gaze estimation based on adaptive feature learning
* Precise eye localization with improved SDM
* video saliency detection method based on spatial and motion information, A
Includes: Nam, D. Nam, D.[Daehyun] Nam, D.[David] Nam, D.[Dongkyung] Nam, D.[Dong_Kyung]
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Nam, D.V.[Dinh Van] Co Author Listing * Learning Type-2 Fuzzy Logic for Factor Graph Based-Robust Pose Estimation With Multi-Sensor Fusion

Nam, D.W.[Do Won] Co Author Listing * Revisiting the Regression between Raw Outputs of Image Quality Metrics and Ground Truth Measurements
Includes: Nam, D.W.[Do Won] Nam, D.W.[Do-Won]

Nam, D.Y.[Da Yoon] Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm for Generating Harmonized Stereoscopic 360° VR Images, An
Includes: Nam, D.Y.[Da Yoon] Nam, D.Y.[Da-Yoon]

Nam, G.[Gipyo] Co Author Listing * Detection of Road Accidents Using Synthetically Generated Multi-Perspective Accident Videos
* GCISG: Guided Causal Invariant Learning for Improved Syn-to-Real Generalization
* HVH: Learning a Hybrid Neural Volumetric Representation for Dynamic Hair Performance Capture
* KoDF: A Large-scale Korean DeepFake Detection Dataset
* Neural Strands: Learning Hair Geometry and Appearance from Multi-view Images
* NeuWigs: A Neural Dynamic Model for Volumetric Hair Capture and Animation
* Optimizing Semi-Analytical Algorithms for Estimating Chlorophyll-a and Phycocyanin Concentrations in Inland Waters in Korea
* Polygonal Point Set Tracking
* Quantification of Phycocyanin in Inland Waters through Remote Measurement of Ratios and Shifts in Reflection Spectral Peaks
* Strand-Accurate Multi-View Hair Capture
Includes: Nam, G.[Gipyo] Nam, G.[Gilhyun] Nam, G.[Giljoo] Nam, G.[Gyuhyeon] Nam, G.[Gibeom] Nam, G.[Gunhee]
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Nam, G.P.[Gi Pyo] Co Author Listing * 3d Model-Based Approach for Fitting Masks To Faces In the Wild, A
* New Iris Recognition Method for Noisy Iris Images
* Query-Based Video Synopsis for Intelligent Traffic Monitoring Applications
Includes: Nam, G.P.[Gi Pyo] Nam, G.P.

Nam, H.[Hyeongjin] Co Author Listing * 3D Clothed Human Reconstruction in the Wild
* C3Net: Demoiréing Network Attentive in Channel, Color and Concatenation
* Content adaptive video summarization using spatio-temporal features
* Dual Attention Networks for Multimodal Reasoning and Matching
* Energy Detection Scheme in the Presence of Burst Signals
* Improved Public Transit Routing Algorithm for Finding the Shortest K-path
* Jitter-Robust Video Retargeting With Kalman Filter And Attention Saliency Fusion Network
* Learning Multi-domain Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Tracking
* Online Graph-Based Tracking
* Origin-destination-based Public Transport Service Gap
* Reducing Domain Gap by Reducing Style Bias
* SRM: A Style-Based Recalibration Module for Convolutional Neural Networks
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Nam, H.[Hyeongjin] Nam, H. Nam, H.[Hyeonseob]
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Nam, H.J.[Hyung Joon] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image and Video Deblurring
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
Includes: Nam, H.J.[Hyung Joon] Nam, H.J.[Hyung-Joon]

Nam, H.S. Co Author Listing * Axial Anisotropic Conductivity Imaging Based on Projected Current Density in MREIT
* Shear Modulus Decomposition Algorithm in Magnetic Resonance Elastography

Nam, H.T.[Hyeong Tae] Co Author Listing * Mapping Alteration Mineralogy in Eastern Tsogttsetsii, Mongolia, Based on the WorldView-3 and Field Shortwave-Infrared Spectroscopy Analyses
Includes: Nam, H.T.[Hyeong Tae] Nam, H.T.[Hyeong-Tae]

Nam, H.W.[Hyun Woo] Co Author Listing * Surface Material Dataset for Robotics Applications (SMDRA): A Dataset with Friction Coefficient and RGB-D for Surface Segmentation
Includes: Nam, H.W.[Hyun Woo] Nam, H.W.[Hyun-Woo]

Nam, J.[Jeho] Co Author Listing * adaptation of 3D stereoscopic video in MPEG-21 DIA, The
* Assessment of Regression Models for Predicting Rice Yield and Protein Content Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Multispectral Imagery
* Audio-visual content-based violent scene characterization
* Cost Aggregation with 4D Convolutional Swin Transformer for Few-Shot Segmentation
* Deep Learning for Audio-Based Music Classification and Tagging: Teaching Computers to Distinguish Rock from Bach
* Dissolve Transition Detection using B-Splines Interpolation
* Distributed video coding supporting hierarchical GOP structures with transmitted motion vectors
* Driver Facial Landmark Detection in Real Driving Situations
* Facial landmark detection based on an ensemble of local weighted regressors during real driving situation
* Multi-Level and Multi-Scale Feature Aggregation Using Pretrained Convolutional Neural Networks for Music Auto-Tagging
* New Algorithm to Estimate Chlorophyll-A Concentrations in Turbid Yellow Sea Water Using a Multispectral Sensor in a Low-Altitude Remote Sensing System, A
* OCR-Free Document Understanding Transformer
* Optimized Polynomial Spline Basis Function Design for Quasi-Bandlimited Classical Waveform Synthesis
* Progressive resolution motion indexing of video object
* Reversible Watermarking Algorithm Using Sorting and Prediction
* Speaker Identification and Video Analysis for Hierarchical Video Shot Classification
* Zero-shot Natural Language Video Localization
Includes: Nam, J.[Jeho] Nam, J.[Jinwoo] Nam, J. Nam, J.[Jisu] Nam, J.[Junghak] Nam, J.[Jungho] Nam, J.[JeongYeon]
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Nam, J.H.[Je Ho] Co Author Listing * Content Adaptive Watermark Embedding in the Multiwavelet Transform Using a Stochastic Image Model
* Efficient Video Stream Switching with Progressive S-Frames
* Frequency Filtering for Data Augmentation in X-Ray Image Classification
* Improved Reversible Difference Expansion Watermarking Algorithm, An
* Overlapped Block Motion Compensation Based on Irregular Grid
* Random image frequency aggregation dropout in image classification for deep convolutional neural networks
* review on dark channel prior based image dehazing algorithms, A
* Robust Real-Time Road Detection Algorithm Using Color and Edge Information, A
* Virtual light transport matrices for non-line-of-sight imaging
Includes: Nam, J.H.[Je Ho] Nam, J.H.[Je-Ho] Nam, J.H.[Ju-Hun] Nam, J.H.[Ju-Hyeon] Nam, J.H.[Jae-Hyun] Nam, J.H.[Ji Hyun]
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Nam, J.W. Co Author Listing * Correction to A New Type of Space Telescope for Observation of Extreme Lightning Phenomena in the Upper Atmosphere

Nam, J.Y.[Jae Yeal] Co Author Listing * Automatic Object-of-Interest segmentation from natural images
* Early Detection of Sudden Pedestrian Crossing for Safe Driving During Summer Nights
* Fire-Flame Detection Based on Fuzzy Finite Automation
* Image coding based on classified lapped orthogonal transform-vector quantization
* Image coding using a classified DCT/VQ based on two-channel conjugate vector quantization
* Investigating Wintertime Cloud Microphysical Properties and Their Relationship to Air Mass Advection at Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard Using the Synergy of a Cloud Radar-Ceilometer-Microwave Radiometer
* Modeling and Formalization of Fuzzy Finite Automata for Detection of Irregular Fire Flames
* Multi-person Tracking Based on Body Parts and Online Random Ferns Learning of Thermal Images
* Object-of-interest image segmentation based on human attention and semantic region clustering
* Pedestrian Tracking Using Online Boosted Random Ferns Learning in Far-Infrared Imagery for Safe Driving at Night
* Real-Time Speed-Limit Sign Detection and Recognition Using Spatial Pyramid Feature and Boosted Random Forest
* ROI-Based Medical Image Retrieval Using Human-Perception and MPEG-7 Visual Descriptors
* Spatiotemporal bag-of-features for early wildfire smoke detection
* Topological Surgery Encoding Improvements Based on Adaptive Bit Allocation and DFSVQ
* Wildfire smoke detection using spatiotemporal bag-of-features of smoke
* X-Ray Image Classification and Retrieval Using Ensemble Combination of Visual Descriptors
Includes: Nam, J.Y.[Jae Yeal] Nam, J.Y.[Jae-Yeal] Nam, J.Y. Nam, J.Y.[Jih-Yun]
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Nam, K.[Kounghoon] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Absence Sampling Technique for Data-Driven Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: A Case Study in Songyang County, China
* Interactive Trajectory Prediction Using a Driving Risk Map-Integrated Deep Learning Method for Surrounding Vehicles on Highways
* K-Hairstyle: A Large-Scale Korean Hairstyle Dataset for Virtual Hair Editing and Hairstyle Classification
Includes: Nam, K.[Kounghoon] Nam, K.[Kanghyun] Nam, K.[Keonmin]

Nam, K.G. Co Author Listing * Optoelectronic Difference-of-Gaussian Wavelet Transform System

Nam, K.M.[Kwon M.] Co Author Listing * Edge-Detection in Noisy Images Based on the Cooccurrence Matrix
* fast hierarchical motion vector estimation algorithm using mean pyramid, A
* Multiresolution Edge-Detection Techniques
Includes: Nam, K.M.[Kwon M.] Nam, K.M.[Kwon Moon]

Nam, K.W.[Kwang Woo] Co Author Listing * DeepDBSCAN: Deep Density-Based Clustering for Geo-Tagged Photos

Nam, M.[Myra] Co Author Listing * Learning human preferences to sharpen images
* Second Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge, The
Includes: Nam, M.[Myra] Nam, M.[Myungwoo]

Nam, M.J.[Myung Jin] Co Author Listing * In-Loop Transient Electromagnetic Responses With Induced Polarization Effects of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Deposits

Nam, M.Y.[Mi Young] Co Author Listing * Cascade of Fusion for Adaptive Classifier Combination Using Context-Awareness
* Efficient Eye Tracking Using POMDP for Robust Human Computer Interaction, An
* Filter Selection and Identification Similarity Using Clustering Under Varying Illumination
* Multi-class Multi-object Tracking Using Changing Point Detection
* Robust Facial Feature Localization using Data-Driven Semi-supervised Learning Approach

Nam, N.T.B. Co Author Listing * Flood Hazard Mapping At Long Xuyen Quadrangle in 2015 Using Geographic Information and Remote Sensing

Nam, S.[Seonghyeon] Co Author Listing * 2PESNet: Towards online processing of temporal action localization
* Compressed Sensing With Wavelet Domain Dependencies for Coronary MRI: A Retrospective Study
* Content-Aware Image Resizing Detection Using Deep Neural Network
* Cross-identity Motion Transfer for Arbitrary Objects Through Pose-Attentive Video Reassembling
* Holistic Approach to Cross-Channel Image Noise Modeling and Its Application to Image Denoising, A
* JT-MGCN: Joint-temporal Motion Graph Convolutional Network for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Large Scale Multi-Illuminant (LSMI) Dataset for Developing White Balance Algorithm under Mixed Illumination
* Learning Neural Duplex Radiance Fields for Real-Time View Synthesis
* Learning sRGB-to-Raw-RGB De-rendering with Content-Aware Metadata
* Masked Wavelet Representation for Compact Neural Radiance Fields
* Modelling the Scene Dependent Imaging in Cameras with a Deep Neural Network
* Neural Image Representations for Multi-Image Fusion and Layer Separation
* Scalable Resolution Display Walls
* Streamable Neural Fields
* Temporally smooth online action detection using cycle-consistent future anticipation
* Trajectory Estimation Based on Globally Consistent Homography
* Two-Stream Network for Detecting Double Compression of H.264 Videos
Includes: Nam, S.[Seonghyeon] Nam, S. Nam, S.[Suekyeong] Nam, S.[Seungtae] Nam, S.[Siwook]
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Nam, S.C.[Sang Churl] Co Author Listing * Fast Blotch Detection Algorithm for Degraded Film Sequences Based on MRF Models
Includes: Nam, S.C.[Sang Churl] Nam, S.C.[Sang-Churl]

Nam, S.H.[Seung Hun] Co Author Listing * CAT-Net: Compression Artifact Tracing Network for Detection and Localization of Image Splicing
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Identifying Seam-Carving Forgery
* DHNet: Double MPEG-4 Compression Detection via Multiple DCT Histograms
* End-To-End Time-Lapse Video Synthesis From a Single Outdoor Image
* Flexible VLSI Architecture of Motion Estimator for Video Image Compression
* High-Throughput Block-Matching VLSI Architecture with Low Memory Bandwidth
* Learning JPEG Compression Artifacts for Image Manipulation Detection and Localization
* Standardized Procedure to Build a Spectral Library for Hazardous Chemicals Mixed in River Flow Using Hyperspectral Image, A
* Tighter Converse for the Locally Differentially Private Discrete Distribution Estimation Under the One-bit Communication Constraint, A
Includes: Nam, S.H.[Seung Hun] Nam, S.H.[Seung-Hun] Nam, S.H.[Seong-Hyeon] Nam, S.H. Nam, S.H.[Su-Han] Nam, S.H.[Seung-Hyun]
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Nam, S.J.[Sang Jae] Co Author Listing * Improved Differential Energy Watermarking for Embedding Watermark
* Intellectual Property Rights Management Using Combination Encryption in MPEG-4
* Practical Pan-Tilt-Zoom-Focus Camera Calibration for Augmented Reality
Includes: Nam, S.J.[Sang Jae] Nam, S.J.[Sang-Jae] Nam, S.J.[Seung-Jin]

Nam, S.S. Co Author Listing * Full-Duplex With Self-Energy Recycling in the RF Powered Multi-Antenna Relay Channels

Nam, S.W.[Seung Woo] Co Author Listing * Application adaptation methods of gesture recognition based user interface
* Fast Ray-Triangle Intersection Computation Using Reconfigurable Hardware
* hybrid color matching between stereo image sequences, A
Includes: Nam, S.W.[Seung Woo] Nam, S.W.[Seung-Woo]

Nam, T.[Taewoo] Co Author Listing * Design of rectangular coaxial slot antenna for ultra-high-field magnetic resonance imaging

Nam, T.H.[Tran Hai] Co Author Listing * study on face tracking in real-time for robot, A

Nam, T.J.[Tae Jin] Co Author Listing * Optical Flow Based Frame Interpolation of Ultrasound Images
Includes: Nam, T.J.[Tae Jin] Nam, T.J.[Tae-Jin]

Nam, T.Y.[Taek Yong] Co Author Listing * Objectionable Image Detection System Based on Region of Interest, An

Nam, W.[Woochul] Co Author Listing * Data synthesis method preserving correlation of features

Nam, W.H.[Won Ho] Co Author Listing * Agricultural Drought Assessment in East Asia Using Satellite-Based Indices
* Deep Learning-Based 500 m Spatio-Temporally Continuous Air Temperature Generation by Fusing Multi-Source Data
* Generalized background subtraction based on hybrid inference by belief propagation and Bayesian filtering
* Improving object localization using macrofeature layout selection
* Learning occlusion with likelihoods for visual tracking
* Macrofeature layout selection for pedestrian localization and its acceleration using GPU
* Motion-based background modeling for foreground segmentation
* new approach to camera hand-off without camera calibration for the general scene with non-planar ground, A
* Object handoff between uncalibrated views without planar ground assumption
* Pedestrian Segmentation From Uncalibrated Monocular Videos Using a Projection Map
* Position estimation of moving liver lesion based on registration between 2D ultrasound and 4D MR images
Includes: Nam, W.H.[Won Ho] Nam, W.H.[Won-Ho] Nam, W.H.[Woon-Hyun] Nam, W.H.[Woo Hyun]
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Nam, W.J.[Woo Jeoung] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-Fine Deep Metric Learning for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Few-Shot Object Detection with Proposal Balance Refinement
* MHCanonNet: Multi-Hypothesis Canonical lifting Network for self-supervised 3D human pose estimation in the wild video
* Multi-Contextual Predictions with Vision Transformer for Video Anomaly Detection
* Rotation Invariant Aerial Image Retrieval with Group Convolutional Metric Learning
* Two-Stream Symmetric Network with Bidirectional Ensemble for Aerial Image Matching, A
Includes: Nam, W.J.[Woo Jeoung] Nam, W.J.[Woo-Jeoung]

Nam, Y. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Matching Pursuit: A Finite-Alphabet Sparse Signal Recovery Algorithm for Quantized Compressive Sensing
* E2SRI: Learning to Super-Resolve Intensity Images From Events
* Edge-enhancing bi-histogram equalisation using guided image filter
* Learning to Super Resolve Intensity Images From Events
* Modeling and Recognition of Hand Gesture Using Colored Petri Nets
* NTIRE 2022 Burst Super-Resolution Challenge
* Quad-Contrast Imaging: Simultaneous Acquisition of Four Contrast-Weighted Images (PD-Weighted, T2-Weighted, PD-FLAIR and T2-FLAIR Images) With Synthetic T1-Weighted Image, T1- and T2-Maps
* Recognition of Hand Gestures with 3D, Nonlinear Arm Movement
* Stereo Depth from Events Cameras: Concentrate and Focus on the Future
Includes: Nam, Y. Nam, Y.[Yeongwoo] Nam, Y.[Yoojun] Nam, Y.[Yoonchan] Nam, Y.[Yoonho]
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Nam, Y.J.[Young Jin] Co Author Listing * Amortized Linux Ext3 File System with Fast Writing after Editing for WinXP-Based Multimedia Application

Nam, Y.O.[Yeon Oh] Co Author Listing * content-adaptive sharpness enhancement algorithm using 2D FIR filters trained by pre-emphasis, A
* Power-Constrained Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using Multiscale Retinex for OLED Display
* Subpixel-based image downsampling algorithm using content-adaptive two-dimensional FIR filters
Includes: Nam, Y.O.[Yeon Oh] Nam, Y.O.[Yeon-Oh]

Nam, Y.S.[Yun Seok] Co Author Listing * Analysis of postal address fields for efficient encoding of Korean mail pieces
* Classification of Machine-Printed and Handwritten Addresses on Korean Mail Piece Images Using Geometric Features
* combination method of two classifiers based on the information of confusion matrix, A
* Handwritten numeral string recognition using neural network classifier trained with negative data
* Locating Destination Address Block in Korean Mail Images
* Non-similar candidate removal method for off-line handwritten Korean character recognition
Includes: Nam, Y.S.[Yun Seok] Nam, Y.S.[Yun-Seok] Nam, Y.S.

Nam, Y.Y.[Yun Young] Co Author Listing * Association and Identification in Heterogeneous Sensors Environment with Coverage Uncertainty
* Real-time abnormal situation detection based on particle advection in crowded scenes
* similarity-based leaf image retrieval scheme: Joining shape and venation features, A
* Utilizing venation features for efficient leaf image retrieval
Includes: Nam, Y.Y.[Yun Young] Nam, Y.Y.[Yun-Young]

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