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3DCINE06 * *International Workshop on Three-Dimensional Cinematography
* Cinematized Reality: Cinematographic 3D Video System for Daily Life Using Multiple Outer/Inner Cameras
* Content-Based Dynamic 3D Mosaics
* FTV (Free Viewpoint Television) for 3D Scene Reproduction and Creation
* Historical Perspectives on 4D Virtualized Reality
* Model-Driven Video-Based Rendering for Vehicles
* Space-Sampling Method for 3D Cinemas
* Synchronous Image Acquisition based on Network Synchronization
* Towards Robust and Physically Plausible Shaded Stereoscopic Segmentation
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3DCINE12 * *International Workshop on Three-Dimensional Cinematography
* 2D-to-3D image conversion by learning depth from examples
* 3D display size matters: Compensating for the perceptual effects of S3D display scaling
* Calibration for high-definition camera rigs with marker chessboard
* Capture considerations for multiview panoramic cameras
* Keystone correction for stereoscopic cinematography
* measurement of eyestrain caused from diverse binocular disparities, viewing time and display sizes in watching stereoscopic 3D content, The
* Perceptual based stereoscopic content analysis using salient information, dense disparity maps, and modified random walk framework
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