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Shapi'i, A.[Azrulhizam] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Computer Aided System Preoperative Planning for High Tibial Osteotomy, A

Shapira, A. Co Author Listing * N-Tuple Features for OCR Revisited
* Phantom Sponges: Exploiting Non-Maximum Suppression to Attack Deep Object Detectors
Includes: Shapira, A. Shapira, A.[Avishag]

Shapira, B.[Bracha] Co Author Listing * DeepCAN: Hybrid Method for Road Type Classification Using Vehicle Sensor Data for Smart Autonomous Mobility

Shapira, D.[Dori] Co Author Listing * Multiple histogram matching

Shapira, G.[Gil] Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate line detection with GPU-based least median of squares

Shapira, I. Co Author Listing * Self-Supervised Object Detection and Retrieval Using Unlabeled Videos

Shapira, L.[Lior] Co Author Listing * 2.5D visual relationship detection
* ASIST: Automatic semantically invariant scene transformation
* Consistent mesh partitioning and skeletonisation using the shape diameter function
* Contextual Part Analogies in 3D Objects
* Contour Completion Model for Augmenting Surface Reconstructions, A
* Contrastive Learning for Label Efficient Semantic Segmentation
* Mode-detection via median-shift
* Part Analogies in Sets of Objects
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Shapira, M. Co Author Listing * Shape Blending Using the Star-Skeleton Representation

Shapira, R. Co Author Listing * Computer Description of Bodies Bounded by Quadric Surfaces from a Set of Imperfect Projections
* Cyclic Order Property of Bodies with Three-Face Vertices, A
* Cyclic Order Property of Vertices as an Aid in Scene Analysis, The
* Determining the Minimum-Area Encasing Rectangle for an Arbitrary Curve
* More about Polyhedra: Interpretation through Construction in the Image Plane
* Reconstruction of Curved-Surface Bodies from a Set of Imperfect Projections
* Technique for the Reconstruction of a Straight-Edge, Wire-Frame Object from Two of More Central Projections, A
* Use of Objects' Faces in Interpreting Line Drawings, The
Includes: Shapira, R. Shapira, R.[Ruth]
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Shapira, Y. Co Author Listing * Ancient Hebraic Handwriting Identification with Run-Length Histograms
* Feature selection for multiple binary classification problems
* Perceptually Plausible Model for Global Symmetry Detection, A
Includes: Shapira, Y. Shapira, Y.[Yair]

Shapiro, A.[Aurelie] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Two Independent Mapping Exercises in the Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago, Mozambique
* Forest Cover and Vegetation Degradation Detection in the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area Using BFAST Monitor
* Learning Perspective Undistortion of Portraits
* Mapping Plantations in Myanmar by Fusing Landsat-8, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 Data along with Systematic Error Quantification
* Testing Rank of Incomplete Unimodal Matrices
Includes: Shapiro, A.[Aurelie] Shapiro, A.[Aurélie] Shapiro, A. Shapiro, A.[Alexander]

Shapiro, A.C.[Aurelie C.] Co Author Listing * Mangroves of the Zambezi Delta: Increase in Extent Observed via Satellite from 1994 to 2013, The
Includes: Shapiro, A.C.[Aurelie C.] Shapiro, A.C.[Aurélie C.]

Shapiro, A.G.[Arthur G.] Co Author Listing * Contrast-contrast asynchronies
* Paradoxical effect of spatially homogenous transparent fields on simultaneous contrast illusions

Shapiro, B.[Bruce] Co Author Listing * Skeleton Generation from x,y Boundary Sequences
* Skeletons from Sequential Boundary Data
Includes: Shapiro, B.[Bruce] Shapiro, B.

Shapiro, B.A. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Finding the Largest Approximately Common Substructures of Two Trees, An

Shapiro, C.[Carl] Co Author Listing * Economic Assessment of the Use Value of Geospatial Information

Shapiro, D.A. Co Author Listing * Robust X-Ray Phase Ptycho-Tomography

Shapiro, D.G.[Daniel G.] Co Author Listing * Application of Transfer to American Football: From Observation of Raw Video to Control in a Simulated Environment, An

Shapiro, E.M. Co Author Listing * L-CNN: Exploiting labeling latency in a CNN learning framework
* On automated source selection for transfer learning in convolutional neural networks
Includes: Shapiro, E.M. Shapiro, E.M.[Erik M.]

Shapiro, J. Co Author Listing * Video Action Recognition With an Additional End-to-End Trained Temporal Stream

Shapiro, J.H. Co Author Listing * class of fast algorithms for the Peano-Hilbert space-filling curve, A
* Computational 3D and reflectivity imaging with high photon efficiency
* Computational single-photon depth imaging without transverse regularization
* Information in a photon: Relating entropy and maximum-likelihood range estimation using single-photon counting detectors
* Maximum-Likelihood Multiresolution Laser-Radar Range Imaging
* Performance Analysis of Low-Flux Least-Squares Single-Pixel Imaging
* Single-Photon Depth Imaging Using a Union-of-Subspaces Model
* Toward a Fundamental Understanding of Multiresolution SAR Signatures
Includes: Shapiro, J.H. Shapiro, J.H.[Jeffrey H.]
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Shapiro, J.M. Co Author Listing * Algorithms and systolic architectures for multidimensional adaptive filtering via McClellan transformations

Shapiro, K.D.[Kristen D.] Co Author Listing * Marsh Loss Due to Cumulative Impacts of Hurricane Isaac and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Louisiana

Shapiro, L.[Linda] Co Author Listing * ESPNet: Efficient Spatial Pyramid of Dilated Convolutions for Semantic Segmentation
* ESPNetv2: A Light-Weight, Power Efficient, and General Purpose Convolutional Neural Network
* Facial Affect Analysis System for Autism Spectrum Disorder, A
* Leveraging Unlabeled Data for Glioma Molecular Subtype and Survival Prediction
* Semi-supervised Synthesis of High-Resolution Editable Textures for 3D Humans
* VSGD-Net: Virtual Staining Guided Melanocyte Detection on Histopathological Images
Includes: Shapiro, L.[Linda] Shapiro, L.

Shapiro, L.G.[Linda G.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Shapiro, L.G.[Linda G.]: shapiro AT cs washington edu
* 3D Face Hallucination from a Single Depth Frame
* 3D Matching Using Statistically Significant Groupings
* 3D object classification using salient point patterns with application to craniofacial research
* 3D object identification with color and curvature signatures
* 3D Object Recognition and Pose with Relational Indexing
* 3D Object Recognition from Color Intensity Images
* 3D object retrieval using salient views
* 3D Point Correspondence by Minimum Description Length in Feature Space
* 3D shape isometric correspondence by spectral assignment
* Accumulator-Based Inexact Matching Using Relational Summaries
* Acquisition and Visualization of Colored 3D Objects
* Action Recognition in the Presence of One Egocentric and Multiple Static Cameras
* Algorithms for Inexact Matching
* Analysis of scenes containing multiple non-polyhedral 3D objects
* Appearance-based 3D object recognition
* Automated Insect Identification through Concatenated Histograms of Local Appearance Features
* Automated insect identification through concatenated histograms of local appearance features: feature vector generation and region detection for deformable objects
* Automated Inspection Of Machine Parts
* Automatic Sensor and Light Source Positioning for Machine Vision
* CAD-Model-Based System for Object Localization, A
* Classifying Breast Histopathology Images with a Ductal Instance-Oriented Pipeline
* Coherent Parametric Contours for Interactive Video Object Segmentation
* Color-Based Interest Operator, A
* Computational Framework for Hypothesis Based Reasoning and Its Applications to Perspective Analysis, A
* Computer and Robot Vision
* Computer Architecture for Solving Consistent Labeling Problems
* Computer Vision
* Computer Vision and Image Processing
* Computer Vision Systems: Past, Present, and Future
* Consistent Labeling Problem and Some Applications to Scene Analysis, The
* Consistent Labeling Problem, The
* Consistent Labeling Problem: Part I, The
* Consistent Labeling Problem: Part II, The
* Consistent line clusters for building recognition in CBIR
* Contextual Emotion Learning Challenge
* Data Structures for Picture Processing: A Survey
* Decomposition of Two-Dimensional Shapes by Graph-Theoretic Clustering
* Design and Architectural Implications of a Spatial Information System
* Detection and classification of cancer in whole slide breast histopathology images using deep convolutional networks
* Determining the Shape of Multi-Colored Dichromatic Surfaces Using Color Photometric Stereo
* Dictionary-free categorization of very similar objects via stacked evidence trees
* Efficient Content-Based Retrieval: Experimental Results
* Efficient Symbolic Signatures for Classifying Craniosynostosis Skull Deformities
* Error Propagation in Machine Vision
* Estimating optical flow using a global matching formulation and graduated optimization
* Estimating piecewise-smooth optical flow with global matching and graduated optimization
* Experiments in Segmentation Using a Facet Model Region Grower
* Extraction of Drainage Networks by Using the Consistent Labeling Technique
* Facet Approach to Shape from Shading, The
* Facet Model Region Growing Algorithm, A
* Fast Parallel Object Recognition
* Flexible Image Database System for Content-Based Retrieval, A
* General Spatial Data Structure, A
* Generalized Blob Model for 3D Object Representation, A
* Generating Notifications for Missing Actions: Don't Forget to Turn the Lights Off!
* Generative/Discriminative Learning Algorithm for Image Classification, A
* Glossary Of Computer Vision Terms
* Groupwise pose normalization for craniofacial applications
* Haar Random Forest Features and SVM Spatial Matching Kernel for Stonefly Species Identification
* Head Reconstruction from Internet Photos
* Hierarchical Multiple Classifier Learning Algorithm, A
* Hypothesis-Based Geometric Reasoning About Perspective Images
* Identification of Man-Made Objects using Geometric and Relational Constraints
* Identification of Space Curves from Two-Dimensional Perspective Views
* Image Segmentation Techniques
* Improved Algorithm for Relational Distance Graph Matching, An
* Inexact Matching in ESP3
* Inexact matching of line drawings in a syntactic pattern recognition system
* Insight: A Data Flow Language for Programming Vision Algorithms in a Reconfigurable Computational Network
* Integrated Linear Technique for Pose Estimation from Different Geometric Features, An
* Interesting Patterns for Model-Based Machine Vision
* Knowledge-Based Computer Vision: Integrated Programming Language and Data Management System Design
* Knowledge-Based Matching for 3D Radiotherapy Planning
* Knowledge-Based Organ Identification from CT Images
* Learning Approach to 3D Object Representation for Classification, A
* Learning Melanocytic Proliferation Segmentation in Histopathology Images from Imperfect Annotations
* Learning to Generate 3D Stylized Character Expressions from Humans
* Learning to Rank the Severity of Unrepaired Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity on 3D Mesh Data
* Learning to Segment Breast Biopsy Whole Slide Images
* Localization of Diagnostically Relevant Regions of Interest in Whole Slide Images
* Matching Sticks, Plates, and Blobs Objects Using Geometric and Relational Constraints
* Matching Surface Signatures for Object Identification
* Matching Three-Dimensional Models
* Matching Three-Dimensional Objects Using a Relational Paradigm
* Matching Topographic Structures in Stereo Vision
* Matching Wire Frame Objects from Their Two Dimensional Perspective Projections
* Medical image segmentation via min s-t cuts with sides constraints
* Metric for Comparing Relational Descriptions, A
* Modeling Stylized Character Expressions via Deep Learning
* Morphologic Edge Detection
* Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning for Multi-Class Classification of Whole Slide Breast Histopathology Images
* MUSER: A prototype musical score recognition system using mathematical morphology
* Nearest Neighbor Problem in an Abstract Metric Space, The
* New Connected Components Algorithm for Virtual Memory Computers, A
* New Landmark-Independent Tool for Quantifying and Characterizing Morphologic Variation, A
* new paradigm for recognizing 3-d object shapes from range data, A
* New Signature-Based Method for Efficient 3-D Object Recognition, A
* Object class recognition using images of abstract regions
* Object identification with surface signatures
* Object Representation for Object Recognition
* Optimal Affine-Invariant Point Matching
* Optimal Sensor and Light-Source Positioning for Machine Vision
* Ordered Structural Shape Matching With Primitive Extraction by Mathematical Morphology
* Organization of Relational Models for Scene Analysis
* Parallel Algorithm for 2D and 3D Object Recogniton and Its Implementation on a MIMD Machine, A
* Parallel Algorithm for Graph Matching and Its MASPAR Implementation, A
* Parallel Algorithm for Object Recognition
* PERFORM: A Fast Object Recognition Method Using Intersection of Projection Error Regions
* Personalized Face Modeling for Improved Face Reconstruction and Motion Retargeting
* PREMIO: An Overview
* PREMIO: The Use of Prediction in a CAD-Model-Based Vision System
* Principal Curvature-Based Region Detector for Object Recognition
* Probabilistic Matching Algorithm for Computer Vision, A
* Probabilistic Relational Indexing
* Proteus: A Reconfigurable Computational Network for Computer Vision
* Recognizing Three-Dimensional Objects from Single Perspective Views Using Geometric and Relational Reasoning
* Reinforcement Matching Using Region Context
* Relational Matching
* Relational Pyramid Approach to View Class Determination, A
* Representative Patterns for Model-Based Matching
* Robust Approximate Meshes from a Collection of Range Maps
* Robust interactive image segmentation with automatic boundary refinement
* robust linear least-squares estimation of camera exterior orientation using multiple geometric features, A
* Scene Analysis Using Appearance-Based Models and Relational Indexing
* Shape Decomposition Approach for Ultrasound Color Doppler Image Segmentation
* Shape Estimation from Topographic Primal Sketch
* Shape Estimation from Topographic Primal Sketch: An Initial Feasibility Study
* Shape from Perspective: A Rule-Based Approach
* Shape From Shading Using The Facet Model
* Shape-Based Classification of 3D Head Data
* SIFT Descriptor with Global Context, A
* Solving Consistent Labeling Problems Having The Separation Property
* Spatial Data Structure, A
* Spatial Reasoning Using Modular Inference Engines
* Special issue on current issues and trends in computer vision
* Stacked spatial-pyramid kernel: An object-class recognition method to combine scores from random trees
* Sticks, Plates, and Blobs: Three-Dimensional Object Representation for Scene Analysis
* Structural Descriptions and Inexact Matching
* Structural Model of Shape, A
* Structural Shape Description and Matching
* Supervised Semantic Gradient Extraction Using Linear-Time Optimization
* Surface modeling and display from range and color data
* Surface Reconstruction and Display from Range and Color Data
* Symbolic Representation for 3-D Object Feature Detection, A
* Symbolic Signatures for Deformable Shapes
* Texture Analysis of Aerial Photographs
* Texture Discrimination Using Region Based Primitives
* Three-dimensional Shape From Color Photometric Stereo
* Toward the Automating of Mathematical Morphology Procedures Using Predicate Logic
* Tremor detection using motion filtering and SVM
* Triplet-Based Object Recognition Using Synthetic and Real Probability Models
* Use of a Relational Pyramid Representation for View Classes in a CAD-to-Vision System, The
* Use of Genetic Programming for Learning 3D Craniofacial Shape Quantifications, The
* Use of Numerical Relational Distance and Symbolic Differences for Organizing Models and for Matching, The
* Use of the Facet Model and the Topographic Primal Sketch in Image Analysis, The
* Using Rough Relational Models for Geometric Reasoning
* Using Symbolic Differences to Organize Relational Models
* View-Class Representation and Matching of 3D Objects
* Visual Components of an Automated Inspection Task, The
* Visual Inspection of Machined Parts
Includes: Shapiro, L.G.[Linda G.] Shapiro, L.G.
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Shapiro, L.S. Co Author Listing * 3D Motion Recovery via Affine Epipolar Geometry
* Affine Analysis of Image Sequences
* Dynamic Updating of Planar Structure and Motion: The Case of Constant Motion
* Feature-Based Correspondence: An Eigenvector Approach
* Matching and Tracking Strategy for Independently Moving Objects, A
* Modal Approach to Feature-Based Correspondence
* Motion from Point Matches Using Affine Epipolar Geometry
* Rejecting Outliers and Esitmating Errors in an Orthogonal Regression Framework
Includes: Shapiro, L.S. Shapiro, L.S.[Larry S.]
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Shapiro, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * email: Shapiro, M.[Marc]: mds AT cs wisc edu
* Back-Projection Cortical Potential Imaging: Theory and Results
* Multiscale Random Field Model for Bayesian Image Segmentation, A
* Note on Lee and Schachter's Algorithms for Delaunay Triangulation, A
Includes: Shapiro, M.[Marc] Shapiro, M.

Shapiro, M.G.[Mikhail G.] Co Author Listing * Wireless 3D Surgical Navigation and Tracking System With 100µm Accuracy Using Magnetic-Field Gradient-Based Localization

Shapiro, S.[Stav] Co Author Listing * Encoding in Style: a StyleGAN Encoder for Image-to-Image Translation
* It's All About The Scale: Efficient Text Detection Using Adaptive Scaling
Includes: Shapiro, S.[Stav] Shapiro, S.

Shapiro, S.C.[Stuart C.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Shapiro, S.C.[Stuart C.]: shapiro AT cse buffalo edu
* Learning Symbolic Names for Perceived Colors
Includes: Shapiro, S.C.[Stuart C.] Shapiro, S.C.

Shapiro, S.D. Co Author Listing * Criteria for Evaluating Hough Transform Performance
* Curve Formation Using Transforms for Pictures Governed by Differential Equations
* Detection of Lines in Noisy Pictures Using Clustering
* Extension of the Transform Method of Curve Detection for Textured Image Data, An
* Feature space transforms for curve detection
* Generalizing the Hough Transform
* Geometric Constructions for Predicting Hough Transform Performance
* Properties of Transforms for the Detection of Curves in Noisy Pictures
* Survey of the Hough Transform and Its Extensions for Curve Detection, A
* Transform Method of Curve Detection for Textured Image Data
* Transformations for the Computer Detection of Curves in Noisy Pictures
* Use of the Hough transform for image data compression
Includes: Shapiro, S.D. Shapiro, S.D.[Stephen D.]
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Shapiro, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Cross-correlation with reconstruction: A new approach to pattern matching
* How to Reduce the Size of Bank Check Image Archive?
* Motion Analysis Via Interframe Point Correspondence Establishment
* Multinational License Plate Recognition System: Segmentation and Classification
* Super-resolution Capabilities of the Hough-Green Transform
* Towards a Multinational Car License Plate Recognition System
Includes: Shapiro, V.[Vladimir] Shapiro, V.

Shapiro, V.A.[Vladimir A.] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of the straight line Hough Transform: The non-voting approach
* adaptive method for image thresholding, An
* fast indirect backprojection algorithm, A
* On the Hough Transform of Multilevel Pictures
* On the Reconstructive Matching of Multidimensional Objects
* Real-time Hough/Radon transform: algorithm and architectures
Includes: Shapiro, V.A.[Vladimir A.] Shapiro, V.A.

Shapiro, Y. Co Author Listing * Image representation by spectral amplitude: Conditions for Uniqueness and Optimal Reconstruction
* Robust Recovery of Heavily Degraded Depth Measurements
Includes: Shapiro, Y. Shapiro, Y.[Yevgengy]

Shapley, R.M.[Robert M.] Co Author Listing * Spatial distributions of cone inputs to cells of the parvocellular pathway investigated with cone-isolating gratings

Shapo, B. Co Author Listing * Error estimation for gridded bathymetry

Shaposhnikov, D.G.[Dmitry G.] Co Author Listing * Colour Vision Model-Based Approach for Segmentation of Traffic Signs
* Recognition of traffic signs based on their colour and shape features extracted using human vision models
* Road Sign Recognition by Single Positioning of Space-Variant Sensor Window
Includes: Shaposhnikov, D.G.[Dmitry G.] Shaposhnikov, D.G.

Shaposhnikov, D.S.[Dmitry S.] Co Author Listing * Morphology of the Excited Hydroxyl in the Martian Atmosphere: A Model Study: Where to Search for Airglow on Mars?
* Simplified Relations for the Martian Night-Time OH* Suitable for the Interpretation of Observations

Shapovalov, D.[Danylo] Co Author Listing * Tangle-Free Exploration with a Tethered Mobile Robot

Shapovalov, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * Common Objects in 3D: Large-Scale Learning and Evaluation of Real-life 3D Category Reconstruction
* Common Pets in 3D: Dynamic New-View Synthesis of Real-Life Deformable Categories
* Cutting-Plane Training of Non-associative Markov Network for 3D Point Cloud Segmentation
* DensePose 3D: Lifting Canonical Surface Maps of Articulated Objects to the Third Dimension
* Efficient Road Mapping via Interactive Image Segmentation
* Implicit Shape Models for Object Detection In 3d Point Clouds
* KeyTr: Keypoint Transporter for 3D Reconstruction of Deformable Objects in Videos
* Multi-utility Learning: Structured-Output Learning with Multiple Annotation-Specific Loss Functions
* Non-associative Markov networks for 3D point cloud classification
* Novel-View Acoustic Synthesis
* Replay: Multi-modal Multi-view Acted Videos for Casual Holography
* Spatial Inference Machines
* Unsupervised Learning of 3D Object Categories from Videos in the Wild
Includes: Shapovalov, R.[Roman] Shapovalov, R.
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Shapovalova, N.[Nataliya] Co Author Listing * Clustered Exemplar-SVM: Discovering sub-categories for visual recognition
* On Importance of Interactions and Context in Human Action Recognition
* Similarity Constrained Latent Support Vector Machine: An Application to Weakly Supervised Action Classification

Shapri, N.S.M.[Nur Saadah Mohd] Co Author Listing * Hierarchy Techniques in Self-Collision Detection for Cloth Simulation

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