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Hand, C.C. Co Author Listing * Indexing Two-dimensional Objects Using Parametrised Geometric Features

Hand, D.J. Co Author Listing * better Beta for the H measure of classification performance, A
* Choosing k for two-class nearest neighbour classifiers with unbalanced classes
* Comparing classifiers when the misallocation costs are uncertain
* Discriminant-Analysis When The Classes Arise From A Continuum
* Exponentially weighted moving average charts for detecting concept drift
* Good methods for coping with missing data in decision trees
* Idiot's Bayes: Not so Stupid After All?
* lambda-Perceptron: An adaptive classifier for data streams
* Multi-Class Metric Problem in Nearest Neighbour Discrimination Rules, The
* Naive Bayes Mystery: A classification detective story, The
* Recent Advances in Error Rate Estimation
* When is the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve an appropriate measure of classifier performance?
Includes: Hand, D.J. Hand, D.J.[David J.]
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Hand, E.[Emily] Co Author Listing * Bridging the Gap Between Automated and Human Facial Emotion Perception
* On the size of Convolutional Neural Networks and generalization performance
* Part-based multiple-person tracking with partial occlusion handling
* Planetary rover localization within orbital maps
Includes: Hand, E.[Emily] Hand, E.

Hand, E.M. Co Author Listing * Anomalous Motion Detection On Highway Using Deep Learning
* Classification of Rigid and Non-Rigid Transformations with Autoencoder Representations
* Gradual DropIn of Layers to Train Very Deep Neural Networks
* Homework Helper: Providing Valuable Feedback on Math Mistakes
* Improving Evaluation of Facial Attribute Prediction Models
* Predicting Facial Attributes in Video Using Temporal Coherence and Motion-Attention
* SAT-CNN: A Small Neural Network for Object Recognition from Satellite Imagery
Includes: Hand, E.M. Hand, E.M.[Emily M.]
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Hand, P. Co Author Listing * Blind Deconvolution by a Steepest Descent Algorithm on a Quotient Manifold
* ShapeFit and ShapeKick for Robust, Scalable Structure from Motion
Includes: Hand, P. Hand, P.[Paul]

Handa, A.[Ankur] Co Author Listing * DexYCB: A Benchmark for Capturing Hand Grasping of Objects
* gvnn: Neural Network Library for Geometric Computer Vision
* HDRFusion: HDR SLAM Using a Low-Cost Auto-Exposure RGB-D Sensor
* Incremental approach for multi-modal face expression recognition system using deep neural networks
* Real-Time Camera Tracking: When is High Frame-Rate Best?
* Scalable active matching
* SceneNet RGB-D: Can 5M Synthetic Images Beat Generic ImageNet Pre-training on Indoor Segmentation?
* Simultaneous Mosaicing and Tracking with an Event Camera
* Understanding RealWorld Indoor Scenes with Synthetic Data
Includes: Handa, A.[Ankur] Handa, A. Handa, A.[Anand]
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Handa, G. Co Author Listing * System for Acquisition and Modelling of Ice-Hockey Stick Shape Deformation from Player Shot Videos, A

Handa, J.[Jim] Co Author Listing * Intraoperative Visualization of Anatomical Targets in Retinal Surgery

Handa, S. Co Author Listing * automatic lung cancer detection from X-ray images obtained through yearly serial mass survey, An

Handayani, A.[Astri] Co Author Listing * Image Processing in Retinal Angiography: Extracting Angiographical Features without the Requirement of Contrast Agents

Handayani, H.H.[Hepi H.] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Analysis of Horizontal and Vertical Urban Expansion Using Multi-Spatial Resolution Data: A Case Study of Surabaya, Indonesia
* Using GIS to Understand Healthcare Access Variations in Flood Situation in Surabaya
Includes: Handayani, H.H.[Hepi H.] Handayani, H.H.[Hepi Hapsari]

Handayani, S.[Surya] Co Author Listing * Efficient CAD-based triangulation of unordered 3D data

Handcock, R.N.[Rebecca N.] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Timing for Estimating Carbon Mitigation in Revegetation of Abandoned Agricultural Land with High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing

Handegard, N.O.[Nils Olav] Co Author Listing * Detection, Localization and Classification of Multiple Mechanized Ocean Vessels over Continental-Shelf Scale Regions with Passive Ocean Acoustic Waveguide Remote Sensing

Handel, H.[Holger] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Influences of Camera Warm-Up Effects on Image Acquisition

Handel, P. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Estimation With Distance Bounds
* Detection of Dangerous Cornering in GNSS-Data-Driven Insurance Telematics
* In-Car Positioning and Navigation Technologies: A Survey
* Self-Localization of Asynchronous Wireless Nodes With Parameter Uncertainties
* Smartphone Placement Within Vehicles
* Smartphone-Based Vehicle Telematics: A Ten-Year Anniversary
* Time Synchronization Errors in Loosely Coupled GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems
Includes: Handel, P. Hšndel, P. (Maybe also Haendel, P.)
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Handelman, D.A.[David A.] Co Author Listing * Visual Goal-Directed Meta-Imitation Learning

Handels, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of skin tumours with high resolution surface profiles
* Estimation of Large Motion in Lung CT by Integrating Regularized Keypoint Correspondences into Dense Deformable Registration
* Fast Explicit Diffusion for Registration with Direction-Dependent Regularization
* Image processing with neural networks: A Review
* Non-parametric Discrete Registration with Convex Optimisation
* Patch-Based Low-Rank Matrix Completion for Learning of Shape and Motion Models from Few Training Samples
* Probabilistic Appearance Models for Segmentation and Classification
* Registration with probabilistic correspondences: Accurate and robust registration for pathological and inhomogeneous medical data
* Statistical Modeling of 4D Respiratory Lung Motion Using Diffeomorphic Image Registration
* Variational Approach for Combined Segmentation and Estimation of Respiratory Motion in Temporal Image Sequences, A
Includes: Handels, H. Handels, H.[Heinz]
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Handique, A.[Akash] Co Author Listing * Empirical greedy machine-based automatic liver segmentation in CT images

Handique, B.K. Co Author Listing * Class of Regression-cum-ratio Estimators In Two-phase Sampling For Utilizing Information From High Resolution Satellite Data, A
* Hierarchical Classification for Assessment of Horticultural Crops In Mixed Cropping Pattern Using UAV-borne Multi-spectral Sensor
* Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services

Handique, S. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Tree Support Detection for Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction

Handiru, V.S.[Vikram Shenoy] Co Author Listing * Intramuscular EMG classifier for detecting myopathy and neuropathy
* Optimized Bi-Objective EEG Channel Selection and Cross-Subject Generalization With Brain-Computer Interfaces
Includes: Handiru, V.S.[Vikram Shenoy] Handiru, V.S.

Handkiewicz, A. Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional switched capacitor filter design system for real-time image processing

Handler, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Optimizing Excitation Coil Currents for Advanced Magnetorelaxometry Imaging

Handley, C.C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Planar Convex Hull Algorithm

Handley, J.C. Co Author Listing * Bit vector architecture for computational mathematical morphology
* Detection and segmentation of sweeps in color graphics images
* Document image segmentation using loose gray scale template matching
* Document understanding system using stochastic context-free grammars
* Feature recognition using loose gray scale template matching
* Maximum-likelihood estimation and optimal filtering in the nondirectional, one-dimensional binomial germ-grain model
* Maximum-Likelihood-Estimation for the Two-Dimensional Discrete Boolean Random Set and Function Models Using Multidimensional Linear Samples
* Minimal-memory bit-vector architecture for computational mathematical morphology using subspace projections
* Picture-graphics color image classification
Includes: Handley, J.C. Handley, J.C.[John C.]
9 for Handley, J.C.

Handley, L.[Larry] Co Author Listing * Education and training activities in airborne research

Handley, N. Co Author Listing * Musip Multi-Sensor Image Processing System

Handloviova, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Variational Numerical Methods for Solving Nonlinear Diffusion Equations Arising in Image Processing
Includes: Handloviova, A.[Angela] HandloviovŠ, A.[Angela]

Handmann, U.[Uwe] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Audio- and Visual Cues for Real-Life Emotional Human Robot Interaction
* image processing system for driver assistance, An
* Scene Analysis and Organization of Behavior in Driver Assistance Systems
* Transfer Meta Learning
Includes: Handmann, U.[Uwe] Handmann, U.

Handoko, D. Co Author Listing * Low-power motion vector estimation using iterative search block-matching methods and a high-speed non-destructive CMOS image sensor

Handoko, E.Y.[Eko Yuli] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Altimetric Range and Geophysical Corrections and Mean Sea Surface Models: Impacts on Sea Level Variability around the Indonesian Seas

Handolin, H. Co Author Listing * Interactive Geo-information In Virtual Reality: Observations and Future Challenges

Handosa, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Extending Embodied Interactions in Mixed Reality Environments
* Mixed Library: Bridging Real and Virtual Libraries
* Mixed Reality Based Social Interactions Testbed: A Game Theory Approach, A

Handoyo, B.[Budi] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Analysis of COVID-19 Spread with Emerging Hotspot Analysis and Space-Time Cube Models in East Java, Indonesia

Handrich, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation Using Stochastic Optimization in Real Time
* Detecting Arbitrarily Rotated Faces for Face Analysis
* Human bodypart classification using geodesic descriptors and random forests
* Improving of Gesture Recognition Using Multi-hypotheses Object Association
* Localizing body joints from single depth images using geodetic distances and random tree walk
* Low cost calibration of stereo line scan camera systems
* Multi hypotheses based object tracking in HCI environments
* Upper-Body Pose Estimation Using Geodesic Distances and Skin-Color
Includes: Handrich, S. Handrich, S.[Sebastian]
8 for Handrich, S.

Handroos, H.[Heikki] Co Author Listing * Challenges of Vision for Real-Time Sensor Based Control
* Positioning of Flexible Boom Structure Using Neural Networks

Hands, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Efficient Method for Smoothly Space-Variant Gaussian Blurring
* Efficient depth blurring with occlusion handling
* Image Coding Using Depth Blurring for Aesthetically Acceptable Distortion

Hands, D.S. Co Author Listing * Continuous Quality Assessment of Digitally Coded Television Pictures
* Perceptual Quality Measurement: Towards a More Efficient Process for Validating Objective Models

Hands, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Interaction between size and disparity cues in distance judgements
* Perceptual compensation mechanisms when viewing stereoscopic 3D from an oblique angle
* Television viewing distance in British households
Includes: Hands, P.[Paul] Hands, P.

Handschuh, J.[Jana] Co Author Listing * Systematic Evaluation of Four Satellite AOD Datasets for Estimating PM2.5 Using a Random Forest Approach

Handschuh, S. Co Author Listing * Introduction to the special issue on conceptual and dynamical aspects of multimedia content description
* Knowledge representation and semantic annotation of multimedia content

Handschumacher, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Mapping Review on Urban Landscape Factors of Dengue Retrieved from Earth Observation Data, GIS Techniques, and Survey Questionnaires, A

Handte, M.[Marcus] Co Author Listing * Car Pose Estimation Through Wheel Detection
* Driver Guidance System to Support the Stationary Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles, A
* Evaluating User Interfaces for a Driver Guidance System to Support Stationary Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles
* Systematic Optimization of Image Processing Pipelines Using GPUS

Handtke, D. Co Author Listing * Verifying isolation in a mantrap portal via thermal imaging

HandUber, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * Overhead-Based Image and Video Geo-localization Framework

Handzel, A. Co Author Listing * Affine Invariant Edge Completion with Affine Geodesics

Handzic, M.[Meliha] Co Author Listing * On the Digital Road: A Case of Stecci

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