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Pant, C. Co Author Listing * Enhancing Pix2Pix for Remote Sensing Image Classification

Pant, D.R.[Dibakar Raj] Co Author Listing * CIE uniform chromaticity scale diagram for measuring performance of OSA-UCS Delta-EE and CIEDE00 formulas

Pant, M.[Millie] Co Author Listing * Brain tumor segmentation and classification from magnetic resonance images: Review of selected methods from 2014 to 2019
* Magnetic optimization algorithm for data clustering
* Multiple Instance Learning with Genetic Pooling for medical data analysis
* Multipurpose image watermarking in the domain of DWT based on SVD and ABC

Pant, N.[Nirmal] Co Author Listing * Genre and Style Based Painting Classification

Pant, P.[Paras] Co Author Listing * Estimating Color Signal at Different Correlated Color Temperature of Daylight
* Highlight detection and removal from spectral image
* Highlight Removal from Single Image

Pant, T.[Triloki] Co Author Listing * Water level monitoring using classification techniques on Landsat-8 data at Sangam region, Prayagraj, India

Panta, R.K. Co Author Listing * Energy Calibration of the Pixels of Spectral X-ray Detectors
* Mobile Video Delivery: Challenges and Opportunities
Includes: Panta, R.K. Panta, R.K.[Rajesh Krishna]

Pantaleo, U.[Ubaldo] Co Author Listing * High Resolution Orthomosaics of African Coral Reefs: A Tool for Wide-Scale Benthic Monitoring
* Quantifying Coral Reef Composition of Recreational Diving Sites: A Structure from Motion Approach at Seascape Scale
* SfM-Based Method to Assess Gorgonian Forests (Paramuricea clavata (Cnidaria, Octocorallia

Pantanahiran, W. Co Author Listing * Using Remote Sensing Data for Calculating the Coastal Erosion In Southern Thailand

Pantanowitz, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Comparison of colour transforms used in lip segmentation algorithms

Pantazatou, K. Co Author Listing * 3d City Models for Supporting Simulations In City Densifications

Pantazi, A. Co Author Listing * Identification of Geometrical Shapes in Paintings and its Application to Demonstrate the Foundations of Geometry in 1650 B.C.

Pantazi, X.E.[Xanthoula Eirini] Co Author Listing * Non-Destructive Early Detection and Quantitative Severity Stage Classification of Tomato Chlorosis Virus (ToCV) Infection in Young Tomato Plants Using Vis-NIR Spectroscopy

Pantazis, D. Co Author Listing * Controlling Familywise Error Rate for Matched Subspace Detection in Dynamic FDG PET
* Optimization of landmark selection for cortical surface registration
Includes: Pantazis, D. Pantazis, D.[Dimitrios]

Pantazis, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Helmert Transformation Problem. From Euler Angles Method to Quaternion Algebra
* Merging Geometric Documentation with Materials Characterization And Analysis of the History of the Holy Aedicule in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
* Short-Term and Long-Term Forecasting for the 3D Point Position Changing by Using Artificial Neural Networks
Includes: Pantazis, G.[George] Pantazis, G.

Pantel, J.H. Co Author Listing * Parallel implementation and evaluation of motion estimation system algorithms on a distributed memory multiprocessor using knowledge based mappings

Panteleris, P.[Paschalis] Co Author Listing * 3D Tracking of Human Hands in Interaction with Unknown Objects
* Accurate Hand Keypoint Localization on Mobile Devices
* Back to RGB: 3D Tracking of Hands and Hand-Object Interactions Based on Short-Baseline Stereo
* Using a Single RGB Frame for Real Time 3D Hand Pose Estimation in the Wild
* Vision-Based SLAM and Moving Objects Tracking for the Perceptual Support of a Smart Walker Platform
Includes: Panteleris, P.[Paschalis] Panteleris, P.

Pantelidis, N.[Nick] Co Author Listing * Verge in VBS 2021

Pantforder, D.[Dorothea] Co Author Listing * Interaction in Virtual Environments: How to Control the Environment by Using VR-Glasses in the Most Immersive Way
* Supporting Operators in Process Control Tasks: Benefits of Interactive 3-D Visualization
Includes: Pantforder, D.[Dorothea] Pantförder, D.[Dorothea] (Maybe also Pantfoerder, D.)

Pantho, M.J.H.[M. Jubaer Hossain] Co Author Listing * Design of a Reconfigurable 3D Pixel-Parallel Neuromorphic Architecture for Smart Image Sensor

Panthou, G.[Geremy] Co Author Listing * Precipitation Inferred from Soil Moisture (PrISM) Near Real-Time Rainfall Product: Evaluation and Comparison, The

Panti, C.[Cecilia] Co Author Listing * Color-coordinate system from a 13th-century account of rainbows
* three-dimensional color space from the 13th century, A

Pantic, M.[Maja] Co Author Listing * 300 Faces In-The-Wild Challenge: database and results
* 300 Faces in-the-Wild Challenge: The First Facial Landmark Localization Challenge
* 300 W: Special issue on facial landmark localisation 'in-the-wild'
* 3D facial geometric features for constrained local model
* 4DFAB: A Large Scale 4D Database for Facial Expression Analysis and Biometric Applications
* Action unit detection using sparse appearance descriptors in space-time video volumes
* Active nonrigid ICP algorithm
* Active Speaker Detection and Localization in Videos Using Low-Rank and Kernelized Sparsity
* AFEW-VA database for valence and arousal estimation in-the-wild
* Analysis of EEG Signals and Facial Expressions for Continuous Emotion Detection
* Anthropocentric Video Analysis: Tools and Applications
* Audio-Visual Classification and Fusion of Spontaneous Affective Data in Likelihood Space
* Audiovisual Conflict Detection in Political Debates
* Audiovisual Discrimination Between Speech and Laughter: Why and When Visual Information Might Help
* Automatic Analysis of Facial Actions: A Survey
* Automatic Analysis of Facial Expressions: The State of the Art
* Automatic Detection of Chronic Pain-Related Expression: Requirements, Challenges and the Multimodal EmoPain Dataset, The
* Automatic Measurement of Visual Attention to Video Content using Deep Learning
* Automatic Pain Intensity Estimation with Heteroscedastic Conditional Ordinal Random Fields
* Automatic visual mimicry expression analysis in interpersonal interaction
* B-spline polynomial descriptors for human activity recognition
* Best of Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2008
* Binary Pattern Analysis for 3D Facial Action Unit Detection
* Blind Audio-Visual Localization and Separation via Low-Rank and Sparsity
* Bridging the Gap between Social Animal and Unsocial Machine: A Survey of Social Signal Processing
* Building Autonomous Sensitive Artificial Listeners
* Combined Support Vector Machines and Hidden Markov Models for Modeling Facial Action Temporal Dynamics
* Come and have an emotional workout with sensitive artificial listeners!
* Conflict Escalation Resolution (CONFER) Database, The
* Context-Sensitive Conditional Ordinal Random Fields for Facial Action Intensity Estimation
* Context-Sensitive Dynamic Ordinal Regression for Intensity Estimation of Facial Action Units
* Continuous Pain Intensity Estimation from Facial Expressions
* Continuous Prediction of Spontaneous Affect from Multiple Cues and Modalities in Valence-Arousal Space
* Copula Ordinal Regression for Joint Estimation of Facial Action Unit Intensity
* Copula Ordinal Regression Framework for Joint Estimation of Facial Action Unit Intensity
* Cost-effective solution to synchronised audio-visual data capture using multiple sensors
* Cost-Effective Solution to Synchronized Audio-Visual Capture Using Multiple Sensors
* Coupled Gaussian Process Regression for Pose-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition
* Coupled Gaussian Processes for Pose-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition
* Decision Level Fusion of Domain Specific Regions for Facial Action Recognition
* Deep Analysis of Facial Behavioral Dynamics
* Deep Structured Learning for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation
* DeepCoder: Semi-Parametric Variational Autoencoders for Automatic Facial Action Coding
* Designing frameworks for automatic affect prediction and classification in dimensional space
* Detection of Concept Frames Using Clustering Multi-instance Learning, The
* Discriminant Incoherent Component Analysis
* Discrimination Between Native and Non-Native Speech Using Visual Features Only
* Discriminative Shared Gaussian Processes for Multiview and View-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition
* Disentangling Geometry and Appearance with Regularised Geometry-Aware Generative Adversarial Networks
* Doubly Sparse Relevance Vector Machine for Continuous Facial Behavior Estimation
* Dynamic Appearance Descriptor Approach to Facial Actions Temporal Modeling, A
* dynamic approach to the recognition of 3D facial expressions and their temporal models, A
* Dynamic Behavior Analysis via Structured Rank Minimization
* Dynamic Face Video Segmentation via Reinforcement Learning
* Dynamic Probabilistic CCA for Analysis of Affective Behavior and Fusion of Continuous Annotations
* Dynamic Probabilistic CCA for Analysis of Affective Behaviour
* Dynamic Texture-Based Approach to Recognition of Facial Actions and Their Temporal Models, A
* Dynamics of Facial Expression: Recognition of Facial Actions and Their Temporal Segments From Face Profile Image Sequences
* Emotion representation, analysis and synthesis in continuous space: A survey
* Emotionally aware automated portrait painting demonstration
* Empirical analysis of cascade deformable models for multi-view face detection
* End-to-end visual speech recognition for small-scale datasets
* Enhancing Facial Data Diversity with Style-based Face Aging
* Euler Principal Component Analysis
* Expert system for automatic analysis of facial expressions
* Expert System for Multiple Emotional Classification of Facial Expressions, An
* Face Mask Extraction in Video Sequence
* Facial Action Recognition for Facial Expression Analysis From Static Face Images
* Facial Action Unit Detection using Probabilistic Actively Learned Support Vector Machines on Tracked Facial Point Data
* Facial behaviometrics: The case of facial deformation in spontaneous smile/laughter
* Facial component detection in thermal imagery
* Facial Expression Invariant Head Pose Normalization Using Gaussian Process Regression
* Facial landmarking for in-the-wild images with local inference based on global appearance
* Facial point detection using boosted regression and graph models
* Factorized Higher-Order CNNs With an Application to Spatio-Temporal Emotion Estimation
* Fast Algorithms for Fitting Active Appearance Models to Unconstrained Images
* Fast and exact bi-directional fitting of active appearance models
* Fast and Exact Newton and Bidirectional Fitting of Active Appearance Models
* Fast and robust appearance-based tracking
* Fast Newton active appearance models
* Faster, Better and More Detailed: 3d Face Reconstruction with Graph Convolutional Networks
* FERA 2017 - Addressing Head Pose in the Third Facial Expression Recognition and Analysis Challenge
* first facial expression recognition and analysis challenge, The
* First Facial Landmark Tracking in-the-Wild Challenge: Benchmark and Results, The
* Framework for Joint Estimation and Guided Annotation of Facial Action Unit Intensity, A
* From Pixels to Response Maps: Discriminative Image Filtering for Face Alignment in the Wild
* FT-RCNN: Real-time Visual Face Tracking with Region-based Convolutional Neural Networks
* Full-Angle Quaternions for Robustly Matching Vectors of 3D Rotations
* Fully Automatic Facial Action Unit Detection and Temporal Analysis
* Fully Automatic Recognition of the Temporal Phases of Facial Actions
* Fusion of audio and visual cues for laughter detection
* GAGAN: Geometry-Aware Generative Adversarial Networks
* Gauss-Newton Deformable Part Models for Face Alignment In-the-Wild
* Gaussian Process Domain Experts for Model Adaptation in Facial Behavior Analysis
* Gaussian Process Domain Experts for Modeling of Facial Affect
* Generic Active Appearance Models Revisited
* Guest Editorial: The Computational Face
* HCI-lambda-2 Workbench: A development tool for multimodal human-computer interaction systems
* HCI2 Framework: A Software Framework for Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction Systems
* Hierarchical On-line Appearance-Based Tracking for 3D head pose, eyebrows, lips, eyelids and irises
* Human Activity Recognition Using Hierarchically-Mined Feature Constellations
* Human body gesture recognition using adapted auxiliary particle filtering
* implicit spatiotemporal shape model for human activity localization and recognition, An
* Incremental Face Alignment in the Wild
* Incremental Slow Feature Analysis with Indefinite Kernel for Online Temporal Video Segmentation
* Introduction to the Best of ACII 2013 Special Section
* Investigating bias in deep face analysis: The KANFace dataset and empirical study
* Joint Discriminative Generative Model for Deformable Model Construction and Classification, A
* Joint Facial Action Unit Detection and Feature Fusion: A Multi-Conditional Learning Approach
* Joint Unsupervised Deformable Spatio-Temporal Alignment of Sequences
* Joint Unsupervised Face Alignment and Behaviour Analysis
* Kernel Conditional Ordinal Random Fields for Temporal Segmentation of Facial Action Units
* Kernel-based Recognition of Human Actions Using Spatiotemporal Salient Points
* Latent trees for estimating intensity of Facial Action Units
* Learning Slow Features for Behaviour Analysis
* Lip-reading with Densely Connected Temporal Convolutional Networks
* Lips Don't Lie: A Generalisable and Robust Approach to Face Forgery Detection
* Local Evidence Aggregation for Regression-Based Facial Point Detection
* Local normal binary patterns for 3D facial action unit detection
* MAHNOB Laughter database, The
* MAHNOB Mimicry Database: A database of naturalistic human interactions, The
* Markov Random Field Structures for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation
* Merging SVMs with Linear Discriminant Analysis: A Combined Model
* Meta-Analysis of the First Facial Expression Recognition Challenge
* Mitigating Demographic Bias in Facial Datasets with Style-Based Multi-attribute Transfer
* Modeling hidden dynamics of multimodal cues for spontaneous agreement and disagreement recognition
* Modeling of facial aging and kinship: A survey
* Monocular omnidirectional head motion capture in the visible light spectrum
* Multi-conditional Latent Variable Model for Joint Facial Action Unit Detection
* Multi-Instance Dynamic Ordinal Random Fields for Weakly Supervised Facial Behavior Analysis
* Multi-Instance Dynamic Ordinal Random Fields for Weakly-Supervised Pain Intensity Estimation
* Multi-modal Neural Conditional Ordinal Random Fields for agreement level estimation
* Multi-Output Laplacian Dynamic Ordinal Regression for Facial Expression Recognition and Intensity Estimation
* Multimodal Database for Affect Recognition and Implicit Tagging, A
* Multimodal Emotion Recognition in Response to Videos
* Non-rigid registration using free-form deformations for recognition of facial actions and their temporal dynamics
* Nonnegative Decompositions for Dynamic Visual Data Analysis
* Online Attention for Interpretable Conflict Estimation in Political Debates
* Online Kernel Slow Feature Analysis for Temporal Video Segmentation and Tracking
* Online learning and fusion of orientation appearance models for robust rigid object tracking
* Optimization Problems for Fast AAM Fitting in-the-Wild
* Output-associative RVM regression for dimensional and continuous emotion prediction
* Parametric temporal alignment for the detection of facial action temporal segments
* Particle filtering with factorized likelihoods for tracking facial features
* Personalized Modeling of Facial Action Unit Intensity
* Photorealistic Facial Synthesis in the Dimensional Affect Space
* Prediction-Based Audiovisual Fusion for Classification of Non-Linguistic Vocalisations
* Prediction-based classification for audiovisual discrimination between laughter and speech
* Principal component analysis of image gradient orientations for face recognition
* RAPS: Robust and Efficient Automatic Construction of Person-Specific Deformable Models
* real-time and unsupervised face re-identification system for human-robot interaction, A
* Realistic Speech-Driven Facial Animation with GANs
* Recognition of 3D facial expression dynamics
* Regression-Based Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition
* Robust and efficient parametric face alignment
* Robust Canonical Time Warping for the Alignment of Grossly Corrupted Sequences
* Robust Correlated and Individual Component Analysis
* Robust Discriminative Response Map Fitting with Constrained Local Models
* Robust Statistical Face Frontalization
* Robust Statistical Frontalization of Human and Animal Faces
* RoI Tanh-polar transformer network for face parsing in the wild
* Self-adaptive expert system for facial expression analysis
* SEMAINE Database: Annotated Multimodal Records of Emotionally Colored Conversations between a Person and a Limited Agent, The
* Semi-automatic Methodology for Facial Landmark Annotation, A
* SEWA DB: A Rich Database for Audio-Visual Emotion and Sentiment Research in the Wild
* Shape Constrained Network for Eye Segmentation in the Wild
* Shape-Constrained Gaussian Process Regression for Facial-Point-Based Head-Pose Normalization
* Shared Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model for Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition
* Slow features nonnegative matrix factorization for temporal data decomposition
* Social signal processing: Survey of an emerging domain
* Social Signal Processing: Understanding social interactions through nonverbal behavior analysis
* Sparse B-spline polynomial descriptors for human activity recognition
* Sparse representations of image gradient orientations for visual recognition and tracking
* Spatiotemporal Localization and Categorization of Human Actions in Unsegmented Image Sequences
* Spatiotemporal salient points for visual recognition of human actions
* Special Issue on Human Computing
* Static and dynamic 3D facial expression recognition: A comprehensive survey
* Statistical non-rigid ICP algorithm and its application to 3D face alignment
* String-based audiovisual fusion of behavioural events for the assessment of dimensional affect
* Subspace analysis of arbitrarily many linear filter responses with an application to face tracking
* Subspace Learning from Image Gradient Orientations
* Survey of Affect Recognition Methods: Audio, Visual, and Spontaneous Expressions, A
* survey of multimodal sentiment analysis, A
* T-Net: Parametrizing Fully Convolutional Nets With a Single High-Order Tensor
* Temporal Archetypal Analysis for Action Segmentation
* Toward an affect-sensitive multimodal human-computer interaction
* Toward fast and accurate human pose estimation via soft-gated skip connections
* Towards the automatic detection of spontaneous agreement and disagreement based on nonverbal behaviour: A survey of related cues, databases, and tools
* Variable-state Latent Conditional Random Field models for facial expression analysis
* Variable-state latent conditional random fields for facial expression recognition and action unit detection
* Variational Gaussian Process Auto-Encoder for Ordinal Prediction of Facial Action Units
* Variational Infinite Hidden Conditional Random Fields
* View-Constrained Latent Variable Model for Multi-view Facial Expression Classification
* Visual and multimodal analysis of human spontaneous behaviour: Introduction to the Special Issue
Includes: Pantic, M.[Maja] Pantic, M.
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Pantke, W. Co Author Listing * On Evaluation of Segmentation-Free Word Spotting Approaches without Hard Decisions

Panto, G. Co Author Listing * Advanced 3d Modeling Versus Building Information Modeling: The Case Study of Palazzo Ettoreo in Sacile (Italy)
Includes: Panto, G. Pantò, G.

Pantofaru, C.[Caroline] Co Author Listing * adaptable system for RGB-D based human body detection and pose estimation, An
* AVA: A Video Dataset of Spatio-Temporally Localized Atomic Visual Actions
* Combining Regions and Patches for Object Class Localization
* Comparison of Image Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Detecting and tracking people using an RGB-D camera via multiple detector fusion
* Discovering Groups of People in Images
* Discriminative Cluster Refinement: Improving Object Category Recognition Given Limited Training Data
* DOPS: Learning to Detect 3D Objects and Predict Their 3D Shapes
* Egocentric Field-of-View Localization Using First-Person Point-of-View Devices
* framework for learning to recognize and segment object classes using weakly supervised training data, A
* General Framework for Tracking Multiple People from a Moving Camera, A
* Indoor Scene Understanding with Geometric and Semantic Contexts
* Layout Estimation of Highly Cluttered Indoor Scenes Using Geometric and Semantic Cues
* LSTM Approach to Temporal 3d Object Detection in Lidar Point Clouds, An
* Measure for Objective Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Object Recognition by Integrating Multiple Image Segmentations
* Pillar-based Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
* Studies in Using Image Segmentation to Improve Object Recognition
* Supplementary Material: AVA-ActiveSpeaker: An Audio-Visual Dataset for Active Speaker Detection
* Toward Objective Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms
* Understanding Indoor Scenes Using 3D Geometric Phrases
* Virtual Multi-view Fusion for 3d Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Pantofaru, C.[Caroline] Pantofaru, C.
22 for Pantofaru, C.

Pantoja, D.A.[Diego A.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Error in IMERG Precipitation Estimates under Different Topographic Conditions and Temporal Scales over Mexico

Pantoja, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * P-Frame Transcoding in VC-1 to H.264 Transcoders
* Programmable Deblocking Filter Architecture for a VC-1 Video Decoder
* Transcoding with quality enhancement and irregular sampling
* two-level rate control approach for video transcoding, A
Includes: Pantoja, M.[Maria] Pantoja, M.

Panton, C. Co Author Listing * Advanced Multifrequency Radar Instrumentation for Polar Research

Panton, D.J. Co Author Listing * Flexible Approach to Digital Stereo Mapping, A

Pantong, N.[Natee] Co Author Listing * Globally accelerated reconstruction algorithm for diffusion tomography with continuous-wave source in an arbitrary convex shape domain

Pantoni, L. Co Author Listing * Sparse Decomposition and Modeling of Anatomical Shape Variation

Pantovic, J.[Jovanka] Co Author Listing * Measuring Linearity of Closed Curves and Connected Compound Curves
* Measuring Linearity of Connected Configurations of a Finite Number of 2D and 3D Curves
* Measuring linearity of curves in 2D and 3D

Pantovic, T.[Tatijana] Co Author Listing * Altm ORION establishes a new standard in LiDAR data quality, accuracy and precision
* Lynx mobile mapper: the new survey technology

Pantraki, E.[Evangelia] Co Author Listing * Age interval and gender prediction using PARAFAC2 and SVMs based on visual and aural features

Pantrigo, J.J.[Juan Jose] Co Author Listing * 2D Human Tracking by Efficient Model Fitting Using a Path Relinking Particle Filter
* Combining Particle Filter and Population-based Metaheuristics for Visual Articulated Motion Tracking
* Convolutional Neural Networks and Long Short-Term Memory for skeleton-based human activity and hand gesture recognition
* High-performance template tracking
* Multi-dimensional visual tracking using scatter search particle filter
* Multiple and variable target visual tracking for video-surveillance applications
* Multiscale and local search methods for real time region tracking with particle filters: local search driven by adaptive scale estimation on GPUs
* Performance evaluation of a 3D multi-view-based particle filter for visual object tracking using GPUs and multicore CPUs
* Scatter Search Particle Filter for 2D Real-Time Hands and Face Tracking
* Special issue on real-time computer vision in smart cities
Includes: Pantrigo, J.J.[Juan Jose] Pantrigo, J.J.[Juan José] Pantrigo, J.J.[Juan J.]
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Pantuwong, N. Co Author Listing * Projective-Invariant Digital Image Watermarking Technique Using Four Co-Planar Feature Points
* puppet interface for the development of an intuitive computer animation system, A
* Skeleton growing: an algorithm to extract a curve skeleton from a pseudonormal vector field
Includes: Pantuwong, N. Pantuwong, N.[Natapon]

Pantzaris, M.[Marios] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Semi-automated Integrated System for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation in Longitudinal MRI Scans Based on a Convolutional Neural Network, An
* Rule Extraction in the Assessment of Brain MRI Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis: Preliminary Findings
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Integrated System for Brain Multiple Sclerosis Lesions, A

Pantze, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Nation-Wide Clear-Cut Mapping in Sweden Using ALOS PALSAR Strip Images

Pantziaris, M. Co Author Listing * AM-FM texture image analysis in brain white matter lesions in the progression of Multiple Sclerosis
* Integrated System for the Assessment of Ultrasonic Imaging Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaques, An
* Texture-based classification of atherosclerotic carotid plaques

Pantziou, G. Co Author Listing * Optimizing Relocation Cost in Free-Floating Car-Sharing Systems

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