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Pati, B.M.[Bipun Man] Co Author Listing * Detection of River Plastic Using UAV Sensor Data and Deep Learning

Pati, P. Co Author Listing * Blind Indic Script Recognizer for Multi-script Documents, A
* Differentiable Zooming for Multiple Instance Learning on Whole-Slide Images
* Fast and Scalable Pipeline for Stain Normalization of Whole-Slide Images in Histopathology, A
* Multi-Scale Feature Alignment for Continual Learning of Unlabeled Domains
* Quantifying Explainers of Graph Neural Networks in Computational Pathology
Includes: Pati, P. Pati, P.[Pushpak]

Pati, P.B.[Peeta Basa] Co Author Listing * Gabor filter based block energy analysis for text extraction from digital document images
* HVS Inspired System for Script Identification in Indian Multi-script Documents
* Text Localization and Extraction from Complex Color Images
* Text Localization and Extraction from Complex Gray Images
* Word level multi-script identification
Includes: Pati, P.B.[Peeta Basa] Pati, P.B.

Pati, S. Co Author Listing * ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge
* Why is the Winner the Best?

Pati, U.C. Co Author Listing * 3-D reconstruction and automatic fusion of edge maps from different modalities of an object
* Automatic optical-to-SAR image registration using a structural descriptor
* comprehensive review on deep learning-based methods for video anomaly detection, A
* Development of saliency-based seamless image compositing using hybrid blending (SSICHB)
* Feature level fusion of range and intensity images of an object
* High-resolution optical-to-SAR image registration using mutual information and SPSA optimisation
* Image fusion based on bilateral sharpness criterion in DT-CWT domain
* Image mosaicing: A deeper insight
* Intensity-based registration of medical images
* Low Bit Rate Image Compression Using Hierarchical Listless Block-Tree DTT Algorithm
* Reduced memory, low complexity embedded image compression algorithm using hierarchical listless discrete tchebichef transform
* Structure tensor-based SIFT algorithm for SAR image registration
Includes: Pati, U.C. Pati, U.C.[Umesh C.] Pati, U.C.[Umesh Chandra]
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Patias, P. Co Author Listing * 3D digital photogrammetric reconstructions for scoliosis screening
* 4D Photogrammetric recording of soft and hard tissues of the lower part of face for decision making in dental treatment planning
* Assessment of Radiometric Resolution Impact on Remote Sensing Data Classification Accuracy
* Canopy Fuel Load Mapping of Mediterranean Pine Sites Based on Individual Tree-Crown Delineation
* Close-range imaging and research priorities in Europe
* Cloud-Based Mapping Approach Using Deep Learning and Very-High Spatial Resolution Earth Observation Data to Facilitate the SDG 11.7.1 Indicator Computation, A
* Decision Making On Disaster Management in Agriculture With Sentinel Applications
* Detection and Evaluation of Skin Disorders By One of Photogrammetric Image Analysis Methods
* Earth Observations As A Tool for Detecting and Monitoring Potential Environmental Violations and Policy Implementation
* Estimating Wood Volume For Pinus Brutia Trees In Forest Stands From Quickbird-2 Imagery
* Fighting Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Goods: The ENIGMA Project
* IASON: Fostering sustainability and uptake of research results through Networking activities in Black Sea & Mediterranean areas
* LBS Augmented Reality Assistive System For Utilities Infrastructure Management Through Galileo And Egnos
* Low Level Tracking of Multiple Objects
* Medical imaging challenges photogrammetry
* Pose Estimation of A Moving Camera with Low-cost, Multi-gnss Devices
* Recording And Modelling Of Monuments' Interior Space Using Range And Optical Sensors
* Underwater 3d Modeling: Image Enhancement And Point Cloud Filtering
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Multi Temporal Mapping Results of the Dispilio Lakeside Prehistoric Settlement
Includes: Patias, P. Patias, P.[Petros]
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Patibandla, H.[Harikrishna] Co Author Listing * TMCOSS: Thresholded Multi-Criteria Online Subset Selection for Data-Efficient Autonomous Driving

Patidar, A.K.[Atul Kumar] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Active Ground Subsidence in the Dibrugarh and Digboi Areas of Assam, Northeast India, Using the PSInSAR Technique

Patidar, S.[Suryakant] Co Author Listing * Ray Casting Deformable Models on the GPU
* Real-Time Rendering and Manipulation of Large Terrains
* Real-Time Streaming and Rendering of Terrains

Patidar, V.[Vinod] Co Author Listing * Image encryption using chaotic logistic map

Patient, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * 3-D Density Kernel Estimation for Counting in Microscopy Image Volumes Using 3-D Image Filters and Random Decision Trees

Patii, D. Co Author Listing * Disguised Face Identification (DFI) with Facial KeyPoints Using Spatial Fusion Convolutional Network

Patii, V. Co Author Listing * Self-supervised Object Motion and Depth Estimation from Video

Patil, A.[Amol] Co Author Listing * Assimilation of SMAP Products for Improving Streamflow Simulations over Tropical Climate Region: Is Spatial Information More Important Than Temporal Information?
* Author's Reply to MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* Novel Approach for the Snow Water Equivalent Retrieval Using X-Band Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data, A
* Retrieval of Snow Depth and Snow Water Equivalent Using Dual Polarization SAR Data
* Ultrasound image reconstruction using the finite-rate-of-innovation principle
Includes: Patil, A.[Amol] Patil, A.[Abhijeet] Patil, A.[Akshay] Patil, A.[Abhijit]

Patil, A.G.[Akshay Gadi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Content-Aware Non-photorealistic Rendering of Images
* DR-KFS: A Differentiable Visual Similarity Metric for 3D Shape Reconstruction
* LayoutGMN: Neural Graph Matching for Structural Layout Similarity
* READ: Recursive Autoencoders for Document Layout Generation
Includes: Patil, A.G.[Akshay Gadi] Patil, A.G.

Patil, A.R.[Anjali R.] Co Author Listing * spatiotemporal approach for vision-based hand gesture recognition using Hough transform and neural network, A

Patil, A.V.[Abhay V.] Co Author Listing * 3D Segmentation of the Prostate via Poisson Inverse Gradient Initialization

Patil, B.[Bhushan] Co Author Listing * Automated inspection of spur gears using machine vision approach
* Efficient coding of sparse trees using an enhanced-embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm
* Performance evaluation of various texture analysis techniques for machine vision-based characterisation of machined surfaces

Patil, B.D.[Bhushan D.] Co Author Listing * new approach to the design of biorthogonal triplet half-band filter banks using generalized half-band polynomials, A
* Orientation feature for fingerprint matching

Patil, B.M. Co Author Listing * Classification of type-2 diabetic patients by using Apriori and predictive Apriori

Patil, C.[Charulata] Co Author Listing * Decoupled contributed attribute-object composition detection
* New flexible directional filter bank by tuning Hermite transform parameters for content based medical image retrieval
* Visual Question Generation: The State of the Art
Includes: Patil, C.[Charulata] Patil, C.[Chetankumar]

Patil, C.M.[Chandrashekar M.] Co Author Listing * Efficient multiple moving object detection and tracking using combined background subtraction and clustering

Patil, C.R.[Chidamber R.] Co Author Listing * FPGA based simple and fast JPEG encryptor
* JPEG image encryption using fuzzy PN sequences

Patil, C.Y.[Chetankumar Y.] Co Author Listing * Fast discrete curvelet transform-based anisotropic feature extraction for biomedical image indexing and retrieval

Patil, D.[Dhruva] Co Author Listing * APE-V: Athlete Performance Evaluation using Video
* EGGNOG: A Continuous, Multi-modal Data Set of Naturally Occurring Gestures with Ground Truth Labels
* Eye in the Sky: Real-Time Drone Surveillance System (DSS) for Violent Individuals Identification Using ScatterNet Hybrid Deep Learning Network
* Looking Under the Hood: Visualizing What LSTMs Learn
Includes: Patil, D.[Dhruva] Patil, D.

Patil, H.[Himanshu] Co Author Listing * CoNMix for Source-free Single and Multi-target Domain Adaptation
* Holistic Approach to Measure Sample-level Adversarial Vulnerability and its Utility in Building Trustworthy Systems
* Improving Domain Adaptation Through Class Aware Frequency Transformation
* Robust order-based methods for feature description
Includes: Patil, H.[Himanshu] Patil, H.[Harshal]

Patil, H.A.[Hemant A.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Features and Metrics for Alignment in Text-Dependent Voice Conversion
* Cepstral Domain Teager Energy for Identifying Perceptually Similar Languages
* Effectiveness of Mel Scale-Based ESA-IFCC Features for Classification of Natural vs. Spoofed Speech
* Novel Gammatone Filterbank Based Spectro-Temporal Features for Robust Phoneme Recognition
* Novel Phase Encoded Mel Filterbank Energies for Environmental Sound Classification
* Spoken Keyword Retrieval Using Source and System Features
* Variable Length Teager Energy Based Mel Cepstral Features for Identification of Twins
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Patil, H.K.[Harsh Kupwade] Co Author Listing * Privacy-Preserving Certificate Linkage/Revocation in VANETs Without Linkage Authorities

Patil, H.Y. Co Author Listing * Expression invariant face recognition using contourlet transform

Patil, K. Co Author Listing * Astute Assistive Device for Mobility and Object Recognition for Visually Impaired People, An
* Clinically Guided Trainable Soft Attention for Early Detection of Oral Cancer
* Design and Construction of Electronic Aid for Visually Impaired People
* Detection of Calls From Smart Speaker Devices
* Role of Spatial Context in Adversarial Robustness for Object Detection
Includes: Patil, K. Patil, K.[Karthikeya] Patil, K.[Kailash]

Patil, K.M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of brain MRI images of intracerebral haemorrhage using frequency domain technique

Patil, K.R.[Kaustubh R.] Co Author Listing * too-good-to-be-true prior to reduce shortcut reliance, A

Patil, M.D.[Mukesh D.] Co Author Listing * Fractional wavelet transform based diagnostic system for brain tumor detection in MR imaging
* Systematic Survey on Photorealistic Computer Graphic and Photographic Image Discrimination, A

Patil, M.M.[M. Milind] Co Author Listing * Finding Faces in Photographs
* Locating Human Faces in a Cluttered Scene

Patil, N.[Nagamma] Co Author Listing * Efficient and Effective Multiple Protein Sequence Alignment Model Using Dynamic Progressive Approach with Novel Look Back Ahead Scoring System
* Fully Nonlinear SP_3 Approximation Based Fluorescence Optical Tomography
* Global abnormal events detection in crowded scenes using context location and motion-rich spatio-temporal volumes
* High-resolution coherent x-ray diffraction imaging of metal-coated polymer microspheres
Includes: Patil, N.[Nagamma] Patil, N. Patil, N.[Nilesh]

Patil, N.H. Co Author Listing * Molecular imaging of small animals with a triple-head SPECT system using pinhole collimation

Patil, N.K. Co Author Listing * Effect of Block Size, Training Set and K-Value in the Classification of Food Grains Using HSI Color Model, The

Patil, P.[Pranita] Co Author Listing * computational model for predicting local distortion visibility via convolutional neural network trained on natural scenes, A
* Deep Underwater Image Restoration and Beyond
* FgGAN: A Cascaded Unpaired Learning for Background Estimation and Foreground Segmentation
Includes: Patil, P.[Pranita] Patil, P.

Patil, P.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic processing of handwritten bank cheque images: a survey
* Database Development and Recognition of Handwritten Devanagari Legal Amount Words
* Multiframe image superresolution based on cepstral analysis
* Offline Recognition of Devanagari Script: A Survey
* Rotation and intensity invariant shoeprint matching using Gabor transform with application to forensic science
* Rotation, scale and translation invariant handwritten Devanagari numeral character recognition using general fuzzy neural network
Includes: Patil, P.M. Patil, P.M.[Pradeep M.]

Patil, P.W.[Prashant W.] Co Author Listing * Deep Adversarial Network for Scene Independent Moving Object Segmentation
* Depth Estimation From Single Image And Semantic Prior
* Dual-frame spatio-temporal feature modulation for video enhancement
* End-to-End Edge Aggregation Network for Moving Object Segmentation, An
* Motion estimation in hazy videos
* Motion Saliency Based Generative Adversarial Network for Underwater Moving Object Segmentation
* MSFgNet: A Novel Compact End-to-End Deep Network for Moving Object Detection
* Multi-frame based adversarial learning approach for video surveillance
* Multi-frame Recurrent Adversarial Network for Moving Object Segmentation
* Multi-weather Image Restoration via Domain Translation
* Progressive Subtractive Recurrent Lightweight Network for Video Deraining
* Unified Multi-Weather Visibility Restoration
* Unified Recurrent Video Object Segmentation Framework for Various Surveillance Environments, An
* Varicolored Image De-Hazing
* Video Restoration Framework and Its Meta-adaptations to Data-Poor Conditions
Includes: Patil, P.W.[Prashant W.] Patil, P.W.
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Patil, R. Co Author Listing * Lucas-Kanade 20 Years On: Part 5

Patil, R.A.[Rajesh A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of facial feature points in image sequences
* Features classification using geometrical deformation feature vector of support vector machine and active appearance algorithm for automatic facial expression recognition

Patil, R.S.[Raju S.] Co Author Listing * Moving Target Classification and Tracking from Real Time Video

Patil, S.[Shreyas] Co Author Listing * FS2Net: Fiber Structural Similarity Network (FS2Net) for Rotation Invariant Brain Tractography Segmentation Using Stacked LSTM Based Siamese Network
* Fusing magnitude and phase of wavelet moments for content-based image retrieval
* Intelligent system with dragonfly optimisation for caries detection
* Interactive Modeling, Simulation and Control of Large-Scale Crowds and Traffic
* Poisson Noise Removal for Image Demosaicing
* SAM Fewshot Finetuning for Anatomical Segmentation in Medical Images
* Weakly Semi-supervised Detector-based Video Classification with Temporal Context for Lung Ultrasound
Includes: Patil, S.[Shreyas] Patil, S.[Sanjay] Patil, S.[Shashikant] Patil, S.[Sachin] Patil, S.[Sukanya] Patil, S.[Shubham]
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Patil, S.D.[Snehal D.] Co Author Listing * Accounting for Groundtruth Subjectivity in Comparing Face Detection Techniques
* Exploring Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Driving Forces of Straw Burning in Hunan Province, China, from 2010 to 2020
Includes: Patil, S.D.[Snehal D.] Patil, S.D.[Sopan D.]

Patil, S.G.[Supriya Gadi] Co Author Listing * Evaluating 3D Shape Analysis Methods for Robustness to Rotation Invariance

Patil, S.N.[Sujata N.] Co Author Listing * Feature Weighted Attention: Bidirectional Long Short Term Memory Model for Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images

Patil, S.R.[Sanjay R.] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Inference Transformer Network for Video Inpainting

Patil, S.V.[Sagar V.] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Control Using Stochastic Distribution Control Theory for Intersection Traffic Flow

Patil, U.[Ujwala] Co Author Listing * AquaGAN: Restoration of Underwater Images
* Automated segmentation of epiphysis and metaphysis for computerized bone age analysis
* Decision fusion for robust horizon estimation using Dempster Shafer Combination Rule
* DepthCue: Restoration of Underwater Images Using Monocular Depth as a Clue
* Evidence Based Feature Selection and Collaborative Representation Towards Learning Based PSF Estimation for Motion Deblurring
* Image fusion using hierarchical PCA.
* LightNet: Generative Model for Enhancement of Low-Light Images
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on Nighttime Flare Removal: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Night Photography Rendering
* RUIG: Realistic Underwater Image Generation Towards Restoration
Includes: Patil, U.[Ujwala] Patil, U.[Uday] Patil, U.
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Patil, V.[Vasant] Co Author Listing * DCT Domain Frame-Skipping Transcoder, A
* DCT Domain Transcoding of H.264/AVC Video into MPEG-2 Video
* Efficient Motion Vector Composition Scheme for Arbitrary Frame Down-Sampling Video Transcoder, An
* Fast Arbitrary Down-Sizing Algorithm for Video Transcoding, A
* Fast Arbitrary Factor H.264/AVC Video Re-Sizing Algorithm, A
* Fast Arbitrary Factor Video Resizing Algorithm, A
* Fast Inverse Motion Compensation Algorithm for DCT-Domain Video Transcoder, A
* GEMS: Scene Expansion using Generative Models of Graphs
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on Nighttime Flare Removal: Methods and Results
* P3Depth: Monocular Depth Estimation with a Piecewise Planarity Prior
Includes: Patil, V.[Vasant] Patil, V. Patil, V.[Vaidehi] Patil, V.[Vinod] Patil, V.[Vaishakh]
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Patil, V.P.[Vijay P.] Co Author Listing * Normalized Difference Vegetation Index as an Estimator for Abundance and Quality of Avian Herbivore Forage in Arctic Alaska

Patil, Y. Co Author Listing * Cyberphysical System With Virtual Reality for Intelligent Motion Recognition and Training
* Home Oriented Virtual e-Rehabilitation
Includes: Patil, Y. Patil, Y.[Yogendra]

Patilkulkarni, S.[Sudarshan] Co Author Listing * High Speed Area Optimized Hybrid DA Architecture for 2D-DTCWT
* Novel DWT/IDWT Architecture for 3D with Nine Stage 2D Parallel Processing using Split Distributed Arithmetic

Patino, C.L. Co Author Listing * Running To Safety: Analysis Of Disaster Susceptibility Of Neighborhoods And Proximity Of Safety Facilities In Silay City, Philippines
Includes: Patino, C.L. Patiņo, C.L.

Patino, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Level Set Mesher: Single-image to 3D reconstruction by following the level sets of the signed distance function
Includes: Patino, D.[Diego] Patiņo, D.[Diego]

Patino, J.E.[Jorge E.] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Potential of Machine Learning for Automatic Slum Identification from VHR Imagery
* Spatiotemporal Modeling of Urban Growth Using Machine Learning
Includes: Patino, J.E.[Jorge E.] Patiņo, J.E.[Jorge E.]

Patino, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Extraction of activity patterns on large video recordings
* Optimizing trajectories clustering for activity recognition

Patino, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Abnormal behaviour detection on queue analysis from stereo cameras
* Activity recognition and localization on a truck parking lot
* Detecting threat behaviours
* Fuzzy relations applied to minimize over segmentation in watershed algorithms
* Loitering Behaviour Detection of Boats at Sea
* Meeting detection in video through semantic analysis
* Multicamera trajectory analysis for semantic behaviour characterisation
* Online Learning of Activities from Video
* PETS 2014: Dataset and challenge
* PETS 2016: Dataset and Challenge
* PETS 2017: Dataset and Challenge
* PROTECT: Pervasive and useR fOcused biomeTrics bordEr projeCT: A Case Study
* Semantic Modelling for Behaviour Characterisation and Threat Detection
* unified approach to the recognition of complex actions from sequences of zone-crossings, A
* Unsupervised Activity Extraction on Long-Term Video Recordings Employing Soft Computing Relations
* Video Activity Extraction and Reporting with Incremental Unsupervised Learning
Includes: Patino, L.[Luis] Patino, L.
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Patino, M. Co Author Listing * Stratification of Patients With Liver Fibrosis Using Dual-Energy CT

Patino, P. Co Author Listing * Building a Forward-Mode Three-Dimensional Reflectance Model for Topographic Normalization of High-Resolution (1-5 m) Imagery: Validation Phase in a Forested Environment

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