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Nord Larsen, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Classification of Nemoral Forests with Fusion of Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 and 2 Data
Includes: Nord Larsen, T.[Thomas] Nord-Larsen, T.[Thomas]

Nord, M.E. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Compact Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Modes

Nordahl, B. Co Author Listing * Managing Geological Profiles in Databases for 3D Visualisation

Nordahl, R. Co Author Listing * comparison of different methods for reducing the unintended positional drift accompanying walking-in-place locomotion, A
* digital Intonarumori, The
* Fwobble: Continuous audio-haptic feedback for balance control, The
* Tapping-In-Place: Increasing the naturalness of immersive walking-in-place locomotion through novel gestural input
* Visual realism and presence in a virtual reality game
Includes: Nordahl, R. Nordahl, R.[Rolf]

Nordahl, T. Co Author Listing * Home-Based Physical Therapy with an Interactive Computer Vision System

Nordal, S.[Steinar] Co Author Listing * Globally vs. Locally Trained Machine Learning Models for Landslide Detection: A Case Study of a Glacial Landscape
* Multi-Temporal Satellite Image Composites in Google Earth Engine for Improved Landslide Visibility: A Case Study of a Glacial Landscape

Nordberg, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * Emotion Recognition and EEG Analysis Using ADMM-Based Sparse Group Lasso

Nordberg, J.[Jorgen] Co Author Listing * On histograms and spatiograms: Introduction of the mapogram

Nordberg, K.[Klas] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Nordberg, K.[Klas]: klas nordberg AT liu se
* Efficient Three-view Triangulation Based on 3D Optimization
* Efficient triangulation based on 3D Euclidean optimization
* Equivariance and Invariance: An Approach Based on Lie Groups
* Estimation of orientation tensors for simple signals by means of second-order filters
* Fast and accurate motion segmentation using Linear Combination of Views
* Fast Segmentation of Sparse 3D Point Trajectories Using Group Theoretical Invariants
* framework for estimation of orientation and velocity, A
* Good Edgels to Track: Beating the Aperture Problem with Epipolar Geometry
* Image Alignment for Panorama Stitching in Sparsely Structured Environments
* Integration of Vision and Decision-Making in an Autonomous Airborne Vehicle for Traffic Surveillance
* Invariant and Compact Representation for Unrestricted Pose Estimation, An
* Key to Three-View Geometry, The
* Lambda Twist: An Accurate Fast Robust Perspective Three Point (P3P) Solver
* Linear Mapping for Stereo Triangulation, A
* minimal parameterization of the trifocal tensor, A
* Multibody Motion Segmentation Using the Geometry of 6 Points in 2D Images
* Point Matching Constraints in Two and Three Views
* Point-of-interest detection for range data
* Representation and learning of invariance
* Single-View Matching Constraints
* Sparse Motion Segmentation Using Multiple Six-Point Consistencies
* triangulation tensor, The
Includes: Nordberg, K.[Klas] Nordberg, K.
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Nordberg, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Novel and Fast Approach for Reconstructing CASSI-Raman Spectra using Generative Adversarial Networks, A
* Reconstruction of CASSI-Raman Images with Machine-Learning

Nordberg, O.E.[Oda Elise] Co Author Listing * Students Take Charge of Climate Communication

Nordblom, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Regional Water Balance Based on Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration and Irrigation: An Assessment of the Haihe Plain, China

Nordbotten, J.M.[Jan M.] Co Author Listing * Inverse Scale Spaces for Nonlinear Regularization

Nordebo, S. Co Author Listing * FIR filter design over discrete coefficients and least square error

Nordeen, M. Co Author Listing * MTSAT-1R Visible Imager Point Spread Correction Function, Part I: The Need for, Validation of, and Calibration With

Norden, M. Co Author Listing * KAIRA: The Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array: System Overview and First Results

Nordenfur, T. Co Author Listing * Patient-Specific Left Ventricular Flow Simulations From Transthoracic Echocardiography: Robustness Evaluation and Validation Against Ultrasound Doppler and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Nordeng, I.E.[Ian E.] Co Author Listing * DEBC Detection with Deep Learning

Nordenskjold, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Depth Contrast: Self-supervised Pretraining on 3dpm Images for Mining Material Classification
* Seeded segmentation based on object homogeneity

Nordentoft, R. Co Author Listing * Multi-sensor Traffic Data Fusion for Congestion Detection and Tracking

Nordez, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * IFSS-Net: Interactive Few-Shot Siamese Network for Faster Muscle Segmentation and Propagation in Volumetric Ultrasound

Nordgren, H. Co Author Listing * Guided just-in-time transcoding for cloud-based video platforms

Nordgren, R. Co Author Listing * Mixed-Effects Model for Detecting Disrupted Connectivities in Heterogeneous Data, A

Nordhaus, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Test of the New VIIRS Lights Data Set: Population and Economic Output in Africa, A

Nordhaus, W.D.[William D.] Co Author Listing * VIIRS Nighttime Lights in the Estimation of Cross-Sectional and Time-Series GDP

Nordhausen, K. Co Author Listing * Asymptotic and Bootstrap Tests for the Dimension of the Non-Gaussian Subspace

Nordhauser, S.R.[Steven R.] Co Author Listing * 360 degree/forward view integral imaging system

Nordholm, S. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Descent Method for Optimal Sigmoid Filter Design, A

Nordholm, S.E.[Sven Erik] Co Author Listing * Adaptive speech enhancement with varying noise backgrounds
* Analysis of Two Microphone Method for Feedback Cancellation
* Bayesian Filter for Multi-View 3D Multi-Object Tracking With Occlusion Handling, A
* Feedback Cancellation With Probe Shaping Compensation
* Iterative Frequency Domain Equalization With Generalized Approximate Message Passing
* Multichannel filters for speech recognition using a particle swarm optimization
* Multichannel Signal Enhancement Algorithms for Assisted Listening Devices: Exploiting spatial diversity using multiple microphones
* New Insights Into Optimal Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
* Signal Processing Techniques for Assisted Listening
* Simplified MMSE Precoding Design in Interference Two-Way MIMO Relay Systems
Includes: Nordholm, S.E.[Sven Erik] Nordholm, S.E. Nordholm, S.E.[Sven E.]
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Nordin, A.I.[A. Imran] Co Author Listing * Effect of Time Manipulation on Immersion in Digital Games, The
* Familiarity in Team-Based Online Games: The Interplay Between Player Familiarity and the Concepts of Social Presence, Team Trust, and Performance
* Review on Data Driven Preliminary Study Pertaining to Assistive Digital Learning Technologies to Support Dyscalculia Learners
* Understanding Hospitalized Pediatric Cancer Patients' Activities for Digital Games Design Requirements
* Using Data Mining Strategy in Qualitative Research
Includes: Nordin, A.I.[A. Imran] Nordin, A.I.[Ali-Imran]

Nordin, B. Co Author Listing * Boundary Approach for Fast Neighborhood Operations on 3-Dimensional Binary Data, A
* Finding facial features using an HLS colour space
* New Three-Dimensional Connected Components Labeling Algorithm with Simultaneous Object Feature Extraction Capability, A
* Segmentation of Cervical Cells: Detection of Overlapping Cell Nuclei
Includes: Nordin, B. Nordin, B.[Bo]

Nordin, M.J.[Md Jan] Co Author Listing * Improved Robust Image Watermarking Scheme Based on the Singular Value Decomposition and Genetic Algorithm, An
* Iranian License Plate Recognition System Based on Color Features, An
Includes: Nordin, M.J.[Md Jan] Nordin, M.J.

Nordin, R.[Rosdiadee] Co Author Listing * Multi-Radio Access Software-Defined Vehicular Network

Nordin, S.[Soeb] Co Author Listing * Epoch-Based Height Reference System for Sea Level Rise Impact Assessment on the Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Nordin, S.M.[Shahrina M.] Co Author Listing * Designing 3 Dimensional Virtual Reality Using Panoramic Image
* Effect of Visual of a Courseware towards Pre-University Students' Learning in Literature, The

Nordin, Z. Co Author Listing * Potential of Building Detection from SAR and Lidar Using Deep Learning, The

Nordin, Z.M.[Zailani Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Determination of the Number of Suspicious Clustered Micro Calcifications on ROI of Mammogram Images, The

Nordio, G.[Giovanna] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Importance of Ice-Rafted Debris to Salt Marsh Sedimentation Using High Resolution UAS Imagery
* Variations in Persistence and Regenerative Zones in Coastal Forests Triggered by Sea Level Rise and Storms

Nordlof, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Mobile Laser Scanning for Estimating Tree Stem Diameter Using Segmentation and Tree Spine Calibration
Includes: Nordlof, J.[Jonas] Nordlöf, J.[Jonas] (Maybe also Nordloef, J.)

Nordlund, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Attentional Scene Segmentation: Integrating Depth and Motion
* Closing the Loop: Detection and Pursuit of a Moving Object By a Moving Observer
* Closing the loop: Pursuing a moving object by a moving observer
* Computational Model of Depth-Based Attention, A
* Real-Time Maintenance of Figure-Ground Segmentation
* Towards an Active Visual Observer

Nordman, M.[Maaria] Co Author Listing * Geodetic SAR for Height System Unification and Sea Level Research: Results in the Baltic Sea Test Network
* GPS Time Series Analysis from Aboa the Finnish Antarctic Research Station

Nordmeyer, H.[Henning] Co Author Listing * Weed Mapping with UAS Imagery and a Bag of Visual Words Based Image Classifier

Nordmeyer, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Comparing Subjects with Reference Populations - A Visualization Toolkit for the Analysis of Aortic Anatomy and Pressure Distribution

Nordmo, T.A.S.[Tor Arne S.] Co Author Listing * Arctic HARE: A Machine Learning-Based System for Performance Analysis of Cross-Country Skiers
Includes: Nordmo, T.A.S.[Tor Arne S.] Nordmo, T.A.S.[Tor-Arne S.]

Nordo, G.[Giorgio] Co Author Listing * Counting Gaps in Binary Pictures
* Number of Gaps in Binary Pictures, The
* On the Notion of Dimension in Digital Spaces

Nordrum, A. Co Author Listing * Forging voices and faces
* How to run a successful mobile crowdsourcing project developers must respect the quirks of smartphone culture

Nordsletten, D. Co Author Listing * Steps Towards Quantification of the Cardiological Stress Exam

Nordsletten, D.A.[David A.] Co Author Listing * Exploratory Assessment of Focused Septal Growth in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, An
* Feasibility of the Estimation of Myocardial Stiffness with Reduced 2D Deformation Data
* Semi-automatic Cardiac and Respiratory Gated MRI for Cardiac Assessment During Exercise
* Solution to the Unknown Boundary Tractions in Myocardial Material Parameter Estimations

Nordstrom, H.[Hakan] Co Author Listing * Skull Segmentation in MRI by a Support Vector Machine Combining Local and Global Features

Nordstrom, K.N.[K. Niklas] Co Author Listing * Biased anisotropic diffusion: A unified regularization and diffusion approach to edge detection
* Biased Anisotropic Diffusion: A Unified Regularization and Diffusion Approach to Edge Detection
* Minimization of Energy Functional with Curve-Represented Edges
Includes: Nordstrom, K.N.[K. Niklas] Nordström, K.N.[K. Niklas] (Maybe also Nordstroem, K.N.)Nordstrom, K.N.

Nordstrom, N.[Niklas] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for image classification and halftone detection

Nordstrom, T. Co Author Listing * Execution of neutral network algorithms on an array of bit-serial processors

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