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GenModel04 * *Workshop on Generative Model Based Vision
* 3D Periodic Human Motion Reconstruction from 2D Motion Sequences
* 3D Tracking of Morphable Objects Using Conditionally Gaussian Nonlinear Filters
* Bayesian Stereo Matching
* Fast Unsupervised Greedy Learning of Multiple Objects and Parts from Video
* Information Scaling Laws in Natural Scenes
* Interpretation of Complex Scenes Using Generative Dynamic-Structure Models
* Learning Generative Visual Models from Few Training Examples: An Incremental Bayesian Approach Tested on 101 Object Categories
* Modeling Images of Natural 3D Surfaces: Overview and Potential Applications
* Nonlinear Generative Models for Dynamic Shape and Dynamic Appearance
* Object Class Recognition with Many Local Features
* Probabilistic Approach to Linear Subspace Fitting for Computer Vision Problems, A
* Probabilistic Approach to Optical Flow based Super-Resolution, A
* Shape Matching with Belief Propagation: Using Dynamic Quantization to Accomodate Occlusion and Clutter
* Statistical Approach to Large Deformation Diffeomorphisms, A
* Stochastic Diffusion for Correspondence Estimation and Objects Segmentation
* Visual Hand Tracking Using Nonparametric Belief Propagation
* Wedgelet Enhanced Appearance Models
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