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3DModelApp16 * *3D Modelling and Applications
* 3D Estimation of Extensible Surfaces Through a Local Monocular Reconstruction Technique
* 3D Line Segment Reconstruction in Structured Scenes via Coplanar Line Segment Clustering
* 3D Recognition System with Local-Global Collaboration, A
* 3D Shape Reconstruction in Traffic Scenarios Using Monocular Camera and Lidar
* 3D Shape Retrieval via Irrelevance Filtering and Similarity Ranking (IF/SR)
* Bio-Inspired Architecture for Deriving 3D Models from Video Sequences
* Can Vehicle Become a New Pattern for Roadside Camera Calibration?
* Comparison of Kinect V1 and V2 Depth Images in Terms of Accuracy and Precision
* Disparity Estimation by Simultaneous Edge Drawing
* DNA-SLAM: Dense Noise Aware SLAM for ToF RGB-D Cameras
* DSLIC: A Superpixel Based Segmentation Algorithm for Depth Image
* Efficient Meta-Algorithm for Triangulation, An
* Image-Based Camera Localization for Large and Outdoor Environments
* Monocular Depth Estimation of Outdoor Scenes Using RGB-D Datasets
* Reconstruction of 3D Models Consisting of Line Segments
* Synchronization Error Compensation of Multi-view RGB-D 3D Modeling System
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