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Ke, B. Co Author Listing * Online multi-object tracking based on hierarchical association and sparse representation

Ke, B.R. Co Author Listing * Block-Layout Design Using MAX-MIN Ant System for Saving Energy on Mass Rapid Transit Systems
* Optimisation of fuel efficiency for freeway vehicles

Ke, C. Co Author Listing * Application of improved SURF algorithm in real scene matching and recognition
* Developing Daily Cloud-Free Snow Composite Products From MODIS Terra: Aqua and IMS for the Tibetan Plateau
* Identification of Alpine Glaciers in the Central Himalayas Using Fully Polarimetric L-Band SAR Data
* Object detection based on RGC mask R-CNN
Includes: Ke, C. Ke, C.[Cong]

Ke, C.Q.[Chang Qing] Co Author Listing * 3D Information Restoration of the Digital Images of Dunhuang Mural Paintings
* Assessment of Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Estimates From ICESat-2 Using IceBird Airborne Measurements
* Estimation of Lake Outflow from the Poorly Gauged Lake Tana (Ethiopia) Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data
* New Retracking Algorithm for Retrieving Sea Ice Freeboard from CryoSat-2 Radar Altimeter Data during Winter-Spring Transition, A
* Snow Cover Variations and Controlling Factors at Upper Heihe River Basin, Northwestern China
Includes: Ke, C.Q.[Chang Qing] Ke, C.Q.[Chang-Qing]

Ke, D.[Dengfeng] Co Author Listing * Dynamically Mitigating Data Discrepancy with Balanced Focal Loss for Replay Attack Detection
* Mutual-optimization Towards Generative Adversarial Networks For Robust Speech Recognition
Includes: Ke, D.[Dengfeng] Ke, D.

Ke, D.F.[Deng Feng] Co Author Listing * Automated Chinese Essay Scoring from Topic Perspective Using Regularized Latent Semantic Indexing
* Automated Error Detection and Correction of Chinese Characters in Written Essays Based on Weighted Finite-State Transducer
Includes: Ke, D.F.[Deng Feng] Ke, D.F.[Deng-Feng]

Ke, E.C.[Erh Chung] Co Author Listing * Hardware encoder and decoder for 3-D stereo video streaming applications
Includes: Ke, E.C.[Erh Chung] Ke, E.C.[Erh-Chung]

Ke, F.[Fuyang] Co Author Listing * Novel Dynamical Filter Based on Multi-Epochs Least-Squares to Integrate the Carrier Phase and Pseudorange Observation for GNSS Measurement, A
* Visual Servoing of Constrained Mobile Robots Based on Model Predictive Control
Includes: Ke, F.[Fuyang] Ke, F.

Ke, G.L.[Guo Lin] Co Author Listing * Invertible Image Rescaling
Includes: Ke, G.L.[Guo Lin] Ke, G.L.[Guo-Lin]

Ke, G.P.[Gan Pan] Co Author Listing * Shear-Wave Tomography Using Ocean Ambient Noise with Interference
Includes: Ke, G.P.[Gan Pan] Ke, G.P.[Gan-Pan]

Ke, H. Co Author Listing * Signal Detection in Clutter and Noise Using Well-Characterized Subspace

Ke, H.F.[Hong Fei] Co Author Listing * Landslide Recognition by Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Change Detection
Includes: Ke, H.F.[Hong Fei] Ke, H.F.[Hong-Fei]

Ke, H.R.[Hao Ren] Co Author Listing * Designing a classifier by a layered multi-population genetic programming approach
Includes: Ke, H.R.[Hao Ren] Ke, H.R.[Hao-Ren]

Ke, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient GPU Computing Framework of Cloud Filtering in Remotely Sensed Image Processing
* Fast Approximate Spectral Unmixing Algorithm Based on Segmentation, A
* Fast Tumor Detector in Whole-Slide Image With Dynamic Programing Based Monte Carlo Sampling
* Hexagon-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Supply-Demand Forecasting of Ride-Sourcing Services
* Lateral Directional Axis Control of Aircraft Based on TECS
* Learning More Accurate Features for Semantic Segmentation in Cyclenet
* Performance Evaluation of Spaceborne Integrated Path Differential Absorption Lidar for Carbon Dioxide Detection at 1572 nm
* Research on Tree Classification Algorithm Based on Morphology and Leaf
Includes: Ke, J. Ke, J.[Ji] Ke, J.[Junji] Ke, J.[Ju] Ke, J.[Jing]
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Ke, J.J.[Jun Jie] Co Author Listing * Adversarially Adaptive Normalization for Single Domain Generalization
* Multi-path Neural Networks for On-device Multi-domain Visual Classification
* Rich features for perceptual quality assessment of UGC videos
Includes: Ke, J.J.[Jun Jie] Ke, J.J.[Jun-Jie]

Ke, L. Co Author Listing * Cascaded Deep Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation With Evolutionary Training Data
* Commonality-parsing Network Across Shape and Appearance for Partially Supervised Instance Segmentation
* Deep Occlusion-Aware Instance Segmentation with Overlapping BiLayers
* Eyes Location Based on Dual-Orientation Gabor Filters and Templates
* Global Contrast Enhancement Detection via Deep Multi-Path Network
* Gsnet: Joint Vehicle Pose and Shape Reconstruction with Geometrical and Scene-aware Supervision
* Identifying Emerging Reservoirs along Regulated Rivers Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Observations
* Integration of TanDEM-X and SRTM DEMs and Spectral Imagery to Improve the Large-Scale Detection of Opencast Mining Areas
* Memory-Attended Recurrent Network for Video Captioning
* Reflective Decoding Network for Image Captioning
* Representative Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* UA-DETRAC 2017: Report of AVSS2017 IWT4S Challenge on Advanced Traffic Monitoring
* Web-based Learning Environment of Remote Sensing Experimental Class With Python, A
Includes: Ke, L. Ke, L.[Lei] Ke, L.[Li] Ke, L.[Ling=Hong] Ke, L.[Linghong] Ke, L.[Lina]
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Ke, L.G.[Li Gang] Co Author Listing * Near-Lossless Image Compression: Minimum-Entropy, Constrained-Error DPCM
Includes: Ke, L.G.[Li Gang] Ke, L.G.[Li-Gang]

Ke, L.H.[Ling Hong] Co Author Listing * Recent Abnormal Hydrologic Behavior of Tibetan Lakes Observed by Multi-Mission Altimeters
* Remote sensing of alpine lake water environment changes on the Tibetan Plateau and surroundings: A review
* Remote Sensing of Glacier Change in the Central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Relationship with Changing Climate
* Remotely sensed surface temperature variation of an inland saline lake over the central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Includes: Ke, L.H.[Ling Hong] Ke, L.H.[Ling-Hong]

Ke, L.J.[Liang Jun] Co Author Listing * efficient ant colony optimization approach to attribute reduction in rough set theory, An
* PLBP: An effective local binary patterns texture descriptor with pyramid representation
Includes: Ke, L.J.[Liang Jun] Ke, L.J.[Liang-Jun]

Ke, L.L.[Ling Ling] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of visual saliency analysis algorithms in noisy images
* Fitting-based optimisation for image visual salient object detection
Includes: Ke, L.L.[Ling Ling] Ke, L.L.[Ling-Ling]

Ke, L.P.[Li Peng] Co Author Listing * Fast Online Video Pose Estimation by Dynamic Bayesian Modeling of Mode Transitions
* Multi-Scale Structure-Aware Network for Human Pose Estimation
* Multi-Scale Supervised Network for Human Pose Estimation
Includes: Ke, L.P.[Li Peng] Ke, L.P.[Li-Peng]

Ke, L.Y.M.[Li Yi Ming] Co Author Listing * Tactical Rewind: Self-Correction via Backtracking in Vision-And-Language Navigation
Includes: Ke, L.Y.M.[Li Yi Ming] Ke, L.Y.M.[Li-Yi-Ming]

Ke, M. Co Author Listing * Ship ISAR Imaging Algorithm Based on Generalized Radon-Fourier Transform With Low SNR, A

Ke, M.L.[Mao Lin] Co Author Listing * Multi-camera transfer GAN for person re-identification
Includes: Ke, M.L.[Mao Lin] Ke, M.L.[Mao-Lin]

Ke, M.S.[Ming Syun] Co Author Listing * Flood Prevention and Emergency Response System Powered by Google Earth Engine
Includes: Ke, M.S.[Ming Syun] Ke, M.S.[Ming-Syun]

Ke, P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive PQ: Adaptive perceptual quantizer for HEVC main 10 profile-based HDR video coding
* fast deconvolution-based approach for single-image super-resolution with GPU acceleration, A
* Generic Construction of Z-Periodic Complementary Sequence Sets with Flexible Flock Size and Zero Correlation Zone Length, A
Includes: Ke, P. Ke, P.[Peng]

Ke, Q.[Qi] Co Author Listing * Automatic centerline extraction for virtual colonoscopy
* Efficient Bundle Adjustment with Virtual Key Frames: A Hierarchical Approach to Multi-frame Structure from Motion
* Fast approximate k-means via cluster closures
* Global Regularizer and Temporal-Aware Cross-Entropy for Skeleton-Based Early Action Recognition
* Human Interaction Prediction Using Deep Temporal Features
* Learning Clip Representations for Skeleton-Based 3D Action Recognition
* Learning Latent Global Network for Skeleton-Based Action Prediction
* Leveraging Structural Context Models and Ranking Score Fusion for Human Interaction Prediction
* New Representation of Skeleton Sequences for 3D Action Recognition, A
* Optimized Product Quantization
* Optimized Product Quantization for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* Recovering Epipolar Geometry by Reactive Tabu Search
* robust subspace approach to layer extraction, A
* Robust subspace clustering by combined use of kNND metric and SVD algorithm
* Scalable Face Image Retrieval with Identity-Based Quantization and Multireference Reranking
* Singular Value Decomposition Projection for solving the small sample size problem in face recognition
* SkeletonNet: Mining Deep Part Features for 3-D Action Recognition
* Textureless Layers
* Transforming camera geometry to a virtual downward-looking camera: robust ego-motion estimation and ground-layer detection
Includes: Ke, Q.[Qi] Ke, Q.[Qifa] Ke, Q.[Qiuhong] Ke, Q. Ke, Q.[Qiao]
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Ke, Q.F.[Qi Fa] Co Author Listing * Bundling features for large scale partial-duplicate web image search
* multi-sample, multi-tree approach to bag-of-words image representation for image retrieval, A
* Multi-View Embedding Space for Modeling Internet Images, Tags, and Their Semantics, A
* Partition Min-Hash for Partial Duplicate Image Discovery
* Quasiconvex Optimization for Robust Geometric Reconstruction
* Robust L-1 Norm Factorization in the Presence of Outliers and Missing Data by Alternative Convex Programming
* Subspace Approach to Layer Extraction, A
* TABU Search Method for Geometric Primitive Extraction, A
* Uncertainty Models in Quasiconvex Optimization for Geometric Reconstruction
Includes: Ke, Q.F.[Qi Fa] Ke, Q.F.[Qi-Fa] Ke, Q.F.
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Ke, Q.H.[Qiu Hong] Co Author Listing * Future Moment Assessment for Action Query
* Is Rotation a Nuisance in Shape Recognition?
* Long-Term Anticipation of Activities with Cycle Consistency
* Time-Conditioned Action Anticipation in One Shot
Includes: Ke, Q.H.[Qiu Hong] Ke, Q.H.[Qiu-Hong]

Ke, Q.T.[Qing Tian] Co Author Listing * MCCRNet: A Multi-Level Change Contextual Refinement Network for Remote Sensing Image Change Detection
Includes: Ke, Q.T.[Qing Tian] Ke, Q.T.[Qing-Tian]

Ke, Q.U.[Qi Uhong] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Paired Channel Fusion Network for Street Scene Change Detection
Includes: Ke, Q.U.[Qi Uhong] Ke, Q.U.[Qi-Uhong]

Ke, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification System-Based Approach for Assessing the Near-Miss Collision Risk Dynamics of Ships in Ports
* Cost-Effective Framework for Automated Vehicle-Pedestrian Near-Miss Detection Through Onboard Monocular Vision, A
* Detection of Maize Tassels from UAV RGB Imagery with Faster R-CNN
* Implementation Strategy of Visible and Near-infrared Imaging Spectrometer on Yutu-2 Rover Based on Vision Measurement Technology
* Real-Time Bidirectional Traffic Flow Parameter Estimation From Aerial Videos
* Real-Time Traffic Flow Parameter Estimation From UAV Video Based on Ensemble Classifier and Optical Flow
* Reconstruction of the High Resolution Phase in a Closed Loop Adaptive Optics System
* Smart, Efficient, and Reliable Parking Surveillance System With Edge Artificial Intelligence on IoT Devices, A
* Traffic Graph Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network: A Deep Learning Framework for Network-Scale Traffic Learning and Forecasting
Includes: Ke, R. Ke, R.[Rui] Ke, R.[Rihuan] Ke, R.[Ruimin]
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Ke, R.H.[Ri Huan] Co Author Listing * Multi-Task Deep Learning for Image Segmentation Using Recursive Approximation Tasks
Includes: Ke, R.H.[Ri Huan] Ke, R.H.[Ri-Huan]

Ke, R.M.[Rui Min] Co Author Listing * Advanced framework for microscopic and lane-level macroscopic traffic parameters estimation from UAV video
* High-Resolution Vehicle Trajectory Extraction and Denoising From Aerial Videos
* Innovative method for traffic data imputation based on convolutional neural network
* Traffic flow data compression considering burst components
Includes: Ke, R.M.[Rui Min] Ke, R.M.[Rui-Min]

Ke, S.[Song] Co Author Listing * Identification of Aerosol Pollution Hotspots in Jiangsu Province of China
* Intelligibility Enhancement Via Normal-to-Lombard Speech Conversion With Long Short-Term Memory Network and Bayesian Gaussian Mixture Model
Includes: Ke, S.[Song] Ke, S.[Shanfa]

Ke, S.F.[Shan Fa] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Comparison of Inter-Channel Level Difference and Interaural Level Difference
Includes: Ke, S.F.[Shan Fa] Ke, S.F.[Shan-Fa]

Ke, S.H.[Shih Hao] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale Two-step Fast Search Algorithm For Block Motion Estimation, A
Includes: Ke, S.H.[Shih Hao] Ke, S.H.[Shih-Hao]

Ke, S.R.[Shian Ru] Co Author Listing * Human Action Recognition Based on 3D Human Modeling and Cyclic HMMs
* Real-Time 3D Human Pose Estimation from Monocular View with Applications to Event Detection and Video Gaming
Includes: Ke, S.R.[Shian Ru] Ke, S.R.[Shian-Ru]

Ke, S.W.[Shih Wen] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval by sample based alignment
Includes: Ke, S.W.[Shih Wen] Ke, S.W.[Shih-Wen]

Ke, T. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algebraic Solution to the Perspective-Three-Point Problem, An
* Image Network Generation Of Uncalibrated UAV Images With Low-cost GPS Data
* Scanning Photogrammetry for Measuring Large Targets in Close Range
* Scanning Photogrammetry, The
Includes: Ke, T. Ke, T.[Tao]

Ke, T.W.[Tsung Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Affinity Fields for Semantic Segmentation
* Adversarial Structure Matching for Structured Prediction Tasks
* Mooney face classification and prediction by learning across tone
* Multigrid Neural Architectures
* Recursive reduction net for large-scale high-dimensional data
* Variational Convolutional Networks for Human-Centric Annotations
Includes: Ke, T.W.[Tsung Wei] Ke, T.W.[Tsung-Wei] Ke, T.W.

Ke, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * C-MIL: Continuation Multiple Instance Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Class-Incremental Learning with Topological Schemas of Memory Spaces
* Deep contour and symmetry scored object proposal
* Hypothesis Testing Based Tracking With Spatio-Temporal Joint Interaction Modeling
* Improving Object Detection with Inverted Attention
* Iterative Multiple Hypothesis Tracking With Tracklet-Level Association
* LCANet: Learnable Connected Attention Network for Human Identification Using Dental Images
* Linear Span Network for Object Skeleton Detection
* Long-Term Tracking With Deep Tracklet Association
* Minding the Gaps in a Video Action Analysis Pipeline
* Minimum Entropy Models for Laser Line Extraction
* Multiple Anchor Learning for Visual Object Detection
* Orthogonal Decomposition Network for Pixel-Wise Binary Classification
* Pedestrian Detection with Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Progressive Latent Models for Self-Learning Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detectors
* RSRN: Rich Side-Output Residual Network for Medial Axis Detection
* Self-Learning Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detectors Using a Progressive Latent Model
* SRN: Side-Output Residual Network for Object Symmetry Detection in the Wild
* Texture Complexity Based Redundant Regions Ranking for Object Proposal
* Weakly-supervised Action Localization with Expectation-maximization Multi-instance Learning
Includes: Ke, W.[Wei] Ke, W.
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Ke, W.M.[Wei Ming] Co Author Listing * BiTA/SWCE: Image Enhancement With Bilateral Tone Adjustment and Saliency Weighted Contrast Enhancement
* Design optimization of a global/local tone mapping processor on arm SOC platform for real-time high dynamic range video
* Hardware-efficient virtual high dynamic range image reproduction
Includes: Ke, W.M.[Wei Ming] Ke, W.M.[Wei-Ming]

Ke, X.[Xiao] Co Author Listing * CF-based optimisation for saliency detection
* Data equilibrium based automatic image annotation by fusing deep model and semantic propagation
* Dense small face detection based on regional cascade multi-scale method
* EDLLIE-Net: Enhanced Deep Convolutional Networks for Low-Light Image Enhancement
* End-to-End Automatic Image Annotation Based on Deep CNN and Multi-Label Data Augmentation
* Fitting-based optimisation for image visual salient object detection
* GOM20: A Stable Geodetic Reference Frame for Subsidence, Faulting, and Sea-Level Rise Studies along the Coast of the Gulf of Mexico
* LS-SSDD-v1.0: A Deep Learning Dataset Dedicated to Small Ship Detection from Large-Scale Sentinel-1 SAR Images
* Monitoring 3D Building Change and Urban Redevelopment Patterns in Inner City Areas of Chinese Megacities Using Multi-View Satellite Imagery
* Multi-Dimensional Traffic Congestion Detection Based on Fusion of Visual Features and Convolutional Neural Network
* Pedestrian Accessible Position Extraction Method Of Existing 3d Files For Large Building Evacuations, A
* Quad-FPN: A Novel Quad Feature Pyramid Network for SAR Ship Detection
* Robust Moving Object Detection in Multi-Scenario Big Data for Video Surveillance, A
* SAR Ship Detection Dataset (SSDD): Official Release and Comprehensive Data Analysis
* Template Enhancement and Mask Generation for Siamese Tracking
* U-FPNDet: A one-shot traffic object detector based on U-shaped feature pyramid module
* Visual attention based model for target detection in high resolution remote sensing images
Includes: Ke, X.[Xiao] Ke, X.[Xue] Ke, X. Ke, X.[Xinli] Ke, X.[Xin]
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Ke, X.C.[Xiao Chuan] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Rigid Body Localization in the Presence of Clock Offsets
Includes: Ke, X.C.[Xiao Chuan] Ke, X.C.[Xiao-Chuan]

Ke, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Co Author Listing * Water Storage Monitoring in the Aral Sea and its Endorheic Basin from Multisatellite Data and a Hydrological Model
Includes: Ke, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Ke, X.P.[Xiao-Ping]

Ke, Y.[Yang] Co Author Listing * Adversarial unsupervised domain adaptation for 3D semantic segmentation with multi-modal learning
* Computer Vision for Music Identification
* Computer Vision for Music Identification: Video Demonstration
* Design of High-Level Features for Photo Quality Assessment, The
* Efficient Visual Event Detection Using Volumetric Features
* Event Detection in Crowded Videos
* Fast Motion Consistency through Matrix Quantization
* Fully Homomorphic Encryption Encapsulated Difference Expansion for Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Domain
* multilevel reversible data hiding scheme in encrypted domain based on LWE, A
* Online Cloud Transcoding and Distribution for Crowdsourced Live Game Video Streaming
* PCA-SIFT: a more distinctive representation for local image descriptors
* Piou Loss: Towards Accurate Oriented Object Detection in Complex Environments
* Research on Tree Classification Algorithm Based on Morphology and Leaf
* Semantic Learning for Audio Applications: A Computer Vision Approach
* Separable Multiple Bits Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Domain
* Spatial-spectral cross correlation for reliable multispectral image registration
* Spatio-temporal Shape and Flow Correlation for Action Recognition
* Three-Dimensional Gauging with Stereo Computer Vision
* Volumetric Features for Video Event Detection
Includes: Ke, Y.[Yang] Ke, Y.[Yan] Ke, Y. Ke, Y.[Yu] Ke, Y.[Ying]
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Ke, Y.D.[Yu Ding] Co Author Listing * Number of faces affect performance of rigid joint alignment
Includes: Ke, Y.D.[Yu Ding] Ke, Y.D.[Yu-Ding]

Ke, Y.H.[Ying Hai] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Five Spatio-Temporal Satellite Image Fusion Models over Landscapes with Various Spatial Heterogeneity and Temporal Variation
* Detection of Seasonal Deformation of Highway Overpasses Using the PS-InSAR Technique: A Case Study in Beijing Urban Area
* Downscaling of MODIS One Kilometer Evapotranspiration Using Landsat-8 Data and Machine Learning Approaches
* Impact of Climate Variabilities and Human Activities on Surface Water Extents in Reservoirs of Yongding River Basin, China, from 1985 to 2016 Based on Landsat Observations and Time Series Analysis
* Mapping Paddy Rice Planting Area in Northeastern China Using Spatiotemporal Data Fusion and Phenology-Based Method
* Mechanism of Land Subsidence Mutation in Beijing Plain under the Background of Urban Expansion
* Multi-Scale Analysis of the Relationship between Land Subsidence and Buildings: A Case Study in an Eastern Beijing Urban Area Using the PS-InSAR Technique
* Object-Based Urban Tree Species Classification Using Bi-Temporal WorldView-2 and WorldView-3 Images
* Spatiotemporal downscaling approaches for monitoring 8-day 30 m actual evapotranspiration
* Time-Series Evolution Patterns of Land Subsidence in the Eastern Beijing Plain, China
Includes: Ke, Y.H.[Ying Hai] Ke, Y.H.[Ying-Hai]
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Ke, Z. Co Author Listing * Deep Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction: Inverse Problems Meet Neural Networks
* Dual Student: Breaking the Limits of the Teacher in Semi-Supervised Learning
* Enhancing Transferability of Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Variable Speed Limit Control Using Transfer Learning
* Fuzzy self-adaptive proportional-integral-derivative control strategy for ramp metering at distance downstream bottlenecks
* Learning Data Consistency and its Application to Dynamic MR Imaging
* Towards Geometry Guided Neural Relighting with Flash Photography
Includes: Ke, Z. Ke, Z.[Zemian] Ke, Z.[Ziwen]

Ke, Z.H.[Zhang Han] Co Author Listing * Guided Collaborative Training for Pixel-Wise Semi-Supervised Learning
Includes: Ke, Z.H.[Zhang Han] Ke, Z.H.[Zhang-Han]

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