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Jameel, A.[Amina] Co Author Listing * deep learning approach for the classification of TB from NIH CXR dataset, A
* Improved automated detection of glaucoma from fundus image using hybrid structural and textural features

Jameel, F.[Furqan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Mining Cluster Selection for Blockchain-Based Cellular V2X Communications
* Efficient Power-Splitting and Resource Allocation for Cellular V2X Communications
* Learning-Based Resource Allocation for Backscatter-Aided Vehicular Networks
* Performance Analysis of Cooperative V2V and V2I Communications Under Correlated Fading
* Secure Transmission in Cellular V2X Communications Using Deep Q-Learning
Includes: Jameel, F.[Furqan] Jameel, F.

Jameel, S.K.[Samer Kais] Co Author Listing * BCS-AE: Integrated Image Compression-Encryption Model Based on AE and Block-CS
* Generating Spectrum Images from Different Types: Visible, Thermal, and Infrared Based on Autoencoder Architecture (GVTI-AE)
* Machine Learning Techniques for Corneal Diseases Diagnosis: A Survey

Jameela, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Fusion-SUNet: Spatial Layout Consistency for 3D Semantic Segmentation
* Human Vision Based 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale Outdoor Scenes
* Simulation-based Data Augmentation Using Physical Priors for Noise Filtering Deep Neural Network
Includes: Jameela, M.[Maryam] Jameela, M.

Jamei, M.[Mozhdeh] Co Author Listing * Validation of the SMOS Level 1C Brightness Temperature and Level 2 Soil Moisture Data over the West and Southwest of Iran

James, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Diffusion sensitivity enhancement filter for raw DWIs
* eye-hand data fusion framework for pervasive sensing of surgical activities, An
Includes: James, A.[Alex] James, A.

James, A.P.[Alex Pappachen] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using Local Binary Decisions
* Inter-image outliers and their application to image classification
* Sparse distributed localized gradient fused features of objects
* Spatial Stimuli Gradient Sketch Model
Includes: James, A.P.[Alex Pappachen] James, A.P.

James, A.W.[Aaron W.] Co Author Listing * Label Cleaning Multiple Instance Learning: Refining Coarse Annotations on Single Whole-Slide Images

James, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Electro-optical imaging detector array for a moving vehicle which includes two axis image motion compensation and transfers pixels in row directions and column directions

James, B.C.[Batholomew C.] Co Author Listing * HHO-Based Vector Quantization Technique for Biomedical Image Compression in Cloud Computing

James, C.[Chrisbin] Co Author Listing * Domain Adaptation for Plant Organ Detection with Style Transfer
* Evaluation of Nearshore QuikSCAT 4.1 and ERA-5 Wind Stress and Wind Stress Curl Fields over Eastern Boundary Currents
* Provable Translational Robustness for Object Detection With Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: James, C.[Chrisbin] James, C.[Corinne] James, C.[Charu]

James, C.J. Co Author Listing * FastICA Algorithm With Spatial Constraints, The

James, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Aboveground Biomass Changes in Tropical Montane Forest of Northern Borneo Estimated Using Spaceborne and Airborne Digital Elevation Data
* Enhancing UAV Coastal Mapping Using Infrared Pansharpening
* Measurement of Total Dissolved Solids and Total Suspended Solids in Water Systems: A Review of the Issues, Conventional, and Remote Sensing Techniques
* Membrane boundary extraction using circular multiple paths
* Overview of the Application of Remote Sensing in Effective Monitoring of Water Quality Parameters
* Precomputing Interactive Dynamic Deformable Scenes
* Predicting the Infrared UAV Imagery Over the Coast
* Satellite-Derived Topography and Morphometry for VHR Coastal Habitat Mapping: The Pleiades-1 Tri-Stereo Enhancement
* screening system for the assessment of opacity profusion in chest radiographs of miners with pneumoconiosis, A
* Spatiotemporal Trends of Bora Bora's Shoreline Classification and Movement Using High-Resolution Imagery from 1955 to 2019
* Statistical Approach to Using Remote Sensing Data to Discern Streamflow Variable Influence in the Snow Melt Dominated Upper Rio Grande Basin, A
* Superspectral/hyperspatial Worldview-3 As The Link Between Spaceborne Hyperspectral and Airborne Hyperspatial Sensors: The Case Study of The Complex Tropical Coast, The
* Very High Resolution Land Use and Land Cover Mapping Using Pleiades-1 Stereo Imagery and Machine Learning
Includes: James, D.[Daniel] James, D. James, D.[David] James, D.[Dorothée] James, D.[Darren]
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James, D.E.[David E.] Co Author Listing * Automatic identification of fusion events in TIRF microscopy image sequences

James, D.L.[Doug L.] Co Author Listing * REALIMPACT: A Dataset of Impact Sound Fields for Real Objects

James, E.[Enoch] Co Author Listing * Correlation techniques
* Machine Learning and VIIRS Satellite Retrievals for Skillful Fuel Moisture Content Monitoring in Wildfire Management
Includes: James, E.[Enoch] James, E.[Eric]

James, G.A.[George Andrew] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Sign Language from Brain Imaging

James, G.M. Co Author Listing * Finding the number of clusters in a data set: An information theoretic approach

James, J. Co Author Listing * Estimating extrinsic parameters between a stereo rig and a multi-layer lidar using plane matching and circle feature extraction
* Estimating the Physical Effort of Human Poses
* Framework for Natural Landmark-based Robot Localization
* Human Movement Analysis for Interactive Dance
* Lidar guided stereo simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for UAV outdoor 3-D scene reconstruction
* Movement Analysis for Interactive Dance Using Motion Capture Data Part I: Real-Time Tracking of Multiple People from Unlabelled Markers
* multi-scale framework for the automated surveying of the Whangateau estuary using off-the-shelf equipment, A
* Real-time Gesture Recognition with Minimal Training Requirements and On-line Learning
Includes: James, J. James, J.[Jodi] James, J.[Jeremy]
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James, J.G. Co Author Listing * Fourier Based Pre-Processing For Seeing Through Water
* Restoration of Non-Rigidly Distorted Underwater Images Using a Combination of Compressive Sensing and Local Polynomial Image Representations

James, L. Co Author Listing * Channel and Floodplain Change Analysis over a 100-Year Period: Lower Yuba River, California
* Large-Scale Video Classification with Feature Space Augmentation Coupled with Learned Label Relations and Ensembling
Includes: James, L. James, L.[Lee]

James, M. Co Author Listing * Feature detection using the general linear model

James, M.F.[Michael F.] Co Author Listing * Deformation Based Morphometry Analysis of Serial Magnetic Resonance Images of Mouse Brains

James, M.R.[Mike R.] Co Author Listing * Current Practices in UAS-based Environmental Monitoring
* Quantifying Effusion Rates at Active Volcanoes through Integrated Time-Lapse Laser Scanning and Photography
* Sequential digital elevation models of active lava flows from ground-based stereo time-lapse imagery
* Topographic and Thermal Mapping of Volcanic Terrain Using the AVTIS Ground-Based 94-GHz Dual-Mode Radar/Radiometric Imager
* UAV-based Remote Sensing Of Landslides
Includes: James, M.R.[Mike R.] James, M.R.

James, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Software Systems Approach to Multi-Scale GIS-BIM Utility Infrastructure Network Integration and Resource Flow Simulation
* Train Protection Logic Based on Topological Manifolds for Virtual Coupling, A
* Transport Accessibility Analysis Using GIS: Assessing Sustainable Transport in London
Includes: James, P.[Philip] James, P.[Phillip]

James, P.D. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Motion Estimation/Segmentation Incorporating Feature Correspondence and Optical Flow

James, S.[Stuart] Co Author Listing * Annotated Free-Hand Sketches for Video Retrieval Using Object Semantics and Motion
* Coarse-to-Fine Q-attention: Efficient Learning for Visual Robotic Manipulation via Discretisation
* Evolutionary data purification for social media classification
* Ganzzle: Reframing Jigsaw Puzzle Solving as a Retrieval Task using a Generative Mental Image
* HARP: Autoregressive Latent Video Prediction with High-Fidelity Image Generator
* If dropout limits trainable depth, does critical initialisation still matter? A large-scale statistical analysis on ReLU networks
* Lights: Light Specularity Dataset for Specular Detection In Multi-View
* Locality-aware subgraphs for inductive link prediction in knowledge graphs
* Machine Learning for Cultural Heritage: A Survey
* MoreFusion: Multi-object Reasoning for 6D Pose Estimation from Volumetric Fusion
* Motion-sketch Based Video Retrieval Using a Trellis Levenshtein Distance
* Multi-view 3D Objects Localization from Street-Level Scenes
* particle filtering approach to salient video object localization, A
* PoserNet: Refining Relative Camera Poses Exploiting Object Detections
* re-OBJ: Jointly Learning the Foreground and Background for Object Instance Re-identification
* Sim-to-Real 6D Object Pose Estimation via Iterative Self-training for Robotic Bin Picking
* Sim-To-Real via Sim-To-Sim: Data-Efficient Robotic Grasping via Randomized-To-Canonical Adaptation Networks
* SIMstack: A Generative Shape and Instance Model for Unordered Object Stacks
* Waypoint Planning Networks
Includes: James, S.[Stuart] James, S.[Stephen] James, S. James, S.[Steve]
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James, T. Co Author Listing * Multistart Tabu Search and Diversification Strategies for the Quadratic Assignment Problem

James, T.D.[Timothy D.] Co Author Listing * Investigating the Effects of DEM Error in Scaling Analysis

James, W. Co Author Listing * Principles of Psychology, The

James, W.H.M.[William H. M.] Co Author Listing * Glacier Ice Thickness Estimation and Future Lake Formation in Swiss Southwestern Alps: The Upper Rhône Catchment: A VOLTA Application

Jameson, A.R. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Method for Upsizing Single Disdrometer Drop Size Counts for Rain Physics Studies and Areal Applications, A

Jameson, D. Co Author Listing * Opponent-Process Theory of Color Vision, An

Jameson, K.A.[Kimberly A.] Co Author Listing * Quantitative approach for defining basic color terms and color category best exemplars

Jameson, M. Co Author Listing * Promises and challenges of digital libraries and document image analysis: a humanist's perspective

Jamet, C.[Cedric] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction of Multi-Spectral Littoral Images Using a PHOTONS/AERONET-Based Regional Aerosol Model
* Error Budget in the Validation of Radiometric Products Derived from OLCI around the China Sea from Open Ocean to Coastal Waters Compared with MODIS and VIIRS
* Evaluation of Five Atmospheric Correction Algorithms over French Optically-Complex Waters for the Sentinel-3A OLCI Ocean Color Sensor
* Evaluation of Four Atmospheric Correction Algorithms for GOCI Images over the Yellow Sea
* Evaluation of Sentinel-2/MSI Atmospheric Correction Algorithms over Two Contrasted French Coastal Waters
* Integrating Inland and Coastal Water Quality Data for Actionable Knowledge
* Mapping Submerged Aquatic Vegetation along the Central Vietnamese Coast Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing
* OLE: A Novel Oceanic Lidar Emulator
* Review of Protocols for Fiducial Reference Measurements of Downwelling Irradiance for the Validation of Satellite Remote Sensing Data over Water, A
* Seasonal and Inter-Annual Analysis of Chlorophyll-a and Inherent Optical Properties from Satellite Observations in the Inner and Mid-Shelves of the South of Buenos Aires Province (Argentina)
* Seasonal Cycles of Phytoplankton Expressed by Sine Equations Using the Daily Climatology from Satellite-Retrieved Chlorophyll-a Concentration (1997-2019) Over Global Ocean
* Semianalytic Monte Carlo Simulator for Spaceborne Oceanic Lidar: Framework and Preliminary Results, A
Includes: Jamet, C.[Cedric] Jamet, C.[Cédric]
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Jamet, D. Co Author Listing * Arithmetic Discrete Parabolas
* Critical Connectedness of Thin Arithmetical Discrete Planes
* Generation of Digital Planes Using Generalized Continued-Fractions Algorithms
* On some applications of generalized functionality for arithmetic discrete planes
* On the Connecting Thickness of Arithmetical Discrete Planes
* On the Language of Standard Discrete Planes and Surfaces
Includes: Jamet, D. Jamet, D.[Damien]

Jamet, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Interactive interpretation of structured documents: Application to the recognition of handwritten architectural plans
* Semi-customizable Gestural Commands Approach and Its Evaluation
* Shaping-Up Multimedia Analytics: Needs and Expectations of Media Professionals
* User-Centered Design of an Interactive Off-Line Handwritten Architectural Floor Plan Recognition
Includes: Jamet, E.[Eric] Jamet, É.[Éric] Jamet, E.

Jamet, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * email: Jamet, O.[Olivier]: ojamet AT teaser fr
* 3-D Reconstruction of Buildings from Stereo Images Using Both Monocular Analysis and Stereo Matching: An Assessment within the Context of Cartographic Production
* Above-Ground Objects in Urban Scenes from Medium Scale Aerial Imagery
* Applying the Theory of Evidence to Vector-D.E.M. Comparison for the Building Planimetric Change Detection
* Building Extraction from Stereo Pairs of Aerial Images: Accuracy and Productivity Constraint of a Topographic Production Line
* Evaluation of Automatic Road Extraction
* Extraction and Textural Characterization of Aboveground Areas from Aerial Stereo Pairs: A Quality Assessment
* From Manual to Automatic Stereoplotting: Evaluation of Different Road Network Capture Processes
* Integrating Photogrammetric Techniques with Scene Analysis and Machine Vision III
* Road Extraction Guided by a Cartographic Database
* Road Modeling Based on a Cartographic Database for Aerial Image Interpretation
* Vehicle Detection on Aerial Images: A Structural Approach
Includes: Jamet, O.[Olivier] Jamet, O.
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