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Camacaro, J. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Feature Map Characterization in Fashion Interpretation

Camacho Bello, C. Co Author Listing * Angle Estimation Using Hahn Moments for Image Analysis
* Exact Legendre-Fourier moments in improved polar pixels configuration for image analysis
* High-precision and fast computation of Jacobi-Fourier moments for image description
* Krawtchouk Moments for Gait Phase Detection
* Some aspects of fractional-order circular moments for image analysis
* Some computational aspects of Tchebichef moments for higher orders
Includes: Camacho Bello, C. Camacho-Bello, C. Camacho-Bello, C.[César]

Camacho Bello, C.J.[Cesar J.] Co Author Listing * Cuscuta spp. Segmentation Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Orthomasaics Using a U-Net Xception-Style Model
Includes: Camacho Bello, C.J.[Cesar J.] Camacho-Bello, C.J.[César J.]

Camacho de Coca, F. Co Author Listing * Directional Spectral Mixture Analysis Method: Application to Multiangular Airborne Measurements, A
Includes: Camacho de Coca, F. Camacho-de Coca, F.

Camacho Ibar, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Interannual Climate Variability in the West Antarctic Peninsula under Austral Summer Conditions
Includes: Camacho Ibar, V.[Victor] Camacho-Ibar, V.[Víctor]

Camacho Nieto, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Handwritten Digit Classification Based on Alpha-Beta Associative Model
* Pattern classification using smallest normalized difference associative memory
* Thresholded Learning Matrix for Efficient Pattern Recalling
Includes: Camacho Nieto, O.[Oscar] Camacho-Nieto, O.[Oscar]

Camacho Perez, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Activation Functions Using Fractional Calculus

Camacho Presotto, J.G.[Joao Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Weakly supervised learning based on hypergraph manifold ranking
* Weakly Supervised Learning through Rank-based Contextual Measures
Includes: Camacho Presotto, J.G.[Joao Gabriel] Camacho Presotto, J.G.[João Gabriel]

Camacho Torregrosa, F.J. Co Author Listing * Application of global positioning system and questionnaires data for the study of driver behaviour on two-lane rural roads
* Influence of highway three-dimensional coordination on drivers perception of horizontal curvature and available sight distance
Includes: Camacho Torregrosa, F.J. Camacho-Torregrosa, F.J.

Camacho, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Water Coverage in Permanent and Temporary Shallow Lakes and Wetlands by Combining Remote Sensing Techniques and Genetic Programming: Application to the Mediterranean Basin of the Iberian Peninsula
* maximum a posteriori estimate for the source separation problem with statistical knowledge about the mixing matrix, A
* Monitoring Hydrological Patterns of Temporary Lakes Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Models: Case Study of La Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve in Central Spain
* PaolaChat: A Virtual Agent with Naturalistic Breathing
Includes: Camacho, A.[Antonio] Camacho, A.[Andres] Camacho, A.[Adriana]

Camacho, A.G.[Antonio G.] Co Author Listing * Geodetic Study of the 2006-2010 Ground Deformation in La Palma (Canary Islands): Observational Results
* Modeling 3D Free-geometry Volumetric Sources Associated to Geological and Anthropogenic Hazards from Space and Terrestrial Geodetic Data

Camacho, C.[Camilo] Co Author Listing * Artificial Vision Based Method for Vehicle Detection and Classification in Urban Traffic, An

Camacho, E.F.[Eduardo F.] Co Author Listing * Coalitional Model Predictive Control on Freeways Traffic Networks
* Global Versus Local MPC Algorithms in Freeway Traffic Control With Ramp Metering and Variable Speed Limits
* Macroscopic Modeling and Control of Reversible Lanes on Freeways
Includes: Camacho, E.F.[Eduardo F.] Camacho, E.F.

Camacho, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Climate Data Records of Vegetation Variables from Geostationary SEVIRI/MSG Data: Products, Algorithms and Applications
* Critical Comparison of Remote Sensing Leaf Area Index Estimates over Rice-Cultivated Areas: From Sentinel-2 and Landsat-7/8 to MODIS, GEOV1 and EUMETSAT Polar System, A
* Derivation of global vegetation biophysical parameters from EUMETSAT Polar System
* Empirical and Physical Estimation of Canopy Water Content from CHRIS/PROBA Data
* Fiducial Reference Measurements for Vegetation Bio-Geophysical Variables: An End-to-End Uncertainty Evaluation Framework
* Geostatistics for Mapping Leaf Area Index over a Cropland Landscape: Efficiency Sampling Assessment
* global canopy water content product from AVHRR/Metop, A
* Multitemporal Monitoring of Plant Area Index in the Valencia Rice District with PocketLAI
* On Line Validation Exercise (OLIVE): A Web Based Service for the Validation of Medium Resolution Land Products. Application to FAPAR Products
* Quality Assessment of PROBA-V LAI, fAPAR and fCOVER Collection 300 m Products of Copernicus Global Land Service
* Quality Assessment of PROBA-V Surface Albedo V1 for the Continuity of the Copernicus Climate Change Service
* Satellite Leaf Area Index: Global Scale Analysis of the Tendencies Per Vegetation Type Over the Last 17 Years
* Surface Albedo Retrieval from 40-Years of Earth Observations through the EUMETSAT/LSA SAF and EU/C3S Programmes: The Versatile Algorithm of PYALUS
* Surface ALbedo VALidation (SALVAL) Platform: Towards CEOS LPV Validation Stage 4: Application to Three Global Albedo Climate Data Records
* Validation of PROBA-V GEOV1 and MODIS C5 & C6 fAPAR Products in a Deciduous Beech Forest Site in Italy
Includes: Camacho, F.[Fernando] Camacho, F.
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Camacho, I.C.[Ivan Castillo] Co Author Listing * Data-dependent Scaling of CNN's First Layer for Improved Image Manipulation Detection

Camacho, P.[Pelegrin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fovea structures for space-variant sensors
* Generalization of shifted fovea multiresolution geometries applied to object detection
* Hardware architecture for hierarchical segmentation in foveal images
* Multifoveal imager for stereo applications
* Shifted fovea multiresolution geometries
* VLSI implementation of a foveal polygon segmentation algorithm
Includes: Camacho, P.[Pelegrin] Camacho, P.[Pelegrín] Camacho, P.

Camacho, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * High Scrambling Degree in Audio Through Imitation of an Unintelligible Signal

Camagni, F. Co Author Listing * Reverse Modeling of Cultural Heritage: Pipeline and Bottlenecks

Camahort, E.[Emilio] Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration Using Two Concentric Circles

Camaioni, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Post-Ablation Outcome in Atrial Fibrillation Using Shape Parameterization and Partial Least Squares Regression

Camalan, S.[Seda] Co Author Listing * Change Detection of Amazonian Alluvial Gold Mining Using Deep Learning and Sentinel-2 Imagery

Camanni, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Studying a Subsiding Urbanized Area from a Multidisciplinary Perspective: The Inner Sector of the Sarno Plain (Southern Apennines, Italy)

Camapum Wanderley, J.F.[Juliana F.] Co Author Listing * Segmentation using spatial-feature clustering from image sequences
* Spatial-Feature Parametric Clustering Applied to Motion-Based Segmentation in Camouflage

Camara Chavez, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Vehicle License Plate Detection at Higher Matching Degree, An
* Building semantic understanding beyond deep learning from sound and vision
* Detection of Groups of People in Surveillance Videos Based on Spatio-Temporal Clues
* Fusion of Deep Learning Descriptors for Gesture Recognition
* GPUs and Multicore CPUs Implementations of a Static Video Summarization
* Hierarchical segmentation from a non-increasing edge observation attribute
* interactive video content-based retrieval system, An
* Real-Time Brand Logo Recognition
* robust gesture recognition using hand local data and skeleton trajectory, A
* Spatial Pyramid Matching for Finger Spelling Recognition in Intensity Images
* Study of Observation Scales Based on Felzenswalb-Huttenlocher Dissimilarity Measure for Hierarchical Segmentation, A
Includes: Camara Chavez, G.[Guillermo] Cámara-Chávez, G.[Guillermo] Camara-Chavez, G.[Guillermo] Camara-Chavez, G.
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Camara Obregon, A.[Asuncion] Co Author Listing * Integration of National Forest Inventory and Nationwide Airborne Laser Scanning Data to Improve Forest Yield Predictions in North-Western Spain
Includes: Camara Obregon, A.[Asuncion] Cámara-Obregón, A.[Asunción]

Camara, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Domain-Specific Codesign for Automated Visual Inspection Systems
* New texture descriptor for high-speed web inspection applications
Includes: Camara, A.[Antonio] Cámara, A.[Antonio] Camara, A.

Camara, C.[Clara] Co Author Listing * Spectral imaging using consumer-level devices and kernel-based regression

Camara, E.M.[E. Martinez] Co Author Listing * Studying the Scope of Negation for Spanish Sentiment Analysis on Twitter

Camara, F.[Fanta] Co Author Listing * Pedestrian Models for Autonomous Driving Part I: Low-Level Models, From Sensing to Tracking
* Pedestrian Models for Autonomous Driving Part II: High-Level Models of Human Behavior

Camara, G.[Gilberto] Co Author Listing * Big earth observation time series analysis for monitoring Brazilian agriculture
* Bridging Ontologies and Conceptual Schemas in Geographic Information Integration
* Comparison of Cloud Cover Detection Algorithms on Sentinel-2 Images of the Amazon Tropical Forest
* Cross-domain Interpolation for Unpaired Image-to-image Translation
* Earth Observation Data Cubes for Brazil: Requirements, Methodology and Products
* Geographical Approach to Self-Organizing Maps Algorithm Applied to Image Segmentation, A
* Identifying Spatiotemporal Patterns in Land Use and Cover Samples from Satellite Image Time Series
* Interpreting Images with Geodma
* Quality control and class noise reduction of satellite image time series
* Satellite Image Time Series Analysis for Big Earth Observation Data
* Sequential Approach for Pain Recognition Based on Facial Representations, A
* TABU Search Heuristic for Point-Feature Cartographic Label Placement
* Yet Another Map Algebra
Includes: Camara, G.[Gilberto] Câmara, G.[Gilberto] Cámara, G.[Guillermo]
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Camara, J.[Joaquin] Co Author Listing * Multispectral and Thermal Sensors Onboard UAVs for Heterogeneity in Merlot Vineyard Detection: Contribution to Zoning Maps
Includes: Camara, J.[Joaquin] Cámara, J.[Joaquín]

Camara, M. Co Author Listing * Perceptually Equivalent Resolution in Handheld Devices for Streaming Bandwidth Saving
Includes: Camara, M. Cámara, M.

Camara, M.S. Co Author Listing * Causal model of performance measurement systems by combining qualitative and quantitative models for robust results
* Consistency preserving for evolving megamodels through axiomatic semantics
* Definition of the database anonymization method for open data
* methodology for prior management of temporal data quality in a data mining process, A
* Multiple linear regression for universal steganalysis of images
* study on predicting and diagnosing non-communicable diseases: case of cardiovascular diseases, A

Camara, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Cardiac Deformation from Electro-Anatomical Mapping Data: Application to Scar Characterization
* Computational modeling of thoracic and abdominal anatomy using spatial relationships for image segmentation
* Deep Learning Techniques for Automatic MRI Cardiac Multi-Structures Segmentation and Diagnosis: Is the Problem Solved?
* Domain Adaptation for Automatic Aorta Segmentation of 4D Flow Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data from Multiple Vendor Scanners
* Effect of Scar Development on Fast Electrophysiological Models of the Human Heart: In-Silico Study on Atlas-Based Virtual Populations
* Estimation of Local Conduction Velocity from Myocardium Activation Time: Application to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
* Explicit Incorporation of Prior Anatomical Information Into a Nonrigid Registration of Thoracic and Abdominal CT and 18-FDG Whole-Body Emission PET Images
* Fusion of spatial relationships for guiding recognition, example of brain structure recognition in 3D MRI
* Generalized Overlap Measures for Evaluation and Validation in Medical Image Analysis
* Geometric Deep Learning for the Assessment of Thrombosis Risk in the Left Atrial Appendage
* In Silico Analysis of Haemodynamics in Patient-Specific Left Atria with Different Appendage Morphologies
* In-Silico Analysis of the Influence of Pulmonary Vein Configuration on Left Atrial Haemodynamics and Thrombus Formation in a Large Cohort
* Integration of fuzzy spatial relations in deformable models: Application to brain MRI segmentation
* Large Scale Cardiovascular Model Personalisation for Mechanistic Analysis of Heart and Brain Interactions
* Phenomenological Model of Diffuse Global and Regional Atrophy Using Finite-Element Methods
* Quantification of Gaps in Ablation Lesions Around the Pulmonary Veins in Delayed Enhancement MRI
* Quantitative Analysis of Lead Position vs. Correction of Electrical Dyssynchrony in an Experimental Model of LBBB/CRT
* Rule-Based Method to Model Myocardial Fiber Orientation for Simulating Ventricular Outflow Tract Arrhythmias, A
* Sensitivity Analysis of Mesh Warping and Subsampling Strategies for Generating Large Scale Electrophysiological Simulation Data
* Shape Analysis and Computational Fluid Simulations to Assess Feline Left Atrial Function and Thrombogenesis
* Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Electrophysiological Modeling: An Alternative to Finite Element Methods
* Spatially Constrained Deep Learning Approach for Myocardial T1 Mapping
* Standard Quasi-Conformal Flattening of the Right and Left Atria
* Using anatomical knowledge expressed as fuzzy constraints to segment the heart in CT images
Includes: Camara, O.[Oscar] Cámara, O.[Oscar] Camara, O.
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Camara?an, H.[Horia] Co Author Listing * Variation of Aerosol Optical Properties over Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Based on 10 Years of AERONET Data and MODIS MAIAC AOD Product

Camarasu Pop, S.[Sorina] Co Author Listing * CreaTools: A Framework to Develop Medical Image Processing Software: Application to Simulate Pipeline Stent Deployment in Intracranial Vessels with Aneurysms
* Framework for the Generation of Realistic Synthetic Cardiac Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sequences From the Same Virtual Patients, A
* Standardized Evaluation System for Left Ventricular Segmentation Algorithms in 3D Echocardiography
* Virtual Imaging Platform for Multi-Modality Medical Image Simulation, A
Includes: Camarasu Pop, S.[Sorina] Camarasu-Pop, S.[Sorina] Camarasu-Pop, S.

Camarda, M. Co Author Listing * Development Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle At Padova University
* Health Monitoring of Complex Structure Using TLS and Photogrammetry
* Inferences on the 2021 Ongoing Volcanic Unrest at Vulcano Island (Italy) through a Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Surveillance Network
* low cost RC-Heli UAV for mapping applications, A
Includes: Camarda, M. Camarda, M.[Marco] Camarda, M.[Martina]

Camarda, P. Co Author Listing * Two-Level Downlink Scheduling for Real-Time Multimedia Services in LTE Networks

Camardo, N. Co Author Listing * Automated Assessment of Hemodynamics in the Conjunctival Microvasculature Network

Camarena Ibarrola, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Brief Index for Proximity Searching, A
* Fast Automatic Detection of Wildlife in Images from Trap Cameras
* Feature Extraction as Ellipse of Wild-Life Images
* Improving the List of Clustered Permutation on Metric Spaces for Similarity Searching on Secondary Memory
* Improving the permutation-based proximity searching algorithm using zones and partial information
* On the Use of Locality Sensitive Hashing for Audio Following
* Robust Radio Broadcast Monitoring Using a Multi-Band Spectral Entropy Signature
* Shortening the Candidate List for Similarity Searching Using Inverted Index
Includes: Camarena Ibarrola, A.[Antonio] Camarena-Ibarrola, A.[Antonio]
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Camarena Ibarrola, J.A.[J. Antonio] Co Author Listing * Fixed Height Queries Tree Permutation Index for Proximity Searching
Includes: Camarena Ibarrola, J.A.[J. Antonio] Camarena-Ibarrola, J.A.[J. Antonio]

Camarena, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Experimental Study on Ant Colony Optimization Hyper-Heuristics for Solving the Knapsack Problem, An

Camarena, J.[Jessica] Co Author Listing * Estimating Wildlife Density as a Function of Environmental Heterogeneity Using Unmarked Data

Camarena, J.G.[Joan Gerard] Co Author Listing * Fast detection and removal of impulsive noise using peer groups and fuzzy metrics
* Fuzzy Bilateral Filtering for Color Images
* New Method for Fast Detection and Removal of Impulsive Noise Using Fuzzy Metrics
* Some improvements for image filtering using peer group techniques
* Two-step fuzzy logic-based method for impulse noise detection in colour images
Includes: Camarena, J.G.[Joan Gerard] Camarena, J.G.[Joan-Gerard]

Camarero, J.J.[Jesus Julio] Co Author Listing * Integrating Dendrochronological and LiDAR Data to Improve Management of Pinus canariensis Forests under Different Thinning and Climatic Scenarios
Includes: Camarero, J.J.[Jesus Julio] Camarero, J.J.[Jesús Julio]

Camarero, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Reduced-Complexity End-to-End Variational Autoencoder for on Board Satellite Image Compression

Camargo Olivares, J.L. Co Author Listing * Maternal Abdominal ECG as Input to MICA in the Fetal ECG Extraction Problem, The
Includes: Camargo Olivares, J.L. Camargo-Olivares, J.L.

Camargo, A.[Aldo] Co Author Listing * GPU-CPU implementation for super-resolution mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) surveillance video
* Image Mosaicking from Uncooled Thermal IR Video Captured by a Small UAV
* Super-Resolution Mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Surveillance Video Using Levenberg Marquardt (LM) Algorithm

Camargo, C.[Cristopher] Co Author Listing * Low-Cost and Robust Landsat-Based Approach to Study Forest Degradation and Carbon Emissions from Selective Logging in the Venezuelan Amazon, A
* TerraBrasilis: A Spatial Data Analytics Infrastructure for Large-Scale Thematic Mapping
Includes: Camargo, C.[Cristopher] Camargo, C.[Claudinei]

Camargo, F.F. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Approaches and Optical Multispectral Data for Semiautomated Classification of Landforms in a Rugged Mountainous Area
* Comparative Assessment of Machine-Learning Techniques for Land Use and Land Cover Classification of the Brazilian Tropical Savanna Using ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 Polarimetric Images, A
* Similarity Metrics for Genetic Adaptation of Segmentation Parameters
Includes: Camargo, F.F. Camargo, F.F.[Flávio F.]

Camargo, J. Co Author Listing * Combined Strategy of Machine Vision with a Robotic Assistant for Nail Biting Prevention

Camargo, J.B. Co Author Listing * A2CPS: A Vehicle-Centric Safety Conceptual Framework for Autonomous Transport Systems
* Systematic Literature Review About the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Autonomous Vehicle Safety, A
* Trajectory Evaluation Platform for Urban Air Mobility (UAM), A
Includes: Camargo, J.B. Camargo, J.B.[João Batista]

Camargo, J.E.[Jorge E.] Co Author Listing * Identifying Colombian Bird Species from Audio Recordings
* Multi-class Kernel Alignment Method for Image Collection Summarization, A

Camargo, O.A.L.[Omar A. Lopez] Co Author Listing * Combining Nadir, Oblique, and Façade Imagery Enhances Reconstruction of Rock Formations Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Includes: Camargo, O.A.L.[Omar A. Lopez] Camargo, O.A.L.[Omar A. López]

Camargo, P.O.[Paulo O.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of Non-Linear Ground Movement in an Open Pit Iron Mine Based on an Integration of Advanced DInSAR Techniques Using TerraSAR-X Data
* Using Vertical Panoramic Images to Record a Historic Cemetery
Includes: Camargo, P.O.[Paulo O.] Camargo, P.O.

Camargo, R.[Rodney] Co Author Listing * Mapping Three Decades of Changes in the Tropical Andean Glaciers Using Landsat Data Processed in the Earth Engine

Camarillo, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Deformable Image Mosaicing for Optical Biopsy

Camaro, C.D. Co Author Listing * Appearance Shock Grammar for Fast Medial Axis Extraction From Real Images

Camarretta, N.[Nicolo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Phytophthora pluvialis Outbreaks in Radiata Pine Plantations Using Multi-Scene, Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery
* Early Prediction of Regional Red Needle Cast Outbreaks Using Climatic Data Trends and Satellite-Derived Observations
* From Drones to Phenotype: Using UAV-LiDAR to Detect Species and Provenance Variation in Tree Productivity and Structure
* Handheld Laser Scanning Detects Spatiotemporal Differences in the Development of Structural Traits among Species in Restoration Plantings
* Using Airborne Laser Scanning to Characterize Land-Use Systems in a Tropical Landscape Based on Vegetation Structural Metrics
Includes: Camarretta, N.[Nicolo] Camarretta, N.[Nicolò]

Camas Anzueto, J.L. Co Author Listing * FPGA 2D-convolution unit based on the CAPH language, An
* Real-time multi-window stereo matching algorithm with fuzzy logic
Includes: Camas Anzueto, J.L. Camas-Anzueto, J.L. Camas-Anzueto, J.L.[Jorge Luis]

Camassa, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Geodesic Landmark Shooting Algorithm for Template Matching and Its Applications, A

Camastra, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Cursive character recognition by learning vector quantization
* Data dimensionality estimation methods: a survey
* Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms by a Fuzzy Decision Support System
* Environmental Time Series Prediction with Missing Data by Machine Learning and Dynamics Recostruction
* Estimating the Intrinsic Dimension of Data with a Fractal-Based Method
* Hypergraph Convolutional Networks for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Novel Kernel Method for Clustering, A
* Offline Cursive Character Challenge: a New Benchmark for Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Algorithms.
* Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Using a Color Glove
* survey of kernel and spectral methods for clustering, A
* SVM-based cursive character recognizer, A
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