Computer Vision Workshops -- Stereo, 3-D

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3D from a Single Image,

Light Fields for Computer Vision LFNAT: New Applications and Trends in Light Fields,
Light Fields for Computer Vision,
Workshop on Parts and Attributes,
2.5D Sensing Technologies in Motion: The Quest for 3D,
3D Reconstruction and Understanding with Video and Sound,
What Is Optical Flow for?,
Unsolved Problems in Optical Flow and Stereo Estimation,
Structured Models in Computer Vision,
Eurographics and/or ACM Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval,
Both use the same name. Part of the EuroGraphics meetings is usually the SHREC, evaluation track. 3D Object Detection From Images,
ACM Workshop on 3D Video Processing,
Point Cloud Processing,
IEEE Workshop on Consumer Depth Cameras for Computer Vision,
IEEE Workshop on 3D Representation for Recognition,
Challenges and Opportunities in Robot Perception,
IEEE Workshop on Robot Vision,
International Workshop on Robot Vision,
4DMOD Workshop on Dynamic Shape Capture and Analysis,
Dynamic 3D Imaging,
IEEE Workshop on Stereo and Multi-Baseline Vision,
ISPRS Workshop on LowCost3D, Sensors, Algorithms, Applications,
IEEE Workshop on Real-Time 3D Sensors and Their Use,
Extreme Imaging Workshop,
IEEE Conference on Sensors,
Photometric Modeling for Computer Vision and Graphics,
3D Imaging, Modeling, Processing, Visualization and Transmission,
Joint 3DIM/3DPVT. More recently 3DV. International Conference on Recent Advances in 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling,
or 3DIM,
3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission,
International Workshop on Three-Dimensional Cinematography,
International Conference on 3D Imaging,
or Immersion Adversarial Machine Learning in Computer Vision,
Generative Models for Computer Vision,
IEEE Workshop on Generative Model Based Vision,
IEEE Workshop on Model-Based 3D Image Analysis,
IEEE Workshop in Interpretation of 3D Scenes,
3D Modelling and Applications,
International Workshop on Higher-Level Knowledge in 3D Modeling and Motion Analysis,
Large Scale Holistic Video Understanding,
3D Structure from Multiple Images of Large-Scale Environments,
ISPRS Workshop on LowCost3D, Sensors, Algorithms, Applications,
Conference on Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques,
ACM Siggraph Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics,
IEEE Workshop on Directions in Automated CAD-Based Vision,
Solving CAD History and pArameters Recovery from Point clouds and 3D scans,
Geometric Modeling and Processing,
Virtual Representations and Modeling of Large-scale environments,
Discrete Geometry and Mathematical Morphology for Computer Vision,
IAPR International Conference Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery,
Projector-Camera Systems,
ISPRS Workshop on Laser Scanning,
ISPRS Hannover Workshop,
ISPRS Workshop High-Resolution Earth Imaging for Geospatial Information,
Workshop on Visual Form,
ISPRS Close Range Image Measurement Techniques,
ISPRS Acquisition and Modelling of Indoor and Enclosed Environments,
Wearable Computer Vision Systems,
IEEE International Workshop on Computer Vision for Converging Perspectives,
2D and 3D Geometric Properties from Incomplete Data,
Vision Meets Graphics,
Passive and Active Electro-Optical Sensors for Aerial and Space Imaging,
Multiview Relationships in 3D Data,
Beyond Multiview Geometry: Robust Estimation and Organization of Shapes from Multiple Cues,
IEEE Workshop on Multi-View Modeling & Analysis of Visual Scenes,
IEEE The True Vision: Capture, Transmission And Display of 3D Video,
Search in 3D,
Data-Driven BxDF Models for Computer Vision Applications,
Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge,
Workshop on Capturing, Interpreting & Visualizing Indoor Living Spaces,
AI for 3D Content Creation,

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