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Okada Shudo, Y.[Yoshiko] Co Author Listing * Protein-based optical filters for image processinge
Includes: Okada Shudo, Y.[Yoshiko] Okada-Shudo, Y.[Yoshiko]

Okada, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Bodily state detection apparatus
* High-order framewise smoothness-constrained globally-optimal tracking
* Semiautomatic Leakage Analyzing System for Time Series Fluorescein Ocular Fundus Angiography
* simulation of multilayer thin-film interference for pearl material preproduction, A
Includes: Okada, A.[Akira] Okada, A.[Asami] Okada, A.[Akihiro]

Okada, G. Co Author Listing * Advertisement Effectiveness Estimation Based on Crowdsourced Multimodal Affective Responses
* Deep Unrolling of Diffusion Process with Morphological Laplacian and its Implementation with SIMD Instructions
* Drawback in the Change Detection Approach: False Detection during the 2018 Western Japan Floods
* Potential Role of News Media to Construct a Machine Learning Based Damage Mapping Framework, The
Includes: Okada, G. Okada, G.[Gouki] Okada, G.[Genki]

Okada, H.[Hitoshi] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Influence of Country-Related Pictures on the Perception of a Foreign Online Store
* Object-Oriented H.263 Compatible Video Coding Platform for Conferencing Applications
Includes: Okada, H.[Hitoshi] Okada, H.

Okada, K.[Kazunori] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Synthesis of Human Faces with Pose Variations by a Parametric Piecewise Linear Subspace Method
* Analysis and Synthesis of Pose Variations of Human Faces by a Linear PCMAP Model and its Application for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition System
* Blob Segmentation Using Joint Space-Intensity Likelihood Ratio Test: Application to 3D Tumor Segmentation
* Classifiability criteria for refining of random walks segmentation
* Diffusion Distance for Histogram Comparison
* Directional mean shift and its application for topology classification of local 3D structures
* Document Understanding System Incorporating with Character Recognition, A
* Edge strength evaluation with reaction-diffusion systems
* Efficient Earth Mover's Distance Algorithm for Robust Histogram Comparison, An
* Electric Appliance Parts Classification Using a Measure Combining the Whole Shape and Local Shape Distribution Similarities
* EMD-L1: An Efficient and Robust Algorithm for Comparing Histogram-Based Descriptors
* Estimating Diameters of Pulmonary Nodules with Competition-Diffusion and Robust Ellipsoid Fit
* Home-Assistant Robot for an Aging Society
* Long-Range Inhibition in Reaction-Diffusion Algorithms Designed for Edge Detection and Stereo Disparity Detection
* Microenvironment-Based Protein Function Analysis by Random Forest
* Pose-invariant face recognition with parametric linear subspaces
* Prior-Constrained Scale-Space Mean Shift
* Realtime 3D Depth Flow Generation and Its Application to Track to Walking Human Being
* Robust Algorithm for Characterizing Anisotropic Local Structures, A
* Robust Anisotropic Gaussian Fitting for Volumetric Characterization of Pulmonary Nodules in Multislice CT
* Robust Click-Point Linking: Matching Visually Dissimilar Local Regions
* Robust detection of semantically equivalent visually dissimilar objects
* Scale Selection for Anisotropic Scale-Space: Application to Volumetric Tumor Characterization
* Semi-Supervised Outdoor Image Generation Conditioned on Weather Signals
* Stratified regularity measures with Jensen-Shannon divergence
* Sub-pixel disparity search for binocular stereo vision
Includes: Okada, K.[Kazunori] Okada, K. Okada, K.[Koichi] Okada, K.[Kei]
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Okada, K.I.[Kei Ichi] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the stand ages of tropical secondary forests after shifting cultivation based on the combination of WorldView-2 and time-series Landsat images
Includes: Okada, K.I.[Kei Ichi] Okada, K.I.[Kei-Ichi]

Okada, M. Co Author Listing * Application of slant correction to handwritten Japanese address recognition
* Automatic Generation of Woodblocks for Virtual Printing
* Color decomposition of overlapped watercolors
* Distance Transformation and Skeleton for Shape Feature Analysis
* Elderly driver retraining using automatic evaluation system of safe driving skill
* fundamental study of output translation from layout recognition and semantic understanding system for mathematical formulae, A
* Image annotation using adapted Gaussian mixture model
* Improvement of the virtual printing scheme for synthesizing Ukiyo-e
* Morphological Subtraction Scheme for Form Analysis, A
* Physical Structure Segmentation with Projection Profile for Mathematic Formulae and Graphics in Academic Paper Images
* Road extraction by snake with inertia and differential features
* Road Extraction Method by an Active Contour Model with Inertia and Differential Features, A
* Robust mobile image transmission using hierarchical QAM
* Semi-blind Fingerprinting Utilizing Ordinary Existing Watermarking Techniques
* Study on Character Recognition Error Correction at Higher Level Recognition Step for Mathematical Formulae Understanding, A
* Vectorization and Precise Refractions in Beam Tracing
Includes: Okada, M. Okada, M.[Masato] Okada, M.[Minoru] Okada, M.[Mitsuo]
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Okada, N. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic localization for mobile robots using incomplete maps
* Reliable Parts Picking System with an Active and Multisensor Visual System, A
* SUPP: Understanding Moving Picture Patterns Based on Linguistic Knowledge
* Use of Viewpoint Information for Example Selection in CBIR
Includes: Okada, N. Okada, N.[Nobuhiro]

Okada, R. Co Author Listing * COUNT Forest: CO-Voting Uncertain Number of Targets Using Random Forest for Crowd Density Estimation
* DIET: Dynamic Integration of Extended Tracklets for Tracking Multiple Persons
* Discriminative generalized Hough transform for object dectection
* Image processing apparatus and a method to compensate for shaking during image capture
* Obstacle detection using projective invariant and vanishing lines
* Onboard surveillance system for automobiles using image processing LSI
* Perfect perspective projection using a varifocal mirror and its application to three-dimensional close-up imaging
* Relevant Feature Selection for Human Pose Estimation and Localization in Cluttered Images
* Single Camera Motion Capture System for Human-Computer Interaction, A
* Target Aware Network Adaptation for Efficient Representation Learning
* Temporally evaluated optical flow: study on accuracy
* Tracking a Person with 3-D Motion by Integrating Optical Flow and Depth
* Virtual Fashion Show Using Real-Time Markerless Motion Capture
Includes: Okada, R. Okada, R.[Ryuzo]
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Okada, S.[Seiji] Co Author Listing * Camera signal processing device and camera signal processing method
* Context- and Knowledge-Aware Graph Convolutional Network for Multimodal Emotion Recognition
* Development of image processing technique for detection of the rescue target in the marine casualty
* Device and method for converting two-dimensional video into three-dimensional video
* Effects of Physiological Signals in Different Types of Multimodal Sentiment Estimation
* Hierarchical Invariant Representation of Spatial Topology of 3D Objects and Its Application to Object Recognition, A
* Motion recognition based on Dynamic-Time Warping method with Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network
* Object Recognition Using a Feature Search Strategy Generated from a 3-D Model
* Recognizing Words from Gestures: Discovering Gesture Descriptors Associated with Spoken Utterances
* Robot vision using a feature search strategy generated from a 3D object model
Includes: Okada, S.[Seiji] Okada, S.[Shogo] Okada, S. Okada, S.[Shintaro]
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Okada, T.[Toshiyuki] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of a femoral shape using a parametric model and two 2D fluoroscopic images
* Affective Dynamics: Causality Modeling of Temporally Evolving Perceptual and Affective Responses
* Affective Dynamics: Principal Motion Analysis of Temporal Dominance of Sensations and Emotions Data
* Approximate Lengths Between Phalanges of Multijointed Fingers for Stable Grasping
* Development of an Optical Distance Sensor for Robots
* Low-Level Feature Aggregation Networks for Disease Severity Estimation of Coffee Leaves
* Method and system monitoring video image by updating template image
* Method for tracking entering object and apparatus for tracking and monitoring entering object
* Model-based path finding using adjacent area shape
* Object recognition by grasping
* optimal orthonormal system for discriminant analysis, An
* Preliminary Analysis of Gait Changes That Correspond to Gaze Directions
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Spherical Correlation
Includes: Okada, T.[Toshiyuki] Okada, T.[Takumu] Okada, T. Okada, T.[Takuhiro] Okada, T.[Toshimichi] Okada, T.[Toshiniko]
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Okada, Y. Co Author Listing * 3-D Objects Mapping Using Model and Image Based Approach
* Apparatus and method for searching motion vector
* Automatic Impression Transformation of Faces in 3D Shape: A Perceptual Comparison with Processing on 2D Images
* Creation of High Definition Map for Autonomous Driving
* Detection and Visualization Method of Dynamic State Transition for Biological Spatio-Temporal Imaging Data
* Discourse Structure Analysis for News Video by Checking Surface Information in the Transcript
* document retrieval method from handwritten characters based on OCR and character shape information, A
* Fast, Simple, Feature Preserving and Memory Efficient Simplification of Triangle Meshes
* Field extraction method from existing forms transmitted by facsimile
* Image Reconstruction for High-Sensitivity Imaging by Using Combined Long/Short Exposure Type Single-Chip Image Sensor
* Integrating Vision and Language: Semantic Description of Traffic Events from Image Sequences
* Push-style guidance system for technical document writing
* Real Time High-Sensitivity Imaging for Home Surveillance System by Using Combined Long/Short Exposure
* Structural Character Recognition Using Simulated Annealing
* Text and Layout Information Extraction from Document Files of Various Formats Based on the Analysis of Page Description Language
* Translation Camera
* User-controlled simplification of polygonal models
* Wavelet-based Edge Detection In Digital Images
Includes: Okada, Y. Okada, Y.[Yutaka] Okada, Y.[Yoshihiro] Okada, Y.[Yusuke] Okada, Y.[Yasuhiro]
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Okade, M.[Manish] Co Author Listing * Compressed domain zoom motion classification using local tetra patterns
* Improving Video Stabilization in the Presence of Motion Blur
* Mean shift clustering based outlier removal for global motion estimation
* novel moving object segmentation framework utilizing camera motion recognition for H.264 compressed videos, A
* novel technique for misalignment parameter estimation in double compressed JPEG images, A
* Robust first quantization matrix estimation based on filtering of recompression artifacts for non-aligned double compressed JPEG images
* Robust Learning-Based Camera Motion Characterization Scheme With Applications to Video Stabilization
Includes: Okade, M.[Manish] Okade, M.
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