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OptEang(37) * Feature Based Compression of Human Face Images

OptEle( Vol No. ) * *International Journal of Optoelectronics

OptEle(10) * Recognition of Polychromatic Range Images Based on Chromatic Sampling of Scalar Products and Logarithmic Histograms
* Two-Stage Fuzzy-Logic Architecture for Gray-Scale Image-Processing

OptEng( Vol No. ) * *Optical Engineering

OptEng(16) * Color Edge Detection

OptEng(19) * Photometric Method for Determining Surface Orientation from Multiple Images

OptEng(20) * Techniques for Speckle Noise Removal

OptEng(23) * Global and Partial Shape Discrimination for Computer Vision
* Practical Real-Time Imaging Stereo Matcher

OptEng(24) * Identification of Unique Objects in High Resolution Aerial Images

OptEng(25) * Multiple Sensor Integration/Fusion through Image Processing: A Review
* Scene Analysis of High Resolution Aerial Scenes
* Stereo Verification in Aerial Image Analysis
* Use of Texture Operators in Image Segmentation

OptEng(26) * Automatic Line Drawing Recognition of Large-Scale Maps
* Map Data Processing: Recognition of Lines and Symbols
* Scientific Charge-Coupled Devices

OptEng(27) * Frequency-Domain Fourier-Mellin Descriptors for Invariant Pattern Recognition

OptEng(28) * Algorithm for Automatic Road Recognition on Digitized Map Images
* Merging thermal and visual images by a contrast pyramid

OptEng(29) * Image identification and restoration based on the EM algorithm
* Image Restoration and Reconstruction
* Maximum likelihood image and blur identification: A Unifying Approach
* Survey of recent developments in digital image restoration

OptEng(30) * Image compression by Gabor expansion
* Motion Displacement Extimation Using an Affine Model for Image Matching
* Performance Evaluation of Signal and Image Processing Systems

OptEng(31) * Automatic Target Recognition using Passive Multisensor Suite
* Image Clutter Characterization for Object Detection in High Clutter Images
* Objective Image Quality Measure Derived from Digital Image Power Spectra

OptEng(32) * Adaptable Edge Quality Metric
* Automatic Registration of Aerial Photographs and Digitised Maps
* Focusing Techniques
* KISS: A Multiagent Segmentation System
* Motion Compensated Generic Coding of Video Based on Multiresolution Data Structure
* Segmentation Based Image Compression
* Subband Image Coding Using Jointly Localized Filter Banks and Entropy Coding Based on Vector Quantization
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OptEng(33) * Estimation of Aspect Angles of Targets in Forward-Looking Infrared Images
* Multichannel filtering for image texture segmentation

OptEng(34) * Adaptive Decision Systems with Extended Learning for Deployment in Partially Exposed Environments
* Image Feature-Extraction with the Optical Haar Wavelet Transform
* Invariant Pattern-Recognition for Range Images Using the Phase Fourier-Transform and a Neural-Network
* Modeling Brightness Perception and Syntactical Image Coding
* Nearest Unlike Neighbor (NUN): An Aid to Decision Confidence Estimation
* New Shape Recognition Method Using Morphological Hit-Miss Transform and Algebraic Representation of Images, A
* Online Signature Verification Based on Dynamic Segmentation and Global and Local Matching
* Recognition of Raised Characters For Automatic Classification of Rubber Tires
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OptEng(35) * 3-Dimensional Subband Coding of an Image Sequence Based on Temporally Adaptive Decomposition
* Adaptive Fusion Processor Paradigms for Fusion of Information Acquired at Different Levels of Detail
* Adaptive Image Sequence Coding Based on Global and Local Compensability Analysis
* Adaptive Multilevel Classification and Detection in Multispectral Images
* All-Optical Invariant Target Recognition Based on Intensity-to-Phase Coding
* Automatic Reading of the White Pages in a Telephone Directory
* Automatic Visual/IR Image Registration
* Classified Vector Quantizer Technique for Image-Coding Employing the Linear-Phase Paraunitary M-Band Filter Bank
* Compression of Personal Identification Pictures Using Vector Quantization with Facial Feature Correction
* Cosine Wave Encoded Joint Transform Correlation
* Designing Multiple Gabor Filters for Multi-Texture Image Segmentation
* Detection of Dim Targets in Digital Infrared Imagery by Morphological Image-Processing
* Detection of Military Vehicles Using Infrared Spectral Radiometric Signatures
* Distributed Decision Fusion under Unknown Distributions
* Edge Quality Metric for Arbitrary 2-Dimensional Edges
* Edge-Enhanced Image Zooming
* Efficient Approach for the Detection of Diffuse Edges
* Efficient Method for Multiscale Small Target Detection from a Natural Scene
* Evaluating Image Metrics for Target Discrimination using Psychophysical Experiments
* Fast Coding of Arbitrarily-Shaped Image Segments Using Weakly Separable Bases
* Fast Three-Dimensional Data-Compression of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Vector Quantization with Spectral-Feature-Based Binary Coding
* Feature-Based Target Recognition with a Bayesian Network
* Fusion Strategies for Enhancing Decision Reliability in Multisensor Environments
* Gabor Filter Design for Multiple Texture Segmentation
* Hierarchical Fast 2-Dimensional Entropic Thresholding Algorithm Using a Histogram Pyramid
* Hierarchical Motion Estimation with Smoothness Constraints and Postprocessing
* Image Motion Restoration from a Sequence of Images
* Image Segmentation To Inspect 3-D Object Sizes
* Improved 3-Dimensional Image Correlation for Surface Displacement Measurement
* Improved Image Reproduction from DC Components
* Intelligent Radical-Based Online Chinese Character-Recognition System
* Iterative Restoration of Fast-Moving Objects in Dynamic Image Sequences
* Joint 3-Dimensional Motion/Disparity Segmentation for Object-Based Stereo Image Sequence Coding
* Mapping Parameter-Estimation Using Integral Projections and Segmented Moving-Objects in Object-Oriented Analysis-Synthesis Coding
* Modeling and Fusion of Radar and Imaging Sensor Data for Target Tracking
* Multiresolution Motion Estimation Techniques for Video Compression
* Neural-Network Data Association with Application to Multiple-Target Tracking
* New Computational Technique for Complementary Sensor Integration in Detection Localization Systems
* New False Color Mapping for Image Fusion
* Optimization of an Image Restoration Algorithm from Its Fourier Spectrum Phase
* Page Segmentation for Document Image-Analysis Using a Neural-Network
* Partitioning of Hopfield Networks and Its Application to Image Restoration
* Passive Range Estimation Using Dual-Base-Line Triangulation
* Pattern-Classification Using a Joint Transform Correlator Based Nearest-Neighbor Classifier
* Performance Evaluation of a Feature-Preserving Filtering Algorithm for Removing Additive Random Noise in Digital Images
* Rainbow 3-Dimensional Camera: New Concept of High-Speed 3-Dimensional Vision Systems
* Real-time Optically Processed Face Recognition System Based on Arbitrary Moire Contours
* Sensor Fusion 1996
* Spherical Transform of Fruit Images for Online Defect Extraction of Mass Objects
* Target Acquisition Methodology for Visual and Infrared Imaging Sensors
* Temperature Imaging and Image-Processing in the Steel-Industry
* Texture Analysis for Estimating Spatial Variability and Anisotropy in Planar Stochastic Structures
* Texture Characterization and Defect Detection Using Adaptive Wavelets
* Texture Synthesis-by-Analysis Method Based on a Multiscale Early-Vision Model
* Translation-Invariant Optical-Pattern Recognition without Correlation
* Wavelet Filtering for the Segmentation of Marble Images
* Wavelet Transforms of Cluttered Images and Their Application to Computing the Probability of Detection
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OptEng(36) * Adaptive Classifier Based on K-Means Clustering and Dynamic Programming
* Adaptive Pattern Recognition Correlators
* Adaptive Regularization in Image Restoration Using a Model Based Neural Network
* Application of Inversions to Lossless Image Compression
* Application of Self-Organizing Neural Networks to Multiradar Data Fusion
* Applications of Time-Frequency Processing to Radar Imaging
* Bayesian Target Location in Images
* Binary Fractal Image Quantification Using Probe Coherent Beam Scanning
* Choice of Word Length in the Design of a Specialized Hardware for Lossless Wavelet Compression of Medical Images
* Complete Automatic Target Cuer/Recognition System for Tactical Forward-Looking Infrared Images
* Composite Fourier Plane Nonlinear Filter for Distortion Invariant Pattern Recognition
* Data Compression Issues in Automatic Target Recognition and the Measuring of Distortion
* Decentralized Signal-Detection with Fuzzy Information
* Detection of Small Size Synthetic References in Scenes Acquired with a Pixelated Device
* Edge-Based Adaptive Smoothing
* Extracting Half-Tones from Printed Documents Using Texture Analysis
* Face Recognition with Range Images and Intensity Images
* Fast Algorithm for Designing Better Codebooks in Image Vector Quantization
* Fast Fourier Transform Based Image Compression Algorithm Optimized for Speckle Interferometer Measurements
* Fast Hartley Transform and Truncated Singular-Value Algorithm for Circular Deconvolution
* Fast Recovery of Rotational Symmetry Parameters Using Gradient Orientation
* Finger Tracking for Breast Palpation Quantification Using Color Image Features
* Full-Custom Texture Measurement and Applications in Multiresolution Video Coding
* Fusion of Identity Declarations from Dissimilar Sources Using the Dempster-Shafer Theory
* Fuzzy Evidential Reasoning Approach to Target Identity and State Fusion in Multisensor Environments
* General Metropolis-Hastings Jump Diffusions for Automatic Target Recognition in Infrared Scenes
* Generalized Wavelet Decompositions in Image Compression: Arbitrary Subbands and Parallel Algorithms
* Generation of a Restored Image from a Video Sequence Recorded under Turbulence Effects
* High-Order Correlation Technique for Imaging Through Turbulence
* Image Block Classification and Variable Block Size Segmentation Using a Model-Fitting Criterion
* Image Characterization in the Sub-Diffraction-Limited Regime
* Image Compression Using a Recursive Block Grouping Algorithm
* Image Restoration of Line Scanned X-Ray Images
* Improved 3-Dimensional Image Correlation for Surface Displacement Measurement
* Information-Based Approach to Performance Estimation and Requirements Allocation in Multisensor Fusion for Target Recognition
* Interactive Image Retrieval by Natural Language
* Location of Target with Random Gray Levels in Correlated Background with Optimal Processors and Preprocessings
* Measurement Optimization in Speckle Interferometry: The Influence of the Imaging Lens Aperture
* Method for Spectral Pattern-Recognition of Color Camouflage
* Motion Estimation Algorithm for Image Sequence Coding
* Multiple Moving Object Estimation in Image Sequences of a Natural Scene
* Multiple over-the-Horizon Radar Track Association
* Multisensor Hough Transform and Logic-Based Track Initiation Techniques
* Nadaraya-Watson Estimator for Sensor Fusion
* Neural-Network Fusion Capabilities for Efficient Implementation of Tracking Algorithms
* New Approach for Scale, Rotation, and Translation Invariant Pattern-Recognition
* New Image Restoration Performance-Measures with High-Precision
* New Simple 3-Layer Neural Network for Image Compression
* Object Recognition Using a Laser Scanner and Fourier-Transform
* Off-Line Writer Verification Utilizing Multiple Neural Networks
* On the Splitting Method for Vector Quantization Codebook Generation
* Operationally Efficient Architectures for Fusion of Binary Decision Sensors in Multidecision Environments
* Optimality of the Maximum Average Correlation Height Filter for Detection of Targets in Noise
* Optimum Receivers for Pattern Recognition Problems with Nonoverlapping Target and Background Noise
* Optoelectronic Difference-of-Gaussian Wavelet Transform System
* Phase Unwrapping Algorithm-Based on Reliability and Edge-Detection
* Projective Recovery of Structure from Nonrigid Motion Using Temporal Fusion
* Pulse-Coupled Image Fusion
* Pyramid Adaptive Dynamic Hough Transform to Detect Edges with Arbitrary Shapes
* Pyramid Edge-Detection for Color Images
* Rapid Pattern Inspection of Shadow Masks by Machine Vision Integrated with Fourier Optics
* Real-Time Distributed Sensor Fusion for Time Critical Sensor Readings
* Recognition of Broken and Noisy Handwritten Characters Using Statistical-Methods Based on a Broken-Character-Mending Algorithm
* Registration of Mobile Sensors Using the Parallelized Extended Kalman Filter
* Regularized Image Restoration in Multiresolution Spaces
* Relative Spatial Pose Estimation for Autonomous Grasping
* Restoration of Atmospherically Blurred Images According to Weather Predicted Atmospheric Modulation Transfer Functions
* Rotation and Scale Change Invariant Point Pattern Relaxation Matching by the Hopfield Neural Network
* Scene Segmentation Using a Combined Criterion of Motion and Intensity
* Segmentation of a Class of Ophtalmological Images Using a Directional Variance Operator and Cooccurrence Arrays
* Sensor Fusion 1997
* Single-Output Color Pattern-Recognition Using a Fractional Correlator
* Static/Dynamic Distributed Interacting Multiple Model Fusion Algorithms for Multiplatform Multisensor Tracking
* Target Identification with Bayesian Networks in a Multiple Hypothesis Tracking System
* Target Signature Consistency of Image Data Fusion Alternatives
* Three-Dimensional Camera Calibration Technique for Stereo Imaging Velocimetry Experiments
* Three-Dimensional Topometry with Stereo Microscopes
* Time-Delay and Integration Imaging for Inspection and Profilometry of Moving-Objects
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OptEng(37) * 3-Dimensional Monochromatic X-Ray Computed-Tomography Using Synchrotron-Radiation
* 3-Dimensional Object Recognition from 2-Dimensional Images Using Wavelet Transforms and Neural Networks
* 3-Dimensional Surface Segmentation Using Multicolored Illumination
* 3-Dimensional Target Recognition and Tracking Using Neural Networks Trained on Optimal Views
* 3-Dimensional Vector Estimation for Subcomponents of Space Object Imagery
* Accurate Calculation of the Irradiance of Optical Images
* Adaptive Deformable Model for Mouth Boundary Detection
* Adaptive Pattern-Recognition System for Scene Segmentation
* Adaptive Separation of Random Lines and Background
* Adaptive Termination Rule for Iterative Image Restoration
* Advanced Ultra-High-Capacity Optical Random-Access Memory and Pattern-Recognition Techniques
* Advances in Recognition Techniques, Part 1
* Advances In Recognition Techniques, Part 2
* Associative RAM-Net Memory Neural Target Classifier
* Cellular-Automata for Image-Analysis of Damage in Large Structures
* Combining the Discrete Wavelet Transforms and Rank Order Based Filters for Image Restoration
* Composite Classifiers for Automatic Target Recognition
* Computational Visual Distinctness Metric
* Computing the Probability of Target Detection in Dynamic Visual Scenes Containing Clutter Using Fuzzy Logic Approach
* Direct Method to Obtain Straight Edge Depth from Motion
* Discovery of Inscriptions on the Shroud of Turin by Digital Image-Processing
* Efficient Linear 3-Dimensional Camera Motion Estimation Method with Applications to Video Coding
* Efficient Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Structure Segmentation and Compensability Analysis
* Energy-Minimization-Based Approach to Image Modification for Assembling Subpictures
* Enhancing Recognition of Lesions in Radiographic Images Using Perceptual Feedback
* Evaluation of a Scale-Space Filter for Speckle Noise-Reduction in Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
* Experimental Comparison of 3 Target Acquisition Models
* Feature Space Trajectory Distorted Object Representation for Classification and Pose Estimation
* General Methodology for Simultaneous Representation and Discrimination of Multiple Object Classes
* High Resolution Image Reconstruction from a Sequence of Rotated and Translated Frames and Its Application to an Infrared Imaging System
* Holographic Implementation of a Binary Associative Memory for Improved Recognition
* Hough Transform Based Multisensor, Multitarget, Track Initiation Technique
* Information-Based Image Dissimilarity Measure
* Interferometer Distance Measurement System Using a Linear Detector Array
* Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of Maneuvering Targets
* Investigation of Computational Vision and Principal Component Analysis with Application to Target Classification
* Iterative Split-And-Merge Algorithm for Vector Quantization Codebook Generation
* Locating and Recognizing Road Vehicles
* Medical Image Compression Using 2x2 Discrete Cosine Transform
* Merged Quadtree Fractal Image Compression
* Method of Predicting the Probability of Human Observers Recognizing Targets in Simulated Thermal Images
* Micro-Optical Multiwavelet Element for Hybrid Texture Segmentation Processor
* Multiobject Detection of Targets with Fine Details, Scale and Translation Variations
* Neural Networks for Image Modeling by 2-Dimensional Random Fields with Application to Image Compression for Target Acquisition
* Neural-Network-Based Target Tracking State-of-the-Art Survey
* Object Detection Using Subband Decomposition
* Optical Character Recognition with Feature Extraction and Associative Memory Matrix
* Optical Diffraction Inspection of Periodic Structures Using Neural Networks
* Optical Recognition of Phase-Encrypted Biometrics
* Optimum Detection of Small Targets in A Cluttered Background
* Optoelectronic Implementation of Adaptive Image Preprocessing Using Hybrid Modulations of Epson Liquid-Crystal Television: Applications to Smoothing and Edge Enhancement
* Parallel Image Component Labeling for Target Acquisition
* Parametric Analysis of the Blackwell-McCready Data
* Predicting the Probability of Target Detection in Static Infrared and Visual Scenes Using the Fuzzy-Logic Approach
* Quadtree Based Least Squares Prediction for Multispectral Image Coding
* Real-Time Optoelectronic Morphological Processor for Human Face Recognition
* Relative Effects of Distortion and Noise on Target Acquisition: The Advisability of Image Restoration
* Restoration-Based Loop Filtering in Hybrid Motion-Compensated Differential-Pulse Code Modulation Discrete Cosine Transform Video Coding
* Segmentation of Color Images Based on the Gravitational Clustering Concept
* Shape from Shading with Variable Albedo
* Special Section Guest Editorial: Advances In Target Acquisition Modeling
* Spectral Band Selection and Classifier Design for a Multispectral Imaging Laser-Radar
* Synthesis of Textured Complex Backgrounds
* Target Attractiveness Model for Field of View Search
* Target Detection for Low Ambient Backgrounds
* Targeting and Intelligence Electro-optical Recognition Modeling: A Juxtaposition of the Probabilities of Discrimination and the General Image Quality Equation
* Unsupervised Interference Rejection Approach To Target Detection and Classification for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Vehicle Recognition in Infrared Images Using Shared Weight Neural Networks
* Wavelet-Based Fractal Signature Analysis for Automatic Target Recognition
* Wavelet-Based System for Recognition and Labeling of Polyhedral Junctions
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OptEng(38) * Color-Encoded Digital Fringe Projection Technique for High-Speed Three-Dimensional Surface Contouring
* Entropy Optimized Morphological Shared-Weight Neural Networks

OptEng(40) * Error Propagation in two-sensor 3D position estimation

OptEng(41) * Distortion analysis in stereoscopic images

OptEng(42) * Imaging and analysis of forensic striation marks

OptEng(47) * flexible method for structured light system calibration, A

OptEng(48) * Theoretical and experimental error analysis of continuous-wave time-of-flight range cameras

OptEng(50) * Hierarchical data clustering approach for segmenting colored three-dimensional point clouds of building interiors
* Object-based depth image-based rendering for a three-dimensional video system by color-correction optimization

OptEng(51) * Progress in color night vision

OptExp( Vol No. ) * *Optics Express

OptExp(15) * Depth from automatic defocusing

OptExp(18) * systematic method for designing depth-fused multi-focal plane three-dimensional displays, A

OptExp(19) * Spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM)

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