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Suma, E.A. Co Author Listing * Flexible spaces: Dynamic layout generation for infinite walking in virtual environments
* Sketch-Based Approach for Detecting Common Human Actions, A
* Spatial misregistration of virtual human audio: Implications of the precedence effect
Includes: Suma, E.A. Suma, E.A.[Evan A.]

Suma, M. Co Author Listing * Aerial Platforms (UAV) Surveys in The VIS and TIR Range. Applications On Archaeology and Agriculture
* Lesson Learned On Monitoring Cultural Heritage At Risk Under Climate Changes: Strategy, Techniques and Results

Suma, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Large-to-small Image Resolution Asymmetry in Deep Metric Learning

Sumaiya, M.N. Co Author Listing * SAR image despeckling using heavy-tailed Burr distribution

Sumalee, A. Co Author Listing * Dynamic System Optimum Analysis of Multi-Region Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Systems With State-Dependent Time-Varying Delays
* Pricing Environmental Externality in Traffic Networks Mixed With Fuel Vehicles and Electric Vehicles
* Short-Term Traffic State Prediction Based on Temporal-Spatial Correlation
* Shortest Path Finding Problem in Stochastic Time-Dependent Road Networks With Stochastic First-In-First-Out Property
* Temporal Signatures of Passive Wi-Fi Data for Estimating Bus Passenger Waiting Time at a Single Bus Stop
* Vehicle Reidentification With Self-Adaptive Time Windows for Real-Time Travel Time Estimation
Includes: Sumalee, A. Sumalee, A.[Agachai]

Sumam, D.S.[David S.] Co Author Listing * Perceptually lossless coder for volumetric medical image data
* Quality and complexity comparison of H.264 intra mode with JPEG2000 and JPEG
* Visually lossless coder for volumetric MRI and CT image data using wavelet transform

Suman, A.[Ambika] Co Author Listing * Using 3D pose alignment tools in forensic applications of Face Recognition

Suman, C.[Chanchal] Co Author Listing * Authorship Attribution of Scientific Abstracts

Suman, H.K.[Himanshu Kumar] Co Author Listing * Video-based Gait Analysis for Spinal Deformity

Suman, M. Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Probabilistic Assessment of Soil Moisture Using C-Band Quad-Polarized RISAT1 Data

Suman, S.[Swati] Co Author Listing * Appraisal of SMAP Operational Soil Moisture Product from a Global Perspective
* new method for higher-order linear phase FIR digital filter using shifted Chebyshev polynomials, A
Includes: Suman, S.[Swati] Suman, S.

Suman, T.[Tenugu] Co Author Listing * High Speed and Memory Efficient Parallel Bit Plane Coding Architecture for JPEG2000

Sumana, G.[Gupta] Co Author Listing * True Zoom with Cylindrical Light Field System

Sumana, I.J.[Ishrat Jahan] Co Author Listing * Rotation Invariant Curvelet Features for Region Based Image Retrieval

Sumanaweera, T. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Retrospective Intermodality Registration Techniques
* Generic Models for Robot Navigation

Sumanaweera, T.S. Co Author Listing * Frameless registration of MR and CT 3D volumetric data sets
* Image Segmentation Using Geometric and Physical Constraints
* MR susceptibility misregistration correction

Sumanth, C. Co Author Listing * DeepTrailerAssist: Deep Learning Based Trailer Detection, Tracking and Articulation Angle Estimation on Automotive Rear-View Camera

Sumanth, K.[Krishna] Co Author Listing * Multi-Task Learning for 2D Phase Unwrapping in Fringe Projection, A

Sumanth, V.K.[V. Krishna] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Framework for 3D Surface Profiling of the Objects Using Digital Holographic Interferometry, A

Sumantri, J.S. Co Author Listing * 360 Panorama Synthesis from a Sparse Set of Images with Unknown Field of View

Sumantyo, J.T.S.[Josaphat Tetuko Sri] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Aqua/Terra MODIS and Himawari-8 Satellite Data on Cloud Mask and Cloud Type Classification Using Split Window Algorithm
* Earthquake/Tsunami Damage Assessment for Urban Areas Using Post-Event PolSAR Data
* Employing a Method on SAR and Optical Images for Forest Biomass Estimation
* Hybrid Convolutional Neural Network and Random Forest for Burned Area Identification with Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data, A
* Long-Term Consecutive DInSAR for Volume Change Estimation of Land Deformation
* Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Polarimetric SAR Data and Experimental Observations in an Arid Environment
* Temporal Subset SBAS InSAR Approach for Tropical Peatland Surface Deformation Monitoring Using Sentinel-1 Data
* Unsupervised Change Detection on SAR images using a New Fractal-Based Measure
Includes: Sumantyo, J.T.S.[Josaphat Tetuko Sri] Sumantyo, J.T.S.
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Sumari, F.O.[Felix O.] Co Author Listing * Towards practical implementations of person re-identification from full video frames

Sumari, N.S.[Neema S.] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy AutoEncode Based Cloud Detection for Remote Sensing Imagery

Sumaroka, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Reduced-illuminance autofluorescence imaging in ABCA4-associated retinal degenerations

Sumarsono, A. Co Author Listing * Low-Rank Subspace Representation for Estimating the Number of Signal Subspaces in Hyperspectral Imagery

Sumarto, I.[Irawan] Co Author Listing * Spatial Allocation Based on Physiological Needs and Land Suitability Using the Combination of Ecological Footprint and SVM (Case Study: Java Island, Indonesia)

Sumathi, P. Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional DFT with sliding and hopping windows for edge map generation of road images

Sumathy, S.[Subramanian] Co Author Listing * effective deep learning model for grading abnormalities in retinal fundus images using variational auto-encoders, An

Sumathy, V.K.R.[Vinod Kumar Ramayyan] Co Author Listing * Kernel-based Bayesian clustering of computed tomography images for lung nodule segmentation

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