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Dragan, A.D. Co Author Listing * Herb 2.0: Lessons Learned From Developing a Mobile Manipulator for the Home

Dragan, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Ultrasonic B-Scans for Nondestructive Testing of Composites

Draganov, D.[Deyan] Co Author Listing * Application of Seismic Interferometry by Multidimensional Deconvolution to Earthquake Data Recorded in Malarge, Argentina

Draganov, M. Co Author Listing * Computer Description and Decomposition of Scenes of 3D Line Drawings

Draganova, C. Co Author Listing * Comparing Different Classifiers for Automatic Age Estimation

Draghetti, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Anatomy of Anthropically Controlled Natural Lagoons through Geophysical, Geological, and Remote Sensing Observations: The Valli Di Comacchio (NE Italy) Case Study

Draghici, A.[Adriana] Co Author Listing * Survey of Techniques for Automatically Sensing the Behavior of a Crowd, A

Draghici, S.[Sorin] Co Author Listing * System Biology Approach for the Steady-State Analysis of Gene Signaling Networks, A

Dragic, A.[Aleksandar] Co Author Listing * Impacts of Extreme Space Weather Events on September 6th, 2017 on Ionosphere and Primary Cosmic Rays

Dragicevic, S.[Suzana] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Effects of Temporal Resolution and Classification Confidence for Modeling Land Cover Change with Long Short-Term Memory Networks
* Assessing the Impact of Neighborhood Size on Temporal Convolutional Networks for Modeling Land Cover Change
* Assessing the Similarities of 3d Simulation Model Outcomes
* Geosimulation Approach for Data Scarce Environments: Modeling Dynamics of Forest Insect Infestation across Different Landscapes, A
* Geospatial big data handling theory and methods: A review and research challenges
* Geospatial Modelling Approach For 3d Urban Densification Developments
* Machine Learning Techniques for Modelling Short Term Land-Use Change
* Mitigating Imbalance of Land Cover Change Data for Deep Learning Models with Temporal and Spatiotemporal Sample Weighting Schemes
* Modelling Global Deforestation Using Spherical Geographic Automata Approach
* Multidimensional Web GIS Approach for Citizen Participation on Urban Evolution
* Preface: Technical Commission IV on Spatial Information Science
* Representing Complex Evolving Spatial Networks: Geographic Network Automata
* Theme section Towards Intelligent Geoprocessing on the Web
* Towards a voxel-based geographic automata for the simulation of geospatial processes
Includes: Dragicevic, S.[Suzana] Dragicevic, S.
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Dragnea, V. Co Author Listing * Direct Shape from Isophotes

Drago, F.[Fredric] Co Author Listing * Locally Adaptive Chromatic Restoration Of Digitally Acquired Paintings

Drago, G.[Giacomo] Co Author Listing * CCMS: A Greedy Approach to Motif Extraction

Dragoi, I.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Pairing Reversible Watermarking
* Improved Pairwise Pixel-Value-Ordering for High-Fidelity Reversible Data Hiding
* Local-Prediction-Based Difference Expansion Reversible Watermarking
* On Local Prediction Based Reversible Watermarking
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Color Images Based on Vacating Room After Encryption and Pixel Prediction

Dragoja, M. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of 3D city models: EuroSDR comparison

Dragomir, A.[Anca] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Networks for False Positive Reduction of Automatically Detected Cilia in Low Magnification TEM Images
* Differential Impact of Autonomous Vehicle Malfunctions on Human Trust
* Enhancement of Cilia Sub-structures by Multiple Instance Registration and Super-Resolution Reconstruction
* K-Nets: Clustering through nearest neighbors networks
Includes: Dragomir, A.[Anca] Dragomir, A.[Andrei]

Dragomirescu, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Object Recognition System-on-Chip Using the Support Vector Machines

Dragomiretskiy, K.[Konstantin] Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Compact Variational Mode Decomposition
* Two-Dimensional Variational Mode Decomposition
* Variational Destriping in Remote Sensing Imagery: Total Variation with L1 Fidelity

Dragon, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * 3d Object Recognition and Pose Estimation for Multiple Objects Using Multi-Prioritized Ransac and Model Updating
* Dilemma First Search for effortless optimization of NP-hard problems
* Fingerprints for Machines: Characterization and Optical Identification of Grinding Imprints
* Ground Plane Estimation Using a Hidden Markov Model
* Joint Tracking and Ground Plane Estimation
* Markov Chain Monte Carlo Cascade for Camera Network Calibration Based on Unconstrained Pedestrian Tracklets
* Motion Segmentation with Weak Labeling Priors
* Multi-scale Clustering of Frame-to-Frame Correspondences for Motion Segmentation
* Multi-view Tracking of Multiple Targets with Dynamic Cameras
* NF-Features: No-Feature-Features for Representing Non-textured Regions
* Reading from Scratch: A Vision-System for Reading Data on Micro-structured Surfaces
* Robust Realtime Motion-Split-And-Merge for Motion Segmentation
* Towards Feature-Based Situation Assessment for Airport Apron Video Surveillance
* Tracking by switching state space models
* View-invariant Fall Detection for Elderly in Real Home Environment
* Weakly supervised motion segmentation with particle matching
Includes: Dragon, R.[Ralf] Dragon, R.
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Dragone, R.V. Co Author Listing * Hermite-Gaussian mode detection via convolution neural networks

Dragoni, A.[Alessio] Co Author Listing * IdroGEO: A Collaborative Web Mapping Application Based on REST API Services and Open Data on Landslides and Floods in Italy

Dragoni, A.F.[Aldo Franco] Co Author Listing * Continuous Learning in a Changing Environment, A

Dragoni, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * Electrocardiographic Signal Classification with Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks
* Neural Word Embeddings Approach for Multi-Domain Sentiment Analysis, A
* Ontology-Driven Food Category Classification in Images
* OntoSenticNet: A Commonsense Ontology for Sentiment Analysis
Includes: Dragoni, M.[Mauro] Dragoni, M.

Dragosevic, M.[Marina] Co Author Listing * Critical infrastructure monitoring using high resolution SAR satellites

Dragosevic, M.V. Co Author Listing * Detection and Estimation With RADARSAT-2 Moving-Object Detection Experiment Modes

Dragotti, P.L.[Pier Luigi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive plenoptic sampling
* AI-Based Reconstruction for Fast MRI: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
* Approximation Power of Directionlets
* closed-form expression for the bandwidth of the plenoptic function under finite field of view constraints, A
* Compression of Multispectral Images by Three-Dimensional SPIHT Algorithm
* CU-Net+: Deep Fully Interpretable Network for Multi-Modal Image Restoration
* DAGAN: Deep De-Aliasing Generative Adversarial Networks for Fast Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Multi-Modal Image Restoration and Fusion
* Deep Coupled ISTA Network for Multi-Modal Image Super-Resolution
* Directional wavelet transforms and frames
* Directionlets: Anisotropic Multidirectional Representation With Separable Filtering
* Discrete multi-directional wavelet bases
* Distributed Acquisition and Image Super-Resolution Based on Continuous Moments from Samples
* Distributed Compression of Multi-View Images using a Geometrical Coding Approach
* Distributed compression of the plenoptic function
* E-spline sampling for precise and robust line-edge extraction
* Exact Feature Extraction Using Finite Rate of Innovation Principles With an Application to Image Super-Resolution
* Exact Local Reconstruction Algorithms for Signals with Finite Rate of Innovation
* Filter banks for multiple description coding
* Footprints and Edgeprints for Image Denoising and Compression
* FRESH: FRI-Based Single-Image Super-Resolution Algorithm
* Geometry-Driven Distributed Compression of the Plenoptic Function: Performance Bounds and Constructive Algorithms
* Guaranteed Performance in the FRI Setting
* Identification of Transform Coding Chains
* Image restoration using a sparse quadtree decomposition representation
* Interactive multiview image coding
* Joint Learning of 3D Lesion Segmentation and Classification for Explainable COVID-19 Diagnosis
* Light-Field Microscopy for the Optical Imaging of Neuronal Activity: When model-based methods meet data-driven approaches
* Line-edge extraction based on E-spline acquisition model and a fast optimization algorithm
* Local Feature Extraction for Image Super-Resolution
* Low-Rate Reduced Complexity Image Compression using Directionlets
* Mixed X-Ray Image Separation for Artworks With Concealed Designs
* Model-Based Explainable Deep Learning for Light-Field Microscopy Imaging
* Multi-Modal Convolutional Dictionary Learning
* Multiview Image Coding Using Depth Layers and an Optimized Bit Allocation
* Multiview image compression using a layer-based representation
* On the Compression of Two-dimensional Piecewise Smooth Functions
* On the Reconstruction of Wavelet-Sparse Signals From Partial Fourier Information
* On the Spectrum of the Plenoptic Function
* Photo Realistic Image Completion via Dense Correspondence
* Plenoptic Layer-Based Modeling for Image Based Rendering
* Quadtree Structured Image Approximation for Denoising and Interpolation
* RADAR: Robust Algorithm for Depth Image Super Resolution Based on FRI Theory and Multimodal Dictionary Learning
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Tree-Structured Compression Algorithms for Piecewise Polynomial Images
* Robust image recapture detection using a K-SVD learning approach to train dictionaries of edge profiles
* Sampling and interpolation of the plenoptic function
* Sampling piecewise smooth signals and its application to image up-sampling
* Sensing Diversity and Sparsity Models for Event Generation and Video Reconstruction from Events
* SRHRF+: Self-Example Enhanced Single Image Super-Resolution Using Hierarchical Random Forests
* Subspace-based methods for image registration and super-resolution
* Tilted layer-based modeling for enhanced light-field processing and image based rendering
* Tomographic Approach for Sampling Multidimensional Signals with Finite Rate of Innovation
* Transform coder identification with double quantized data
* Unsupervised extraction of coherent regions for image based rendering
* Video recapture detection based on ghosting artifact analysis
* Wavelet Domain Style Transfer for an Effective Perception-Distortion Tradeoff in Single Image Super-Resolution
* Wavelet Transform Footprints: Catching Singularities for Compression and Denoising
* Wide-baseline image change detection
* WINNet: Wavelet-Inspired Invertible Network for Image Denoising
Includes: Dragotti, P.L.[Pier Luigi] Dragotti, P.L. Dragotti, P.L.[Pier-Luigi]
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Dragov, R.[Rangel] Co Author Listing * Phenotypic Traits Estimation and Preliminary Yield Assessment in Different Phenophases of Wheat Breeding Experiment Based on UAV Multispectral Images
* Preharvest Durum Wheat Yield, Protein Content, and Protein Yield Estimation Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery and Pleiades Satellite Data in Field Breeding Experiments

Dragozi, E.[Eleni] Co Author Listing * Burned Area Mapping Using Support Vector Machines and the FuzCoC Feature Selection Method on VHR IKONOS Imagery
* Dead Fuel Moisture Content (DFMC) Estimation Using MODIS and Meteorological Data: The Case of Greece
* Decision Fusion Based on Hyperspectral and Multispectral Satellite Imagery for Accurate Forest Species Mapping
* Exploring the Relationship between Burn Severity Field Data and Very High Resolution GeoEye Images: The Case of the 2011 Evros Wildfire in Greece

Dragulin, I. Co Author Listing * Quantifying the accuracy of FRI-based LIDAR waveform analysis

Dragut, L. Co Author Listing * Automated parameterisation for multi-scale image segmentation on multiple layers
* Comparing supervised and unsupervised multiresolution segmentation approaches for extracting buildings from very high resolution imagery
* Individual Tree-Crown Detection and Species Classification in Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using a Deep Learning Ensemble Model
* Quantitative evaluation of variations in rule-based classifications of land cover in urban neighbourhoods using WorldView-2 imagery
* Random forest in remote sensing: A review of applications and future directions
Includes: Dragut, L. Dragut, L.[Lucian]

Dragut, L.D. Co Author Listing * Developing a Semantic Model of Glacial Landforms for Objectbased Terrain Classification: The Example of Glacial Cirques
* Using digital photographs and object-based image analysis to estimate percent ground cover in vegetation plots

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