8.10.1 Color Segmentation, Healey

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Color Segmentation. Segmentation, Color.

Healey, G.,
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See also Global Color Constancy: Recognition of Objects by Use of Illumination-Invariant Properties of Color Distributions. BibRef 8911

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HTML Version. Uses properties like highlights to derive the geometry for a constant color curved sruface. BibRef 8906

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HTML Version. A combination of several of the other conference papers. BibRef 9201

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Evaluating Multiscale Opponent Color Features Using Gabor Filters,
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Segmenting Surface Shape Using Colored Illumination,
HTML Version. 9705

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IEEE DOI Abstract:
HTML Version. BibRef 9000

Healey, G.,
A Parallel Color Algorithm for Segmenting Images of 3-D Scenes,
DARPA89(1038-1042). Segmentation, Edges. Segmentation, Split and Merge. Segmentation by classification using physical properties. Quad-tree split and merge if edges exist in the square. A combination of edges and regions. Not much there yet. BibRef 8900

Healey, G.,
A Color Reflectance Model and Its Use for Segmentation,
IEEE DOI Similar to the next one. BibRef 8800

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And: CVPR88(10-17).
IEEE DOI Color. Through a lot of analysis, turn color into one measure. A lot of effort for little gain. BibRef

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