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Asad, M.[Mujtaba] Co Author Listing * Anomaly3D: Video anomaly detection based on 3D-normality clusters
* Deep Learning-Based Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images: A Review
* Generatinga 3D hand model from frontal color and range scans
* Kinect depth stream pre-processing for hand gesture recognition
* Learning Marginalization through Regression for Hand Orientation Inference
* Learning to Deblur Adaptive Optics Retinal Images
* Patch-based corner detection for cervical vertebrae in X-ray images
* PROPEL: Probabilistic Parametric Regression Loss for Convolutional Neural Networks
* Smartphone based guidance system for visually impaired person
* SPORE: Staged Probabilistic Regression for Hand Orientation Inference
Includes: Asad, M.[Mujtaba] Asad, M.[Muhammad] Asad, M.
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Asad, M.H.[Muhammad Hamza] Co Author Listing * Weed Density Estimation Using Semantic Segmentation

Asad, M.U.[Muhammad Usman] Co Author Listing * Design and Development of an Image Processing Based Adaptive Traffic Control System with GSM Interface

Asad, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * On GPU Connected Components and Properties: A Systematic Evaluation of Connected Component Labeling Algorithms and Their Extension for Property Extraction

Asad, R. Co Author Listing * Cloudmaskgan: A Content-Aware Unpaired Image-To-Image Translation Algorithm for Remote Sensing Imagery

Asad, S.B.[Sakib Bin] Co Author Listing * Automatic signboard detection and localization in densely populated developing cities

Asada, H. Co Author Listing * Attributed String Matching with Statistical Constraints for Character Recognition
* Curvature Primal Sketch, The
* Describing Surfaces
* Image inclination detecting method and apparatus
* Iterative Prediction and Correction Method for Automatic Stereo Comparison, An
* Major Components of a Complete Text Reading System
* Resolving Ambiguity in Segmenting Touching Characters
* Smoothed Local Symmetries and Their Implementation
* Understanding Multi-Articled Documents
Includes: Asada, H. Asada, H.[Haruo]
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Asada, H.H.[H. Harry] Co Author Listing * Tracking of cell population from time lapse and end point confocal microscopy images with multiple hypothesis Kalman smoothing filters

Asada, K.[Kazuyoshi] Co Author Listing * Object recognition system and abnormality detection system using image processing
* Real-Time 3-D Measurement System Based on Light-Section Method Using Smart Image Sensor
Includes: Asada, K.[Kazuyoshi] Asada, K.

Asada, M.[Minoru] Co Author Listing * email: Asada, M.[Minoru]: asada AT robotics ccm osaka-u ac jp
* Analysis of Three-Dimensional Motions in the Blocks World
* Automatic Analysis of Moving Images
* Automatic Motion Analysis System of Moving Objects from the Records of Natural Processes
* Building a 3-D World Model for a Mobile Robot from Sensory Data
* Building a World Model for a Mobile Robot Using Dynamic Semantic Constraints
* Coarse to Fine Control Strategy for Matching Motion Stereo Pairs
* Color-Based Panoramic Representation of Outdoor Environment for a Mobile Robot
* Context-Constrained Matching of Hierarchical CAD-Based Models for Outdoor Scene Interpretation
* Contour extraction by mixture density description obtained from region clustering
* Cooperative behavior acquisition for mobile robots in dynamically changing real worlds via vision-based reinforcement learning and development
* Cylindrical Shape from Contour and Shading without Knowledge of Lighting Conditions or Surface Albedo
* Determining Cylindrical Shape from Contour and Shading
* Determining of Surface Properties by Projecting a Stripe Pattern
* Determining Surface Orientation by Projecting a Stripe Pattern
* Dynamic Integration of Height Maps into a 3D World Representation from Range Image Sequences
* Finding of Objects Moving in a Pathway by a Moving Observer
* Inferring Motion of Cylindrical Object from Shading
* Inferring Motion of Cylindrical Object from Shape Information
* Initial Segmentation For Knowledge Indexing
* Introduction: Machine Vision Research at Osaka University
* Map Building for a Mobile Robot from Sensory Data
* MDL-Based Segmentation and Motion Modeling in a Long Image Sequence of Scene with Multiple Independently Moving-Objects
* MDL-Based Spatiotemporal Segmentation from Motion in a Long Image Sequence
* Model-Based Matching Using Skewed Symmetry Information
* new 2-D world representation system for mobile robots, A
* Obtaining Optical Flow with Multi-Orientation Filters
* Optimal Partition of Moving Edge Segments, The
* Overview of RoboCup-98
* Overview of RoboCup-99
* Periodic nonlinear principal component neural networks for humanoid motion segmentation, generalization, and generation
* Qualitative Approach to Quantitative Recovery of SHGC's Shape and Pose from Shading and Contour, A
* Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Motions from Image Sequences
* Representation of Motions in Time-Varying Imagery
* Representation of Three-Dimensional Motion in Dynamic Scenes
* Representing a Global Map for a Mobile Robot with Relational Local Maps from Sensory Data
* Sensor fusion as optimization: maximizing mutual information between sensory signals
* State Space Construction for Behavior Acquisition in Multi Agent Environments with Vision and Action
* Stereo Vision of a Mobile Robot: World Constraints for Image Matching and Interpretation
* Three Dimensional Motion Interpretation for the Sequence of Line Drawings
* Utilization of a Stripe Pattern for Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Vision, Strategy, and Localization Using the Sony Legged Robots at RoboCup-98
* Weak Lambertian Assumption for Determining Cylindrical Shape and Pose from Shading and Contour
Includes: Asada, M.[Minoru] Asada, M.
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Asada, N.[Naoki] Co Author Listing * email: Asada, N.[Naoki]: asada AT its hiroshima-cu ac jp
* 3D Model Generation from Image Sequences Using Global Geometric Constraint
* Calibrated Computer Graphics: A New Approach to Realistic Image Synthesis Based on Camera Calibration
* Color Image Analysis By Varying Camera Aperture
* Complex Table Form Analysis Using Graph Grammar
* Dense 3D Reconstruction Method Using a Single Pattern for Fast Moving Object
* Detecting Disaster Damage From 2015 Typhoon Etau By The Combined Use Of Different Sar Satellites
* Dynamic Compression of Curve-Based Point Cloud
* Edge and Depth from Focus
* Graph grammar based analysis system of complex table form document
* Linear solution for oneshot active 3D reconstruction using two projectors
* Modification table form generation system based on the form recognition
* One-shot Entire Shape Acquisition Method Using Multiple Projectors and Cameras
* One-shot scanning method using an uncalibrated projector and camera system
* Photometric Calibration of Zoom Lens Systems
* Point cloud compression for grid-pattern-based 3D scanning system
* Polarization-Based Dehazing Using Two Reference Objects
* Polarization-Based Surface Normal Estimation of Black Specular Objects from Multiple Viewpoints
* Seeing Behind the Scene: Analysis of Photometric Properties of Occluding Edges by the Reversed Projection Blurring Model
* Stable Recovery of Shape and Motion from Partially Tracked Feature Points with Fast Nonlinear Optimization
* Table form document analysis based on the document structure grammar
* Table form document synthesis by grammar-based structure analysis
* Thin Lens Based Camera Model for Depth Estimation from Blur and Translation by Zooming, A
* Unified Camera Calibration Using Geometry and Blur of Feature Points, A
Includes: Asada, N.[Naoki] Asada, N. Asada, N.[Norichika]
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Asada, S.[Shusaku] Co Author Listing * Removing Raindrops from a Single Image using Synthetic Data
* Simultaneous Reproduction of Reflectance and Transmittance of Ink Paintings
Includes: Asada, S.[Shusaku] Asada, S.[Shigenobu]

Asada, S.J.[Shin Ji] Co Author Listing * Method of enhancing image sharpness for image reproduction using sharp/unsharp signal processing
Includes: Asada, S.J.[Shin Ji] Asada, S.J.[Shin-Ji]

Asadi Aghbolaghi, M. Co Author Listing * Action Recognition from RGB-D Data: Comparison and Fusion of Spatio-Temporal Handcrafted Features and Deep Strategies
* Automatic Access Control Based on Face and Hand Biometrics in a Non-cooperative Context
* Bi-Directional ConvLSTM U-Net with Densley Connected Convolutions
* Deep Frequency Re-calibration U-Net for Medical Image Segmentation
* Dynamic 3D Hand Gesture Recognition by Learning Weighted Depth Motion Maps
* Survey on Deep Learning Based Approaches for Action and Gesture Recognition in Image Sequences, A
Includes: Asadi Aghbolaghi, M. Asadi-Aghbolaghi, M. Asadi-Aghbolaghi, M.[Maryam]

Asadi Zeydabadi, M. Co Author Listing * New Algorithm for Identifying Possible Epidemic Sources with Application to the German Escherichia coli Outbreak, A
Includes: Asadi Zeydabadi, M. Asadi-Zeydabadi, M.

Asadi, A. Co Author Listing * Application of Radar and Optical Satellite Imagery Data in Landslide Potential Mapping of Sheshpeer Sub-catchment in Iran
* Investigation of Spectral Characteristics of Carbonate Rocks - a Case Study On Posht Moleh Mount in Iran
* Multi-exposure image fusion via a pyramidal integration of the phase congruency of input images with the intensity-based maps
Includes: Asadi, A. Asadi, A.[Alireza]

Asadi, E.[Esmaeil] Co Author Listing * Classification of Plant Ecological Units in Heterogeneous Semi-Steppe Rangelands: Performance Assessment of Four Classification Algorithms
* Delayed fusion for real-time vision-aided inertial navigation
* Heart Rate Tracking using Wrist-Type Photoplethysmographic (PPG) Signals during Physical Exercise with Simultaneous Accelerometry
* Introducing ARTMO's Machine-Learning Classification Algorithms Toolbox: Application to Plant-Type Detection in a Semi-Steppe Iranian Landscape
* Vegetation Types Mapping Using Multi-Temporal Landsat Images in the Google Earth Engine Platform
Includes: Asadi, E.[Esmaeil] Asadi, E.[Ehsan] Asadi, E.

Asadi, H.[Houshyar] Co Author Listing * New Prepositioning Technique of a Motion Simulator Platform Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control and Recurrent Neural Network, A
* Time-Varying Weight MPC-Based Motion Cueing Algorithm for Motion Simulation Platform, A

Asadi, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Approaches to Nonlinear Shift Estimation for Object Tracking, A
* Evolutionary Game Approach to Safety-Aware Speed Recommendation in Fog/Cloud-Based Intelligent Transportation Systems, An
* Feature Classification for Robust Shape-Based Collaborative Tracking and Model Updating
* Grouped-People Splitting Based on Face Detection and Body Proportion Constraints
* Nonlinear-Shift Approach to Object Tracking Based on Shape Information, A
* Online Discriminative Feature Selection in a Bayesian Framework using Shape and Appearance
* Prediction of Urban Area Expansion with Implementation of MLC, SAM and SVMs' Classifiers Incorporating Artificial Neural Network Using Landsat Data
* Probabilistic Bayesian Framework for Model-Based Object Tracking Using Undecimated Wavelet Packet Descriptors, A
* systematic literature review of vehicle speed assistance in intelligent transportation system, A
* Tracking by using dynamic shape model learning in the presence of occlusion
Includes: Asadi, M.[Majid] Asadi, M.[Mehrdad] Asadi, M. Asadi, M.[Milad]
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Asadi, N. Co Author Listing * Creating Discriminative Models for Time Series Classification and Clustering by HMM Ensembles
* Evaluation of a Neural Network With Uncertainty for Detection of Ice and Water in SAR Imagery
* Predicting Adversarial Cyber-Intrusion Stages Using Autoregressive Neural Networks
* Probing Representation Forgetting in Supervised and Unsupervised Continual Learning
Includes: Asadi, N. Asadi, N.[Nader]

Asadi, R. Co Author Listing * Rule-Based Decision Support System in Intelligent Hazmat Transportation System, A

Asadi, S.[Shahrokh] Co Author Listing * Diverse training dataset generation based on a multi-objective optimization for semi-Supervised classification
* Face spoofing detection ensemble via multistage optimisation and pruning

Asadinia, M.[Marjan] Co Author Listing * Design of a Reconfigurable 3D Pixel-Parallel Neuromorphic Architecture for Smart Image Sensor

Asadipour, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision-Based Analysis of Buildings and Built Environments: A Systematic Review of Current Approaches
* Visuohaptic augmented feedback for enhancing motor skills acquisition

Asadpour, M.[Masoud] Co Author Listing * Graph based skill acquisition and transfer Learning for continuous reinforcement learning domains

Asadullah Co Author Listing * Automatic Urdu Speech Recognition using Hidden Markov Model

Asaduzzaman, A.[Abu] Co Author Listing * Investigating the Impact of Data Parallelism and GPU Technology on Computer Gaming
* novel resource scheduling approach to improve the reliability of Shuffle-exchange networks, A
Includes: Asaduzzaman, A.[Abu] Asaduzzaman, A.

Asadzadeh, A.[Asad] Co Author Listing * Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment for Urban Areas Using an ANN and Hybrid SWOT-QSPM Model

Asadzadeh, S.[Saeid] Co Author Listing * Iterative Curve Fitting: A Robust Technique to Estimate the Wavelength Position and Depth of Absorption Features From Spectral Data

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