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Alven, J.[Jennifer] Co Author Listing * Max-Margin Learning of Deep Structured Models for Semantic Segmentation
* Shape-aware label fusion for multi-atlas frameworks
* Shape-aware multi-atlas segmentation
* Überatlas: Fast and robust registration for multi-atlas segmentation
* Überatlas: Robust Speed-Up of Feature-Based Registration and Multi-Atlas Segmentation
Includes: Alven, J.[Jennifer] Alvén, J.[Jennifer]

Alver, M.O.[Morten Omholt] Co Author Listing * computer vision approach for detection and quantification of feed particles in marine fish farms, A

Alvera Azcarate, A.[Aida] Co Author Listing * Improving SMOS Sea Surface Salinity in the Western Mediterranean Sea through Multivariate and Multifractal Analysis
Includes: Alvera Azcarate, A.[Aida] Alvera-Azcárate, A.[Aida]

Alvertos, N. Co Author Listing * Camera Geometries for Image Matching in 3-D Machine Vision
* Joint Disparity and Motion Field Estimation in Stereoscopic Image Sequences

Alves da Silva, J.V.N.[Jose Victor Nogueira] Co Author Listing * Efficient Brazilian Sign Language Recognition: A Study on Mobile Devices
Includes: Alves da Silva, J.V.N.[Jose Victor Nogueira] Alves-da Silva, J.V.N.[José Victor Nogueira]

Alves de Almeida, D.R.[Danilo Roberti] Co Author Listing * Combined Impact of Sample Size and Modeling Approaches for Predicting Stem Volume in Eucalyptus spp. Forest Plantations Using Field and LiDAR Data
* Comparison of Statistical Modelling Approaches for Estimating Tropical Forest Aboveground Biomass Stock and Reporting Their Changes in Low-Intensity Logging Areas Using Multi-Temporal LiDAR Data
* Single-Pass UAV-Borne GatorEye LiDAR Sampling as a Rapid Assessment Method for Surveying Forest Structure

Alves de Barros, M. Co Author Listing * Low level image processing operators on FPGA: Implementation examples and performance evaluation

Alves de Melo Nunes Soares, F.A.[Fabrizzio Alphonsus] Co Author Listing * Empirical Methodological Study of Evaluation Methods Applied to Educational Timetabling Visualizations, An
Includes: Alves de Melo Nunes Soares, F.A.[Fabrizzio Alphonsus] Alves de Melo Nunes Soares, F.A.[Fabrízzio Alphonsus]

Alves de Oliveira, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Novel Tilt Correction Technique for Irradiance Sensors and Spectrometers On-Board Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, A

Alves de Oliveira, V.[Vinicius] Co Author Listing * Reduced-Complexity End-to-End Variational Autoencoder for on Board Satellite Image Compression

Alves Junior, L.R.[Leomar Rufino] Co Author Listing * Geotechnologies in Biophysical Analysis through the Applicability of the UAV and Sentinel-2A/MSI in Irrigated Area of Common Beans: Accuracy and Spatial Dynamics
Includes: Alves Junior, L.R.[Leomar Rufino] Alves-Junior, L.R.[Leomar Rufino]

Alves Neto, A.[Armando] Co Author Listing * Strategy for Traffic Safety of Vehicular Platoons Under Connection Loss and Time-Delay, A
Includes: Alves Neto, A.[Armando] Alves-Neto, A.[Armando]

Alves Oliveira, J.G.[Jehymison Gil] Co Author Listing * Stereo Vision Methods: From Development to the Evaluation of Disparity Maps

Alves, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Identification and Classification of Routine Locations Using Anonymized Mobile Communication Data
* POI Mining for Land Use Classification: A Case Study
* Sensing Mobility and Routine Locations through Mobile Phone and Crowdsourced Data: Analyzing Travel and Behavior during COVID-19

Alves, A.C.R.[Ana C. R.] Co Author Listing * Biological shape analysis by digital curvature

Alves, A.P.[Artur P.] Co Author Listing * New Paradigm for Content Producers, A
* Very-Low Bit-Rate Video Coder Based on Vector Quantization, A
Includes: Alves, A.P.[Artur P.] Alves, A.P.

Alves, B.[Bruna] Co Author Listing * Deriving High Spatial-Resolution Coastal Topography From Sub-meter Satellite Stereo Imagery
* Diagnosis of Skin Cancer Using Hierarchical Neural Networks and Metadata
* Do Emotional States Influence Physiological Pain Responses?
Includes: Alves, B.[Bruna] Alves, B.[Beatriz]

Alves, D.B.M.[Daniele B. M.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Global Ionospheric Maps Performance by Means of Ionosonde Data

Alves, D.H.A.[Daniel H. A.] Co Author Listing * Going Deeper on BioImages Classification: A Plant Leaf Dataset Case Study

Alves, D.I.[Dimas I.] Co Author Listing * Wavelength-Resolution SAR Change Detection Method Based on Image Stack through Robust Principal Component Analysis, A

Alves, D.S.[Diogenes Salas] Co Author Listing * Assessing Landslide Drivers in Social-Ecological-Technological Systems: The Case of Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo, Brazil
* Landsat-Based Land Use Change Assessment in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: Forest Transition and Sugarcane Expansion
Includes: Alves, D.S.[Diogenes Salas] Alves, D.S.[Diógenes Salas]

Alves, E.E.N.[Elton Eduardo Novais] Co Author Listing * Effect of X-Ray Tube Configuration on Measurement of Key Soil Fertility Attributes with XRF

Alves, E.G.[Elaine G.] Co Author Listing * Revisiting Zhang's 1D calibration algorithm

Alves, E.I.[E. Ivo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Impact Craters on the Surface of Mars

Alves, F.L.[Fatima L.] Co Author Listing * MINDED-FBA: An Automatic Remote Sensing Tool for the Estimation of Flooded and Burned Areas
* Multi-Index Image Differencing Method (MINDED) for Flood Extent Estimations
* New Method (MINDED-BA) for Automatic Detection of Burned Areas Using Remote Sensing, A
Includes: Alves, F.L.[Fatima L.] Alves, F.L.[Fátima L.]

Alves, F.S.[Fernando Santos] Co Author Listing * Monitoring and Mapping Vineyard Water Status Using Non-Invasive Technologies by a Ground Robot

Alves, G. Co Author Listing * 4D DCT-Based Lenslet Light Field Codec, A
* Study on the 4D Sparsity of JPEG Pleno Light Fields Using the Discrete Cosine Transform, A
Includes: Alves, G. Alves, G.[Gustavo]

Alves, H. Co Author Listing * Exploiting the Direct Link in Full-Duplex Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Networks
* On the Performance of Secure Full-Duplex Relaying under Composite Fading Channels
* On the Secrecy of Interference-Limited Networks under Composite Fading Channels
* Performance of Transmit Antenna Selection Physical Layer Security Schemes
* Ultrareliable Short-Packet Communications With Wireless Energy Transfer

Alves, H.M.R. Co Author Listing * Assessing and Mapping Changes, in Space and Time, of Coffee Lands of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil
* Characterization And Spectral Monitoring Of Coffee Lands In Brazil
* Geotechnologies For The Characterization Of Specialty Coffee Environments Of Mantiqueira De Minas In Brazil
* Monitoring the Relationships between Environment and Coffee Production in Agroecosytems of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil
* Use of Soil-Landscape Relationships Modelling and Geotechnologies for Detailing the Soil Map Of Distrito Federal in Brazil, The

Alves, J.F.[James F.] Co Author Listing * Pattern recognition apparatus utilizing area linking and region growth techniques
* Video image processor and method for detecting vehicles

Alves, L.M.[Lucas M.] Co Author Listing * Multithreaded Algorithms for Lossless Intra Compression of Point Cloud Geometry Based on the Silhouette 3d Coder

Alves, L.N.[Luis Nero] Co Author Listing * Complexity reduction methods for fast motion estimation in HEVC
* High speed SAD architectures for variable block size motion estimation in HEVC video coding

Alves, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Optimal Configuration of Omega-Kappa FF-SAR Processing for Specular and Non-Specular Targets in Altimetric Data: The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Study Case

Alves, M.N. Co Author Listing * Assessing the impact of hydrocarbon leakages on vegetation using reflectance spectroscopy
* Change Analysis of the Spectral Characteristics of Rubber Trees at Canopy and Leaf Scales During The Brazilian Autumn
* Determination of changes in leaf and canopy spectra of plants grown in soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons
* Leaf Spectra Changes of Plants Grown in Soils Pre- and Post-Contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Includes: Alves, M.N. Alves, M.N.[Marcos N.]

Alves, M.R.[Marcelo Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Soil Erosion Satellite-Based Estimation in Cropland for Soil Conservation

Alves, P.G.[Pedro G.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Deep and Shallow Features for Multimodal Face Recognition in a Novel RGB-D-IR Dataset, A

Alves, R.A.L. Co Author Listing * Upgrading To Postgis 2.0 In The Brazilian Federal Police Forensics Gis

Alves, R.F.[Rafael F.] Co Author Listing * Bubble Identification Based on High Speed Videometry Data: Algorithm and Validation

Alves, S.S.A.[Shara S.A.] Co Author Listing * bi-directional evaluation-based approach for image retargeting quality assessment, A

Alves, V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Feature Recombination and Recalibration for Semantic Segmentation With Fully Convolutional Networks
* AutoImplant 2020-First MICCAI Challenge on Automatic Cranial Implant Design
* Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks in MRI Images
Includes: Alves, V. Alves, V.[Victor]

Alves, V.M.O. Co Author Listing * Text Line Segmentation in Images of Handwritten Historical Documents

Alves, W.A.L. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System for Automatic Classification of Most Consumed Brazilian Beans, A
* efficient algorithm to update non-flat and incremental attributes in morphological trees, An
* Efficient component-hypertree construction based on hierarchy of partitions
* Efficient incremental computation of attributes based on locally countable patterns in component trees
* Fast and Robust Approach for Touching Grains Segmentation, A
* Image segmentation based on ultimate levelings: From attribute filters to machine learning strategies
* Incremental and Efficient Computation of Families of Component Trees
* Incremental bit-quads count in component trees: Theory, algorithms, and optimization
* Intelligent Vision-Based System Applied to Visual Quality Inspection of Beans, An
* Minimal Component-Hypertrees
* Plant Bounding Box Detection from Desirable Residues of the Ultimate Levelings
* Scale-Space Representation Based on Levelings Through Hierarchies of Level Sets
* Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels Based on Ultimate Elongation Opening
* Ultimate grain filter
* Ultimate Leveling Based on Mumford-Shah Energy Functional Applied to Plant Detection
* Ultimate levelings
Includes: Alves, W.A.L. Alves, W.A.L.[Wonder A.L.] Alves, W.A.L.[Wonder A. L.] Alves, W.A.L.[Wonder Alexandre Luz]
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Alvesf de Almeida, D.R.[Danilo Roberti] Co Author Listing * Individual Tree Attribute Estimation and Uniformity Assessment in Fast-Growing Eucalyptus spp. Forest Plantations Using Lidar and Linear Mixed-Effects Models

Alvestegui, D. .G.G.[D. Gomez Garcia] Co Author Listing * Advanced Multifrequency Radar Instrumentation for Polar Research
* Ultrawideband FMCW Radar for Airborne Measurements of Snow Over Sea Ice and Land
Includes: Alvestegui, D. .G.G.[D. Gomez Garcia] Alvestegui, D. .G.G.[D. Gomez-Garcia] Alvestegui, D. .G.G.[D. Gomez-García]

Alvey, B.[Brendan] Co Author Listing * Simulated Photorealistic Deep Learning Framework and Workflows to Accelerate Computer Vision and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research

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