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Salz, J. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Estimation of Three-Dimensional Motion

Salzano, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Collection of Hyperspectral Measurements on Snow and Ice Covers in Polar Regions (SISpec 2.0), The
* Dark Glacier Surface of Greenland's Largest Floating Tongue Governed by High Local Deposition of Dust
* NDVI Analysis for Monitoring Land-Cover Evolution on Selected Deglaciated Areas in the Gran Paradiso Group (Italian Western Alps)
* SIOS's Earth Observation (EO), Remote Sensing (RS), and Operational Activities in Response to COVID-19
* Status of Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Applications in Svalbard

Salzberg, P.M. Co Author Listing * Network Flow Model for Binary Tomography on Lattices

Salzberg, S. Co Author Listing * Best-Case Results for Nearest-Neighbor Learning

Salzbrunn, R. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Vision System for Industrial Applications, A

Salzenstein, F. Co Author Listing * Champs de Markov Flous pour Imagerie Multispectrale-Fuzzy Markov Random Fields for Multispectral Images
* Dempster-Shafer's Basic Probability Assignment Based on Fuzzy Membership Functions
* Fuzzy Markov Random Fields versus Chains for Multispectral Image Segmentation
* Generalized higher-order nonlinear energy operators
* joint 2D AM-FM estimation based on higher order Teager-Kaiser energy operators, A
* Non-stationary fuzzy Markov chain
* Parameter-Estimation in Hidden Fuzzy Markov Random-Fields and Image Segmentation
* Spatio-spectral Gaussian random field modeling approach for target detection on hyperspectral data obtained in very low SNR
* Teager-Kaiser Energy and Higher-Order Operators in White-Light Interference Microscopy for Surface Shape Measurement
Includes: Salzenstein, F. Salzenstein, F.[Fabien]
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Salzer, J.[Jacqueline] Co Author Listing * Internet-of-Things-Based Geotechnical Monitoring Boosted by Satellite InSAR Data

Salzer, Y. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of an On-Thigh Vibrotactile Collision Avoidance Alerting Component in a Simulated Flight Mission

Salzillo, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * ASI Integrated Sounder-SAR System Operating in the UHF-VHF Bands: First Results of the 2018 Helicopter-Borne Morocco Desert Campaign, The

Salzle, M. Co Author Listing * Patient-Specific Biomechanical Model for the Prediction of Lung Motion From 4-D CT Images

Salzman, D.B.[David B.] Co Author Listing * Method of General Moments for Orienting 2D Projections of Unknown 3D Objects, A

Salzman, O.[Oren] Co Author Listing * Effective footstep planning using homotopy-class guidance
* Sampling-Based Robot Motion Planning

Salzmann, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * 3d Pose Based Feedback for Physical Exercises
* 3D pose refinement from reflections
* ActiveMoCap: Optimized Viewpoint Selection for Active Human Motion Capture
* Adversarial Parametric Pose Prior
* Analysis of Super-Net Heuristics in Weight-Sharing NAS, An
* AutoSynth: Learning to Generate 3D Training Data for Object Point Cloud Registration
* Better Patch Stitching for Parametric Surface Reconstruction
* Beyond Feature Points: Structured Prediction for Monocular Non-rigid 3D Reconstruction
* Beyond Gauss: Image-Set Matching on the Riemannian Manifold of PDFs
* Beyond Sharing Weights for Deep Domain Adaptation
* Boundary-Aware Instance Segmentation
* Bregman Divergences for Infinite Dimensional Covariance Matrices
* Bringing Background into the Foreground: Making All Classes Equal in Weakly-Supervised Video Semantic Segmentation
* Building Scene Models by Completing and Hallucinating Depth and Semantics
* Built-in Foreground/Background Prior for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Capturing 3D stretchable surfaces from single images in closed form
* Center-aware Adversarial Augmentation for Single Domain Generalization
* Center-Based Decoupled Point Cloud Registration for 6D Object Pose Estimation
* CLIP the Gap: A Single Domain Generalization Approach for Object Detection
* Closed-Form Solution to Non-rigid 3D Surface Registration
* Combining discriminative and generative methods for 3D deformable surface and articulated pose reconstruction
* Combining Multiple Manifold-Valued Descriptors for Improved Object Recognition
* constrained latent variable model, A
* Context-Aware Crowd Counting
* Contextually Plausible and Diverse 3D Human Motion Prediction
* Continuous Inference in Graphical Models with Polynomial Energies
* Contrastive Class-aware Adaptation for Domain Generalization
* Convex Optimization for Deformable Surface 3-D Tracking
* Counting People by Estimating People Flows
* Cutting Edge: Soft Correspondences in Multimodal Scene Parsing
* Data-driven road detection
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Embryonic Cell Counting
* Deformable 3D Fusion: From Partial Dynamic 3D Observations to Complete 4D Models
* Deformable Surface Tracking Ambiguities
* Dense Multitask Learning to Reconfigure Comics
* Detecting Abnormal Cell Division Patterns in Early Stage Human Embryo Development
* Detecting the Unexpected via Image Resynthesis
* Dimensionality Reduction on SPD Manifolds: The Emergence of Geometry-Aware Methods
* Discrete-Continuous Depth Estimation from a Single Image
* Discriminative Non-Linear Stationary Subspace Analysis for Video Classification
* Domain Adaptation on the Statistical Manifold
* DrapeNet: Garment Generation and Self-Supervised Draping
* DUNIT: Detection-Based Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
* Effective Use of Synthetic Data for Urban Scene Semantic Segmentation
* Efficient dense subspace clustering
* Efficient Linear Programming for Dense CRFs
* Efficient Relaxations for Dense CRFs with Sparse Higher-Order Potentials
* Efficient transductive semantic segmentation
* Eigendecomposition-Free Training of Deep Networks for Linear Least-Square Problems
* Eigendecomposition-Free Training of Deep Networks with Zero Eigenvalue-Based Losses
* Encouraging LSTMs to Anticipate Actions Very Early
* Estimating Image Depth in the Comics Domain
* Estimating People Flows to Better Count Them in Crowded Scenes
* Expanding the Family of Grassmannian Kernels: An Embedding Perspective
* Exploiting Large Image Sets for Road Scene Parsing
* Fast Adversarial Training With Adaptive Step Size
* Framework for Shape Analysis via Hilbert Space Embedding, A
* From Manifold to Manifold: Geometry-Aware Dimensionality Reduction for SPD Matrices
* Fusing Local Similarities for Retrieval-Based 3D Orientation Estimation of Unseen Objects
* GarNet++: Improving Fast and Accurate Static 3D Cloth Draping by Curvature Loss
* GarNet: A Two-Stream Network for Fast and Accurate 3D Cloth Draping
* Generating Smooth Pose Sequences for Diverse Human Motion Prediction
* Geometry-Aware Deep Network for Single-Image Novel View Synthesis
* Geometry-Aware Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* History Repeats Itself: Human Motion Prediction via Motion Attention
* Human Detection and Segmentation via Multi-view Consensus
* Implicit Meshes for Effective Silhouette Handling
* Implicit Surfaces Make for Better Silhouettes
* Incorporating Network Built-in Priors in Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Indirect Local Attacks for Context-aware Semantic Segmentation Networks
* Indoor Scene Parsing with Instance Segmentation, Semantic Labeling and Support Relationship Inference
* Indoor scene structure analysis for single image depth estimation
* Iteratively reweighted graph cut for multi-label MRFs with non-convex priors
* Kernel Methods on Riemannian Manifolds with Gaussian RBF Kernels
* Kernel Methods on the Riemannian Manifold of Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices
* Knowledge Distillation for 6D Pose Estimation by Aligning Distributions of Local Predictions
* Landmark Regularization: Ranking Guided Super-Net Training in Neural Architecture Search
* Large-scale semantic co-labeling of image sets
* Learning cross-modality similarity for multinomial data
* Learning Latent Representations of 3D Human Pose with Deep Neural Networks
* Learning Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation from Multi-view Images
* Learning to Co-Generate Object Proposals with a Deep Structured Network
* Learning to Find Good Correspondences
* Learning to Fuse 2D and 3D Image Cues for Monocular Body Pose Estimation
* Learning to Generate the Unknowns as a Remedy to the Open-Set Domain Shift
* Learning to Recognize Objects from Unseen Modalities
* Learning to Reconstruct Texture-Less Deformable Surfaces from a Single View
* Learning Trajectory Dependencies for Human Motion Prediction
* Learning Transformations to Reduce the Geometric Shift in Object Detection
* Learning-Based Point Cloud Registration for 6D Object Pose Estimation in the Real World
* Leverage Your Local and Global Representations: A New Self-Supervised Learning Strategy
* Linear Chain Markov Model for Detection and Localization of Cells in Early Stage Embryo Development, A
* Linear Local Models for Monocular Reconstruction of Deformable Surfaces
* Linear-Covariance Loss for End-to-End Learning of 6D Pose Estimation
* Local deformation models for monocular 3D shape recovery
* Local Non-Rigid Structure-From-Motion From Diffeomorphic Mappings
* Memory Efficient Max Flow for Multi-Label Submodular MRFs
* Mirror Surface Reconstruction from a Single Image
* MixCycle: Mixup Assisted Semi-Supervised 3D Single Object Tracking with Cycle Consistency
* Monocular 3D Reconstruction of Locally Textured Surfaces
* Motion Prediction Using Temporal Inception Module
* MuIT: An End-to-End Multitask Learning Transformer
* Multi-level Motion Attention for Human Motion Prediction
* Multi-modal Graphical Model for Scene Analysis, A
* Neural Scene Decomposition for Multi-Person Motion Capture
* Non-associative Higher-Order Markov Networks for Point Cloud Classification
* Nonrigid Surface Registration and Completion from RGBD Images
* Null space clustering with applications to motion segmentation and face clustering
* Object Co-detection via Efficient Inference in a Fully-Connected CRF
* Observable subspaces for 3D human motion recovery
* Optimizing over Radial Kernels on Compact Manifolds
* PCLs: Geometry-aware Neural Reconstruction of 3D Pose with Perspective Crop Layers
* Perspective Flow Aggregation for Data-Limited 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Physically Valid Shape Parameterization for Monocular 3-D Deformable Surface Tracking
* Physically-based motion models for 3D tracking: A convex formulation
* Probabilistic Tracklet Scoring and Inpainting for Multiple Object Tracking
* Progressive Correspondence Pruning by Consensus Learning
* Real-time keystone correction for hand-held projectors with an RGBD camera
* Reconstructing sharply folding surfaces: A convex formulation
* Recurrent U-Net for Resource-Constrained Segmentation
* Residual Parameter Transfer for Deep Domain Adaptation
* Riemannian coding and dictionary learning: Kernels to the rescue
* Rigidity-Aware Detection for 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Robust Differentiable SVD
* Robust Motion Segmentation with Unknown Correspondences
* Robust Multi-Body Feature Tracker: A Segmentation-Free Approach
* Robust Outlier Rejection for 3D Registration with Variational Bayes
* Sample and Filter: Nonparametric Scene Parsing via Efficient Filtering
* Segmentation-Driven 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Self-Supervised Human Detection and Segmentation via Background Inpainting
* Semantic labeling for prosthetic vision
* Shape Interaction Matrix Revisited and Robustified: Efficient Subspace Clustering with Corrupted and Incomplete Data
* Shape Reconstruction by Learning Differentiable Surface Representations
* Single-Stage 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Spatiotemporal Self-Supervised Learning for Point Clouds in the Wild
* Statistically-Motivated Second-Order Pooling
* Stochastic Conditioning Scheme for Diverse Human Motion Prediction, A
* Structural Kernel Learning for Large Scale Multiclass Object Co-detection
* Structured Prediction of 3D Human Pose with Deep Neural Networks
* Surface Deformation Models for Nonrigid 3D Shape Recovery
* Template-Free 3D Reconstruction of Poorly-Textured Nonrigid Surfaces
* Template-free Monocular Reconstruction of Deformable Surfaces
* Templates for 3D Object Pose Estimation Revisited: Generalization to New Objects and Robustness to Occlusions
* Temporal Representation Learning on Monocular Videos for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Temporally-Coherent Surface Reconstruction via Metric-Consistent Atlases
* TempSAL - Uncovering Temporal Information for Deep Saliency Prediction
* Towards Robust Fine-grained Recognition by Maximal Separation of Discriminative Features
* Universal, Transferable Adversarial Perturbations for Visual Object Trackers
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Domain Invariant Projection
* Unsupervised Geometry-Aware Representation for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* VIENA2: A Driving Anticipation Dataset
* Vision Transformer Adapters for Generalizable Multitask Learning
* Visual Correspondences for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation on Electron Microscopy Images
* Volumetric Transformer Networks
* Weakly-supervised Action Transition Learning for Stochastic Human Motion Prediction
* When VLAD Met Hilbert
* Wide-Depth-Range 6D Object Pose Estimation in Space
Includes: Salzmann, M.[Mathieu] Salzmann, M.
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Salzmann, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Motron: Multimodal Probabilistic Human Motion Forecasting
* Trajectron++: Dynamically-Feasible Trajectory Forecasting with Heterogeneous Data

Salzo, A. Co Author Listing * Bank-check processing system: modifications due to the new European currency
* Discovering Rules for Dynamic Configuration of Multi-classifier Systems
* Image basic features indexing techniques for video skimming
* Increasing the Number of Classifiers in Multi-classifier Systems: A Complementarity-Based Analysis
* Knowledge-based methods for classifier combination: An experimental investigation
* new database of confusing characters for testing character recognition algorithms, A
* On the combination of abstract-level classifiers
* Zoning design for handwritten numeral recognition
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Salzo, S.[Saverio] Co Author Listing * Unveiling Groups of Related Tasks in Multi-Task Learning

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