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Islam, A.[Ashraful] Co Author Listing * Broad Study on the Transferability of Visual Representations with Contrastive Learning, A
* Direct Multitype Cardiac Indices Estimation via Joint Representation and Regression Learning
* DOA-GAN: Dual-Order Attentive Generative Adversarial Network for Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection and Localization
* Efficient Algorithms for Editing H.263 and MPEG-4 Videos on Mobile Terminals
* Efficient, Low-Complexity Image Coding With a Set-Partitioning Embedded Block Coder
* GIS-Based Progress Monitoring of SDGs towards Achieving Saudi Vision 2030
* Marine Debris Detection Model with Custom Dataset Using Instance Segmentation
* Regional Assessment of Cardiac Left Ventricular Myocardial Function via MRI Statistical Features
* Self-supervised Learning with Local Contrastive Loss for Detection and Semantic Segmentation
* Towards unlocking web video: Automatic people tracking and clustering
* Tracking Endocardial Boundary and Motion via Graph Cut Distribution Matching and Multiple Model Filtering
* Unsupervised Freeview Groupwise Cardiac Segmentation Using Synchronized Spectral Network
* Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization Using Deep Metric Learning
Includes: Islam, A.[Ashraful] Islam, A. Islam, A.[Asif] Islam, A.[Ariful] Islam, A.[Atiq] Islam, A.[Ali]
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Islam, A.B.M.T. Co Author Listing * Enhancing the output of spatial color algorithms

Islam, A.K.M.S. Co Author Listing * Can We Improve Parametric Cyclonic Wind Fields Using Recent Satellite Remote Sensing Data?

Islam, A.R.[ABM Rezbaul] Co Author Listing * Human skin detection: An unsupervised machine learning way

Islam, A.R.M.T.[Abu Reza Md. Towfiqul] Co Author Listing * Analysing Process and Probability of Built-Up Expansion Using Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic in English Bazar, West Bengal
* Assessment Analysis of Flood Susceptibility in Tropical Desert Area: A Case Study of Yemen
* How Has the Recent Climate Change Affected the Spatiotemporal Variation of Reference Evapotranspiration in a Climate Transitional Zone of Eastern China?
* Monitoring 2019 Drought and Assessing Its Effects on Vegetation Using Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Vegetation Indexes in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Yangtze River, China
* Novel Technique for Modeling Ecosystem Health Condition: A Case Study in Saudi Arabia, A

Islam, A.S.M.S.[A.S.M. Shohidull] Co Author Listing * Order preserving pattern matching revisited

Islam, A.T.[ABM Tariqul] Co Author Listing * Fast and efficient data reduction approach for multi-camera light field display telepresence systems

Islam, B. Co Author Listing * In-flight Geometric Calibration: An experience with CARTOSAT-1 and CARTOSAT-2

Islam, F.[Fakhrul] Co Author Listing * Optical-SAR Data Fusion Based on Simple Layer Stacking and the XGBoost Algorithm to Extract Urban Impervious Surfaces in Global Alpha Cities

Islam, I.U.[Ihtesham Ul] Co Author Listing * Automatic Verification of Parent-Child Pairs from Face Images
* FG 2015 Kinship Verification in the Wild Evaluation, The

Islam, J. Co Author Listing * Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease: A Neuroimaging Study with Deep Learning Architectures
* Leveraging cost matrix structure for hardware implementation of stereo disparity computation using dynamic programming
Includes: Islam, J. Islam, J.[Jamin]

Islam, K.[Khawar] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using Shallow Age-Invariant Data
* Image Compression with Recurrent Neural Network and Generalized Divisive Normalization
* Land Use and Land Cover Change Modeling and Future Potential Landscape Risk Assessment Using Markov-CA Model and Analytical Hierarchy Process
* Person search: New paradigm of person re-identification: A survey and outlook of recent works
* Quantifying Seagrass Distribution in Coastal Water with Deep Learning Models
Includes: Islam, K.[Khawar] Islam, K.[Kamrul] Islam, K.[Kazi]

Islam, K.A.[Kazi Aminul] Co Author Listing * Converting Optical Videos to Infrared Videos Using Attention GAN and Its Impact on Target Detection and Classification Performance
* Flood Detection Using Multi-Modal and Multi-Temporal Images: A Comparative Study

Islam, K.I.[Khandaker Iftekharul] Co Author Listing * Exploring Random Forest Machine Learning and Remote Sensing Data for Streamflow Prediction: An Alternative Approach to a Process-Based Hydrologic Modeling in a Snowmelt-Driven Watershed
* Statistical Approach to Using Remote Sensing Data to Discern Streamflow Variable Influence in the Snow Melt Dominated Upper Rio Grande Basin, A

Islam, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Saliency-Weighted 2D-to-3D Video Conversion
* Change Point Models for Real-Time Cyber Attack Detection in Connected Vehicle Environment
* Embil: An English-manipuri Bi-lingual Benchmark for Scene Text Detection and Language Identification
* Frequency Dropout: Feature-level Regularization via Randomized Filtering
* Noise reduction of continuous wave radar and pulse radar using matched filter and wavelets
* Sensor Fusion-Based GNSS Spoofing Attack Detection Framework for Autonomous Vehicles, A
Includes: Islam, M.[Muhammad] Islam, M.[Mhafuzul] Islam, M.[Mushtaq] Islam, M.[Mobarakol] Islam, M.[Md]

Islam, M.A.[Md Amirul] Co Author Listing * Deeper Dive Into What Deep Spatiotemporal Networks Encode: Quantifying Static vs. Dynamic Information, A
* Dense Image Labeling Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Distributed Iterative Gating Networks for Semantic Segmentation
* Feature fusion for robust object tracking
* Gated Feedback Refinement Network for Dense Image Labeling
* Global Pooling, More than Meets the Eye: Position Information is Encoded Channel-Wise in CNNs
* On the Robustness of Deep Learning Models to Universal Adversarial Attack
* Recurrent Iterative Gating Networks for Semantic Segmentation
* Relative Saliency and Ranking: Models, Metrics, Data and Benchmarks
* Revisiting Salient Object Detection: Simultaneous Detection, Ranking, and Subitizing of Multiple Salient Objects
* SegMix: Co-occurrence Driven Mixup for Semantic Segmentation and Adversarial Robustness
* Solar powered smart ultrasonic insects repellent with DTMF and manual control for agriculture
* Visually Guided Audio Source Separation with Meta Consistency Learning
Includes: Islam, M.A.[Md Amirul] Islam, M.A.[M. Amirul] Islam, M.A.
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Islam, M.B.[M Baharul] Co Author Listing * Aesthetics-Driven Stereoscopic 3-D Image Recomposition With Depth Adaptation
* ASD-EVNet: An Ensemble Vision Network based on Facial Expression for Autism Spectrum Disorder Recognition
* Consistent Video Inpainting Using Axial Attention-Based Style Transformer
* Deep Covariance Feature and CNN-based End-to-End Masked Face Recognition
* DeepPyNet: A Deep Feature Pyramid Network for Optical Flow Estimation
* Effective Multi-Camera Dataset and Hybrid Feature Matcher for Real-Time Video Stitching, An
* Efficient End-To-End Image Compression Transformer, An
* Efficient Video Desnowing and Deraining Method with a Novel Variant Dataset, An
* HiMODE: A Hybrid Monocular Omnidirectional Depth Estimation Model
* New Dataset and Transformer for Stereoscopic Video Super-Resolution, A
* Optimized video compression with residual split attention and swin-block artifact contraction
* PoseTED: A Novel Regression-Based Technique for Recognizing Multiple Pose Instances
* Saliency-aware Stereoscopic Video Retargeting
* Semantics-Preserving Warping for Stereoscopic Image Retargeting
* Towards Stereoscopic Video Deblurring Using Deep Convolutional Networks
* Warping-Based Stereoscopic 3D Video Retargeting With Depth Remapping
Includes: Islam, M.B.[M Baharul] Islam, M.B.[Md Baharul] Islam, M.B.[M. Baharul]
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Islam, M.F.[Md. Farhadul] Co Author Listing * Fog-Resilient Bangla Car Plate Recognition Using Dark Channel Prior and YOLO
* Monte Carlo Dropout for Uncertainty Analysis and ECG Trace Image Classification
* Use of ubiquitous real-time bus passenger information
Includes: Islam, M.F.[Md. Farhadul] Islam, M.F.[Md Faqhrul]

Islam, M.J. Co Author Listing * Image processing techniques for quality inspection of gelatin capsules in pharmaceutical applications
* Pectoral Muscle Elimination on Mammogram Using K-Means Clustering Approach
Includes: Islam, M.J. Islam, M.J.[Mohammed J.]

Islam, M.K. Co Author Listing * Bulk Queue Model for the Evaluation of Impact of Headway Variations and Passenger Waiting Behavior on Public Transit Performance, A
* Enhancing lung abnormalities diagnosis using hybrid DCNN-ViT-GRU model with explainable AI: A deep learning approach
* Integrating UAV-Derived Information and WorldView-3 Imagery for Mapping Wetland Plants in the Old Woman Creek Estuary, USA
* Model to Evaluate the Impact of Headway Variation and Vehicle Size on the Reliability of Public Transit, A
Includes: Islam, M.K. Islam, M.K.[Md Khairul] Islam, M.K.[Md Kamrul]

Islam, M.M.[Md. Monirul] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Influence of Land Cover and Climate Change Impacts on Runoff Patterns Using CA-ANN Model and CMIP6 Data
* Augmented Reality in Education: A Study on Preschool Children, Parents, and Teachers in Bangladesh
* Automatic Categorization of Image Regions Using Dominant Color Based Vector Quantization
* Automatic license plate detection in hazardous condition
* Binarization With Boosting and Oversampling for Multiclass Classification
* Boosting up the data hiding rate through multi cycle embedment process
* CAD: concatenated action descriptor for one and two person(s), using silhouette and silhouette's skeleton
* Comparison of GARCH, Neural Network and Support Vector Machine in Financial Time Series Prediction
* Efficient Movie Scene Detection using State-Space Transformers
* Enhancement of Bengali OCR by Specialized Models and Advanced Techniques for Diverse Document Types
* Evolutionary Path Control Strategy for Solving Many-Objective Optimization Problem
* Geohazards Susceptibility Assessment along the Upper Indus Basin Using Four Machine Learning and Statistical Models
* Identification of Aerosol Pollution Hotspots in Jiangsu Province of China
* Long Movie Clip Classification with State-Space Video Models
* MAVEN: A Memory Augmented Recurrent Approach for Multimodal Fusion
* Non-instinct detection of cellphone usage from lane-keeping performance based on eXtreme gradient boosting and optimal sliding windows
* Optimal location and sizing of fast charging stations for electric vehicles by incorporating traffic and power networks
* overview of Multimodal Sentiment Analysis research: Opportunities and Difficulties, An
* Pedestrian Detection for Autonomous Cars: Inference Fusion of Deep Neural Networks
* PLT-based spectral features for texture image retrieval
* Real time Hand Gesture Recognition using different algorithms based on American Sign Language
* Region Based Color Image Retrieval Using Curvelet Transform
* review on automatic image annotation techniques, A
* robust and clinically applicable deep learning model for early detection of Alzheimer's, A
* Rotation Invariant Curvelet Features for Region Based Image Retrieval
* Semantic Image Retrieval Using Region Based Inverted File
* Single image super-resolution in frequency domain
* Solving Transit Network Design Problem Using Many-Objective Evolutionary Approach
* Structural image retrieval using automatic image annotation and region based inverted file
* Video Super-Resolution by Adaptive Kernel Regression
Includes: Islam, M.M.[Md. Monirul] Islam, M.M.[Mohammad Mainul] Islam, M.M.[Muhammad Monirul] Islam, M.M.[M. Monirul] Islam, M.M. Islam, M.M.[Mohammad Mahfuzul] Islam, M.M.[M. Mattah] Islam, M.M.[M. Mufakhkharul] Islam, M.M.[Md Mohaiminul] Islam, M.M.[Md. Majedul] Islam, M.M.[Md Monirul] Islam, M.M.[Md Mofijul] Islam, M.M.[Md. Mohaiminul] Islam, M.M.[Md. Mainul] Islam, M.M.[Muhammad Mobaidul] Islam, M.M.[Md Manowarul] Islam, M.M.[Mohammad M.] Islam, M.M.[Mohammad Moinul]
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Islam, M.N.[Md Nazrul] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Fusion-Based Background Segmentation in Multispectral Polarimetric Imagery
* Identification of NO2 and SO2 Pollution Hotspots and Sources in Jiangsu Province of China
* Single image super-resolution in frequency domain
* Specular Reflection Detection and Inpainting in Transparent Object through MSPLFI
* Video Super-Resolution by Adaptive Kernel Regression
Includes: Islam, M.N.[Md Nazrul] Islam, M.N.[M. Nazrul] Islam, M.N.[Mohammed N.] Islam, M.N.[Mohammed Nazrul]

Islam, M.N.A.[Md Nafee Al] Co Author Listing * Detecting Anomalies in Small Unmanned Aerial Systems via Graphical Normalizing Flows

Islam, M.R.[M. Rakibul] Co Author Listing * Alternative approach for vehicle trajectory reconstruction under spatiotemporal side friction using lopsided network
* Augmented Reality in Education: A Study on Preschool Children, Parents, and Teachers in Bangladesh
* Cartoon and Texture Decomposition-Based Color Transfer for Fabric Images
* Deep Learning-Based Hyperspectral Object Classification Approach via Imbalanced Training Samples Handling, A
* Efficient bearing fault diagnosis by extracting intrinsic fault information using envelope power spectrum
* Exploring Sensor Modalities to Capture User Behaviors for Reading Detection
* Extraction and Recognition of Bangla Texts from Natural Scene Images Using Cnn
* feasibility analysis of image approximation with image quality assessments, A
* Gestural flick input-based non-touch interface for character input
* Hyperspectral Image Classification via Information Theoretic Dimension Reduction
* Preliminary Study of Lower Leg Geometry as a Soft Biometric Trait for Forensic Investigation, A
* Rain Streak Removal with Well-recovered Moving Objects from Video Sequences Using Photometric Correlation
Includes: Islam, M.R.[M. Rakibul] Islam, M.R.[Md. Rakibul] Islam, M.R. Islam, M.R.[Md Rashedul] Islam, M.R.[M. Rabiul] Islam, M.R.[Md Rafiqul] Islam, M.R.[Md. Rashidul] Islam, M.R.[M. Rashedul] Islam, M.R.[Muhammad Rafiqul]
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Islam, M.S.[M. Saiful] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Localization Using Local Shape Features
* Adaptive Edge-Preserving Variational Framework for Color Image Regularization, An
* Assessment of Spatio-Temporal Empirical Forecasting Performance of Future Shoreline Positions
* Assessment of Spatio-Temporal Variations in PM2.5 and Associated Long-Range Air Mass Transport and Mortality in South Asia
* Bdsl36: A Dataset for Bangladeshi Sign Letters Recognition
* CAD: concatenated action descriptor for one and two person(s), using silhouette and silhouette's skeleton
* Combinatorial Color Space Models for Skin Detection in Sub-continental Human Images
* Compressed Sensing in Parallel MRI: A Review
* Critical Survey on Developed Reconstruction Algorithms for Computed Tomography Imaging from a Limited Number of Projections, A
* Detection, quantification and classification of ripened tomatoes: a comparative analysis of image processing and machine learning
* Dynamic Blocks for Face Verification
* Electric Drive Technology Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities for Future Electric Vehicles
* GCA-Net: Utilizing Gated Context Attention for Improving Image Forgery Localization and Detection
* Generalized Gaussian model-based reconstruction method of computed tomography image from fewer projections
* GPU accelerated regional lung air volume measurements from phase contrast X-ray images
* Low-Frequency Near-Field Interferometry for Characterization of Lossy Dielectric and an Investigation on Sea Ice
* Matching Interest Points of an Object
* Relative scale method to locate an object in cluttered environment
* Straight-Edge Extraction in Distorted Images Using Gradient Correction
* SUST-BHND: A database of Bangla Handwritten Numerals
* Towards Solving the DeepFake Problem : An Analysis on Improving DeepFake Detection using Dynamic Face Augmentation
Includes: Islam, M.S.[M. Saiful] Islam, M.S. Islam, M.S.[Md Sariful] Islam, M.S.[Md. Saiful] Islam, M.S.[M. Shujah] Islam, M.S.[Md Shafiqul] Islam, M.S.[Md. Shafiqul] Islam, M.S.[Md. Shabiul] Islam, M.S.[M. Shariful] Islam, M.S.[M. Sirajul] Islam, M.S.[M. Shifatul] Islam, M.S.[Muhammad Sirajul]
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Islam, M.T.[Mohammad T.] Co Author Listing * Cloud Motion as a Calibration Cue
* Deep Learning-Based Hyperspectral Object Classification Approach via Imbalanced Training Samples Handling, A
* Estimation of affective dimensions using CNN-based features of audiovisual data
* Exploring the geo-dependence of human face appearance
* FACE2GPS: Estimating geographic location from facial features
* FAOT-Net: A 1.5-Stage Framework for 3D Pelvic Lymph Node Detection With Online Candidate Tuning
* Geometry and statistics-preserving manifold embedding for nonlinear dimensionality reduction
* Image classification using graph neural network and multiscale wavelet superpixels
* Informed character pose and proportion design
* Keynote speaker: Electromagnetic performances analysis of an ultra-wideband antenna in microwave breast imaging
* Large-scale geo-facial image analysis
* Mixed Gaussian-impulse noise reduction from images using convolutional neural network
* Model-Based Approach to Investigate the Effect of a Long Bone Fracture on Ultrasound Strain Elastography, A
* New Method for Estimating the Effective Poisson's Ratio in Ultrasound Poroelastography, A
* Robust Method to Estimate the Time Constant of Elastographic Parameters, A
* Self-Supervised Feature Learning via Exploiting Multi-Modal Data for Retinal Disease Diagnosis
* Small-Object Sensitive Segmentation Using Across Feature Map Attention
* Unified learning approach for egocentric hand gesture recognition and fingertip detection
* Utilizing differential characteristics of high dimensional data as a mechanism for dimensionality reduction
Includes: Islam, M.T.[Mohammad T.] Islam, M.T.[Md Touhid] Islam, M.T.[Mohammad Tariqul] Islam, M.T.[Md. Tauhidul] Islam, M.T.[Md Tauhidul] Islam, M.T.[M. Tanvirul] Islam, M.T.
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Islam, M.Z.[Md Zahidul] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Decision Forest: An incremental machine learning framework
* Attenuated Sequential Importance Resampling (A-SIR) Algorithm for Object Tracking
* Gesture Recognition Using Reflected Visible and Infrared Lightwave Signals
* Pictorial structures-based upper body tracking and gesture recognition
* Quality Evaluation of an Anonymized Dataset
Includes: Islam, M.Z.[Md Zahidul] Islam, M.Z.[M. Zahidul] Islam, M.Z. Islam, M.Z.[Md. Zahidul]

Islam, N.[Naveed] Co Author Listing * Decryption of noisy encrypted images by statistical analysis
* Denoising and error correction in noisy AES-encrypted images using statistical measures
* Energy Efficient and Delay Aware 5G Multi-Tier Network
* Homomorphic Method for Sharing Secret Images, A
* Multimedia content security with random key generation approach in cloud computing
* novel deep learning based framework for the detection and classification of breast cancer using transfer learning, A
* Review of Flying Ad Hoc Networks: Key Characteristics, Applications, and Wireless Technologies, A
* Systematic Literature Review on Crop Yield Prediction with Deep Learning and Remote Sensing, A
Includes: Islam, N.[Naveed] Islam, N.[Nahina] Islam, N.
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Islam, R.[Rafiqul] Co Author Listing * Compressed Sensing in Parallel MRI: A Review
* Convolutional neural networks for ocular smartphone-based biometrics
* Critical Survey on Developed Reconstruction Algorithms for Computed Tomography Imaging from a Limited Number of Projections, A
* Developing a Dynamic Web-GIS Based Landslide Early Warning System for the Chittagong Metropolitan Area, Bangladesh
* Extraction and Recognition of Bangla Texts from Natural Scene Images Using Cnn
* Fuzzy rule based approach for face and facial feature extraction in biometric authentication
* Generalized Gaussian model-based reconstruction method of computed tomography image from fewer projections
* Graph-Based Intrusion Detection System for Controller Area Networks
* preliminary study of CNNs for iris and periocular verification in the visible spectrum, A
* Robust fingerprint verification for enhancing security in healthcare system
* Spectrally Segmented-Enhanced Neural Network for Precise Land Cover Object Classification in Hyperspectral Imagery
* TMVNet: Using Transformers for Multi-view Voxel-based 3D Reconstruction
* Wavelet-Based Reconstruction for Rapid MRI
Includes: Islam, R.[Rafiqul] Islam, R.[Rahul] Islam, R.[Rahenul] Islam, R.[Rashedul] Islam, R. Islam, R.[Riadul] Islam, R.[Rifatul]
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Islam, S.[Syed] Co Author Listing * Assessing Trust Level of a Driverless Car Using Deep Learning
* Combinatorial Color Space Models for Skin Detection in Sub-continental Human Images
* Geospatial Monitoring of Land Surface Temperature Effects on Vegetation Dynamics in the Southeastern Region of Bangladesh from 2001 to 2016
* Mapping seasonal rice cropland extent and area in the high cropping intensity environment of Bangladesh using MODIS 500 mu-m data for the year 2010
* Predictive modelling of fuel shortages during hurricane evacuation: An epidemiological approach
* Quantitative Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Dynamics using Geoinformatics Techniques: A Case Study on Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) in West Bengal, India
* Single- and two-person action recognition based on silhouette shape and optical point descriptors
Includes: Islam, S.[Syed] Islam, S.[Saiful] Islam, S.[Shahidul] Islam, S.[Saidul] Islam, S.[Sabique] Islam, S.[Shujah]
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Islam, S.M.[Sk Maidul] Co Author Listing * Survey on Fashion Image Retrieval, A
* Tackling Curse of Dimensionality for Efficient Content Based Image Retrieval
Includes: Islam, S.M.[Sk Maidul] Islam, S.M.[Seikh Mazharul]

Islam, S.M.A.B.A.[S M A Bin Al] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Cell Transmission Model for Multi-Class Signal Control, An

Islam, S.M.M.[Shekh Md Mahmudul] Co Author Listing * Radar-Based Non-Contact Continuous Identity Authentication
* Respiratory Feature Extraction for Contactless Breathing Pattern Recognition Using a Single Digital Camera

Islam, S.M.R. Co Author Listing * Novel Evaluation Index for Image Quality
* wireless video streaming system based on OFDMA with multi-layer H.264 coding and adaptive radio resource allocation, A
Includes: Islam, S.M.R. Islam, S.M.R.[Sheikh M. Rabiul]

Islam, S.M.S.[Syed Mohammed Shamsul] Co Author Listing * 3D Brain Registration with Intensity Shift Robustness
* 3D Morphable Ear Model: A Complete Pipeline from Ear Segmentation to Statistical Modeling
* Boosting Deep Transfer Learning for Covid-19 Classification
* Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Segmentation of Dirt on Cattle Skin using Image Data
* Deep Learning on Underwater Marine Object Detection: A Survey
* Efficient Detection and Recognition of 3D Ears
* EPNET: A Deep Neural Network for Ear Detection in 3d Point Clouds
* Exploring Intensity Invariance in Deep Neural Networks for Brain Image Registration
* Fast and Fully Automatic Ear Detection Using Cascaded AdaBoost
* Fast and Fully Automatic Ear Recognition Approach Based on 3D Local Surface Features, A
* Learning Affordance Segmentation: An Investigative Study
* Multi-species Seagrass Detection Using Semi-supervised Learning
* Multibiometric human recognition using 3D ear and face features
* Rapid Segmentation of Thoracic Organs using U-net Architecture
* Refining Local 3D Feature Matching through Geometric Consistency for Robust Biometric Recognition
* Resetting the baseline: CT-based COVID-19 diagnosis with Deep Transfer Learning is not as accurate as widely thought
* review of recent advances in 3D ear- and expression-invariant face biometrics, A
* Score Level Fusion of Ear and Face Local 3D Features for Fast and Expression-Invariant Human Recognition
* Seagrass Detection from Underwater Digital Images using Faster R-CNN with NASNet
Includes: Islam, S.M.S.[Syed Mohammed Shamsul] Islam, S.M.S.[Syed M.S.] Islam, S.M.S.
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Islam, S.R.[Sheikh Rafiul] Co Author Listing * Deep learning on compressed sensing measurements in pneumonia detection
* Hierarchical secret image sharing scheme in compressed sensing
* On learning based compressed sensing for high resolution image reconstruction

Islam, S.T.[Sarder Tazul] Co Author Listing * Efficient Binary Descriptor to Describe Retinal Bifurcation Point for Image Registration, An

Islam, T.[Tanvir] Co Author Listing * Advanced Forest Fire Danger Forecasting System: Integration of Remote Sensing and Historical Sources of Ignition Data, An
* Audio Segmentation and Speaker Localization in Meeting Videos
* Enhanced speaker recognition based on intra-modal fusion and accent modeling
* Evaluation and analysis of a face and voice outdoor multi-biometric system
* Multifrequency Microwave Backscatter From a Highly Saline Snow Cover on Smooth First-Year Sea Ice: First-Order Theoretical Modeling
* Natural Revocability in Handwritten Signatures to Enhance Biometric Security
* Physics-Based Algorithm for the Simultaneous Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity From VIIRS Thermal Infrared Data, A
* Spectrally Segmented-Enhanced Neural Network for Precise Land Cover Object Classification in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Towards a Unified and Coherent Land Surface Temperature Earth System Data Record from Geostationary Satellites
Includes: Islam, T.[Tanvir] Islam, T.[Tanmoy] Islam, T. Islam, T.[Tasmina] Islam, T.[Touhid]
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Islam, Z.[Zubayer] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Approach to Detect Real-Time Vehicle Maneuvers Based on Smartphone Sensors, A
* Iterative graph filtering network for 3D human pose estimation
* Performance of Fuzzy Operators on Fuzzy Classification of Urban Land Covers, The
Includes: Islam, Z.[Zubayer] Islam, Z.[Zaedul] Islam, Z.

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