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Koka, D.[Dinesh] Co Author Listing * MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge

Kokaki, Y. Co Author Listing * Sequential Fish Catch Forecasting Using Bayesian State Space Models

Kokal, A.T.[A. Tuzcu] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Chlorophyll-a and Sea Surface Temperature with Satellite Data Derived From Multiple Sensors

Kokalj, Z. Co Author Listing * effect of lossy image compression on object based image classification: WorldView-2 case study, The
* Learning to Classify Structures in ALS-Derived Visualizations of Ancient Maya Settlements with CNN
* Sky-View Factor as a Relief Visualization Technique
* VAT Method for Visualization of Mass Movement Features: An Alternative to Hillshaded DEM
* Why Not a Single Image? Combining Visualizations to Facilitate Fieldwork and On-Screen Mapping
Includes: Kokalj, Z. Kokalj, ˇ.[ˇiga] Kokalj, ˇ.

Kokaly, R.F.[Raymond F.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Methods for Modeling Fractional Cover Using Simulated Satellite Hyperspectral Imager Spectra
* Evaluation of SWIR Crop Residue Bands for the Landsat Next Mission
* Optimizing Landsat Next Shortwave Infrared Bands for Crop Residue Characterization
* Spectroscopic remote sensing of plant stress at leaf and canopy levels using the chlorophyll 680nm absorption feature with continuum removal
Includes: Kokaly, R.F.[Raymond F.] Kokaly, R.F.[Raymond Floyd]

Kokamagi, K.[Kaupo] Co Author Listing * Potential of Optical UAS Data for Predicting Surface Soil Moisture in a Peatland across Time and Sites, The
Includes: Kokamagi, K.[Kaupo] Kokamägi, K.[Kaupo] (Maybe also Kokamaegi, K.)

Kokar, M.M. Co Author Listing * On the Use of Q^{2} Abstractions to Lower the Computational Cost of Derivation of Conflict Resolution Advisories in Air Traffic Control

Kokaram, A. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for the Digital Restoration of Torn Films
* Automated registration of low and high resolution atomic force microscopy images using scale invariant features
* Automated Segmentation of Torn Frames using the Graph Cuts Technique
* Automated treatment of film tear in degraded archived media
* Bayesian Example Based Segmentation using a Hybrid Energy Model
* Bayesian framework for recursive object removal in movie post-production, A
* Bayesian View of Frame Interpolation and a Comparison with Existing Motion Picture Effects Tools, A
* Cellsnake: A new active contour technique for cell/fibre segmentation
* cloud-based large-scale distributed video analysis system, A
* CNN-Based Video Codec Classifier for Multimedia Forensics
* Comparative Error Analysis of Audio-Visual Source Localization, A
* Diagnosis and treatment of film tear in degraded archived media
* Double-Tip Artifact Removal From Atomic Force Microscopy Images
* Fast removal of line scratches in old movies
* Feature-Cut: Video object segmentation through local feature correspondences
* Frame-Type Sensitive RDO Control for Content-Adaptive Encoding
* Gaussian mixture models for spots in microscopy using a new split/merge em algorithm
* Gradient Based Fast Search Algorithm for Warping Motion Compensation Schemes, A
* Implicit spatial inference with sparse local features
* Learnt Deep Hyperparameter Selection in Adversarial Training for Compressed Video Enhancement with a Perceptual Critic
* Matting with a depth map
* Measuring noise correlation for improved video denoising
* Motion-based frame interpolation for film and television effects
* Multipass encoding for reducing pulsing artifacts in cloud based video transcoding
* no-reference video quality predictor for compression and scaling artifacts, A
* Non-parametric Framework for Document Bleed-through Removal, A
* Off-Line Multiple Object Tracking Using Candidate Selection and the Viterbi Algorithm
* Optimal Schemes for Motion Estimation on Colour Image Sequences
* Optimized Transcoding for Large Scale Adaptive Streaming Using Playback Statistics
* Parametric texture synthesis for filling holes in pictures
* path assigned mean shift algorithm: A new fast mean shift implementation for colour image segmentation, The
* Pathological Motion Detection for Robust Missing Data Treatment in Degraded Archived Media
* perceptual visibility metric for banding artifacts, A
* Reflection detection in image sequences
* Robust motion estimation using chrominance information in colour image sequences
* Rotation Detection using the Curl Equation
* Semi-automatic motion based segmentation using long term motion trajectories
* Subjective Assessment of the Impact of a Content Adaptive Optimiser for Compressing 4K HDR Content With AV1
* Ten Years of Digital Visual Restoration Systems
* Two layer segmentation for handling pathological motion in degraded post production media
Includes: Kokaram, A. Kokaram, A.[Anil]
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Kokaram, A.C.[Anil C.] Co Author Listing * Automated colour grading using colour distribution transfer
* Automated rig removal with Bayesian motion interpolation
* Classification and Representation of Semantic Content in Broadcast Tennis Videos
* Content-Based Analysis for Video from Snooker Broadcasts
* Detection of Illegal Dumping from CCTV at Recycling Centres
* Detection of Missing Data in Image Sequences
* Digital Removal of Blotches with Variable Semi-transparency Using Visibility Laws
* Empirical Approach for Optimising the Impact of a Preprocessor in a Transcoding Pipeline, An
* Extraction of non-binary blotch mattes
* Feature-based object modelling for visual surveillance
* Gradient based dominant motion estimation with integral projections for real time video stabilisation
* Interpolation of Missing Data in Image Sequences
* Joint Detection, Interpolation, Motion and Parameter Estimation for Image Sequences with Missing Data
* Multi-Scale Semi-Transparent Blotch Removal on Archived Photographs using Bayesian Matting Techniques and Visibility Laws
* N-Dimensional Probablility Density Function Transfer and its Application to Colour Transfer
* New Robust Technique for Stabilizing Brightness Fluctuations in Image Sequences, A
* On Missing Data Treatment for Degraded Video and Film Archives: A Survey and a New Bayesian Approach
* On Parsing Visual Sequences with the Hidden Markov Model
* Online Parsing of Sports Coaching Video Through Intrinsic Motion Analysis
* Practical, Unified, Motion and Missing Data Treatment in Degraded Video
* Reconstruction of severely degraded image sequences
* Sampling Based Approach to Line Scratch Removal from Motion Picture Frames, A
* Semantic Event Detection in Sports Through Motion Understanding
* Semi-transparent blotches removal from sepia images exploiting visibility laws
* statistical framework for picture reconstruction using 2D AR models, A
* System for Reconstruction of Missing Data in Image Sequences Using Sampled 3D AR Models and MRF Motion Priors, A
* Wiener filter for filtering noise from a video signal
Includes: Kokaram, A.C.[Anil C.] Kokaram, A.C.
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Kokare, M.[Manesh] Co Author Listing * Cosine-modulated wavelet based texture features for content-based image retrieval
* Detection of microaneurysm using local rank transform in color fundus images
* Rotated complex wavelet based texture features for content based image retrieval
* Rotation invariant texture features using rotated complex wavelet for content based image retrieval
* Rotation-Invariant Texture Image Retrieval Using Rotated Complex Wavelet Filters
* Texture Image Retrieval Using New Rotated Complex Wavelet Filters
* Texture image retrieval using rotated wavelet filters
* WheatNet-Lite: A Novel Light Weight Network for Wheat Head Detection
Includes: Kokare, M.[Manesh] Kokare, M.
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Kokare, P.[Pranjali] Co Author Listing * Autoencoder-based abnormal activity detection using parallelepiped spatio-temporal region

Kokate, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Wound status evaluation using color image processing

Kokawa, A.[Akihiro] Co Author Listing * Impact of OCR Errors on Automated Classification of OCR Japanese Texts with Parts-of-Speech Analysis, An

Kokawa, M.[Mito] Co Author Listing * Spectral unmixing of fluorescence fingerprint imagery for visualization of constituents in pie pastry

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