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Stiebei, T. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Spectral Images from RGB-Images Using a Convolutional Neural Network

Stiebel, T. Co Author Listing * Importance of Smoothness Constraints on Spectral Object Reflectances when Modeling Metamer Mismatching, The
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Spectral Reconstruction from an RGB Image
Includes: Stiebel, T. Stiebel, T.[Tarek]

Stieber, A.[Anke] Co Author Listing * Contour Matching Algorithm to Reconstruct Ruptured Documents, A

Stiefelhagen, R.[Rainer] Co Author Listing * 3D Facial Landmark Detection: How to Deal with Head Rotations?
* 3D Pictorial Structures for Human Pose Estimation with Supervoxels
* 3D Vehicle Trajectory Reconstruction in Monocular Video Data Using Environment Structure Constraints
* 3D-tracking of head and hands for pointing gesture recognition in a human-robot interaction scenario
* Action recognition in bed using BAMs for assisted living and elderly care
* Action unit intensity estimation using hierarchical partial least squares
* Activity-aware Attributes for Zero-Shot Driver Behavior Recognition
* Adaptiope: A Modern Benchmark for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Affect-DML: Context-Aware One-Shot Recognition of Human Affect using Deep Metric Learning
* Aligning plot synopses to videos for story-based retrieval
* Analysis of Local Appearance-Based Face Recognition: Effects of Feature Selection and Feature Normalization
* Anticipative Feature Fusion Transformer for Multi-Modal Action Anticipation
* Applying force fields to black-box GUIs using computer vision
* Automatic Calibration of Camera Networks based on Local Motion Features
* Automatic Discovery, Association Estimation and Learning of Semantic Attributes for a Thousand Categories
* Automatic Frequency Band Selection for Illumination Robust Face Recognition
* Automatic generation of scene-specific person trackers
* Automatic Person Detection and Tracking using Fuzzy Controlled Active Cameras
* Bending Reality: Distortion-aware Transformers for Adapting to Panoramic Semantic Segmentation
* Best of Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2011
* Block Selection in the Local Appearance-based Face Recognition Scheme
* Book2Movie: Aligning video scenes with book chapters
* Boosting Pseudo Census Transform Features for Face Alignment
* Breath rate monitoring during sleep using near-ir imagery and PCA
* Breathing Rate Monitoring during Sleep from a Depth Camera under Real-Life Conditions
* Capturing Omni-Range Context for Omnidirectional Segmentation
* Classification-Driven Dynamic Image Enhancement
* Cleaning up after a face tracker: False positive removal
* CLEAR 2007 Evaluation, The
* Clustering based Contrastive Learning for Improving Face Representations
* CMX: Cross-Modal Fusion for RGB-X Semantic Segmentation With Transformers
* Color decorrelation helps visual saliency detection
* Combined Head Localization and Head Pose Estimation for Video-Based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
* Contextual Constraints for Person Retrieval in Camera Networks
* Decoupled Semantic Prototypes enable learning from diverse annotation types for semi-weakly segmentation in expert-driven domains
* Deep Perceptual Mapping for Cross-Modal Face Recognition
* Deep Perceptual Mapping for Thermal to Visible Face Recogntion
* Delivering Arbitrary-Modal Semantic Segmentation
* Delving Deep Into One-Shot Skeleton-Based Action Recognition With Diverse Occlusions
* Detection-Assisted Initialization, Adaptation and Fusion of Body Region Trackers for Robust Multiperson Tracking
* Detective: An Attentive Recurrent Model for Sparse Object Detection
* Digital Map Table VR: Bringing an Interactive System to Virtual Reality
* Drive Act: A Multi-Modal Dataset for Fine-Grained Driver Behavior Recognition in Autonomous Vehicles
* DriveAHead: A Large-Scale Driver Head Pose Dataset
* Dynamic Integration of Generalized Cues for Person Tracking
* DynamoNet: Dynamic Action and Motion Network
* DynGraph: Visual Question Answering via Dynamic Scene Graphs
* Efficient Parameter-Free Clustering Using First Neighbor Relations
* Evaluating image segments by applying the description length to sets of superpixels
* Evaluating Multiple Object Tracking Performance: The CLEAR MOT Metrics
* Evaluation of local features for person re-identification in image sequences
* evaluation of the compactness of superpixels, An
* Every Annotation Counts: Multi-label Deep Supervision for Medical Image Segmentation
* Exploring Event-Driven Dynamic Context for Accident Scene Segmentation
* Face alignment by minimizing the closest classification distance
* Face Alignment Using a Ranking Model based on Regression Trees
* Face recognition for smart interactions
* Fashion Forward: Forecasting Visual Style in Fashion
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* FishDreamer: Towards Fisheye Semantic Completion via Unified Image Outpainting and Segmentation
* Generic Face Representation Approach for Local Appearance Based Face Verification, A
* Generic versus Salient Region-Based Partitioning for Local Appearance Face Recognition
* Graph-Constrained Contrastive Regularization for Semi-weakly Volumetric Segmentation
* Head Pose Estimation in Single- and Multi-view Environments: Results on the CLEAR'07 Benchmarks
* Head pose estimation using stereo vision for human-robot interaction
* HeHOP: Highly efficient head orientation and position estimation
* HIDA: Towards Holistic Indoor Understanding for the Visually Impaired via Semantic Instance Segmentation with a Wearable Solid-State LiDAR Sensor
* Hierarchical Nearest Neighbor Graph Embedding for Efficient Dimensionality Reduction
* High-level situation recognition using Fuzzy Metric Temporal Logic, case studies in surveillance and smart environments
* How the distribution of salient objects in images influences salient object detection
* How to Transfer? Zero-Shot Object Recognition via Hierarchical Transfer of Semantic Attributes
* Important stuff, everywhere! Activity recognition with salient proto-objects as context
* Improved weak labels using contextual cues for person identification in videos
* Improving foreground segmentations with probabilistic superpixel Markov random fields
* Interaction of Distant and Local Users in a Collaborative Virtual Environment
* Interactive person-retrieval in a distributed camera network
* Is Context-Aware CNN Ready for the Surroundings? Panoramic Semantic Segmentation in the Wild
* Is My Driver Observation Model Overconfident? Input-Guided Calibration Networks for Reliable and Interpretable Confidence Estimates
* ISL Person Identification Systems in the CLEAR 2007 Evaluations
* It's Not About the Journey; It's About the Destination: Following Soft Paths Under Question-Guidance for Visual Reasoning
* Kinect unbiased
* Knock! Knock! Who is it? probabilistic person identification in TV-series
* Large Scale Holistic Video Understanding
* Large Vocabulary Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Using the Janus Speech Recognition Toolkit
* Learning robust color name models from web images
* Manifold Alignment for Person Independent Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation
* MASS: Multi-Attentional Semantic Segmentation of LiDAR Data for Dense Top-View Understanding
* Matchformer: Interleaving Attention in Transformers for Feature Matching
* Measuring and evaluating the compactness of superpixels
* Mind the Gap: Virtual Shorelines for Blind and Partially Sighted People
* Mirror U-Net: Marrying Multimodal Fission with Multi-task Learning for Semantic Segmentation in Medical Imaging
* Modeling People's Focus of Attention
* Modselect: Automatic Modality Selection for Synthetic-to-real Domain Generalization
* MoQA: A Multi-modal Question Answering Architecture
* Mouth Region Localization Method Based on Gaussian Mixture Model
* MovieQA: Understanding Stories in Movies through Question-Answering
* Multi-level Particle Filter Fusion of Features and Cues for Audio-Visual Person Tracking
* Multi-modal Depression Estimation Based on Sub-attentional Fusion
* Multi-modal Person Identification in a Smart Environment
* Multi-pose Face Recognition for Person Retrieval in Camera Networks
* Multi-resolution Local Appearance-Based Face Verification
* Multi-Task Learning for Calorie Prediction on a Novel Large-Scale Recipe Dataset Enriched with Nutritional Information
* Multi-view Based Estimation of Human Upper-Body Orientation
* Multi-View Head Pose Estimation using Neural Networks
* Naming TV characters by watching and analyzing dialogs
* Omnisupervised Omnidirectional Semantic Segmentation
* Open Scene Understanding: Grounded Situation Recognition Meets Segment Anything for Helping People with Visual Impairments
* Open-Set Face Recognition-Based Visitor Interface System
* Panoramic Panoptic Segmentation: Insights Into Surrounding Parsing for Mobile Agents via Unsupervised Contrastive Learning
* Part-based clothing segmentation for person retrieval
* Person Re-identification by Deep Learning Attribute-Complementary Information
* Person tracking-by-detection with efficient selection of part-detectors
* Pose Normalization for Local Appearance-Based Face Recognition
* Pose-based Contrastive Learning for Domain Agnostic Activity Representations
* Pose-Sensitive Embedding for Person Re-identification with Expanded Cross Neighborhood Re-ranking, A
* Predicting human gaze using quaternion DCT image signature saliency and face detection
* Quaternion-Based Spectral Saliency Detection for Eye Fixation Prediction
* Rank Priors for Continuous Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction
* ranking model for face alignment with Pseudo Census Transform, A
* Real Time Head Model Creation and Head Pose Estimation on Consumer Depth Cameras
* Real-Time GPU-Based Voxel Carving with Systematic Occlusion Handling
* Real-Time Person Tracking and Pointing Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction
* Real-Time Recognition of 3D-Pointing Gestures for Human-Machine-Interaction
* Recovering the Missing Link: Predicting Class-Attribute Associations for Unsupervised Zero-Shot Learning
* Revisiting Click-Based Interactive Video Object Segmentation
* Robust multi-pose face tracking by multi-stage tracklet association
* Robust Open-Set Face Recognition for Small-Scale Convenience Applications
* RPM: Random Points Matching for Pair wise Face-Similarity
* Self-guided Multiple Instance Learning for Weakly Supervised Disease Classification and Localization in Chest Radiographs
* Semi-supervised Learning with Constraints for Person Identification in Multimedia Data
* Should I take a walk? Estimating Energy Expenditure from Video Data
* Simultaneous Tracking of Head Poses in a Panoramic View
* Sleep position classification from a depth camera using Bed Aligned Maps
* SPaSe - Multi-Label Page Segmentation for Presentation Slides
* StoryGraphs: Visualizing Character Interactions as a Timeline
* System for Probabilistic Joint 3D Head Tracking and Pose Estimation in Low-Resolution, Multi-view Environments, A
* Tabletop 3D Digital Map Interaction with Virtual Reality Handheld Controllers
* Taming the Cross Entropy Loss
* Temporally-Weighted Hierarchical Clustering for Unsupervised Action Segmentation
* time pooled track kernel for person identification, A
* Towards a Fair Evaluation of Zero-Shot Action Recognition Using External Data
* Towards Automatic Parsing of Structured Visual Content through the Use of Synthetic Data
* Towards Robust Semantic Segmentation of Accident Scenes via Multi-Source Mixed Sampling and Meta-Learning
* Tracking identities and attention in smart environments: Contributions and progress in the CHIL project
* Tracking of the Articulated Upper Body on Multi-View Stereo Image Sequences
* Trans4Map: Revisiting Holistic Bird's-Eye-View Mapping from Egocentric Images to Allocentric Semantics with Vision Transformers
* Trans4Trans: Efficient Transformer for Transparent Object and Semantic Scene Segmentation in Real-World Navigation Assistance
* Trans4Trans: Efficient Transformer for Transparent Object Segmentation to Help Visually Impaired People Navigate in the Real World
* Transfer Beyond the Field of View: Dense Panoramic Semantic Segmentation via Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Transfer metric learning for action similarity using high-level semantics
* Transferring attributes for person re-identification
* Uncertainty-Aware Vision-Based Metric Cross-View Geolocalization
* Uncertainty-sensitive Activity Recognition: A Reliability Benchmark and the CARING Models
* Unsupervised Meta-Domain Adaptation for Fashion Retrieval
* Using Technology Developed for Autonomous Cars to Help Navigate Blind People
* Vi2CLR: Video and Image for Visual Contrastive Learning of Representation
* video-based door monitoring system using local appearance-based face models, A
* Video-based Face Recognition on Real-World Data
* Visual recognition of pointing gestures for human-robot interaction
* Way to Go! Detecting Open Areas Ahead of a Walking Person
* What to Transfer? High-Level Semantics in Transfer Metric Learning for Action Similarity
* Why Is Facial Occlusion a Challenging Problem?
Includes: Stiefelhagen, R.[Rainer] Stiefelhagen, R.
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Stieglitz, T. Co Author Listing * Let There Be Light: Optoprobes for Neural Implants

Stieglitz, T.C.[Thomas Christian] Co Author Listing * Application of Shore-Based Video and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones): Complementary Tools for Beach Studies

Stiehl, D. Co Author Listing * Towards a SignWriting recognition system

Stiehl, H.S.[H. Siegfried] Co Author Listing * Biomechanical modeling of the human head for physically based, nonrigid image registration
* comparison between BEM and FEM for elastic registration of medical images, A
* Comparison of Two Multi-Scale Approaches to Edge Detection in Medical Images
* Computational and Psychophysical Studies of Early Vision
* Development and validation of a multi-step approach to improved detection of 3D point landmarks in tomographic images
* Elastic Registration of Medical Images Using Radial Basis Functions with Compact Support
* epipolar line constraint for precise biplane angiogram analysis, The
* Evaluation of 3D Operators for the Detection of Anatomical Point Landmarks in MR and CT Images
* Fast Parallel Algorithms for a Broad Class of Nonlinear Variational Diffusion Approaches
* Finding and describing local structure in discrete two-dimensional computed tomograms
* Generalized Discrete Scale-Space Formulation for 2-D and 3-D Signals, A
* Globally convergent iterative numerical schemes for nonlinear variational image smoothing and segmentation on a multiprocessor machine
* Investigation of parallel and globally convergent iterative schemes for nonlinear variational image smoothing and segmentation
* Landmark-based elastic registration using approximating thin-plate splines
* Multi-Step Procedures for the Localization of 2-D and 3-D Point Landmarks and Automatic ROI Size Selection
* New Class of Elastic Body Splines for Nonrigid Registration of Medical Images, A
* Non-rigid Image Registration Using a Parameter-free Elastic Model
* One-Dimensional Analog VLSI Implementation for Nonlinear Real-Time Signal Preprocessing, A
* Optimal Scale Selection for Circular Edge Extraction
* Parameter-Free Elastic Deformation Approach for 2D and 3D Registration Using Prescribed Displacements
* Performance Characterization in Computer Vision
* Radial basis functions with compact support for elastic registration of medical images
* Robust segmentation of tubular structures in 3-D medical images by parametric object detection and tracking
* Spline-Based Elastic Image Registration: Integration of Landmark Errors and Orientation Attributes
* Two-step parameter-free elastic image registration with prescribed point displacements
* Using an Extended Hough Transform Combined with a Kalman Filter to Segment Tubular Structures in 3-D Medical Images
* Visual Programming-based Interactive Analysis of Ancient Documents: The Case of Magical Signs in Jewish Manuscripts
Includes: Stiehl, H.S.[H. Siegfried] Stiehl, H.S.
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Stiehl, W.A. Co Author Listing * Influence of intraocular scattered light on lightness-scaling experiments

Stiehle, B. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of analog and digital signal processing on PSoC architecture with DCT as use case: Comparison of an analog and software based implementation of the digital cosine transform on a Programmable System on Chip

Stieler, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Towards Domain-Specific Explainable AI: Model Interpretation of a Skin Image Classifier using a Human Approach

Stieltjes, B. Co Author Listing * DALSA: Domain Adaptation for Supervised Learning From Sparsely Annotated MR Images
* Image Guided Personalization of Reaction-Diffusion Type Tumor Growth Models Using Modified Anisotropic Eikonal Equations
* PET-Guided Attention Network for Segmentation of Lung Tumors from PET/CT Images
Includes: Stieltjes, B. Stieltjes, B.[Bram]

Stiemer, E. Co Author Listing * First Experiences with Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Indoor Cultural Heritage Applications Using Two Different Scanning Systems

Stien, A.[Audun] Co Author Listing * How Many Reindeer? UAV Surveys as an Alternative to Helicopter or Ground Surveys for Estimating Population Abundance in Open Landscapes

Stiene, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Contour-Based Object Detection in Range Images

Stienne, G.[Georges] Co Author Listing * Airborne Coherent GNSS Reflectometry and Zenith Total Delay Estimation over Coastal Waters
* Airborne GNSS Reflectometry for Water Body Detection
* Characterizing Ionospheric Effects on GNSS Reflectometry at Grazing Angles from Space
* Circular particle fusion filter applied to map matching
* Circular Regression Applied to GNSS-R Phase Altimetry
* Sea-Ice Concentration Derived From GNSS Reflection Measurements in Fram Strait
Includes: Stienne, G.[Georges] Stienne, G.

Stiens, F. Co Author Listing * Motion Monitoring and Classification with Center-biased Motion Estimation

Stier, H. Co Author Listing * Extraction and tracking of orientation coded features being robust against illumination changes

Stier, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Machine Learning Analysis of Social Media Data and Refugee Movement Statistics

Stier, N.[Noah] Co Author Listing * 3DVNet: Multi-View Depth Prediction and Volumetric Refinement
* FineRecon: Depth-aware Feed-forward Network for Detailed 3D Reconstruction
* Interactive Segmentation and Visualization for Tiny Objects in Multi-megapixel Images
* LivePose: Online 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Video with Dynamic Camera Poses
* VoRTX: Volumetric 3D Reconstruction With Transformers for Voxelwise View Selection and Fusion
* Weakly-Supervised Convolutional Neural Networks for Vessel Segmentation in Cerebral Angiography

Stier, S. Co Author Listing * Extraction of line properties based on direction fields

Stierhoff, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Rockfish in Unconstrained Underwater Videos Using Haar Cascades

Stiers, M.[Melissa] Co Author Listing * Spatial Patterns of Structural Complexity in Differently Managed and Unmanaged Beech-Dominated Forests in Central Europe

Stierstorfer, K. Co Author Listing * Single-slice rebinning reconstruction in spiral cone-beam computed tomography

Sties, M. Co Author Listing * automatic measurement device for the evaluation of the print quality of printed characters, An
* Map-Based Semantic Modeling for the Extraction of Objects from Aerial Images
* Object Guided Segmentation of Aerial Images

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