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LC3D15 * *ISPRS Workshop on LowCost3D, Sensors, Algorithms, Applications
* Accuracy of a Low-Cost Novel Computer-Vision Dynamic Movement Assessment: Potential Limitations and Future Directions
* Development of an Open-Source Automatic Deformation Monitoring System for Geodetical and Geotechnical Measurements
* From Sapienza to Sapienza, State Archives in Rome. A Looping Effect Bringing Back to the Original Source Comunication and Culture by Innovative and Low Cost 3D Surveying, Imaging Systems and GIS Applications
* Precision and Accuracy Parameters in Structured Light 3-D Scanning

LC3D19 * *ISPRS Workshop on LowCost3D, Sensors, Algorithms, Applications
* 3d Documentation of Frail Archaeological Finds Using Low-cost Instrumentation
* 3d Low-cost Acquisition for The Knowledge of Cultural Heritage: The Case Study of The Bust of San Nicola Da Tolentino
* 3d Modeling of Roman Bridge By The Integration of Terrestrial and UAV Photogrammetric Survey for Structural Analysis Purpose
* 3dmover 2.0: Low-cost Application for Usability Testing of 3d Geovisualisations
* Analysis On 3d Reconstruction of The Monument to Heroes As a Tool for A Conceptual and Methodological Approach in The Patrimonization And Evaluation of Cultural Interest Goods
* Assessment of a Portable Tof Camera and Comparison With Smartphone Stereo Vision
* Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage: The Rebirth of a Historical Square
* Bifocal Pairs of Images for Low-cost Survey in Close Range Photogrammetry
* BIM Reconstruction: Automated Procedural Modeling From Point Cloud Data
* Building Facade and Rooftop Segmentation By Normal Estimation From UAV Derived RGB Point Cloud
* Building Information Modelling of a Multi Storey Building Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Visualisation Using Potree: An Open Source Point Cloud Renderer
* Bundle Adjustment Accuracy Assessment of Unordered Aerial Dataset Collected Through Kite Platform
* Classification and Integration of Massive 3d Points Clouds in a Virtual Reality (VR) Environment
* Combination of Terrestrial Lidar and UAV Photogrammetry For Interactive Architectural Heritage Visualization Using Unity 3d Game Engine, The
* Data Fusion for Drawing and Analysis of An Ancient Roman Boat In Herculaneum
* Denoising of 3d Point Clouds
* Development of a Low-cost Centimetric GNSS Positioning Solution For Android Applications
* Evaluation of Historical Heritage Documentation: Reality Based Survey and Derivative Models
* Expeditious Methods of Urban Survey for Seismic Vulnerability Assessments
* First Assessments On Heritage Science Oriented Image-based Modeling Using Low-cost Modified and Mobile Cameras
* Fisheye Lens Image Capture Analysis for Indoor 3d Reconstruction And Evaluation
* Fisheye Photogrammetry to Generate Low-cost DTMS
* Formap: a Simple and Fast Photogrammetry Framework for Direct Geo-referencing Systems
* From Perspective Drawing to Low Cost Photogrammetry: Application in Architectural Studies
* Fusion-based Workflow for Turning Slam Point Clouds and Fisheye Data Into Texture-enhanced 3d Models, A
* Hybrid Mobile Augmented Reality: Web-like Concepts Applied to High Resolution 3d Overlays
* Implementation and First Evaluation of An Indoor Mapping Application Using Smartphones and AR Frameworks
* Implementing Functional Modularity for Processing of General Photogrammetric Data With The Damped Bundle Adjustment Toolbox (DBAT)
* Improving Performance of Feature Extraction in Sfm Algorithms for 3d Sparse Point Cloud
* Initial Investigation of a Low-cost Automotive Lidar System
* Inpainting Occlusion Holes in 3d Built Environment Point Clouds
* Integrating a Low-cost Mems Imu Into a Laser-based Slam for Indoor Mobile Mapping
* Low Cost Techniques for The Digital Survey of a Minoan Architecture In The Archeological Site of Phaistos (crete)
* Low Cost Underwater Test Environment, A
* Low Cost Web-application for Management of 3d Digital Building And Complex Based on BIM and GIS
* Low-cost 4d BIM Modelling: a Comparison Between Freecad and Commercial Software
* Low-cost Development of An Interactive, Immersive Virtual Reality Experience of The Historic City Model Stade 1620
* Low-cost Technological Implementations Related to Integrated Application Experiments
* Mapping Quality Evaluation of Monocular Slam Solutions for Micro Aerial Vehicles
* Methodology for 3d Acquisition of Highly Reflective Goldsmithing Artefacts
* Metrology and The BIM Approach: A New Cognitive Paradigm About the Ancient Construction, The
* Mobile Phone Imaging for Ch Façade Modelling
* Old and Low-cost Sensor for Microphotogrammetry. Case Study: The Emperor Maximianus Herculeus' Medallion At The Correr Museum (Venice)
* Open-source Image-based 3d Reconstruction Pipelines: Review, Comparison And Evaluation
* Photogrammetry As a Tool for Living Architecture
* Polyfit Assisted Monoscopic Multi-image Measurement Systems
* Rapid Radiometric Calibration of Multiple Camera Array Using In-situ Data for UAV Multispectral Photogrammetry
* Seamless Co-registration of Images From Multi-sensor Multispectral Cameras
* Semantic 3d Point Cloud Segmentation Approach Based On Optimal View Selection for 2d Image Feature Extraction, A
* Semantic Enrichment of Point Cloud By Automatic Extraction And Enhancement of 360° Panoramas
* Service-oriented Indoor Point Cloud Processing Pipeline, A
* SFM Photogrammetry As a Tool for The Conservation of The Cultural Heritage of Bogotá (Colombia), Within The Framework of The Adopt A Monument Program
* Stereo Vision Applying Opencv and Raspberry Pi
* Technical Considerations in Low-cost Heritage Documentation
* Towards An Accurate Low-cost Stereo-based Navigation of Unmanned Platforms in GNSS-denied Areas
* UAV-based Photogrammetry for Archaeological Heritage Site Survey and 3d Modeling of The Sardus Pater Temple (Italy)
* Ultra Light UAV Systems for The Metrical Documentation of Cultural Heritage: Applications for Architecture and Archaeology
* Versatil Tools: Digital Survey and Virtual Reality for Documentation, Analysis and Fruition of Cultural Heritage in Seismic Areas
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