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Vu, A. Co Author Listing * Eco-Routing Navigation System Based on Multisource Historical and Real-Time Traffic Information
* Real-Time Computer Vision/DGPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System for Lane-Level Vehicle Navigation
Includes: Vu, A. Vu, A.[Anh]

Vu, A.S. Co Author Listing * computer vision system for automatic knowledge-based configuration of the image processing and hierarchical object recognition, A

Vu, B.C. Co Author Listing * forward-backward view of some primal-dual optimization methods in image recovery, A

Vu, B.N.[Bryan N.] Co Author Listing * Developing an Advanced PM2.5 Exposure Model in Lima, Peru

Vu, C.[Cuong] Co Author Listing * Can visual fixation patterns improve image fidelity assessment?

Vu, C.T.[Cuong T.] Co Author Listing * algorithm for detecting multiple salient objects in images via adaptive feature selection, An
* Main subject detection via adaptive feature selection
* On the quality assessment of enhanced images: A database, analysis, and strategies for augmenting existing methods
* spatiotemporal most-apparent-distortion model for video quality assessment, A
* S_3: A Spectral and Spatial Measure of Local Perceived Sharpness in Natural Images
* Visual Fixation Patterns when Judging Image Quality: Effects of Distortion Type, Amount, and Subject Experience
Includes: Vu, C.T.[Cuong T.] Vu, C.T.

Vu, D.[Diem] Co Author Listing * efficient fashion-driven learning approach to model user preferences in on-line shopping scenarios, An
* Ground Moving Target Indication via Multichannel Airborne SAR
* Kernelized structural SVM learning for supervised object segmentation
Includes: Vu, D.[Diem] Vu, D.[Duc]

Vu, D.T. Co Author Listing * Efficient Hybrid Tree-Based Stereo Matching With Applications to Postcapture Image Refocusing
* Quasigeoid-Derived Transformation Model Accounting for Land Subsidence in the Mekong Delta towards Height System Unification in Vietnam, A
Includes: Vu, D.T. Vu, D.T.[Dinh Toan]

Vu, H.[Hai] Co Author Listing * Acquiring qualified samples for RANSAC using geometrical constraints
* Adaptive cascade threshold learning from negative samples for deformable part models
* Adaptive Control of Video Display for Diagnostic Assistance by Analysis of Capsule Endoscopic Images
* Automatic Improvement of Graph Based Image Segmentation
* Color Analysis for Segmenting Digestive Organs in VCE
* Controlling the Display of Capsule Endoscopy Video for Diagnostic Assistance
* Detection of Activities During Newborn Resuscitation Based on Short-Time Energy of Acceleration Signal
* Dynamic hand gesture recognition from cyclical hand pattern
* Flexible 3D neighborhood cascade deformable part models for object detection
* Fully-automated person re-identification in multi-camera surveillance system with a robust kernel descriptor and effective shadow removal method
* GCSAC: geometrical constraint sample consensus for primitive shapes estimation in 3D point cloud
* Improving Ancient Cham Glyph Recognition from Cham Inscription Images Using Data Augmentation and Transfer Learning
* Indoor assistance for visually impaired people using a RGB-D camera
* projective chirp based stair representation and detection from monocular images and its application for the visually impaired, A
* pyModeS: Decoding Mode-S Surveillance Data for Open Air Transportation Research
* Segmenting Reddish Lesions in Capsule Endoscopy Images Using a Gastrointestinal Color Space
* Towards an Interpretation of Intestinal Motility Using Capsule Endoscopy Image Sequences
* vision-based method for automatizing tea shoots detection, A
* Visual SLAM System on Mobile Robot Supporting Localization Services to Visually Impaired People, A
* Web-Based Education System for Reading Video Capsule Endoscopy, A
Includes: Vu, H.[Hai] Vu, H. Vu, H.[Huyen] V, H.
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Vu, H.H.[Hoang Hiep] Co Author Listing * High Accuracy and Visibility-Consistent Dense Multiview Stereo
* Hybrid multi-view reconstruction by Jump-Diffusion
* Hybrid Multiview Stereo Algorithm for Modeling Urban Scenes, A
* Towards high-resolution large-scale multi-view stereo
Includes: Vu, H.H.[Hoang Hiep] Vu, H.H.[Hoang-Hiep]

Vu, H.L. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Intelligent Transportation Systems Empowered by AI Technologies
* Handoff Optimization Using Hidden Markov Model
* Hierarchical Control Framework for Coordination of Intersection Signal Timings in All Traffic Regimes, A

Vu, H.T.[Huy T.] Co Author Listing * 3D-Brain Segmentation Using Deep Neural Network and Gaussian Mixture Model
* Comparison between Anatomy-Based and Data-Driven Tree Models for Human Pose Estimation, A
* deep learning network for vision-based vacant parking space detection system, A
* Face Retrieval in Large-Scale News Video Datasets
* Fast face sequence matching in large-scale video databases
* multi-task convolutional neural network with spatial transform for parking space detection, A
* Parking Space Status Inference Upon a Deep CNN and Multi-Task Contrastive Network With Spatial Transform
* Vacant Parking Space Detection Based on a Multilayer Inference Framework
Includes: Vu, H.T.[Huy T.] Vu, H.T. Vu, H.T.[Hung Thanh]
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Vu, H.X. Co Author Listing * Track-Before-Detect Using Histogram PMHT and Dynamic Programming

Vu, K.[Khanh] Co Author Listing * FASU: A full automatic segmenting system for ultrasound images
* Image retrieval in multipoint queries
* in-memory relevance feedback technique for high-performance image retrieval systems, An
* Leveraging user query log: toward improving image data clustering

Vu, L.[Ly] Co Author Listing * Full weighting Hough Forests for object detection
* Large Scale Application Response Time Measurement Using Image Recognition and Deep Learning
Includes: Vu, L.[Ly] Vu, L.[Lan]

Vu, L.G. Co Author Listing * Face recognition template in photo indexing: A proposal of hybrid Principal Component Analysis and triangular approach (PCAaTA)

Vu, M.H. Co Author Listing * Question-Centric Model for Visual Question Answering in Medical Imaging, A

Vu, N.[Nhat] Co Author Listing * Graph cut segmentation of neuronal structures from transmission electron micrographs
* Improving Chamfer Template Matching Using Image Segmentation
* Retina Layer Segmentation and Spatial Alignment of Antibody Expression Levels
* Shape prior segmentation of multiple objects with graph cuts
Includes: Vu, N.[Nhat] Vu, N.

Vu, N.S.[Ngoc Son] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Classification Using Information Fusion
* Action recognition based on motion of oriented magnitude patterns and feature selection
* Efficient statistical face recognition across pose using Local Binary Patterns and Gabor wavelets
* Enhanced Patterns of Oriented Edge Magnitudes for Face Recognition and Image Matching
* Face recognition using the POEM descriptor
* Face Recognition with Patterns of Oriented Edge Magnitudes
* Handcrafted Normalized-Convolution Network for Texture Classification, A
* How far we can improve micro features based face recognition systems?
* Illumination-robust face recognition using retina modeling
* Improving texture categorization with biologically-inspired filtering
* integrated descriptor for texture classification, An
* Lucas-Kanade based entropy congealing for joint face alignment
* Motion of Oriented Magnitudes Patterns for Human Action Recognition
* Multiple patterns of gradient magnitudes for face recognition
* Newton optimization based Congealing for facial image alignment
* Online Three-Stage Method for Facial Point Localization, An
* Patch-Based Similarity HMMs for Face Recognition with a Single Reference Image
* Photographic paper texture classification using model deviation of local visual descriptors
* Revisiting LBP-Based Texture Models for Human Action Recognition
* Toe Prints: An Application Study for Biometric Verification in Adults
* Using retina modelling to characterize blinking: comparison between EOG and video analysis
* Volumes of Blurred-Invariant Gaussians for Dynamic Texture Classification
Includes: Vu, N.S.[Ngoc Son] Vu, N.S.[Ngoc-Son] Vu, N.S.
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Vu, P.L.[Phuong Lan] Co Author Listing * Identifying 2010 Xynthia Storm Signature in GNSS-R-Based Tide Records
* Multi-Satellite Altimeter Validation along the French Atlantic Coast in the Southern Bay of Biscay from ERS-2 to SARAL
* Predicting Future Urban Flood Risk Using Land Change and Hydraulic Modeling in a River Watershed in the Central Province of Vietnam

Vu, P.V. Co Author Listing * Fast Wavelet-Based Algorithm for Global and Local Image Sharpness Estimation, A
* spatiotemporal most-apparent-distortion model for video quality assessment, A
Includes: Vu, P.V. Vu, P.V.[Phong V.]

Vu, Q.[Quoc] Co Author Listing * Fast Warping Algorithm for Correcting Local Distortions in Binary Images, A

Vu, Q.D.[Quang Doanh] Co Author Listing * Efficiency Maximization Design for SWIPT, An
* Micro and Macro Breast Histology Image Analysis by Partial Network Re-use
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
Includes: Vu, Q.D.[Quang Doanh] Vu, Q.D.[Quang-Doanh] Vu, Q.D.[Quoc Dang]

Vu, Q.M.[Quyet Manh] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Biomass Productivity Decline in the Lower Mekong Basin

Vu, T.[Thanh] Co Author Listing * Any-Width Networks
* DADA: Depth-Aware Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Fast and Efficient Image Quality Enhancement via Desubpixel Convolutional Neural Networks
* Finding your Lookalike: Measuring Face Similarity Rather than Face Identity
* Internal-Illumination Photoacoustic Tomography Enhanced by a Graded-Scattering Fiber Diffuser
* Novel Attribute-Based Symmetric Multiple Instance Learning for Histopathological Image Analysis, A
* Perception-Enhanced Image Super-Resolution via Relativistic Generative Adversarial Networks
* Reconstructing Undersampled Photoacoustic Microscopy Images Using Deep Learning
* xMUDA: Cross-Modal Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Vu, T.[Thanh] Vu, T. Vu, T.[Thang]
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Vu, T.D. Co Author Listing * Cross-point regions on multiple bit planes for lossless images compression
* High level sensor data fusion for automotive applications using occupancy grids
* Results of a Precrash Application Based on Laser Scanner and Short-Range Radars
Includes: Vu, T.D. Vu, T.D.[Trung-Dung]

Vu, T.H.[Tuan Hung] Co Author Listing * ADVENT: Adversarial Entropy Minimization for Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Context-Aware CNNs for Person Head Detection
* Deep Neural Network for Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection, A
* Deep Wavelet Prediction for Image Super-Resolution
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Residual Masking Network
* Fast Low-Rank Shared Dictionary Learning for Image Classification
* Handling new target classes in semantic segmentation with domain adaptation
* Histopathological Image Classification Using Discriminative Feature-Oriented Dictionary Learning
* Learning a low-rank shared dictionary for object classification
* Memory Warps for Long-Term Online Video Representations and Anticipation
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Predicting Actions from Static Scenes
* Semantic Palette: Guiding Scene Generation with Class Proportions
* Vehicles Tracking by Combining Convolutional Neural Network Based Segmentation and Optical Flow Estimation
* View synthesis method for 3D video coding based on temporal and inter view correlation
Includes: Vu, T.H.[Tuan Hung] Vu, T.H.[Tuan-Hung] Vu, T.H. Vu, T.H.[Toan H.] Vu, T.H.[Tiep Huu] Vu, T.H.[The Huynh] Vu, T.H.[Tien Huu]
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Vu, T.T.[Tuong T.] Co Author Listing * Building Structure Mapping on Level Terrains and Sea Surfaces in Vietnam
* Forest Cover Mapping in Iskandar Malaysia Using Satellite Data
* Rapid Disaster Damage Estimation
Includes: Vu, T.T.[Tuong T.] Vu, T.T.

Vu, T.T.P.[Thuy Thi Phuong] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Estimating Mangrove Above-Ground Biomass Using Multiple Source Remote Sensing Data in the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam

Vu, T.V.[Thang Van] Co Author Listing * PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Image Enhancement on Smartphones: Report

Vu, T.X. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Network Coded Cooperation with Channel Coding and Adaptive DF-Based Relaying in Rayleigh Fading Channels

Vu, V.[Viet] Co Author Listing * Using A Sliding Window Phase Matching Method for Imaging of GNSS Radio Occultation Signals

Vu, V.T.[Van Thinh] Co Author Listing * Automatic Video Interpretation: A Novel Algorithm for Temporal Scenario Recognition
* Automatic Video Interpretation: A Recognition Algorithm for Temporal Scenarios Based on Pre-compiled Scenario Models
* Bivariate Gamma Distribution for Wavelength-Resolution SAR Change Detection
* Change Detection in UWB SAR Images Based on Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Detection of Moving Targets by Focusing in UWB SAR: Theory and Experimental Results
* False Alarm Reduction in Wavelength-Resolution SAR Change Detection Using Adaptive Noise Canceler
* Fast Backprojection Algorithms Based on Subapertures and Local Polar Coordinates for General Bistatic Airborne SAR Systems
* Human Behaviour Visualisation and Simulation for Automatic Video Understanding
* Local Detection of Moving Targets in SAR Image Based on NRS Hypotheses
* Supervised Detection of Ionospheric Scintillation in Low-Latitude Radio Occultation Measurements
* Suppression of Clutter in Multichannel SAR GMTI
* Wavelength-Resolution SAR Change Detection Method Based on Image Stack through Robust Principal Component Analysis, A
Includes: Vu, V.T.[Van Thinh] Vu, V.T.[Van-Thinh] Vu, V.T. Vu, V.T.[Viet T.]
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Vu, V.V.[Viet Vu] Co Author Listing * Efficient Active Constraint Selection Algorithm for Clustering, An
* Improving constrained clustering with active query selection
Includes: Vu, V.V.[Viet Vu] Vu, V.V.[Viet-Vu]

Vu, X.T.[Xuan Thanh] Co Author Listing * New Stochastic Optimization Algorithm to Decompose Large Nonnegative Tensors, A

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