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Venkanna, M.[Mood] Co Author Listing * Design of filter for image de-noising using discrete wavelet transform for ASIP

Venkanna, U. Co Author Listing * Iris Liveness Detection Using Fusion of Domain-Specific Multiple BSIF and DenseNet Features

Venkat Shesu, R. Co Author Listing * Coastal Ocean Observing Network: Open Source Architecture for Data Management and Web-based Data Services

Venkat, A. Co Author Listing * HumanMeshNet: Polygonal Mesh Recovery of Humans

Venkat, I. Co Author Listing * Adaptive face modelling for reconstructing 3D face shapes from single 2D images
* Analytical Curvature B-Spline Algorithm for Effective Curve Modeling, An
* Computer-aided superimposition via reconstructing and matching 3D faces to 3D skulls for forensic craniofacial identifications
* Distance-Based 3D Face Reconstruction Using Regularization
* General Human Traits Oriented Generic Elastic Model for 3D Face Reconstruction
* Impact of Bio-Inspired Approaches Toward the Advancement of Face Recognition, The
* Membrane Computing Model for Generation of Picture Arrays, A
* P System Model for Contextual Array Languages, A
* Psychophysically Inspired Bayesian Occlusion Model to Recognize Occluded Faces
* Recognizing occluded faces by exploiting psychophysically inspired similarity maps
* Robust Gait Recognition by Learning and Exploiting Sub-gait Characteristics
Includes: Venkat, I. Venkat, I.[Ibrahim]
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Venkat, N.[Naveen] Co Author Listing * Class-incremental Domain Adaptation
* Plug-And-Pipeline: Efficient Regularization for Single-Step Adversarial Training
* Towards Inheritable Models for Open-Set Domain Adaptation
* Universal Source-Free Domain Adaptation

Venkata, P.P.K. Co Author Listing * Automated maze solving using fluid mechanics based numerical approach

Venkata, S.L.[Srikanth L.] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Retrievals from CALIPSO Lidar Ocean Surface Returns

Venkata, U.S.[Udaya Sameer] Co Author Listing * Eliminating the effects of illumination condition in feature based camera model identification

Venkata, V.S.R. Co Author Listing * Micro-Baseline Structured Light

Venkatachalam, S. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Programming Approach for Electric Vehicle Charging Network Design, A
* Two-Stage Stochastic Choice Modeling Approach for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network Design in Urban Communities
Includes: Venkatachalam, S. Venkatachalam, S.[Saravanan]

Venkatachalam, V. Co Author Listing * Image Classification Using Pseudo Power Signatures

Venkatachalapathy, A.[Archana] Co Author Listing * 6th AI City Challenge, The
* Driver Head Pose Detection From Naturalistic Driving Data
* Survey on Driver Behavior Analysis From In-Vehicle Cameras, A

Venkatachalapathy, K. Co Author Listing * new adaptive search strategy for fast block based motion estimation algorithms, A

Venkatakrishnan, P. Co Author Listing * Detection of quadratic phase coupling from human EEG signals using higher order statistics and spectra

Venkatakrishnan, S.[Singanallur] Co Author Listing * Ringing Artifact Reduction Method for Ultrasound Reconstruction Using Multi-Agent Consensus Equilibrium
* Simurgh: A Framework for CAD-Driven Deep Learning Based X-Ray CT Reconstruction

Venkatakrishnan, S.V. Co Author Listing * Algorithm-Driven Advances for Scientific CT Instruments: From Model-Based to Deep Learning-Based Approaches
* Autonomous Polycrystalline Material Decomposition For Hyperspectral Neutron Tomography
* Deep Learning Based Workflow for Accelerated Industrial X-Ray Computed Tomography
* Model Based Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm For High Angle Annular Dark Field-Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (HAADF-STEM) Tomography, A
* Multi-Resolution Data Fusion for Super-Resolution Electron Microscopy
* Robust X-Ray Phase Ptycho-Tomography
* Rotationally-invariant non-local means for image denoising and tomography
Includes: Venkatakrishnan, S.V. Venkatakrishnan, S.V.[Singanallur V.]
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Venkatappa, M.[Manjunatha] Co Author Listing * Determination of Vegetation Thresholds for Assessing Land Use and Land Use Changes in Cambodia using the Google Earth Engine Cloud-Computing Platform

Venkataramaiyer, R.B. Co Author Listing * Can I teach a robot to replicate a line art
* SHAD3S: A model to Sketch, Shade and Shadow
Includes: Venkataramaiyer, R.B. Venkataramaiyer, R.B.[Raghav Brahmadesam]

Venkataramam, K. Co Author Listing * Spatial frequency domain image processing for biometric recognition

Venkataraman, A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Community Detection in the Space of Group-Level Functional Differences
* From Connectivity Models to Region Labels: Identifying Foci of a Neurological Disorder
* Fusion Approaches to Predict Post-stroke Aphasia Severity from Multimodal Neuroimaging Data
* Joint Modeling of Anatomical and Functional Connectivity for Population Studies
* Optimized Diffusion Imaging for Brain Structural Connectome Analysis
* Robust feature selection in resting-state fMRI connectivity based on population studies
* Spatio-Temporal Model of Seizure Propagation in Focal Epilepsy, A
Includes: Venkataraman, A. Venkataraman, A.[Archana] Venkataraman, A.[Arun]
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Venkataraman, D. Co Author Listing * Automated lung cancer detection by the analysis of glandular cells in sputum cytology images using scale space features

Venkataraman, G. Co Author Listing * Capability Assessment of Fully Polarimetric ALOS-PALSAR Data for Discriminating Wet Snow From Other Scattering Types in Mountainous Regions

Venkataraman, K. Co Author Listing * Deep Polarization Cues for Transparent Object Segmentation

Venkataraman, M. Co Author Listing * Fast blind inverse halftoning
* Use of Collateral Text in Image Interpretation
Includes: Venkataraman, M. Venkataraman, M.[Mahesh]

Venkataraman, S.[Swaminathan] Co Author Listing * Central hubs prediction for bio networks by directed hypergraph: GA with validation to COVID-19 PPI
* Fuzzy Approach to Region of Interest Coding in JPEG 2000 for Automatic Target Recognition Applications from High-Resolution Satellite Images, A
* Nonseparable orthogonal linear phase perfect reconstruction filter banks and their application to image compression
Includes: Venkataraman, S.[Swaminathan] Venkataraman, S.[Sarma] Venkataraman, S.

Venkataraman, S.R.[Sai Raam] Co Author Listing * Can you even tell left from right? Presenting a new challenge for VQA

Venkataraman, V.[Vijay] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Kalman Filtering for Histogram-Based Appearance Learning in Infrared Imagery
* Appearance learning by adaptive Kalman filters for FLIR tracking
* Attractor-Shape for Dynamical Analysis of Human Movement: Applications in Stroke Rehabilitation and Action Recognition
* Dynamical Regularity for Action Analysis
* Generalized Lyapunov Feature for Dynamical Systems on Riemannian Manifolds, A
* Generative Graphical Models for Maneuvering Object Tracking and Dynamics Analysis
* Integrated target tracking and recognition via joint appearance-motion generative models
* Joint target tracking and recognition using view and identity manifolds
* Object color propagation in an unregistered distributed video sensor network
* Persistent homology of attractors for action recognition
* Perturbation Robust Representations of Topological Persistence Diagrams
* RelCom: Relational combinatorics features for rapid object detection
* Riemannian Framework for Statistical Analysis of Topological Persistence Diagrams, A
* Shape Distributions of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems for Video-Based Inference
* Target Tracking with Online Feature Selection in FLIR Imagery
Includes: Venkataraman, V.[Vijay] Venkataraman, V.[Vinay] Venkataraman, V.
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Venkataraman, V.B.[Vijay Bhaskar] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Boosted and Adaptive Particle Filters for Affine-Invariant Target Detection and Tracking, A
* Multi-aspect Target Tracking in Image Sequences Using Particle Filters

Venkataramana, A. Co Author Listing * Fast Computation of Inverse Krawtchouk Moment Transform using Clenshaw's Recurrence Formula
* Recursive Computation of Forward Krawtchouk Moment Transform Using Clenshaw's Recurrence Formula

Venkataramana, K.B.[Kini B.] Co Author Listing * Large margin AR model for time series classification

Venkataramanan, A.[Aishwarya] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Latent Representations for Uncertainty Estimation using Mahalanobis Distance in Deep Classifiers
* Tackling Inter-class Similarity and Intra-class Variance for Microscopic Image-Based Classification

Venkataramanan, A.K.[Abhinau K.] Co Author Listing * Funque: Fusion of Unified Quality Evaluators
* One Transform to Compute Them All: Efficient Fusion-Based Full-Reference Video Quality Assessment
* Study of Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of HDR Videos, A

Venkataramanan, S.[Shashanka] Co Author Listing * AlignMixup: Improving Representations By Interpolating Aligned Features
* Attention Guided Anomaly Localization in Images
* Target Detection in Cluttered Environments Using Infra-Red Images
Includes: Venkataramanan, S.[Shashanka] Venkataramanan, S.

Venkataramani, B. Co Author Listing * Automation techniques for implementation of hybrid wave-pipelined 2D DWT

Venkataramani, K. Co Author Listing * Automated blood vessel extraction in two-dimensional breast thermography
* Face Authentication from Cell Phone Camera Images with Illumination and Temporal Variations
* Face Recognition Using Asymmetric Faces
* Fingerprint Verification Using Correlation Filters
* Image quality quantification for fingerprints using quality-impairment assessment
Includes: Venkataramani, K. Venkataramani, K.[Krithika]

Venkataramani, R.[Rahul] Co Author Listing * Causal Feature Alignment: Learning to Ignore Spurious Background Features
* Further results on spectrum blind sampling of 2D signals
Includes: Venkataramani, R.[Rahul] Venkataramani, R.

Venkataramaniah, K. Co Author Listing * Extracting Micro-Doppler Radar Signatures From Rotating Targets Using Fourier-Bessel Transform and Time-Frequency Analysis
* Separation of nonstationary signals using Fourier Bessel, fractional Fourier and time-frequency analysis

Venkataratnam, L. Co Author Listing * Textural analysis of IRS-1D panchromatic data for land cover classification

Venkatash, S.K. Co Author Listing * Construction of a linear unbiased diffeomorphic probabilistic liver atlas from CT images

Venkatasubramanian, K.K.[Krishna K.] Co Author Listing * Authentication-Based on Biomechanics of Finger Movements Captured Using Optical Motion-Capture

Venkatasubramanian, S.[Suresh] Co Author Listing * Curve Matching, Time Warping, and Light Fields: New Algorithms for Computing Similarity between Curves
* Robust statistics on Riemannian manifolds via the geometric median

Venkatasubramanian, V. Co Author Listing * Chaos UWB Radar for Through-the-Wall Imaging

Venkatchalam, R.V. Co Author Listing * Evaluation Of Catrosat 1pan Stereo And Resourcesat Liss 4 Mss Merged Data For Morphometric Analysis, Delineation Of Drainage Basins And Codification In Tamil Nadu, India And Australia
* Monitoring Environment With Gis For Part Of Thiruvallur Town Using Cartosat 1 Stereo, Pan & Resourcesat Liss 4 Mss Merged Data

Venkategowda, N.K.D.[Naveen K. D.] Co Author Listing * Joint Transmit and Reflective Beamformer Design for Secure Estimation in IRS-Aided WSNs
* Optimal Minimum Variance Distortionless Precoding (MVDP) for Decentralized Estimation in MIMO Wireless Sensor Networks
* Precoding for Robust Decentralized Estimation in Coherent-MAC-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
* Privacy-Preserving Distributed Maximum Consensus
Includes: Venkategowda, N.K.D.[Naveen K. D.] Venkategowda, N.K.D.

Venkatesan, A.[Aarthi] Co Author Listing * How Accurate Is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data-Based Model Applied on Satellite Imagery for Chlorophyll-a Estimation in Freshwater Bodies?
* integrated feature frame work for automated segmentation of COVID-19 infection from lung CT images, An
Includes: Venkatesan, A.[Aarthi] Venkatesan, A.[Arunachalam]

Venkatesan, A.S.P.[A.S. Prasanna] Co Author Listing * Shuffle on Trajectories over Finite Array Languages

Venkatesan, B. Co Author Listing * Inspection of faults in textile web materials using wavelets and ANFIS

Venkatesan, R.[Ragav] Co Author Listing * d-SNE: Domain Adaptation Using Stochastic Neighborhood Embedding
* Image Watermarking with Better Resilience
* Magnetic resonance scan-time reduction using echo prediction
* On the generality of neural image features
* Robust Image Hashing
* Robust perceptual image hashing via matrix invariants
* Role of High-Resolution in Magnetic-Resonance (MR) Imaging: Applications to MR-Angiography, Intracranial T-1-Weighted Imaging, and Image Interpolation
* Seasonal and Tidal Variability of Surface Currents in the Western Andaman Sea Using HF Radars and Buoy Observations During 2016-2017
* Simpler Non-Parametric Methods Provide as Good or Better Results to Multiple-Instance Learning
* SMAC: A VLSI Architecture for Scene Matching
* Video-Based Self-positioning for Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications
* VLSI architecture for hierarchical scene matching, A
Includes: Venkatesan, R.[Ragav] Venkatesan, R. Venkatesan, R.[Ramesh] Venkatesan, R.[Ramasamy]
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Venkatesan, S.[Subramanian] Co Author Listing * Linkable Privacy-Preserving Scheme for Location-Based Services

Venkatesh Babu, R. Co Author Listing * Object Category Understanding via Eye Fixations on Freehand Sketches

Venkatesh, A.[Aashish] Co Author Listing * Adding Object Detection Skills to Visual Dialogue Agents
* Generating Accurate Pseudo-Labels in Semi-Supervised Learning and Avoiding Overconfident Predictions via Hermite Polynomial Activations
Includes: Venkatesh, A.[Aashish] Venkatesh, A.

Venkatesh, G.[Ganesh] Co Author Listing * Learning Dynamic Network Using a Reuse Gate Function in Semi-supervised Video Object Segmentation
* Temporally Consistent Online Depth Estimation in Dynamic Scenes

Venkatesh, G.M. Co Author Listing * Utilising Visual Attention Cues for Vehicle Detection and Tracking

Venkatesh, K.[Krishna] Co Author Listing * Decoding the Dynamics of Climate Change Impact: Temporal Patterns of Surface Warming and Melting on the Nivlisen Ice Shelf, Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica

Venkatesh, K.S. Co Author Listing * Activity Discovery from Surveillance Videos
* Activity Discovery Using Compressed Suffix Trees
* Combining Edge and Color Features for Tracking Partially Occluded Humans
* Deep Attributes for One-Shot Face Recognition
* Dehazing of color image using stochastic enhancement
* Depth Map Estimation Using Defocus and Motion Cues
* Efficient occlusion handling for multiple agent tracking by reasoning with surveillance event primitives
* Entire frame image display employing monotonic convergent nonnegative matrix factorization
* Fast and efficient computation of stereo depth maps
* Fourier shape-frequency words for actions
* Human pose estimation in surveillance videos using temporal continuity on static pose
* Image retrieval using dictionary similarity measure
* Improved scene capture in unfavorable lighting conditions
* Motion Estimation from Motion Smear: A System Identification Approach
* Multiscale Co-linearity Statistic Based Approach to Robust Background Modeling, A
* Novel Representations, Techniques and Error Evaluation for 3D Reconstruction
* Objects from Animacy: Joint Discovery in Shape and Haar Feature Space
* Occlusion Resistant Network for 3D Face Reconstruction
* Realtime dehazing using colour uniformity principle
* Simultaneous Estimation of Defocus and Motion Blurs From Single Image Using Equivalent Gaussian Representation
* Spatio-temporal Discovery: Appearance + Behavior = Agent
* Spatio-temporal multi-view synthesis for free viewpoint television
* True Zoom with Cylindrical Light Field System
* U-DADA: Unsupervised Deep Action Domain Adaptation
* Video stabilization using regularity of energy flow
* Visual Saliency Detection Using Spatiotemporal Decomposition
Includes: Venkatesh, K.S. Venkatesh, K.S.[K. Subramanian]
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Venkatesh, M.S. Co Author Listing * flexible architecture for multi-view 3DTV based on uncalibrated cameras, A

Venkatesh, M.V.[M. Vijay] Co Author Listing * Efficient Object-Based Video Inpainting
* Eye tracking based perceptual image inpainting quality analysis
* Symmetric Shape Completion Under Severe Occlusions
Includes: Venkatesh, M.V.[M. Vijay] Venkatesh, M.V.

Venkatesh, N. Co Author Listing * Human Electrocardiogram for Biometrics Using DTW and FLDA

Venkatesh, P.[Prashanth] Co Author Listing * HUMBI: A Large Multiview Dataset of Human Body Expressions
* Memory Guided Road Segmentation
Includes: Venkatesh, P.[Prashanth] Venkatesh, P.[Praveen]

Venkatesh, R.[Rahul] Co Author Listing * Adversarial robustness in discontinuous spaces via alternating sampling and descent
* Application of Remote Sensing and Google Earth Engine for Monitoring Environmental Degradation In the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and Its Ecosystem of Western Ghats, India
* Automatic left ventricle segmentation via edge-shape feature-based fully convolutional neural network
* Deep Implicit Surface Point Prediction Networks
* Eco-environmental Vulnerability Zonation In Essence of Environmental Monitoring and Management
* Google Earth Engine Based Agricultural Drought Monitoring in Kodavanar Watershed, Part of Amaravathi Basin, Tamil Nadu, India
* Unsupervised Segmentation in Real-World Images via Spelke Object Inference
Includes: Venkatesh, R.[Rahul] Venkatesh, R.
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Venkatesh, R.M.[Rahul Mysore] Co Author Listing * Appearance Consensus Driven Self-supervised Human Mesh Recovery
* Class-incremental Domain Adaptation
* Unsupervised Cross-modal Alignment for Multi-person 3d Pose Estimation

Venkatesh, S.[Svetha] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Venkatesh, S.[Svetha]:
* Activity Recognition and Abnormality Detection with the Switching Hidden Semi-Markov Model
* AdaBoost.MRF: Boosted Markov Random Forests and Application to Multilevel Activity Recognition
* Adaptive speech enhancement with varying noise backgrounds
* Affect computing in film through sound energy dynamics
* Affective and Content Analysis of Online Depression Communities
* Application of Agent-Oriented Techniques to Symbolic Matching and Object Recognition, An
* Autism Blogs: Expressed Emotion, Language Styles and Concerns in Personal and Community Settings
* Automatic Fitting of a Deformable Face Mask Using a Single Image
* Automatic Genre Identification for Content-based Video Categorization
* Automatically learning structural units in educational videos with the hierarchical hidden markov models
* Bayesian Nonparametric Framework for Activity Recognition Using Accelerometer Data, A
* Black-Box Few-Shot Knowledge Distillation
* Boosting performance for 2D Linear Discriminant Analysis via regression
* CCTV Scene Perspective Distortion Estimation From Low-Level Motion Features
* Classifying and Detecting Group Behaviour from Visual Surveillance Data
* Clustering by Maximizing Mutual Information Across Views
* Collaborative Representation of Statistically Independent Filters' Response: An Application to Face Recognition Under Illicit Drug Abuse Alterations
* Combining Image Regions and Human Activity for Indirect Object Recognition in Indoor Wide-Angle Views
* Combining multiple tracking algorithms for improved general performance
* Combining NL Processing and Video Data to Query American Football
* Connectivity, Online Social Capital, and Mood: A Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis
* Context aware privacy in visual surveillance
* Detecting Morphed Face Attacks Using Residual Noise from Deep Multi-scale Context Aggregation Network
* Detection of Curved Edges at Subpixel Accuracy Using Deformable Models
* Detection of Dynamic Background Due to Swaying Movements From Motion Features
* Discovery of Activity Structures using the Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model
* Distributed Audio Network for Speech Enhancement in Challenging Noise Backgrounds
* Dual-frame spatio-temporal feature modulation for video enhancement
* Dynamic Privacy in Public Surveillance
* Dynamic Threshold Determination by Local and Global Edge Evaluation
* Early Jump-Out Corner Detectors
* Edge Detection is a Projection
* Edge Evaluation Using Necessary Components
* Efficient Algorithms for Robust Recovery of Images From Compressed Data
* Efficient algorithms for subwindow search in object detection and localization
* Efficient and accurate set-based registration of time-separated aerial images
* Efficient Cross-validation of the Complete Two Stages in KFD Classifier Formulation
* Efficient duration and hierarchical modeling for human activity recognition
* Efficient Least Common Subgraph Algorithm for Video Indexing, An
* Efficient subwindow search with submodular score functions
* Efficient tensor based face recognition
* Emerging hypothesis verification using function-based geometric models and active vision strategies
* Expected Hypervolume Improvement with Constraints
* Exploiting Monge structures in optimum subwindow search
* Exploiting side information in locality preserving projection
* Extracting Natural Scales Using Fourier Descriptors
* Face Presentation Attack Detection by Exploring Spectral Signatures
* Face Recognition Using Kernel Ridge Regression
* Factor Screening using Bayesian Active Learning and Gaussian Process Meta-Modelling
* Fast cross-validation algorithms for least squares support vector machine and kernel ridge regression
* Fast Extension for Sparse Representation on Robust Face Recognition, A
* Fast Model-based Policy Search for Universal Policy Networks
* Faster training of very deep networks via p-norm gates
* Finding The Beat: An Analysis Of The Rhythmic Elements Of Motion Pictures
* Fingervein Verification using Convolutional Multi-Head Attention Network
* Graph Memory Networks for Molecular Activity Prediction
* Guiding Visual Question Answering with Attention Priors
* Handwritten Signature and Text based User Verification using Smartwatch
* Hierarchical Conditional Relation Networks for Multimodal Video Question Answering
* Hierarchical Conditional Relation Networks for Video Question Answering
* Hierarchical monitoring of people's behaviors in complex environments using multiple cameras
* Hierarchical recognition of intentional human gestures for sports video annotation
* Horror film genre typing and scene labeling via audio analysis
* Human action segmentation via controlled use of missing data in HMMs
* Human Behavior Recognition with Generic Exponential Family Duration Modeling in the Hidden Semi-Markov Model
* Hyperparameter tuning for big data using Bayesian optimisation
* Hypothesis Verification Using Parametric Models and Active Vision Strategies
* Improved ear verification after surgery-An approach based on collaborative representation of locally competitive features
* Improved Image Recovery From Compressed Data Contaminated With Impulsive Noise
* Improved subspace clustering via exploitation of spatial constraints
* Insect Inspired Behaviours for the Autonomous Control of Mobile Robots
* Insect-Based Approach to Robotic Homing, An
* Investigation into the Use of Physical Modeling for the Prediction of Various Feature Types Visible from Different Viewpoints, An
* Joint learning and dictionary construction for pattern recognition
* Knowledge Graph Embedding with Multiple Relation Projections
* Learn to Unlearn for Deep Neural Networks: Minimizing Unlearning Interference with Gradient Projection
* Learning and Detecting Activities from Movement Trajectories Using the Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models
* Learning Asynchronous and Sparse Human-Object Interaction in Videos
* Learning in imbalanced relational data
* Learning Regularity in Skeleton Trajectories for Anomaly Detection in Videos
* Local energy and pre-envelope
* Local energy, the pre-envelope, and filter resolution
* Low-cost Interactive Active Monocular Range Finder
* Low-cost interactive active range finder
* MCNC: Multi-Channel Nonparametric Clustering from heterogeneous data
* Media Computing
* Memorizing Normality to Detect Anomaly: Memory-Augmented Deep Autoencoder for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
* Mixed-norm sparse representation for multi view face recognition
* Model-based character recognition in low resolution
* Model-based combined tracking and resolution enhancement
* Modeling Edges at Subpixel Accuracy Using the Local Energy Approach
* Multi-class Pattern Classification in Imbalanced Data
* Multi-modal abnormality detection in video with unknown data segmentation
* Multi-patch deep sparse histograms for iris recognition in visible spectrum using collaborative subspace for robust verification
* Multi-View Subspace Clustering for Face Images
* Multi-weather Image Restoration via Domain Translation
* Multiple adverse effects prediction in longitudinal cancer treatment
* Multispectral Imaging for Differential Face Morphing Attack Detection: A Preliminary Study
* Neighborhood coherence and edge based approaches to film scene extraction
* New enhancements to cut, fade, and dissolve detection processes in video segmentation
* New Multi-spectral Iris Acquisition Sensor for Biometric Verification and Presentation Attack Detection, A
* nonparametric Bayesian Poisson gamma model for count data, A
* Nonparametric Discovery of Learning Patterns and Autism Subgroups from Therapeutic Data
* Nonparametric discovery of movement patterns from accelerometer signals
* Observation-Switching Linear Dynamic Systems for Tracking Humans Through Unexpected Partial Occlusions by Scene Objects
* Obtaining functional parametric models using active vision strategies
* On the Classification of Image Features
* On the Incremental Learning and Recognition of the Pattern of Movement of Multiple Labelled Objects in Dynamic Scenes
* Optimal metric selection for improved multi-pose face recognition with group information
* Passenger monitoring in moving bus video
* Pedestrian detection for mobile bus surveillance
* Persistent-Transient Duality in Human Behavior Modeling
* Persistent-Transient Duality: A Multi-mechanism Approach for Modeling Human-Object Interaction
* Policy recognition in the abstract hidden markov model
* Probablistic Framework for Tracking in Wide-area Environments, A
* Qualitative Estimation of Camera Motion Parameters from Video Sequences
* Recognising and monitoring high-level behaviours in complex spatial environments
* Recognising Behaviours of Multiple People with Hierarchical Probabilistic Model and Statistical Data Association
* Recognising faces in unseen modes: A tensor based approach
* Recognising online spatial activities using a bioinformatics inspired sequence alignment approach
* ReGenMorph: Visibly Realistic GAN Generated Face Morphing Attacks by Attack Re-generation
* Regularizing Topic Discovery in EMRs with Side Information by Using Hierarchical Bayesian Models
* Removal of abdominal wall for 3D visualization and segmentation of organs in CT volume
* Resequencing of Video Using Spatial Indexing
* Resolution Consideration in Spatially Variant Sensors
* Ridge Regression for Two Dimensional Locality Preserving Projection
* Robust learning of discriminative projection for multicategory classification on the Stiefel manifold
* Robust Recognition and Segmentation of Human Actions Using HMMs with Missing Observations
* Scene extraction in motion pictures
* Smith-Waterman Local Alignment Approach for Spatial Activity Recognition, A
* Spatial Indexing for Video Databases
* Spatial Reasoning Via Active Observation
* Stabilizing the Camera to Fixation Point Distance in Active Vision
* Stable clinical prediction using graph support vector machines
* Study on Smoothing for Particle-Filtered 3D Human Body Tracking, A
* Temporal PDMs for gait classification
* Towards Automatic Extraction of Expressive Elements from Motion Pictures: Tempo
* Towards Effective and Robust Neural Trojan Defenses via Input Filtering
* Towards generalized morphing attack detection by learning residuals
* Tracking in a Space Variant Active Vision System
* Tracking-as-Recognition for Articulated Full-Body Human Motion Analysis
* Transfer learning for rare cancer problems via Discriminative Sparse Gaussian Graphical model
* Transferable Deep-CNN Features for Detecting Digital and Print-Scanned Morphed Face Images
* Two Maximum Entropy-Based Algorithms for Running Quantile Estimation in Nonstationary Data Streams
* Uncertainty Aware System Identification with Universal Policies
* unified 2D-3D video scene change detection framework for mobile camera platforms, A
* Unified formulation of linear discriminant analysis methods and optimal parameter selection
* unified tensor framework for face recognition, A
* Unifying Background Models over Complex Audio using Entropy
* Use of Log Polar Space for Foveation and Feature Recognition
* Video Anomaly Identification
* Video indexing and similarity retrieval by largest common subgraph detection using decision trees
* Video Restoration Framework and Its Meta-adaptations to Data-Poor Conditions
* Video sequence matching via decision tree path following
* Visual Object Clustering via Mixed-Norm Regularization
* You Tube and I Find Personalizing Multimedia Content Access
Includes: Venkatesh, S.[Svetha] Venkatesh, S. Venkatesh, S.[Sushma] Venkatesh, S.[Svertha] Venkatesh, S.[Sudhakar]
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Venkatesh, S.K.[Sudhakar K.] Co Author Listing * 3D segmentation of soft organs by flipping-free mesh deformation
* Local Gabor Phase Quantization Scheme for Robust Leaf Classification
Includes: Venkatesh, S.K.[Sudhakar K.] Venkatesh, S.K.

Venkatesh, S.S. Co Author Listing * Asymptotic predictions of the finite-sample risk of the k-nearest-neighbor classifier
* Learning-Pattern Classification: A Survey
* On reliable computation with formal neurons

Venkatesh, V.[Varun] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Desmoking of Laparoscopy Images Using Multi-scale Desmokenet

Venkatesh, Y.V. Co Author Listing * Colour image segmentation using the self-organizing map and adaptive resonance theory
* Deblurring Gaussian blur using a wavelet array transform
* Deciphering layered meaning in gestures
* Digital Color Reproduction on Color Television Monitors
* Distribution of Black Nodes at Various Levels in a Linear Quadtree
* Encoding and recognition of faces based on the human visual model and DCT
* Facial expression recognition using radial encoding of local Gabor features and classifier synthesis
* Generalized Hermite polynomials for image reconstruction from zero crossing contours
* Human Facial Expression Recognition using a 3D Morphable Model
* Image Representation Using Vector Wavelets
* integrated automatic face detection and recognition system, An
* Medical image reconstruction from sparse samples using Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Optimization
* Multiple contour extraction from graylevel images using an artificial neural network
* novel approach to classification of facial expressions from 3D-mesh datasets using modified PCA, A
* On the Application of a Modified Self-Organizing Neural Network to Estimate Stereo Disparity
* On the classification of multispectral satellite images using the multilayer perceptron
* On the simultaneous recognition of identity and expression from BU-3DFE datasets
* Resampling Approach to Facial Expression Recognition Using 3D Meshes
* Segmentation of color images using a two-stage self-organizing network
* Self-Organizing Neural Networks Based on Spatial Isomorphism for Active Contour Modeling
* Shape recognition using an invariant pulse code and a hierarchical, competitive neural network
* Surface Reconstruction from Disparate Shading: An Integration of Shape-from-Shading and Stereopsis
* Understanding gestures with systematic variations in movement dynamics
Includes: Venkatesh, Y.V. Venkatesh, Y.V.[Yedatore V.]
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Venkatesha, M.K. Co Author Listing * Application of Continuous Dynamic Programming, An
* approach for on-line signature authentication using Zernike moments, An
* Iris and Signature Authentication Using Continuous Dynamic Programming
* On-line signature authentication using Zernike moments

Venkatesha, S.[Sharath] Co Author Listing * Human Activity Recognition Using Local Shape Descriptors
* Low-Noise Fluttering Shutter Camera Handling Accelerated Motion, A
* Motion aware motion invariance
* Motion invariance and custom blur from lens motion
* Temporally Coded Illumination for Rolling Shutter Motion De-blurring
Includes: Venkatesha, S.[Sharath] Venkatesha, S.

Venkatesha, Y.[Yeshwanth] Co Author Listing * Activation Density Driven Efficient Pruning in Training
* Exploring Lottery Ticket Hypothesis in Spiking Neural Networks
* Neural Architecture Search for Spiking Neural Networks

Venkateshc, S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian nonparametric Multiple Instance Regression

Venkateshkumar, S.K. Co Author Listing * Latent Hierarchical Part Based Models for Road Scene Understanding

Venkatesth, Y.V. Co Author Listing * integrated face detection and recognition system, An

Venkateswar, V. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection and Linear Feature Extraction Using a 2-D Random Field Model
* Edge Detection Using the Directional Derivatives of a Space Varying Correlated Random Field Model
* Extraction of Straight Lines in Aerial Images
* Framework for Interpretation of Aerial Images, A
* Hierarchical Approach to Detection of Buildings in Aerial Images, A
* Hierarchical Feature Based Matching for Motion Correspondence
* Hierarchical Representation, Matching and Search for Some Computer Vision Problems
* Hierarchical Stereo and Motion Correspondence Using Feature Groupings
* Hierarchical Stereo Matching Using Feature Grouping
9 for Venkateswar, V.

Venkateswara, H.[Hemanth] Co Author Listing * Deep active learning for image classification
* Deep Hashing Network for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Deep-Learning Systems for Domain Adaptation in Computer Vision: Learning Transferable Feature Representations
* Generative Alignment of Posterior Probabilities for Source-free Domain Adaptation
* Leveraging Seen and Unseen Semantic Relationships for Generative Zero-shot Learning
* Multi-Label Deep Active Learning with Label Correlation
* Nonlinear Embedding Transform for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Includes: Venkateswara, H.[Hemanth] Venkateswara, H.
7 for Venkateswara, H.

Venkateswaran, A. Co Author Listing * On Ordering Color Maps for Lossless Predictive Coding

Venkateswaran, N. Co Author Listing * Exploring Techniques to Improve Activity Recognition using Human Pose Skeletons

Venkateswaran, V.[Vanitha] Co Author Listing * Study on Effective Segmentation Network in MRI Images for Diagnosis of Brain Tumor, A

Venkateswarlu, N.B. Co Author Listing * Fast ISODATA clustering algorithms
* Implementation of Some Image Thresholding Algorithms on a Connection Machine-200
* New segmentation techniques for document image analysis
* Some further results of three stage ML classification applied to remotely sensed images
* Three stage ML classifier

Venkateswarlu, R. Co Author Listing * Coplanar light sweep-surface supported uncalibrated photometric stereo
* Corner detection of gray level images using gabor wavelets
* Determining pose of a human face from a single monocular image
* EM Enhancement of 3D Head Pose Estimated by Perspective Invariance
* Estimating the eye gaze from one eye
* Eye gaze estimation from a single image of one eye
* Face Tracking and Recognition from Stereo Sequence
* feature-based matching scheme: MPCD and robust matching strategy, A
* Framework of 2D Fisher Discriminant Analysis: Application to Face Recognition with Small Number of Training Samples, A
* Fusion of Appearance and Depth Information for Face Recognition
* Multiscale contour corner detection based on local natural scale and wavelet transform
* Multiscale corner detection for gray level images using Plessey method
* Multiscale Corner Detection of Gray Level Images Based on Log-Gabor Wavelet Transform
* Pose for Fusing Infrared and Visible-Spectrum Imagery
* Registration of infra-red and visible-spectrum imagery for face recognition
* Stereo head/face detection and tracking
Includes: Venkateswarlu, R. Venkateswarlu, R.[Ronda]
16 for Venkateswarlu, R.

Venkatraghavan, V.[Vikram] Co Author Listing * Generic framework for organ localization in CT and MR images

Venkatram, N. Co Author Listing * Development and performance evaluation of enhanced image dehazing method using deep learning networks
* survey on analysis and implementation of state-of-the-art haze removal techniques, A

Venkatraman, D. Co Author Listing * Shadow-less segmentation of moving humans from surveillance video sequences
* Video object error coding method based on compressive sensing

Venkatraman, M.[Mahesh] Co Author Listing * email: Venkatraman, M.[Mahesh]: mahesh AT cedar buffalo edu
* Constrained gradient descent algorithm for residual vector quantizer design
* Using Speech Input for Image Interpretation and Annotation
* Very-low-bit-rate video coding using quadtree decomposition and cache-based vector quantization
* Zero crossings of a non-orthogonal wavelet transform for object location
Includes: Venkatraman, M.[Mahesh] Venkatraman, M.

Venkatraman, S.[Swaminathan] Co Author Listing * novel computational knowledge-base framework for visualization and quantification of geospatial metadata in spatial data infrastructures, A
* Partly First Among Equals: Semantic Part-Based Benchmarking for State-of-the-Art Object Recognition Systems
Includes: Venkatraman, S.[Swaminathan] Venkatraman, S.[Shanthakumar]

Venkatraman, V. Co Author Listing * Classification of focal and non focal EEG using entropies
* SHREC'10 Track: Protein Model Classification

Venkatrao, P.H.[Patil Hanmant] Co Author Listing * HWFusion: Holoentropy and SP-Whale optimisation-based fusion model for magnetic resonance imaging multimodal image fusion

Venkatrayappa, D.[Darshan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Feature Selection for Object Tracking with Particle Filter
* Novel Image Descriptor Based on Anisotropic Filtering, A
* RSD-HoG: A New Image Descriptor

Venkatsh, K.S. Co Author Listing * Background estimation and motion saliency detection using total variation-based video decomposition
* spatiotemporal restoration of partial color artifacts in archival films, A
* Visual saliency detection using video decomposition

Venkitaraman, A.[Arun] Co Author Listing * Learning Sparse Graphs for Prediction of Multivariate Data Processes
* Motion-Based Segmentation of Chest and Abdomen Region of Neonates from Videos
* On Computing Amplitude, Phase, and Frequency Modulations Using a Vector Interpretation of the Analytic Signal
* Post Hoc Explainability for Time Series Classification: Toward a signal processing perspective
* Technique to Compute Smooth Amplitude, Phase, and Frequency Modulations From the Analytic Signal, A
* Temporal Envelope Fit of Transient Audio Signals
Includes: Venkitaraman, A.[Arun] Venkitaraman, A.

Venkitasubramaniam, P.[Parv] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Contract Design for Multi-Agent Systems With Collusion Detection
* Separating Sensor Anomalies From Process Anomalies in Data-Driven Anomaly Detection

Venkitasubramanian, A.N.[Aparna Nurani] Co Author Listing * Markov Network Based Passage Retrieval Method for Multimodal Question Answering in the Cultural Heritage Domain, A
* Wildlife recognition in nature documentaries with weak supervision from subtitles and external data

Venkitasubramony, A.[Aravind] Co Author Listing * High Spatial Resolution Soil Moisture Mapping Using a Lobe Differencing Correlation Radiometer on a Small Unmanned Aerial System

Venkiteswaran, B. Co Author Listing * Sensor Network Design for Smart Highways

Venkoparao, V.[Vijendran] Co Author Listing * Multiple appearance models for face tracking in surveillance videos

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