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El Habashi, A. Co Author Listing * Digital Tools for Documenting And Conserving Bahrain's Built Heritage For Posterity
* Satellite Retrievals of Karenia brevis Harmful Algal Blooms in the West Florida Shelf Using Neural Networks and Comparisons with Other Techniques
Includes: El Habashi, A. El-Habashi, A. El-Habashi, A.[Ahmed]

El Habib Daho, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Deep transfer learning based classification model for covid-19 using chest CT-scans
* Multiple classifier system for remotely sensed data clustering

El Habouz, Y.[Youssef] Co Author Listing * Otolith Recognition System Using a Normal Angles Contour

El Habrouk, M. Co Author Listing * Personal Identification Using Combined Biometrics Techniques
Includes: El Habrouk, M. El-Habrouk, M.

El Hachami, K. Co Author Listing * approach for modeling the economy as a complex system using agent-based theory, An

El Hadadi, B. Co Author Listing * Attacks against AODV Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

El Haddad, K. Co Author Listing * Dyadic Conversation Dataset on Moral Emotions, A
* Multifaceted Engagement in Social Interaction with a Machine: The JOKER Project

El Hadedy, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Efficient Authorship Protection Scheme for Shared Multimedia Content, An
Includes: El Hadedy, M.[Mohamed] El-Hadedy, M.[Mohamed]

El Hadi, M.L.[Moulay Lhabib] Co Author Listing * Application of the deep learning approach for identification and face recognition in real-time video

El Hadj Amor, B. Co Author Listing * Detection and Three-Dimensional Localization by Stereoscopic Visual Sensor and Its Application to a Robot for Picking Asparagus

El Hafyani, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Mapping Forest Species in the Central Middle Atlas of Morocco (Azrou Forest) through Remote Sensing Techniques

El Hage, M.[Mhamad] Co Author Listing * Digital Elevation Model Quality Assessment Methods: A Critical Review
* Evaluation of Elevation, Slope and Stream Network Quality of Spot DEMS
* Groundwater Depletion Signals in the Beqaa Plain, Lebanon: Evidence from GRACE and Sentinel-1 Data
* Impact of DEM reconstruction parameters on geomorphological indicators
Includes: El Hage, M.[Mhamad] El Hage, M.

El Hajj, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Multi-Exponential Transverse Relaxation Times Estimation From Magnetic Resonance Images Under Rician Noise and Spatial Regularization
* Spatially Regularized Multi-Exponential Transverse Relaxation Times Estimation from Magnitude Magnetic Resonance Images Under Rician Noise

El Hajj, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Sentinel-1 Radiometric Stability and Quality for Land Surface Applications
* Calibration of the Water Cloud Model at C-Band for Winter Crop Fields and Grasslands
* Canopy Height Estimation in French Guiana with LiDAR ICESat/GLAS Data Using Principal Component Analysis and Random Forest Regressions
* Detection of Frozen Soil Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data
* Evaluation of SMOS, SMAP, ASCAT and Sentinel-1 Soil Moisture Products at Sites in Southwestern France
* First Vegetation Optical Depth Mapping from Sentinel-1 C-band SAR Data over Crop Fields
* Interest of Integrating Spaceborne LiDAR Data to Improve the Estimation of Biomass in High Biomass Forested Areas
* Irrigated Grassland Monitoring Using a Time Series of TerraSAR-X and COSMO-SkyMed X-Band SAR Data
* Mapping Irrigated Areas Using Sentinel-1 Time Series in Catalonia, Spain
* Mapping Paddy Rice Using Sentinel-1 SAR Time Series in Camargue, France
* New Empirical Model for Radar Scattering from Bare Soil Surfaces, A
* Penetration Analysis of SAR Signals in the C and L Bands for Wheat, Maize, and Grasslands
* Regional Scale Rain-Forest Height Mapping Using Regression-Kriging of Spaceborne and Airborne LiDAR Data: Application on French Guiana
* Sentinel-1 Data for Winter Wheat Phenology Monitoring and Mapping
* Soil Moisture and Irrigation Mapping in A Semi-Arid Region, Based on the Synergetic Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data
* Synergic Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Images for Operational Soil Moisture Mapping at High Spatial Resolution over Agricultural Areas
Includes: El Hajj, M.[Mohammad] El Hajj, M.[Mahmoud]
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El Hajj, M.M.[Marcel M.] Co Author Listing * Integration of L-Band Derived Soil Roughness into a Bare Soil Moisture Retrieval Approach from C-Band SAR Data
* Potential for the Detection of Irrigation Events on Maize Plots Using Sentinel-1 Soil Moisture Products

El Hajj, R. Co Author Listing * Arabic handwriting recognition using baseline dependant features and hidden Markov modeling
Includes: El Hajj, R. El-Hajj, R.

El Hajjaji, A. Co Author Listing * Observer-Based Robust Control of Vehicle Dynamics for Rollover Mitigation in Critical Situations

El Hajjami, I.[Imad] Co Author Listing * Simulation Experiments of Different Metaheuristics Algorithms using Benchmark Functions: A Performance Study

El Hajjami, S.[Salma] Co Author Listing * Towards an agent-based approach for multidimensional analyses of semantic web data

El Hajjar, M. Co Author Listing * Distributed Multiple-Component Turbo Codes for Cooperative Hybrid ARQ
* Inter-Layer FEC Aided Unequal Error Protection for Multilayer Video Transmission in Mobile TV
* Layered Wireless Video Relying on Minimum-Distortion Inter-Layer FEC Coding
Includes: El Hajjar, M. El-Hajjar, M.

El Hajjar, S.[Sally] Co Author Listing * Multi-view Spectral Clustering via Integrating Label and Data Graph Learning

El Hajji, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision, IoT and Data Fusion for Crop Disease Detection Using Machine Learning: A Survey and Ongoing Research
* Deep Transfer Learning Models for Tomato Disease Detection
* Evaluation of a Fourier Watermarking Method Robustness to Cards Durability Attacks
* Image Watermarking Based on Fourier-Mellin Transform
* JND Model Using a Texture-Edge Selector Based on Faber-Schauder Wavelet Lifting Scheme, A
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Interpolation and Prediction for Fractional Brownian Motion
* Robust Print-cam Image Watermarking in Fourier Domain
* Watermarking Based on the Density Coefficients of Faber-Schauder Wavelets
Includes: El Hajji, M.[Mohamed] El Hajji, M.[Mehamed]
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El Hakim, R. Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network-Based Deep Urban Signatures with Application to Drone Localization
* Deep CNN-Based Framework For Enhanced Aerial Imagery Registration with Applications to UAV Geolocalization, A

El Hakim, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Virtual reconstruction and visualization of complex architectures: The 3D-ARCH project
* Recording, Modeling, Visualisation and GIS Applications Development for the Acropolis of Athens
* sequential approach to capture fine geometric details from images, A
* Surface Reconstruction of Large Complex Structures from Mixed Range Data: The Erichtheion Experience
Includes: El Hakim, S. El-Hakim, S.

El Hakim, S.F. Co Author Listing * Effective 3D modeling of heritage sites
* Mobile system for indoor 3-D mapping and creating virtual environments
* Real world modelling through high resolution digital 3D imaging of objects and structures
* Real-time geometrical tracking and pose estimation using laser triangulation and photogrammetry
* Towards automatic modeling of monuments and towers
Includes: El Hakim, S.F. El-Hakim, S.F. El-Hakim, S.F.[Sabry F.]

El Hakim, S.H. Co Author Listing * Digital 3D imaging system for rapid response on remote sites
* Object Model Creation From Multiple Range Images
Includes: El Hakim, S.H. El-Hakim, S.H.

El Halawany, M.M.[Mohamed M.] Co Author Listing * Proposed adaptive joint error-resilience concealment algorithms for efficient colour-plus-depth 3D video transmission
Includes: El Halawany, M.M.[Mohamed M.] El-Halawany, M.M.[Mohamed M.]

El Halym, H.A.A.[Howida A. Abd] Co Author Listing * Appraisal of an enhanced Particale Filter for object tracking
* Efficient hardware architecture for Particle Filter based object tracking
Includes: El Halym, H.A.A.[Howida A. Abd] El-Halym, H.A.A.[Howida A. Abd]

El Hamdi, D.[Dhekra] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Classification Using Conic Radon Transform and Convolutional Neural Networks
* transformer-based deep neural network for detection and classification of lung cancer via PET/CT images, A

El Hamdouni, N.[Nawal] Co Author Listing * Improved Watermark Extraction Exploiting Undeterminated Source Separation Methods

El Hamdouni, R.[Rachid] Co Author Listing * Characterization and Analysis of Landslide Evolution in Intramountain Areas in Loja (Ecuador) Using RPAS Photogrammetric Products
* GNSS and RPAS Integration Techniques for Studying Landslide Dynamics: Application to the Areas of Victoria and Colinas Lojanas, (Loja, Ecuador)
* Suitability of UAV-Derived DSMs and the Impact of DEM Resolutions on Rockfall Numerical Simulations: A Case Study of the Bouanane Active Scarp, Tetouan, Northern Morocco, The

El Hamid Adane, A. Co Author Listing * Improved M-PRT Technique for Spectral Analysis of Weather Radar Observations, An

El Hamidi, A. Co Author Listing * Direct PCA-Based Approach for Real-Time Description of Physiological Organ Deformations, A
* Dynamic Color Texture Modeling and Color Video Decomposition Using Bounded Variation and Oscillatory Functions
* Dynamic Texture Extraction and Video Denoising
* Nonstandard diffusion in image restoration and decomposition
* Weighted and extended total variation for image restoration and decomposition
Includes: El Hamidi, A. El-Hamidi, A.[Abdallah]

El Hammichi, F. Co Author Listing * Big Data Processing and Analysis Using Multi-temporal Sentinel 1 Data To Manage Floods in North of Morocco
* Spatial Database Modeling for Speleological Inventory of The Moroccan Atlas Mountains
* Standardized Database for Flood Risk Management in Morocco

El Hamzaoui, O. Co Author Listing * fast scan matching for grid-based laser SLAM using streaming SIMD extensions, A
* tinySLAM: A SLAM algorithm in less than 200 lines C-language program

El Hanna, Z.K.[Ziad Khoury] Co Author Listing * Salinity Pilot-Mission Exploitation Platform (Pi-MEP): A Hub for Validation and Exploitation of Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Data, The

El Hannani, A.[Asmaa] Co Author Listing * Comparing Data-driven and Phonetic N-gram Systems for Text-Independent Speaker Verification
* Improving Speaker Verification Using ALISP-Based Specific GMMs
* Searching through a Speech Memory for Text-Independent Speaker Verification

El Hannani, M.[Mustapha] Co Author Listing * Surface Urban Heat Island and Key Mitigation Factors in Arid Climate Cities, Case of Marrakesh, Morocco, The

El Haousssi, F. Co Author Listing * Robust stability analysis and H-inf controller design of teleoperation system with time varying communication delay

EL Harby, A.A. Co Author Listing * New Square Scan Algorithm
Includes: EL Harby, A.A. EL-Harby, A.A.

El Harrouss, O. Co Author Listing * Motion detection based on the combining of the background subtraction and spatial color information

El Hashash, M.M.[Mostafa M.] Co Author Listing * High-speed video haze removal algorithm for embedded systems
Includes: El Hashash, M.M.[Mostafa M.] El-Hashash, M.M.[Mostafa M.]

El Hassani, A.S.E.[Ahmed Salmi El_Boumnini] Co Author Listing * Texture Analysis for Trabecular Bone X-Ray Images Using Anisotropic Morlet Wavelet and Rényi Entropy

El Hassani, M.H.[Mehdi Hajjam] Co Author Listing * Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder Through the Graph Fourier Transform of fMRI Temporal Signals Projected on Structural Connectome

El Hassoun, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network for Blind Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Using Naturalness Analysis, A

El Hassouni, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Alpha-Stable Noise Reduction in Video Sequences
* Anisotropic Discrete Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform for Improved Classification of Trabecular Bone
* Blind Robust 3-D Mesh Watermarking Based on Mesh Saliency and QIM Quantization for Copyright Protection
* Color texture characterization based on the extended relative phase in the complex wavelets domain
* Color texture classification method based on a statistical multi-model and geodesic distance
* Color Texture Classification Using Rao Distance between Multivariate Copula Based Models
* Combination Of Handcrafted And Deep Learning-Based Features For 3d Mesh Quality Assessment
* Comparative study between different bases of transformation for compressive sensing of images
* Discriminative Regularized Auto-Encoder for Early Detection of Knee OsteoArthritis: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
* Exploring multivariate generalized gamma manifold for color texture retrieval
* Generic multivariate model for color texture classification in RGB color space
* HOS-Based Image Sequence Noise Removal
* Image Quality Assessment Measure Based on Natural Image Statistics in the Tetrolet Domain
* Kernel-Based Laplacian Smoothing Method for 3D Mesh Denoising
* Learning Graph Features for Colored Mesh Visual Quality Assessment
* Multi-model Approach for Multicomponent Texture Classification
* New models of visual saliency: Contourlet transform based model and hybrid model
* No-Reference 3D Mesh Quality Assessment Based on Dihedral Angles Model and Support Vector Regression
* No-reference mesh visual quality assessment via ensemble of convolutional neural networks and compact multi-linear pooling
* Noise reduction in color video sequences using multichannel motion-compensated L-filter
* Novel face recognition approach based on steerable pyramid feature extraction
* novel statistical model for content-based stereo image retrieval in the complex wavelet domain, A
* Radar Target Recognition Using Salient Keypoint Descriptors and Multitask Sparse Representation
* Rotation-Invariant texture retrieval using a steerable Gaussian copula model
* Study of the relative magnitude in the wavelet domain for texture characterization
* Texture Analysis for Trabecular Bone X-Ray Images Using Anisotropic Morlet Wavelet and Rényi Entropy
* Texture Retrieval Using Cauchy-Schwarz Divergence and Generalized Gaussian Mixtures
* Texture retrieval using mixtures of generalized Gaussian distribution and Cauchy-Schwarz divergence in wavelet domain
Includes: El Hassouni, M.[Mohammed] El Hassouni, M. El-Hassouni, M.[Mohammed]
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El Haziti, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Blind Robust 3-D Mesh Watermarking Based on Mesh Saliency and QIM Quantization for Copyright Protection
* Security Analysis of Key Binding Biometric Cryptosystems

El Hazzat, S.[Soulaiman] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction system based on incremental structure from motion using a camera with varying parameters

El Helaly, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Synchronization of Processed Audio-Video Signals using Time-Stamps
Includes: El Helaly, M.[Mohamed] El-Helaly, M.[Mohamed]

El Helou, M.[Majed] Co Author Listing * BIGPrior: Toward Decoupling Learned Prior Hallucination and Data Fidelity in Image Restoration
* Blind Universal Bayesian Image Denoising With Gaussian Noise Level Learning
* Deep Gaussian Denoiser Epistemic Uncertainty and Decoupled Dual-Attention Fusion
* DSR: Towards Drone Image Super-resolution
* Fidelity Estimation Improves Noisy-Image Classification With Pretrained Networks
* NTIRE 2021 Depth Guided Image Relighting Challenge
* PoGaIN: Poisson-Gaussian Image Noise Modeling From Paired Samples
* Stochastic Frequency Masking to Improve Super-resolution and Denoising Networks
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El Helw, A.M. Co Author Listing * Error-resilient pattern classification using a combination of spreading and coding gains
* Novel Semi-Blind Selected Mapping Technique for PAPR Reduction in OFDM, A
Includes: El Helw, A.M. El-Helw, A.M.

El Helw, M. Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network-Based Deep Urban Signatures with Application to Drone Localization
* Deep CNN-Based Framework For Enhanced Aerial Imagery Registration with Applications to UAV Geolocalization, A
* Enhanced Target Tracking in UAV Imagery with P-N Learning and Structural Constraints
* Motion History of Skeletal Volumes for Human Action Recognition
* Robust Real-Time Tracking with Diverse Ensembles and Random Projections
* Scale-Adaptive Object Tracking with Diverse Ensembles
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
Includes: El Helw, M. El Helw, M.[Mohamed]
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El Henawy, I.M.[Ibrahim M.] Co Author Listing * Action recognition technique based on fast HOG3D of integral foreground snippets and random forest
* Action recognition using fast HOG3D of integral videos and Smith-Waterman partial matching
Includes: El Henawy, I.M.[Ibrahim M.] El-Henawy, I.M.[Ibrahim M.]

El Hendawy, S.[Salah] Co Author Listing * Combining Genetic Analysis and Multivariate Modeling to Evaluate Spectral Reflectance Indices as Indirect Selection Tools in Wheat Breeding under Water Deficit Stress Conditions
* Combining Thermal and RGB Imaging Indices with Multivariate and Data-Driven Modeling to Estimate the Growth, Water Status, and Yield of Potato under Different Drip Irrigation Regimes
* Satellite-Based Determination of the Water Footprint of Carrots and Onions Grown in the Arid Climate of Saudi Arabia
Includes: El Hendawy, S.[Salah] El-Hendawy, S.[Salah]

El Hindi, K.[Khalil] Co Author Listing * Partial instance reduction for noise elimination

El Hitmy, M. Co Author Listing * Algorithme Génétique et Critère de la Trace pour l'Optimisation du Vecteur Attribut: Application à la Classification Supervisée des Images de Textures

El Hlouli, F.Z. Co Author Listing * Credit Card Fraud Detection Based on Multilayer Perceptron and Extreme Learning Machine Architectures

El Hoseny, H.M.[Heba M.] Co Author Listing * Optimal multi-scale geometric fusion based on non-subsampled contourlet transform and modified central force optimization
Includes: El Hoseny, H.M.[Heba M.] El-Hoseny, H.M.[Heba M.]

El Hossiny, A.S.[Ahmed S.] Co Author Listing * Advanced imaging system for brain tumor automatic classification from MRI images using HOG and BOF feature extraction approaches
Includes: El Hossiny, A.S.[Ahmed S.] El-Hossiny, A.S.[Ahmed S.]

El Houari, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive kernel for triangular meshes smoothing
* Anisotropic adaptive method for triangular meshes smoothing

El Houfi, S.[Safae] Co Author Listing * 3D objects classification based on $P recogniser
* Efficient use of recent progresses for Real-time Semantic segmentation

El Hourany, R.[Roy] Co Author Listing * Inversion of Phytoplankton Pigment Vertical Profiles from Satellite Data Using Machine Learning

El Houssaine, T. Co Author Listing * Robust stability of uncertain discrete-time switched systems with time-varying delay

El Husseini, A.H. Co Author Listing * Kalman Filter-Based Channel Estimation for Mobile-to-Mobile and Relay Networks

El Husseini, N. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging Derived Carotid Plaque Stiffness With Spatially Registered MRI Determined Composition

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