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* Automatic Classification of Woodcuts and Copperplate Engravings
* CVNodes: A Visual Programming Paradigm for Developing Computer Vision Algorithms
* Depth from Defocus on a Transmissive Diffraction Mask-based Sensor
* Depth Prediction for Monocular Direct Visual Odometry
* Differentiable Mask for Pruning Convolutional and Recurrent Networks
* Domain Adaptation in Crowd Counting
* Domain Generalization via Optical Flow: Training a CNN in a Low-Quality Simulation to Detect Obstacles in the Real World
* Domain Generalization via Universal Non-volume Preserving Approach
* Evaluation of Skid-Steering Kinematic Models for Subarctic Environments
* Gas Prices of America: The Machine-Augmented Crowd-Sourcing Era
* Geometry-Guided Adaptation for Road Segmentation
* Gradient-Based Auto-Exposure Control Applied to a Self-Driving Car
* Histological Image Classification using Deep Features and Transfer Learning
* Image classification by Distortion-Free Graph Embedding and KNN-Random forest
* In-Time 3D Reconstruction and Instance Segmentation from Monocular Sensor Data
* It's Not Just Black and White: Classifying Defendant Mugshots Based on the Multidimensionality of Race and Ethnicity
* Leveraging Temporal Data for Automatic Labelling of Static Vehicles
* MASC-Net: Multi-scale Anisotropic Sparse Convolutional Network for Sparse Depth Densification
* Non-contact Method for Extracting Heart and Respiration Rates, A
* Pre-trained CNNs as Visual Feature Extractors: A Broad Evaluation
* PVF-NET: Point Voxel Fusion 3D Object Detection Framework for Point Cloud
* Real-time Motion Planning for Robotic Teleoperation Using Dynamic-goal Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Recognizing and Tracking High-Level, Human-Meaningful Navigation Features of Occupancy Grid Maps
* Simultaneous Demosaicing and Chromatic Aberration Correction through Spectral Reconstruction
* Single-Stage End-to-End Temporal Activity Detection in Untrimmed Videos
* SpotNet: Self-Attention Multi-Task Network for Object Detection
* TimeConvNets: A Deep Time Windowed Convolution Neural Network Design for Real-time Video Facial Expression Recognition
* Towards End-to-end Learning of Visual Inertial Odometry with an EKF
* Towards Richer 3D Reference Maps in Urban Scenes
* Tree bark re-identification using a deep-learning feature descriptor
* Unsupervised depth prediction from monocular sequences: Improving performances through instance segmentation
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CRV21 * *CRV
* 2LSPE: 2D Learnable Sinusoidal Positional Encoding using Transformer for Scene Text Recognition
* Accurate outdoor ground truth based on total stations
* Building Facades to Normal Maps: Adversarial Learning from Single View Images
* Building Height Estimation using Street-View Images, Deep-Learning, Contour Processing, and Geospatial Data
* Deep Koopman Representation for Control over Images (DKRCI)
* Enhanced U-Net: A Feature Enhancement Network for Polyp Segmentation
* Few-Shot Learning by Integrating Spatial and Frequency Representation
* Improved Point Transformation Methods For Self-Supervised Depth Prediction
* Improving state-of-the-art in Detecting Student Engagement with Resnet and TCN Hybrid Network
* LIDAR Scan Registration Robust to Extreme Motions
* Mobile Manipulation in Unknown Environments with Differential Inverse Kinematics Control
* Multi-Resolution and Multi-Domain Analysis of Off-Road Datasets for Autonomous Driving
* new geometric approach for three view line reconstruction and motion estimation in Manhattan Scenes, A
* PathBench: A Benchmarking Platform for Classical and Learned Path Planning Algorithms
* Preservation of High Frequency Content for Deep Learning-Based Medical Image Classification
* RADDet: Range-Azimuth-Doppler based Radar Object Detection for Dynamic Road Users
* Relatively Lazy: Indoor-Outdoor Navigation Using Vision and GNSS
* Robotic Object Manipulation with Full-Trajectory GAN-Based Imitation Learning
* Self-Calibration of the Offset Between GPS and Semantic Map Frames for Robust Localization
* Sequential Fusion via Bounding Box and Motion PointPainting for 3D Objection Detection
* SGNet: A Super-class Guided Network for Image Classification and Object Detection
* To Keystone or Not to Keystone, that is the Correction
* Uncertainty-Aware Policy Sampling and Mixing for Safe Interactive Imitation Learning
* Waypoint Planning Networks
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