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Shiba, K.[Kohei] Co Author Listing * Zero-shot Object Classification with Large-scale Knowledge Graph

Shiba, M.[Masatsugu] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Control of Video Display for Diagnostic Assistance by Analysis of Capsule Endoscopic Images
* Color Analysis for Segmenting Digestive Organs in VCE
* Controlling the Display of Capsule Endoscopy Video for Diagnostic Assistance
* Towards an Interpretation of Intestinal Motility Using Capsule Endoscopy Image Sequences
* Web-Based Education System for Reading Video Capsule Endoscopy, A

Shiba, S.[Shintaro] Co Author Listing * Event-Based Background-Oriented Schlieren
* Secrets of Event-Based Optical Flow

Shiba, Y. Co Author Listing * Active One-Shot Scan for Wide Depth Range Using a Light Field Projector Based on Coded Aperture
* Automatic feature extraction using CNN for robust active one-shot scanning
* Temporal Shape Super-Resolution by Intra-frame Motion Encoding Using High-fps Structured Light

Shibaev, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Thermal Infrared Radiation and Laser Ultrasound for Deformation and Water Saturation Effects Testing in Limestone

Shibahara, A. Co Author Listing * Optical Character Recognition with Feature Extraction and Associative Memory Matrix

Shibahara, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition Using Passive Stereo Vision
* Seam carving for stereo images
* Sub-Pixel Stereo Correspondence Technique Based on 1D Phase-only Correlation, A
Includes: Shibahara, T. Shibahara, T.[Takuma]

Shibanuma, N.[Nao] Co Author Listing * Robust Estimation of Knee Kinematics After Total Knee Arthroplasty with Evolutional Computing Approach

Shibasaki, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Aerial-image Dense Matching Approach Based On Optical Flow Field, An
* Analysis of Crowds Flow Characteristics by Using Laser Range Scanners, An
* Attributed Graph Mining and Matching: An Attempt to Define and Extract Soft Attributed Patterns
* Automated Building Extraction from Digital Stereo Imagery
* Automated Construction Of Coverage Catalogues Of Aster Satellite Image For Urban Areas Of The World
* Automatic Building Segmentation of Aerial Imagery Using Multi-Constraint Fully Convolutional Networks
* Boundary Regulated Network for Accurate Roof Segmentation and Outline Extraction, A
* Building Change Detection Using 3-D Texture Model
* Category Modeling from Just a Single Labeling: Use Depth Information to Guide the Learning of 2D Models
* CNN-Based Method of Vehicle Detection from Aerial Images Using Hard Example Mining, A
* Comparative Perspective of Human Behavior Patterns to Uncover Ownership Bias among Mobile Phone Users
* Data-oriented Algorithm For Route Choice Set Generation In A Metropolitan Area With Mobile Phone GPS Data
* Dense Image-Matching via Optical Flow Field Estimation and Fast-Guided Filter Refinement
* Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects at Intersections Using a Network of Laser Scanners
* Development of a New Ground Truth Database for Global Urban Area Mapping from a Gazetteer
* Development of Big Data-Analysis Pipeline for Mobile Phone Data with Mobipack and Spatial Enhancement
* Development Of Time-series Human Settlement Mapping System Using Historical Landsat Archive
* Earth Observation Data Interoperability Arrangement With Ontology Registry
* Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Multimedia Big Data for Extreme Events
* Efficient Closed-Loop Multiple-View Registration
* End-to-end Building Change Detection Model In Aerial Imagery And Digital Surface Model Based on Neural Networks
* Evaluating the Human Damage of Tsunami at Each Time Frame in Aggregate Units Based on Gps data
* Evaluation of MODIS Land Cover and LAI Products in Cropland of North China Plain Using In Situ Measurements and Landsat TM Images
* Few-Shot Depth Completion Using Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Model
* Fusion of a panoramic camera and 2D laser scanner data for constrained bundle adjustment in GPS-denied environments
* Fusion of Detection and Matching Based Approaches for Laser Based Multiple People Tracking
* Future Estimation Of Convenience Living Facilities Withdrawal Due To Population Decline All Over Japan From 2010 To 2040: Focus On Supermarkets, Convenience Stores And Drugstores
* Graph Neural Network Based Multi-feature Fusion for Building Change Detection
* Identification of Village Building via Google Earth Images and Supervised Machine Learning Methods
* Inferencing Human Spatiotemporal Mobility in Greater Maputo via Mobile Phone Big Data Mining
* Integration of Earth Observation Data: Challenge of GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems)
* Internet of Things Positioning Technology Based Intelligent Delivery System
* Laser-based detection and tracking of multiple people in crowds
* Laser-Scanner-Based Approach Toward Driving Safety and Traffic Data Collection, A
* Learn to Extract Building Outline from Misaligned Annotation through Nearest Feature Selector
* Learn to Recover Visible Color for Video Surveillance in a Day
* Learning Graph Matching: Oriented to Category Modeling from Cluttered Scenes
* LTP-Net: Life-Travel Pattern Based Human Mobility Signature Identification
* MetaTraj: Meta-Learning for Cross-Scene Cross-Object Trajectory Prediction
* Method for Vehicle Detection in High-Resolution Satellite Images that Uses a Region-Based Object Detector and Unsupervised Domain Adaptation, A
* Missing Road Condition Imputation Using a Multi-View Heterogeneous Graph Network From GPS Trajectory
* Mobility Tableau: Human Mobility Similarity Measurement for City Dynamics
* Multi-modal tracking of people using laser scanners and video camera
* Novel System for Tracking Pedestrians Using Multiple Single-Row Laser-Range Scanners, A
* Object Discovery: Soft Attributed Graph Mining
* online approach: Learning-Semantic-Scene-by-Tracking and Tracking-by-Learning-Semantic-Scene, An
* Particle filtering methods for georeferencing panoramic image sequence in complex urban scenes
* Real-Time System for Monitoring Pedestrians, A
* Reconstructing a textured CAD model of an urban environment using Vehicle-borne Laser Range Scanners and Line Cameras
* Reconstructing Textured CAD Model or Urban Environment using Vehicle-borne Laser Range Scanners and Line Cameras
* Reconstructing urban 3D model using vehicle-borne laser range scanners
* Reconstruction Textured Urban 3d Model by Fusing Ground-based Laser Range Image and CCD Image
* Reviews of Geospatial Information Technology and Collaborative Data Delivery for Disaster Risk Management
* Robust Method for Registering Ground-Based Laser Range Images of Urban Outdoor Objects, A
* Robust Tracking of Multiple People in Crowds Using Laser Range Scanners
* Semi-automatic Road Extraction from High-Resolution Satellite Image
* Stacked Fully Convolutional Networks with Feature Alignment Framework for Multi-Label Land-cover Segmentation, A
* Stereo Plane Matching Technique
* Survey on Data-Driven COVID-19 and Future Pandemic Management, A
* Terminal Congestion Analysis of Container Ports Using Satellite Images and AIS
* Toward the Evolution of National Spatial Data Infrastructure Development in Indonesia
* Towards Automatic Road Mapping by Fusing Vehicle-Borne Multi-Sensor Data
* Towards Thematic Web Services For Generic Data Visualization And Analysis
* UAV-Borne 3-D Mapping System by Multisensor Integration
* Unsupervised Global Urban Area Mapping via Automatic Labeling from ASTER and PALSAR Satellite Images
* Unsupervised Multi-constraint Deep Neural Network for Dense Image Matching
* Updating A Digital Geographic Database using Vehicle-borne Laser Scanners and Line Cameras
* vehicle-borne urban 3-D acquisition system using single-row laser range scanners, A
* Visual graph mining for graph matching
* When 3D Reconstruction Meets Ubiquitous RGB-D Images
Includes: Shibasaki, R.[Ryosuke] Shibasaki, R. Shibasaki, R.[Ryuichi]
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Shibasaki, R.Y.[R. Yosuke] Co Author Listing * Rigorous Laboratory Calibration Method for Interior Orientation of an Airborne Linear Push-Broom Camera, A

Shibasaki, T.[Takao] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality System for Surgical Navigation using Robust Target Vision

Shibasaki, Y.[Yasuhiro] Co Author Listing * Boredom Recognition Based on Users' Spontaneous Behaviors in Multiparty Human-Robot Interactions

Shibaski, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Surface Modelling of Urban 3D Objects from Vehicle-Borne Laser Range Data

Shibata, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Upper-Extremity Motion and Muscle and Brain Activation During Machine Operation in Consideration of Mass and Friction
* Asymmetric Features of Oceanic Microwave Brightness Temperature in High Surface Wind Speed Condition

Shibata, D. Co Author Listing * Hatched Image Representation of Human Faces Based on a Cognitive Model

Shibata, F. Co Author Listing * Creating a user-specific perspective view for mobile mixed reality systems on smartphones
* Stretch n cut: Method for observing and ungrouping complex virtual objects in 3D space using elastic band metaphor
* Touch & Detach: Ungrouping and observation methods for complex virtual objects using an elastic metaphor
* Virtual Handcrafting: Building Virtual Wood Models Using ToolDevice

Shibata, H. Co Author Listing * Mapping Aboveground Biomass in Northern Japanese Forests Using the ALOS PRISM Digital Surface Model
* Novel Approach for Forest Fragmentation Susceptibility Mapping and Assessment: A Case Study from the Indian Himalayan Region, A
* UAV Video-Based Approach to Identify Damaged Trees in Windthrow Areas
Includes: Shibata, H. Shibata, H.[Hideaki]

Shibata, J. Co Author Listing * Vibratory image feature extraction based on local log-polar symmetry

Shibata, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Neural-Network: Application to Character-Recognition on X-Ray-Films, An
* Consistent 3D Human Shape from Repeatable Action
* Efficient distinction of road surface conditions using surveillance camera images in night time
* Estimation of Dense Displacement by Scale Invariant Polynomial Expansion of Heterogeneous Multi-View Images
* High quality panoramic image generation using multiple panoramic annular lens images
* Image Quality Evaluation Model Based on Local Features and Segmentation
* Omni-directional Polarization Image Sensor Based on an Omni-directional Camera and a Polarization Filter
Includes: Shibata, K. Shibata, K.[Keisuke] Shibata, K.[Keiji] Shibata, K.[Kazuki]
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Shibata, M.[Masatoshi] Co Author Listing * Fast Human Detection Combining Range Image Segmentation and Local Feature Based Detection
* Fast human detection using template matching for gradient images and aSC descriptors based on subtraction stereo
* Video on demand
Includes: Shibata, M.[Masatoshi] Shibata, M.[Masahiro]

Shibata, N. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Motion Estimation and Compensation LSI with Wide Search Range for MPEG2 Video Encoding, A

Shibata, S. Co Author Listing * Restoration of Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Images Using a Partially Occluded Training Set

Shibata, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Appearance-Based Curriculum for Semi-Supervised Learning with Multi-Angle Unlabeled Data
* Change detection of buildings using an airborne laser scanner
* Constrained Weight Optimization for Learning without Activation Normalization
* Creating Photorealistic Virtual Model with Polarization-based Vision System
* Directional-Edge-Based Real-Time Object Tracking System Employing Multiple Candidate-Location Generation, A
* Domain Adaptation using Self-Training with Mixup for One-Stage Object Detection
* Ego-Motion Detection System Employing Directional-Edge-Based Motion Field Representations, An
* Emotion recognition modeling of sitting postures by using pressure sensors and accelerometers
* Facial feature localization using weighted vector concentration approach
* Fast and Memory Efficient Online Handwritten Strokes Retrieval Using Binary Descriptor
* Fast and Robust Homography Estimation by Adaptive Graduated non-Convexity
* Fast and Structure-Preserving Image Inpainting Based on Probabilistic Structure Estimation
* Fast Matching of Non-Stationary Images with False Fix Protection
* Frame-Wise Action Recognition Training Framework for Skeleton-Based Anomaly Behavior Detection
* FRoG-MOT: Fast and Robust Generic Multiple-Object Tracking by IoU and Motion-State Associations
* Fully automatic feature localization for medical images using a global vector concentration approach
* Generalized Domain Adaptation
* Geometric Data Augmentation Based on Feature Map Ensemble
* Gradient-Domain Image Reconstruction Framework with Intensity-Range and Base-Structure Constraints
* Image Inpainting Based on Probabilistic Structure Estimation
* K-D Decision Tree: An Accelerated and Memory Efficient Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Large Margin Discriminant Hashing for Fast k-Nearest Neighbor Classification
* Local Fisher Discriminant Component Hashing for Fast Nearest Neighbor Classification
* Low-Dose CT Reconstruction with Multiclass Orthogonal Dictionaries
* L_0 Smoothing Based on Gradient Constraints
* Misalignment-Robust Joint Filter for Cross-Modal Image Pairs
* Motion analyzing/advising system
* Multi-Modal Pedestrian Detection with Large Misalignment Based on Modal-Wise Regression and Multi-Modal IoU
* Normalized scoring of Hidden Markov Models by on-line learning and its application to gesture-sequence perception
* Object recognition system and abnormality detection system using image processing
* Online Object Recognition Using CNN-based Algorithm on High-speed Camera Imaging: Framework for fast and robust high-speed camera object recognition based on population data cleansing and data ensemble
* Real-Time Motion-Feature-Extraction VLSI Employing Digital-Pixel-Sensor-Based Parallel Architecture, A
* Recognizing Faces of Moving People by Hierarchical Image-Set Matching
* Reducing False Positives in Object Tracking with Siamese Network
* Reflection Removal Using RGB-D Images
* Robust Medical Image Recognition System Employing Edge-Based Feature Vector Representation, A
* Robustizing Object Detection Networks Using Augmented Feature Pooling
* Single image super resolution based on content-aware constraint and intensity-order constraint
* Single Image Super Resolution Reconstruction in Perturbed Exemplar Sub-space
* Super high dynamic range video
* Super-high Dynamic Range Imaging
* Switching particle filters for efficient real-time visual tracking
* Therapeutic Seal Robot as Biofeedback Medical Device: Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluations of Robot Therapy in Dementia Care
* Unified image fusion based on application-adaptive importance measure
* Unsupervised Object Extraction by Contour Delineation and Texture Discrimination Based on Oriented Edge Features
* Visualization of Temperature Change Using RGB-D Camera and Thermal Camera
* Wavelet-Texture Method: Appearance Compression by Polarization, Parametric Reflection Model, and Daubechies Wavelet
Includes: Shibata, T.[Takashi] Shibata, T.[Taku] Shibata, T.[Takushi] Shibata, T. Shibata, T.[Tomoyuki] Shibata, T.[Tadashi] Shibata, T.[Tatsuya] Shibata, T.[Tsutomu] Shibata, T.[Toshiro]
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Shibata, Y.[Yutaro] Co Author Listing * extended method of the parametric eigenspace method by automatic background elimination, An
* FPGA Implementation of Human Detection by HOG Features with AdaBoost
* Innovative polymer technologies for flexible liquid crystal displays
* Listening Human Behavior: 3D Human Pose Estimation with Acoustic Signals
* Network-Based Traditional Japanese Crafting Presentation System using Agent and Virtual Reality Technologies
* Prediction of energy consumption for new electric vehicle models by machine learning
* Thin Film Magnetic Head Wafer Inspection Technique Using Geometrical Feature Based Image Comparison
Includes: Shibata, Y.[Yutaro] Shibata, Y.[Yuichiro] Shibata, Y.[Yosei] Shibata, Y.[Yuto] Shibata, Y. Shibata, Y.[Yasuhiro]
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Shibayama, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Image size changeable fisheye lens system

Shibayama, H.[Hiroki] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of 3D Surface and Restoration of Flat Document Image from Monocular Image Sequence

Shibayama, K. Co Author Listing * Approach to Estimating Human Behaviors by Using an Active Vision Head, An

Shibayama, M.[Michio] Co Author Listing * Assessment of digital camera-derived vegetation indices in quantitative monitoring of seasonal rice growth

Shibayama, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Polarimetric Scattering Properties of Landslides in Forested Areas and the Dependence on the Local Incidence Angle

Shibazaki, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Method of and apparatus for generating high-resolution binary image data with respect to linear edges

Shibi, S.[Sherin] Co Author Listing * Target object detection using chicken social-based deep belief network with hyperspectral imagery

Shibu, D.S.[D. Sunderlin] Co Author Listing * Multimodal medical image fusion using L0 gradient smoothing with sparse representation

Shibuichi, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Resolution Image Acquisition Using Image Mosaicing Technique from Video Sequence

Shibukawa, S.[Shigeru] Co Author Listing * Statistic calculating method using a template and corresponding sub-image to determine similarity based on sum of squares thresholding
* Template matching image processor utilizing sub image pixel sums and sum of squares thresholding

Shibuya, A.[Akinobu] Co Author Listing * High Accuracy Geochemical Map Generation Method by a Spatial Autocorrelation-Based Mixture Interpolation Using Remote Sensing Data

Shibuya, E. Co Author Listing * Feedback U-net for Cell Image Segmentation

Shibuya, H. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Focal Liver Lesions Using Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography With Perflubutane Microbubbles

Shibuya, M.[Mikiya] Co Author Listing * Privacy Preserving Visual SLAM

Shibuya, N.[Noriyuki] Co Author Listing * Self-Localization of a Mobile Robot Using Compressed Image Data of Average and Standard Deviation

Shibuya, T.[Tomoharu] Co Author Listing * Improvement of the Quality of Visual Secret Sharing Schemes with Constraints on the Usage of Shares
* Inferring Underlying Manifold of Data by the Use of Persistent Homology Analysis
* Multimedia Data Visualization Based on Ad Hoc Communication Networks and Its Application to Disaster Management, A
* THz-Wave Spectroscopy Applied to the Detection of Illicit Drugs in Mail
Includes: Shibuya, T.[Tomoharu] Shibuya, T.[Takeshi] Shibuya, T.

Shibwabo Kasamani, B. Co Author Listing * Smart GPS-based IoT System for Blackspot Notification, A

Shibzukhov, Z.M.[Zaur M.] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Based on Minimizing Robust Mean Estimates

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