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Penn, A.I. Co Author Listing * Estimating Fractal Dimension with Fractal Interpolation Function Models

Penn, G. Co Author Listing * Flexible Web document analysis for delivery to narrow-bandwidth devices

Penn, S.C.[Steven C.] Co Author Listing * Video editing by locating segment boundaries and reordering segment sequences

Penna, A. Co Author Listing * Summarization and Classification of Wearable Camera Streams by Learning the Distributions over Deep Features of Out-of-Sample Image Sequences

Penna, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Transform Coding Techniques for Lossy Hyperspectral Data Compression

Penna, M. Co Author Listing * Pilot Application of 3D Underwater Imaging Techniques for Mapping Posidonia Oceanica (L.) Delile Meadows

Penna, M.A. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration: A Quick and Easy Way to Determine the Scale Factor
* Determining Camera Parameters from the Perspective Projection of a Quadrilateral
* Incremental Approximation of Nonrigid Motion, The
* Local and Semi-Local Shape from Shading for a Simple Perspective Image of a Smooth Object
* Models for Map Building and Navigation
* Motion Analysis of Deformable Objects
* Motion Analysis of Nonrigid Membranes, The
* Non-rigid Motion Analysis: Isometric Motion
* Shape and Motion of Nonrigid Bodies
* Shape from Shading Analysis for a Single Perspective Image of a Polyhedron, A
* Shape-from-Shading Using Multiple Light Sources
* Simple Method for Fitting Sphere-Like Surfaces, A
* Structure-from-Motion without the Rigidity Assumption
Includes: Penna, M.A. Penna, M.A.[Michael A.]
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Penna, P.A.A. Co Author Listing * SAR Speckle Nonlocal Filtering With Statistical Modeling of Haar Wavelet Coefficients and Stochastic Distances

Pennanen, H. Co Author Listing * Decentralized Coordinated Downlink Beamforming via Primal Decomposition
* Decentralized Robust Beamforming for Coordinated Multi-Cell MISO Networks

Pennati, G. Co Author Listing * Computational Patient-Specific Models Based on 3-D Ultrasound Data to Quantify Uterine Arterial Flow During Pregnancy

Pennazza, G.[Giorgio] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Urban Expansion of the Rome Coastline through GEE and RF Algorithm, Using Landsat Imagery
* In-Depth Analysis and Characterization of a Hazelnut Agro-Industrial Context through the Integration of Multi-Source Satellite Data: A Case Study in the Province of Viterbo, Italy
* Proof of Concept Study of an Electrochemical Sensor for Inland Water Monitoring with a Network Approach

Penne, J.[Jochen] Co Author Listing * 3-D gesture-based scene navigation in medical imaging applications using Time-of-Flight cameras
* Robust real-time 3D modeling of static scenes using solely a Time-of-Flight sensor
* Robust real-time 3D time-of-flight based gesture navigation
* Standardization of intensity-values acquired by Time-of-Flight-cameras

Penne, R.[Rudi] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Sufficient Visibility in the Direct Reference Plane Approach for Multiple Views with Missing Data, The
* Exact Robust Method to Localize a Known Sphere by Means of One Image, An
* Fast Ground Detection for Range Cameras on Road Surfaces Using a Three-Step Segmentation
* Four-point-algorithm for the recovery of the pose of a one-dimensional camera with unknown focal length
* How to Turn Your Camera into a Perfect Pinhole Model
* Incremental Procedure for the Lateral Calibration of a Time-of-Flight Camera by One Image of a Flat Surface, An
* Investigating new calibration methods without feature detection for TOF cameras
* New Method for Computing the Principal Point of an Optical Sensor by Means of Sphere Images, A
* Planar Segmentation by Time-of-Flight Cameras
* Simple Evaluation Procedure for Range Camera Measurement Quality, A
Includes: Penne, R.[Rudi] Penne, R.
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Penne, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Markov Chain Monte Carlo Modular Ensemble Tracking
* Modular Ensemble Tracking

Pennebaker, W.B.[William B.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method of attenuating distortion introduced by a predictive coding image compressor
* Binary-Image-Manipulation Algorithms in the Image View Facility
* JPEG Still Image Data Compression Standard, The
* Method for enlarging an image stored in run representation form
* Tracking Nonstationary Probabilities in Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding
Includes: Pennebaker, W.B.[William B.] Pennebaker, W.B.

Pennec, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * email: Pennec, X.[Xavier]: Xavier Pennec AT sophia inria fr
* Accuracy Certified Augmented Reality System for Therapy Guidance, An
* Clinical DT-MRI Estimation, Smoothing, and Fiber Tracking With Log-Euclidean Metrics
* Comparison and Evaluation of Retrospective Intermodality Registration Techniques
* Computational Framework for the Statistical Analysis of Cardiac Diffusion Tensors: Application to a Small Database of Canine Hearts, A
* Computational Models for Image-Guided Robot-Assisted and Simulated Medical Interventions
* Deep Learning Techniques for Automatic MRI Cardiac Multi-Structures Segmentation and Diagnosis: Is the Problem Solved?
* Diffeomorphic demons: Efficient non-parametric image registration
* DT-REFinD: Diffusion Tensor Registration With Exact Finite-Strain Differential
* Efficient Parallel Transport of Deformations in Time Series of Images: From Schild's to Pole Ladder
* Electronic device for automatic registration of images
* Fast and Log-Euclidean Polyaffine Framework for Locally Linear Registration, A
* framework for evaluating the impact of compression on registration algorithms without gold standard, A
* Framework for Uncertainty and Validation of 3-D Registration Methods Based On Points And Frames, A
* Geodesic squared exponential kernel for non-rigid shape registration
* Geodesics, Parallel Transport and One-Parameter Subgroups for Diffeomorphic Image Registration
* Geometric Variability of the Scoliotic Spine Using Statistics on Articulated Shape Models
* Groupwise Spectral Log-Demons Framework for Atlas Construction
* Higher-Order Momentum Distributions and Locally Affine LDDMM Registration
* Highly reduced model of the cardiac function for fast simulation
* Iconic feature based nonrigid registration: the PASHA algorithm
* iLogDemons: A Demons-Based Registration Algorithm for Tracking Incompressible Elastic Biological Tissues
* Improving Understanding of Long-Term Cardiac Functional Remodelling via Cross-Sectional Analysis of Polyaffine Motion Parameters
* Intrinsic Statistics on Riemannian Manifolds: Basic Tools for Geometric Measurements
* Kernel Bundle EPDiff: Evolution Equations for Multi-scale Diffeomorphic Image Registration
* Log-Domain Diffeomorphic Registration of Diffusion Tensor Images
* Log-Euclidean Polyaffine Framework for Locally Rigid or Affine Registration, A
* Longitudinal Parameter Estimation in 3D Electromechanical Models: Application to Cardiovascular Changes in Digestion
* Mathematical Methods for Medical Imaging
* Medical image registration using geometric hashing
* Multi-scale EM-ICP: A Fast and Robust Approach for Surface Registration
* Nonconservative Lagrangian Framework for Statistical Fluid Registration: SAFIRA, A
* novel family of geometrical transformations: Polyrigid transformations. Application to the registration of histological slices, A
* Prediction of Post-Ablation Outcome in Atrial Fibrillation Using Shape Parameterization and Partial Least Squares Regression
* Principal Deformations Modes of Articulated Models for the Analysis of 3D Spine Deformities
* Principal Spine Shape Deformation Modes Using Riemannian Geometry and Articulated Models
* Propagation of Myocardial Fibre Architecture Uncertainty on Electromechanical Model Parameter Estimation: A Case Study
* Randomness and Geometric Figures in Computer Vision
* Reconstructing a 3D structure from serial histological sections
* Riemannian Framework for Tensor Computing, A
* Rigid Point-Surface Registration using Oriented Points and an EM Variant of ICP for Computer Guided Oral Implantology
* Rigid registration of 3-D ultrasound with MR images: A new approach combining intensity and gradient information
* Robust Registration of Multi-Modal Medical Images: Towards Real-Time Clinical Applications
* Sparse Multi-Scale Diffeomorphic Registration: The Kernel Bundle Framework
* Sparsity and scale: Compact representations of deformation for diffeomorphic registration
* Spatio-Temporal Tensor Decomposition of a Polyaffine Motion Model for a Better Analysis of Pathological Left Ventricular Dynamics
* Spectral Demons: Image Registration via Global Spectral Correspondence
* Spectral Log-Demons: Diffeomorphic Image Registration with Very Large Deformations
* Statistical Comparison of Cardiac Fibre Architectures
* Statistical Computing on Manifolds: From Riemannian Geometry to Computational Anatomy
* Statistical Model for Quantification and Prediction of Cardiac Remodelling: Application to Tetralogy of Fallot, A
* Survey of Mathematical Structures for Extending 2D Neurogeometry to 3D Image Processing, A
* Template Estimation in Computational Anatomy: Fréchet Means Top and Quotient Spaces Are Not Consistent
* Template Shape Estimation: Correcting an Asymptotic Bias
* Toward a Comprehensive Framework for the Spatiotemporal Statistical Analysis of Longitudinal Shape Data
* Toward a Generic Framework for Recognition Based on Uncertain Geometric Features
* Tracking brain deformations in time sequences of 3D US images
* Uniform Distribution, Distance and Expectation Problems for Geometric Features Processing
* Validation of 3D Registration Methods Based on Points and Frames
* Validation of medical image processing in image-guided therapy
Includes: Pennec, X.[Xavier] Pennec, X.
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Pennell, D.J. Co Author Listing * Inter-Landmark Approach to 4-D Shape Extraction and Interpretation: Application to Myocardial Motion Assessment in MRI, An

Pennello, G.A.[Gene A.] Co Author Listing * Multireader multicase variance analysis for binary data

Penner, D. Co Author Listing * Robotic Leg Illusion: System Design and Human-in-the-Loop Evaluation

Penner, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Temporally Consistent Online Depth Estimation Using Point-Based Fusion

Penner, I.[Ioganes] Co Author Listing * Study of Atmospheric Aerosol in the Baikal Mountain Basin with Shipborne and Ground-Based Lidars

Penney, B.J.[Bruce J.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for providing an indication that a color represented by a Y, R-Y, B-Y color television signal is validly reproducible on an RGB color display device

Penney, C.M.[Carl M.] Co Author Listing * Coded aperture light detector for three dimensional camera

Penney, G. Co Author Listing * Increasing the Automation of a 2D-3D Registration System
* Probabilistic Edge Map (PEM) for 3D Ultrasound Image Registration and Multi-atlas Left Ventricle Segmentation
* Retrospective Rigid Motion Correction in k-Space for Segmented Radial MRI
Includes: Penney, G. Penney, G.[Graeme]

Penney, G.P. Co Author Listing * 4D Blood Flow Reconstruction Over the Entire Ventricle From Wall Motion and Blood Velocity Derived From Ultrasound Data
* Alignment of sparse freehand 3-D ultrasound with preoperative images of the liver using models of respiratory motion and deformation
* Improved Modelling of Tool Tracking Errors by Modelling Dependent Marker Errors
* Intensity-based 2-D-3-D registration of cerebral angiograms
* Multiview Diffeomorphic Registration for Motion and Strain Estimation from 3D Ultrasound Sequences
* Registering Preprocedure Volumetric Images With Intraprocedure 3-D Ultrasound Using an Ultrasound Imaging Model
* Registration-Based Interpolation
* Self-calibrating 3D-ultrasound-based bone registration for minimally invasive orthopedic surgery
* Standardized Evaluation Methodology for 2-D--3-D Registration
* Tracking Liver Motion Using 3-D Ultrasound and a Surface-Based Statistical Shape Model
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Penney, R.W. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Vehicle Identification Performance Using FPGA Correlator Hardware

Pennicard, D. Co Author Listing * Phase Unwrapping in Spectral X-Ray Differential Phase-Contrast Imaging With an Energy-Resolving Photon-Counting Pixel Detector

Penning de Vries, M.[Marloes] Co Author Listing * Detecting the Effects of Extreme Events on Estuarine Suspended Particulate Matter Using Satellite Remote Sensing (Scheldt Estuary): Challenges and Opportunities
Includes: Penning de Vries, M.[Marloes] Penning-de Vries, M.[Marloes]

Penninga, F.[Friso] Co Author Listing * Construction of the Planar Partition Postal Code Map Based on Cadastral Registration
* Establishing and implementing a national 3D Standard in The Netherlands
* Towards a Generic 3d Standardisation Approach for The Netherlands Supporting Different Applications and Encodings
Includes: Penninga, F.[Friso] Penninga, F.

Pennings, S.C. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Abundance and Distribution of Salt Marsh Plants from Images Using Deep Learning
* Mapping salt marsh soil properties using imaging spectroscopy
Includes: Pennings, S.C. Pennings, S.C.[Steven C.]

Pennington, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * improved rule generation method for evidence-based classification systems, An

Pennington, K.S. Co Author Listing * Binary-Image-Manipulation Algorithms in the Image View Facility
* Digital halftoning of images
* Grid Coding: A Novel Technique for Image Processing
* Grid Coding: A Preprocessing Technique for Robot and Machine Vision
* Image Processing Algorithms and Techniques
* Method for enlarging an image stored in run representation form
* System for reproducing mixed images
Includes: Pennington, K.S. Pennington, K.S.[Keith S.]
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Pennington, T.D.[Timothy D.] Co Author Listing * RX-ADS: Interpretable Anomaly Detection Using Adversarial ML for Electric Vehicle CAN Data

Pennino, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * New Orbiting Deployable System for Small Satellite Observations for Ecology and Earth Observation, A

Pennisi, A. Co Author Listing * ARGOS: Venice Boat Classification
* Background modeling in the maritime domain
* Enhancing Automatic Maritime Surveillance Systems With Visual Information
* Hierarchical Association Framework for Multi-Object Tracking in Airborne Videos, A
* Multi-modal Background Model Initialization
* Online real-time crowd behavior detection in video sequences
* Parallel multi-modal background modeling
* Real-time adaptive background modeling in fast changing conditions
Includes: Pennisi, A. Pennisi, A.[Andrea]
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Pennisi, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Effects of Auxiliary Knowledge on Continual Learning
* Experience Replay as an Effective Strategy for Optimizing Decentralized Federated Learning
* FedER: Federated Learning through Experience Replay and privacy-preserving data synthesis
* Selective Freezing for Efficient Continual Learning
* Self-improving classification performance through GAN distillation
* Transfer Without Forgetting

Pennober, G.[Gwenaelle] Co Author Listing * Changing Patterns of Malaria in Grande Comore after a Drastic Decline: Importance of Fine-Scale Spatial Analysis to Inform Future Control Actions
* Detection of Large-Scale Floods Using Google Earth Engine and Google Colab
* Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series Processing Chains for Cyclone Impact Monitoring In South West Indian Ocean
* Sentinel-1 Based Processing Chain for Detection of Cyclonic Flood Impacts, A
Includes: Pennober, G.[Gwenaelle] Pennober, G.[Gwenaëlle] Pennober, G.

Pennucci, G. Co Author Listing * Experimental Performance Analysis of Clutter Removal Techniques in IR Images

Penny, J.[Jennifer] Co Author Listing * Geovisualisation methods for exploring urban heat island effects

Penny, S.G.[Stephen G.] Co Author Listing * Editorial for the Special Issue Assimilation of Remote Sensing Data into Earth System Models

Penny, W. Co Author Listing * efficient sub-sample interpolator hardware for VP9-10 standards, An
* High-throughput and memory-aware hardware of a sub-pixel interpolator for multiple video coding standards
* High-Throughput and Multiplierless Hardware Design for the AV1 Local Warped MC Interpolation
* High-throughput and power-efficient hardware design for a multiple video coding standard sample interpolator
* Pareto-based energy control for the HEVC encoder
* Power/QoS-Adaptive HEVC FME Hardware using Machine Learning-Based Approximation Control
Includes: Penny, W. Penny, W.[Wagner]

Penny, W.D.[William D.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approaches to Gaussian Mixture Modeling
* Bayesian multivariate autoregressive models with structured priors
* Mixtures of general linear models for functional neuroimaging
Includes: Penny, W.D.[William D.] Penny, W.D.

Pennybacker, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Optimization of Sensitivity of GOES-16 ABI Sea Surface Temperature by Matching Satellite Observations with L4 Analysis

Pennycook, T.[Timothy] Co Author Listing * Phase Retrieval from 4-Dimensional Electron Diffraction Datasets

Pennypacker, C.R.[Carlton R.] Co Author Listing * FUEGO: a satellite system for rapid location of wildfires
* FUEGO: Fire Urgency Estimator in Geosynchronous Orbit: A Proposed Early-Warning Fire Detection System
* GPU acceleration of image convolution using spatially-varying kernel
* Hands-On Universe: bringing astronomical explorations to the classroom
* Preliminary Results from a Wildfire Detection System Using Deep Learning on Remote Camera Images
Includes: Pennypacker, C.R.[Carlton R.] Pennypacker, C.R.

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