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SMBV01 * *Workshop on Stereo and Multi-Baseline Vision
* Calculating Dense Disparity Maps from Color Stereo Images, an Efficient Implementation
* Combination of Stereo, Motion and Rendering for 3D Footage Display
* Dense 3-D Reconstruction of an Outdoor Scene by Hundreds-Baseline Stereo Using a Hand-Held Video Camera
* hierarchical stereo algorithm using dynamic programming, A
* Hierarchical stochastic diffusion for disparity estimation
* Improvements in Real-Time Correlation-Based Stereo Vision
* Mosaic-Based Panoramic Depth Imaging with a Single Standard Camera
* Multi-baseline Stereo Matching Using Genetic Algorithm
* Multi-Modality Stereo with Varying Spatial, Temporal, and Spectral Resolution
* Range Segmentation Using Visibility Constraints
* Range-Space Approach for Generalized Multiple Baseline Stereo and Direct Virtual View Synthesis
* Real-time Trinocular Stereo for Telepresence
* Rectangular Subregioning and 3-D Maximum-Surface Techniques
* Semi-Dense Stereo Correspondence with Dense Features
* Simple Stereo Algorithm to Recover Precise Object Boundaries and Smooth Surfaces
* Stereo with Oblique Cameras
* Taxonomy and Evaluation of Dense Two-Frame Stereo Methods, A
* Trinocular Stereo Using Shortest Paths and the Ordering Constraint
* Using Multiple-Hypothesis Disparity Maps and Image Velocity for 3-D Motion Estimation
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