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Blum, C. Co Author Listing * Computational Approach to Quantify the Benefits of Ridesharing for Policy Makers and Travellers, A

Blum, H. Co Author Listing * Biological Shape and Visual Science
* Fishyscapes Benchmark: Measuring Blind Spots in Semantic Segmentation, The
* Fishyscapes: A Benchmark for Safe Semantic Segmentation in Autonomous Driving
* Pixel-wise Anomaly Detection in Complex Driving Scenes
* Shape Description using Weighted Symmetric Axis Features
* Transformation for Extracting New Descriptions of Shape, A
* Unsupervised Continual Semantic Adaptation Through Neural Rendering
Includes: Blum, H. Blum, H.[Hermann]
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Blum, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Thermal Imagery-Derived Surface Inundation Modeling to Assess Flood Risk in a Flood-Pulsed Savannah Watershed in Botswana and Namibia

Blum, J.J. Co Author Listing * Challenges of intervehicle ad hoc networks
* Implications of the computational complexity of transit route network redesign for metaheuristic optimisation systems
* Reliable Link-Layer Protocol for Robust and Scalable Intervehicle Communications, A

Blum, M. Co Author Listing * Fixed Memory Least Squares Filters Using Recursion Methods

Blum, N.B.[Niklas Benedikt] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Spatial Variations of Cloud Attenuation by a Network of All-Sky Imagers

Blum, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * X-GAN: Improving Generative Adversarial Networks with ConveX Combinations

Blum, R. Co Author Listing * Ambiguity Optimization for Frequency-Hopping Waveforms in MIMO Radars With Arbitrary Antenna Separations
* Separating Sensor Anomalies From Process Anomalies in Data-Driven Anomaly Detection
Includes: Blum, R. Blum, R.[Rick]

Blum, R.S.[Rick S.] Co Author Listing * Advanced Visual Sensor Systems
* Advanced Visual Sensor Systems (1998)
* Categorization of Multiscale-Decomposition-Based Image Fusion Schemes with a Performance Study for a Digital Camera Application, A
* Cramer-Rao Bound for MIMO Radar Target Localization With Phase Errors
* Diffuse Prior Monotonic Likelihood Ratio Test for Evaluation of Fused Image Quality Measures
* Elimination of Undetectable Attacks on Natural Gas Networks
* Fusion of Quantized and Unquantized Sensor Data for Estimation
* Image Quality Estimation Using Edge Intensity Histogram and a Mixture Model
* Improved Detection Performance for Passive Radars Exploiting Known Communication Signal Form
* Matching of images with projective distortion using transform invariant low-rank textures
* Multisensor Image Fusion Using a Region-Based Wavelet Transform Approach
* new automated quality assessment algorithm for image fusion, A
* Non-rigid Image Registration Using Geometric Features and Local Salient Region Features
* On the Analysis of the Fisher Information of a Perturbed Linear Model After Random Compression
* On the Product of Two Correlated Complex Gaussian Random Variables
* Performance Gains From Cooperative MIMO Radar and MIMO Communication Systems
* robust hybrid method for nonrigid image registration, A
* Robust sparse representation based multi-focus image fusion with dictionary construction and local spatial consistency
* Sensor Placement in Gaussian Random Field Via Discrete Simulation Optimization
* Significant Gains From Optimally Processed Multiple Signals of Opportunity and Multiple Receive Stations in Passive Radar, The
* statistical signal processing approach to image fusion for conceled weapon detection, A
* Visual Sensor Systems: Making Them Smaller, Faster, Smarter
Includes: Blum, R.S.[Rick S.] Blum, R.S.
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Blum, S.A.[Stefan A.] Co Author Listing * From a CORBA-Based Software Framework to a Component-Based System Architecture for Controlling a Mobile Robot

Blum, T. Co Author Listing * First Deployments of Augmented Reality in Operating Rooms
* Predicting Visual Focus of Attention From Intention in Remote Collaborative Tasks

Blumberg, B. Co Author Listing * Alive System: Wireless, Full-Body Interaction with Autonomous Agents, The

Blumberg, D.G.[Dan G.] Co Author Listing * Areal Extent of Dust Emission Events and Source Geomorphology in Northern Africa from MSG-SEVIRI Data
* Combining TerraSAR-X and Landsat Images for Emergency Response in Urban Environments
* Evaluation of Manning's n Roughness Coefficient in Arid Environments by Using SAR Backscatter
* Hyperspectral Reflectance and Indices for Characterizing the Dynamics of Crop-Weed Competition for Water
* Landsat TM Satellite Image Restoration Using Kalman Filters
* Large Oil Spill Classification Using Sar Images Based On Spatial Histogram
* Monitoring Tree Population Dynamics In Arid Zone Through Multiple Temporal Scales: Integration Of Spatial Analysis, Change Detection And Field Long Term Monitoring
* Spec Tool; an online education and research resource
* Understanding the Impact of Urbanization on Surface Urban Heat Islands: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Oasis Effect in Subtropical Desert Cities
* Utilizing SAR and Multispectral Integrated Data For Emergency Response
Includes: Blumberg, D.G.[Dan G.] Blumberg, D.G.
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Blumberg, H.P. Co Author Listing * Fasciculography: Robust Prior-Free Real-Time Normalized Volumetric Neural Tract Parcellation
* Shape comparison using perturbing shape registration
Includes: Blumberg, H.P. Blumberg, H.P.[Hilary P.]

Blume Werry, G.[Gesche] Co Author Listing * Tracking Growth and Decay of Plant Roots in Minirhizotron Images
Includes: Blume Werry, G.[Gesche] Blume-Werry, G.[Gesche]

Blume, H.[Holger] Co Author Listing * ASEV: Automatic situation assessment for event-driven video analysis
* Dynamic Model-Based Safety Margins for High-Density Matrix Headlight Systems
* Evaluation of Penalty Functions for Semi-global Matching Cost Aggregation
* Fast and accurate power estimation for application-specific instruction set processors using FPGA emulation
* Hardware acceleration of Maximum-Likelihood angle estimation for automotive MIMO radars
* Markerless camera-based vertical jump height measurement using OpenPose
* New Algorithm for Nonlinear Vector Based Up Conversion with Center Weighted Medians
* Nonlinear vector error tolerant interpolation of intermediate video images by weighted medians
* Real-time semi-global matching disparity estimation on the GPU
Includes: Blume, H.[Holger] Blume, H.
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Blume, M. Co Author Listing * Joint Reconstruction of Image and Motion in Gated Positron Emission Tomography

Blume, N.[Nathan] Co Author Listing * New Laser Based Approach for Measuring Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases, A

Blume, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Hybrid State Estimation: A Contribution Towards Reliability Enhancement of Artificial Neural Network Estimators

Blume, T. Co Author Listing * Joint Research Project Ankommen: Exploration Using Automated UAV and UGV, The

Blume, W.M. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing a Network of Three-Dimensional Curves from a Small Number of Projections

Blumel, I.[Ina] Co Author Listing * 3d Shape Benchmark For Retrieval And Automatic Classification Of Architectural Data, A
* Enrichment and Preservation of Architectural Knowledge
Includes: Blumel, I.[Ina] Blümel, I.[Ina] (Maybe also Bluemel, I.)

Blumenkrans, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Object Recognition Using a Two-Dimensional Polar Transform

Blumensath, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Backprojection inverse filtration for laminographic reconstruction

Blumenstein, J. Co Author Listing * On the capacity of fractional frequency reuse with three power levels for non-uniform user distribution
* Serial subtractive deconvolution algorithms for time-domain ultra wide band in-vehicle channel sounding

Blumenstein, M. Co Author Listing * 4NSigComp2010 Off-line Signature Verification Competition: Scenario 2, The
* Analysis of segmentation performance on the CEDAR benchmark database
* Application of the 2D Gaussian Filter for Enhancing Feature Extraction in Off-line Signature Verification, An
* Automated Monitoring in Maritime Video Surveillance System
* Automatic Off-Line Short Answer Assessment System Using Novel Hybrid Features, An
* Automatic Student Verification System Utilising Off-Line Thai Name Components, An
* blind deconvolution model for scene text detection and recognition in video, A
* Can Walking and Measuring Along Chord Bunches Better Describe Leaf Shapes?
* Chord Bunch Walks for Recognizing Naturally Self-Overlapped and Compound Leaves
* complete automatic short answer assessment system with student identification, A
* Contour Restoration of Text Components for Recognition in Video/Scene Images
* Counting People Based on Linear, Weighted, and Local Random Forests
* Date field extraction from handwritten documents using HMMs
* Document image retrieval based on texture features and similarity fusion
* Document Image Retrieval Based on Texture Features: A Recognition-Free Approach
* Drone-vs-Bird detection challenge at IEEE AVSS2017
* End-to-End Hierarchical Classification Approach for Similar Gesture Recognition, An
* Extracting descriptive motion information from crowd scenes
* Fast local binary pattern: Application to document image retrieval
* Fourier Transform based Features for Clean and Polluted Water Image Classification
* Fractals Based Multi-Oriented Text Detection System for Recognition in Mobile Video Images
* framework for liveness detection for direct attacks in the visible spectrum for multimodal ocular biometrics, A
* Global Features for the Off-Line Signature Verification Problem
* Gradient-Angular-Features for Word-wise Video Script Identification
* Hindi Off-Line Signature Verification
* ICDAR 2013 Competitions on Signature Verification and Writer Identification for On- and Offline Skilled Forgeries (SigWiComp 2013)
* ICDAR2015 competition on signature verification and writer identification for on- and off-line skilled forgeries (SigWIcomp2015)
* ICDAR2015 Competition on Video Script Identification (CVSI 2015)
* International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR 2010) - Competitions Overview
* investigation of the modified direction feature for cursive character recognition, An
* Kernel Mean P Power Error Loss for Robust Two-Dimensional Singular Value Decomposition
* Local Scale Selection Scheme for Multiscale Area Integral Invariants, A
* Matching Pursuit Based on Kernel Non-Second Order Minimization
* Multi-lingual text recognition from video frames
* Multi-script versus single-script scenarios in automatic off-line signature verification
* neural-based segmentation of cursive words using enhanced heuristics, The
* new image size reduction model for an efficient visual sensor network, A
* New Method for Character Segmentation from Multi-oriented Video Words, A
* new method for detection and prediction of occluded text in natural scene images, A
* New Method for Word Segmentation from Arbitrarily-Oriented Video Text Lines, A
* new unified method for detecting text from marathon runners and sports players in video (PR-D-19-01078R2), A
* Novel Approach for Structural Feature Extraction: Contour vs. Direction, A
* novel feature extraction technique for the recognition of segmented handwritten characters, A
* Off-line Signature Identification Using Background and Foreground Information
* Off-line Signature Verification based on the Modified Direction Feature
* Off-line Signature Verification Using Enhanced Modified Direction Features in Conjunction with Neural Classifiers and Support Vector Machines
* Off-line verification technique for Hindi signatures
* Performance Analysis of the Gradient Feature and the Modified Direction Feature for Off-line Signature Verification
* Piece-wise linearity based method for text frame classification in video
* Pincode detection using deep CNN for postal automation
* Real-Time Drone Surveillance and Population Estimation of Marine Animals from Aerial Imagery
* robust matching pursuit algorithm using information theoretic learning, A
* Robust Sparse Learning Based on Kernel Non-Second Order Minimization
* Robust Tensor Decomposition for Image Representation Based on Generalized Correntropy
* Scene Aware Person Image Generation through Global Contextual Conditioning
* Sclera Recognition: A Survey
* Segmentation of Inter-neurons in Three Dimensional Brain Imagery
* Semi-supervised Online Bayesian Network Learner for Handwritten Characters Recognition
* Semi-supervised Online Learning of Handwritten Characters Using a Bayesian Classifier
* Signature Verification Competition for Online and Offline Skilled Forgeries (SigComp2011)
* study on detecting drones using deep convolutional neural networks, A
* Texture-based feature mining for crowd density estimation: A study
* Thai Automatic signature verification System Employing Textural Features
* TIPS: Text-Induced Pose Synthesis
* Two-Stage Approach for English and Hindi Off-line Signature Verification, A
* Word-Wise Script Identification from Video Frames
* Writer identification by training on one script but testing on another
* Writer Identification from offline isolated Bangla characters and numerals
Includes: Blumenstein, M. Blumenstein, M.[Michael]
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Blumenstien, M. Co Author Listing * quad tree based method for blurred and non-blurred video text frames classification through quality metrics, A

Blumenstock, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Spectral Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals by Ground-Based Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry

Blumenthal, A.F. Co Author Listing * Detecting Natural Plateaus in One-Dimensional Patterns

Blumenthal, D.B.[David B.] Co Author Listing * edge-preservation similarity for comparing rooted, unordered, node-labeled trees, The
* Exact Computation of Graph Edit Distance for Uniform and Non-uniform Metric Edit Costs
* Fast linear sum assignment with error-correction and no cost constraints
* Improved local search for graph edit distance
* On the exact computation of the graph edit distance
* Quasimetric Graph Edit Distance as a Compact Quadratic Assignment Problem
* Ring Based Approximation of Graph Edit Distance
Includes: Blumenthal, D.B.[David B.] Blumenthal, D.B.
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Blumenthal, M.[Moritz] Co Author Listing * Free-Breathing Liver Fat, R2* and B0 Field Mapping Using Multi-Echo Radial FLASH and Regularized Model-Based Reconstruction

Blumenthal, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Extraction of the superficial facial vasculature, vital signs waveforms and rates using thermal imaging

Blumer, C.[Clemens] Co Author Listing * Greedy Structure Learning of Hierarchical Compositional Models
* Morphable Face Models - An Open Framework
* Occlusion-aware 3D Morphable Face Models
* Occlusion-Aware 3D Morphable Models and an Illumination Prior for Face Image Analysis

Blumer, C.J.P.[Christian J.P.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of a Portable Mapping Tool for Time-Critical Management of Disasters

Blumm, M.[Mirjam] Co Author Listing * Digital Research Infrastructures: DARIAH
Includes: Blumm, M.[Mirjam] Blümm, M.[Mirjam] (Maybe also Bluemm, M.)

Blumrosen, G. Co Author Listing * Towards Automated Recognition of Facial Expressions in Animal Models

Blumstein, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Impact of Surface Soil Moisture Variations on Radar Altimetry Echoes at Ku and Ka Bands in Semi-Arid Areas
* Recent elevation and velocity changes of Astrolabe Glacier, Terre Adelie, Antarctica
* S3MPC: Improvement on Inland Water Tracking and Water Level Monitoring from the OLTC Onboard Sentinel-3 Altimeters
Includes: Blumstein, D.[Denis] Blumstein, D.

Blumstein, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Multi-Dimensional Scaling on Groups

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