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Savva, M.[Manolis] Co Author Listing * 3DSSR: 3D Subscene Retrieval
* Habitat-Matterport 3D Semantics Dataset
* Habitat: A Platform for Embodied AI Research
* Hierarchy Denoising Recursive Autoencoders for 3D Scene Layout Prediction
* Im2Pano3D: Extrapolating 360 Structure and Semantics Beyond the Field of View
* Interpretation of Emergent Communication in Heterogeneous Collaborative Embodied Agents
* LayoutGMN: Neural Graph Matching for Structural Layout Similarity
* Mirror3D: Depth Refinement for Mirror Surfaces
* Motion Annotation Programs: A Scalable Approach to Annotating Kinematic Articulations in Large 3D Shape Collections
* OPD: Single-View 3D Openable Part Detection
* Physically-Based Rendering for Indoor Scene Understanding Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Plan2Scene: Converting Floorplans to 3D Scenes
* Scan2CAD: Learning CAD Model Alignment in RGB-D Scans
* ScanNet: Richly-Annotated 3D Reconstructions of Indoor Scenes
* Semantic Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image
* Semantically-enriched 3D models for common-sense knowledge
* Text2Shape: Generating Shapes from Natural Language by Learning Joint Embeddings
Includes: Savva, M.[Manolis] Savva, M.
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Savva, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * A3D: Studying Pretrained Representations with Programmable Datasets

Savvaris, A.[Al] Co Author Listing * Multiobjective Overtaking Maneuver Planning for Autonomous Ground Vehicles
* Solving Trajectory Optimization Problems in the Presence of Probabilistic Constraints
* Trajectory Optimization of Space Maneuver Vehicle Using a Hybrid Optimal Control Solver
Includes: Savvaris, A.[Al] Savvaris, A.

Savvides, A.[Alexios] Co Author Listing * Clustering of biological time series by cepstral coefficients based distances
* Lightweight People Counting and Localizing in Indoor Spaces Using Camera Sensor Nodes
* Macroscopic Human Behavior Interpretation Using Distributed Imager and Other Sensors
Includes: Savvides, A.[Alexios] Savvides, A.

Savvides, M.[Marios] Co Author Listing * 3D face reconstruction from a single 2D face image
* Advanced Correlation Filters for Face Recognition Using Low-Resolution Visual and Thermal Imagery
* analysis of facial shape and texture for recognition: A large scale evaluation on FRGC ver2.0, An
* Augmented Linear Discriminant Analysis Approach for Identifying Identical Twins with the Aid of Facial Asymmetry Features, An
* Automatic Iris Occlusion Estimation Method Based on High-Dimensional Density Estimation, An
* Automatic segmentation of cardiosynchronous waveforms using cepstral analysis and continuous wavelet transforms
* Bayesian Approach to Deformed Pattern Matching of Iris Images, A
* Beard and mustache segmentation using sparse classifiers on self-quotient images
* Binarizing MobileNet via Evolution-Based Searching
* Biometric data hiding: A 3 factor authentication approach to verify identity with a single image using steganography, encryption and matching
* Boosted multi image features for improved face detection
* Boosting Transductive Few-Shot Fine-tuning with Margin-based Uncertainty Weighting and Probability Regularization
* Bounding Box Regression With Uncertainty for Accurate Object Detection
* Cancelable biometric filters for face recognition
* CDTD: A Large-Scale Cross-Domain Benchmark for Instance-Level Image-to-Image Translation and Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Communication-Aware Face Detection Using Noc Architecture
* Comparison of Feature Space Methods for Face Recognition
* Compressed Submanifold Multifactor Analysis
* Compressed Submanifold Multifactor Analysis with adaptive factor structures
* Contrast and Order Representations for Video Self-Supervised Learning
* Corefaces-robust shift invariant PCA based correlation filter for illumination tolerant face recognition
* Correlation Pattern Recognition for Face Recognition
* Deep contextual recurrent residual networks for scene labeling
* DeepGender: Occlusion and Low Resolution Robust Facial Gender Classification via Progressively Trained Convolutional Neural Networks with Attention
* DeepSafeDrive: A grammar-aware driver parsing approach to Driver Behavioral Situational Awareness (DB-SAW)
* Discriminative Invariant Kernel Features: A Bells-and-Whistles-Free Approach to Unsupervised Face Recognition and Pose Estimation
* Douglas-Rachford Networks: Learning Both the Image Prior and Data Fidelity Terms for Blind Image Deconvolution
* Driver cell phone usage detection on Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) face view videos
* Dynamic three-bin real AdaBoost using biased classifiers: An application in face detection
* Efficient design of advanced correlation filters for robust distortion-tolerant face recognition
* Eigenphases vs. eigenfaces
* Electromyograph and keystroke dynamics for spoof-resistant biometric authentication
* Encoding and decoding local binary patterns for harsh face illumination normalization
* Enhanced Training of Query-Based Object Detection via Selective Query Recollection
* Enhancing Interior and Exterior Deep Facial Features for Face Detection in the Wild
* Estimating Mixing Factors Simultaneously in Multilinear Tensor Decomposition for Robust Face Recognition and Synthesis
* Evaluation of Iris Pattern Representations, An
* extension of multifactor analysis for face recognition based on submanifold learning, An
* Face Recognition Across Pose Using View Based Active Appearance Models (VBAAMs) on CMU Multi-PIE Dataset
* Facecut: a robust approach for facial feature segmentation
* Facial aging and asymmetry decomposition based approaches to identification of twins
* Facial Asymmetry: A New Robust Biometric in the Frequency Domain
* Facial Ethnic Appearance Synthesis
* Faster than Real-Time Facial Alignment: A 3D Spatial Transformer Network Approach in Unconstrained Poses
* Feature Selective Anchor-Free Module for Single-Shot Object Detection
* Fractal encoding of low resolution iris imagery for improved matching
* Gaussian Mixture Models based on the Phase Spectra for Illumination Invariant Face Identification on the Yale Database
* Gender and Ethnicity Specific Generic Elastic Models from a Single 2D Image for Novel 2D Pose Face Synthesis and Recognition
* Graphical Model Approach to Iris Matching Under Deformation and Occlusion
* Hallucinating Irises - Dealing with Partial and Occluded Iris Regions
* Hallucinating the Full Face from the Periocular Region via Dimensionally Weighted K-SVD
* Illumination Normalization Using Logarithm Transforms for Face Authentication
* In between 3D Active Appearance Models and 3D Morphable Models
* Individual Kernel Tensor-Subspaces for Robust Face Recognition: A Computationally Efficient Tensor Framework Without Requiring Mode Factorization
* Investigating Age Invariant Face Recognition Based on Periocular Biometrics
* Investigating the feasibility of image-based nose biometrics
* Investigating useful and distinguishing features around the eyelash region
* IRIS Super-Resolution via Nonparametric Over-Complete Dictionary Learning
* Is Pose Really Solved? A Frontalization Study On Off-Angle Face Matching
* Kernel Fukunaga-Koontz Transform Subspaces For Enhanced Face Recognition
* Learning from Longitudinal Face Demonstration: Where Tractable Deep Modeling Meets Inverse Reinforcement Learning
* Learning to Invert Local Binary Patterns
* Local Binary Convolutional Neural Networks
* MoBiNet: A Mobile Binary Network for Image Classification
* Multi-class Fukunaga Koontz discriminant analysis for enhanced face recognition
* Multi-task Contextual Atrous Residual Network for Brain Tumor Detection Segmentation, A
* Multifactor analysis based on factor-dependent geometry
* multifactor extension of Grassmann manifolds for face recognition, The
* Multiple Scale Faster-RCNN Approach to Driver's Cell-Phone Usage and Hands on Steering Wheel Detection
* NCMS: Towards accurate anchor free object detection through L2 norm calibration and multi-feature selection
* NIR-VIS heterogeneous face recognition via cross-spectral joint dictionary learning and reconstruction
* novel energy based filter for cross-blink eye detection, A
* novel Shape Constrained Feature-based Active Contour model for lips/mouth segmentation in the wild, A
* One Bit Facial Asymmetry Code (FAC) in Fourier Domain for Human Recognition, A
* Online Ensemble Model Compression Using Knowledge Distillation
* Pareto-optimal discriminant analysis
* Partial and Holistic Face Recognition on FRGC-II data using Support Vector Machine
* Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition using Visual and Thermal Imagery with Advanced Correlation Filters
* Perturbative Neural Networks
* Pose estimation using Spectral and Singular Value recomposition
* preliminary investigation on the sensitivity of COTS face recognition systems to forensic analyst-style face processing for occlusions, A
* Proposed FPGA Hardware Architecture for High Frame Rate (> 100 fps) Face Detection Using Feature Cascade Classifiers
* Proximal Splitting Networks for Image Restoration
* Quad Phase Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filters for Reduced Memory Illumination Tolerant Face Authentication
* RankGAN: A Maximum Margin Ranking GAN for Generating Faces
* Rapid 3D face modeling using a frontal face and a profile face for accurate 2D pose synthesis
* Reactnet: Towards Precise Binary Neural Network with Generalized Activation Functions
* Redundant Class-Dependence Feature Analysis Based on Correlation Filters Using FRGC2.0 Data
* Reformulating Level Sets as Deep Recurrent Neural Network Approach to Semantic Segmentation
* Ring Loss: Convex Feature Normalization for Face Recognition
* robust contour sampling and tensor-based approach to facial beard and mustache shape segmentation and matching, A
* Robust Face Recognition Using Advanced Correlation Filters with Bijective-Mapping Preprocessing
* Robust Hand Detection and Classification in Vehicles and in the Wild
* Robust hand detection in Vehicles
* Robust Iris Recognition Using Advanced Correlation Techniques
* Robust modified Active Shape Model for automatic facial landmark annotation of frontal faces
* Role of Statistical Models in Biometric Authentication, The
* S2-BNN: Bridging the Gap Between Self-Supervised Real and 1-bit Neural Networks via Guided Distribution Calibration
* Second-degree correlation surface features from Optimal Trade-off Synthetic Discriminant Function filters for subject identification using radio frequency cardiosynchronous waveforms
* Seeing Small Faces from Robust Anchor's Perspective
* Semantic Relation Reasoning for Shot-Stable Few-Shot Object Detection
* Semi self-training beard/moustache detection and segmentation simultaneously
* Simultaneous forgery identification and localization in paintings using advanced correlation filters
* Single Face Image Super-Resolution via Solo Dictionary Learning
* Soft Anchor-point Object Detection
* SparCLeS: Dynamic L_1 Sparse Classifiers With Level Sets for Robust Beard/Moustache Detection and Segmentation
* Sparse Feature Extraction for Pose-Tolerant Face Recognition
* Spartans: Single-Sample Periocular-Based Alignment-Robust Recognition Technique Applied to Non-Frontal Scenarios
* Spatial frequency domain image processing for biometric recognition
* SSR2: Sparse signal recovery for single-image super-resolution on faces with extreme low resolutions
* Statistical Performance Evaluation of Biometric Authentication Systems Using Random Effects Models
* Subspace-Based Discrete Transform Encoded Local Binary Patterns Representations for Robust Periocular Matching on NIST's Face Recognition Grand Challenge
* Tear-duct detector for identifying left versus right iris images
* Temporal Non-volume Preserving Approach to Facial Age-Progression and Age-Invariant Face Recognition
* Towards a Unified Framework for Pose, Expression, and Occlusion Tolerant Automatic Facial Alignment
* Towards Instance-Level Image-To-Image Translation
* Unconstrained Biometric Identification: Emerging Technologies
* Unconstrained periocular biometric acquisition and recognition using COTS PTZ camera for uncooperative and non-cooperative subjects
* Unconstrained Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Using 3D Generic Elastic Models
* Unitail: Detecting, Reading, and Matching in Retail Scene
* Unsupervised Disentanglement of Linear-Encoded Facial Semantics
* Using Feature Combination and Statistical Resampling for Accurate Face Recognition Based on Frequency Domain Representation of Facial Asymmetry
* Verification of Biometric Palmprint Patterns Using Optimal Trade-Off Filter Classifiers
* Weakly Supervised Facial Analysis with Dense Hyper-Column Features
* Weight-Optimal Local Binary Patterns
Includes: Savvides, M.[Marios] Savvides, M.
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Savvides, N.[Niki] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Cultural Route at the Xeros River Valley, Larnaca, Cyprus

Savvidis, T. Co Author Listing * Motion Analysis on Depth Camera Data to Quantify Parkinson's Disease Patients' Motor Status Within the Framework of I-Prognosis Personalized Game Suite

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