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Proc Int Congr Math(2) * On a distribution yielding the error functions of several well-known statistics

Proc. in AI(9) * On the Uniqueness of Curvature Features

PROCAMS06 * *Projector-Camera Systems
* Adaptive Environment Map for Relighting: Using Cameras and Projected Light
* Autocalibration of an Ad Hoc Construction of Multi-Projector Displays
* Automatic Interactive Calibration of Multi-Projector-Camera Systems
* Camera-Based Energy Relaxation Framework to Minimize Color Artifacts in a Projected Display, A
* Camera-Projector System for Robot Positioning by Visual Servoing, A
* Germination of the Active Lighting: An Introduction and Brief History of Our Research
* Practical Methods for Geometric and Photometric Correction of Tiled Projector
* Robust and Accurate Visual Echo Cancelation in a Full-duplex Projector-Camera System
* Robust Content-Dependent Photometric Projector Compensation
* Vision-Based Projection-Handwriting Integration in Classroom
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PROCAMS07 * *Projector-Camera Systems
* Analysis of Light Transport based on the Separation of Direct and Indirect Components
* Automatic texture mapping on real 3D model
* Cordless portable multi-view fringe projection system for 3D reconstruction
* DigiTable: an interactive multiuser table for collocated and remote collaboration enabling remote gesture visualization
* Displaying a Moving Image By Multiple Steerable Projectors
* Embodied User Interface for Increasing Physical Activities in Game, An
* Flexible Pixel Compositor for Plug-and-Play Multi-Projector Displays
* Focal Pre-Correction of Projected Image for Deblurring Screen Image
* Geometric Modeling and Calibration of Planar Multi-Projector Displays Using Rational Bezier Patches
* High-Speed Measurement of BRDF using an Ellipsoidal Mirror and a Projector
* High-Speed Visual Tracking of the Nearest Point of an Object Using 1,000-fps Adaptive Pattern Projection
* Improved Legibility of Text for Multiprojector Tiled Displays
* Inter-Reflection Compensation for Immersive Projection Display
* Multi-Use Light Engine: Fast Projection
* Photometric Self-Calibration of a Projector-Camera System
* Projector Calibration using Arbitrary Planes and Calibrated Camera
* Projector-Camera Guided Fast Environment Restoration of a Biofeedback System for Rehabilitation
* Real-Time ProCam System for Interaction with Chinese Ink-and-Wash Cartoons, A
* Real-Time Projector Tracking on Complex Geometry Using Ordinary Imagery
* Real-Time Projector Tracking on Complex Geometry Using Ordinary Imagery
* Realizing Super-Resolution with Superimposed Projection
* Shadow Removal in Front Projection Environments Using Object Tracking
* Virtual Recovery of the Deteriorated Art Object based on AR Technology
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PROCAMS09 * *Projector-Camera Systems
* Color calibration of multi-projector displays through automatic optimization of hardware settings
* Data handling displays
* Geometric video projector auto-calibration
* Illustrating motion through DLP photography
* Multi-view reconstruction for projector camera systems based on bundle adjustment
* projector-camera system for creating a display with water drops, A
* Shadow multiplexing for real-time silhouette extraction
* Synchronization and rolling shutter compensation for consumer video camera arrays
* Transparent watermarking using bidirectional imaging
* user-friendly method to geometrically calibrate projector-camera systems, A
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PROCAMS10 * *Projector-Camera Systems
* Absolute phase mapping for one-shot dense pattern projection
* Appearance control by projector camera feedback for visually impaired
* Camera-projector matching using an unstructured video stream
* Contrasting shadow for occluder light suppression from one-shot image
* Device-independent representation of photometric properties of a camera
* Display gamut reshaping for color emulation and balancing
* Dynamic projection environments for immersive visualization
* graph-based approach for robust single-shot structured light, A
* Interactive display of image details using a camera-coupled mobile projector
* One-shot scanning method using an uncalibrated projector and camera system
* Physically-based augmentation of real objects with virtual content under the influence of ambient light
* Precomputed ROMP for light transport acquisition
* Projector optical distortion calibration using Gray code patterns
* Selection of temporally dithered codes for increasing virtual depth of field in structured light systems
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PROCAMS11 * *Projector-Camera Systems
* Camera-based video synchronization for a federation of mobile projectors
* Computer vision methods for visual MIMO optical system
* Dense depth estimation using adaptive structured light and cooperative algorithm
* Fully automatic multi-projector calibration with an uncalibrated camera
* Microscopic shape from focus with optimal illumination
* mu-Nect: On using a gaming RGBD camera in micro-metrology applications
* Projection defocus correction using adaptive kernel sampling and geometric correction in dual-planar environments
* Prototyping a light field display involving direct observation of a video projector array
* Simultaneous self-calibration of a projector and a camera using structured light
* Surface depth computation and representation from multiple coded projector light
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PROCAMS12 * *Projector-Camera Systems
* Active 3D shape acquisition using smartphones
* ARmy: A study of multi-user interaction in spatially augmented games
* Gradient domain color restoration of clipped highlights
* low-power structured light sensor for outdoor scene reconstruction and dominant material identification, A
* Making any planar surface into a touch-sensitive display by a mere projector and camera
* Shading illusion: A novel way for 3-D representation on paper media
* Single lens off-chip cellphone microscopy
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Procedia Env. Sci(7) * Image Classification Based on Bayes Discriminant Functions

Proceedings RFIA 10 1996 * Caracterisation De Performances Des Algorithmes De Vision: Un Exemple: Le Detecteur De Coins

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