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Kao, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Influence of Droughts on Mid-Tropospheric CO2

Kao, B.W.[Bin Wen] Co Author Listing * Hardware Design of Shape-Preserving Contour Tracing for Object of Segmented Images
Includes: Kao, B.W.[Bin Wen] Kao, B.W.[Bin-Wen]

Kao, C. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Placement of Deep Brain Stimulators: From Planning to Intraoperative Guidance
* HarDNet: A Low Memory Traffic Network
* Measurement of Layer Thickness and Permittivity Using a New Multilayer Model From GPR Data
* Patch-Based Image Hallucination for Super Resolution With Detail Reconstruction From Similar Sample Images

Kao, C.C.[Ching Chia] Co Author Listing * DPGEN: Differentially Private Generative Energy-Guided Network for Natural Image Synthesis
* efficient reflection invariance region-based image retrieval framework, An
* Exploring hidden coherency of Ray-Tracing for heterogeneous systems using online feedback methodology
* Knowledge-based Approach to Urban Feature Classification Using Aerial Imagery with Lidar Data, A
* Localization-Aware Active Learning for Object Detection
* New Approach to Video-Based Traffic Surveillance Using Fuzzy Hybrid Information Inference Mechanism, A
* Pipeline-Based Ray-Tracing Runtime System for HSA-Compliant Frameworks, A
* Preference-Aware View Recommendation System for Scenic Photos Based on Bag-of-Aesthetics-Preserving Features
* Stereo Matching Techniques for High Dynamic Range Image Pairs
* Tennis Real Play
* Tennis Video 2.0: A new presentation of sports videos with content separation and rendering
* VLSI Architecture Design of Guided Filter for 30 Frames/s Full-HD Video
Includes: Kao, C.C.[Ching Chia] Kao, C.C.[Ching-Chia] Kao, C.C.[Chi-Chou] Kao, C.C.[Chih-Chen] Kao, C.C.[Chih-Chung] Kao, C.C.[Chieh-Chi] Kao, C.C. Kao, C.C.[Chung-Chieh]
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Kao, C.C.J. Co Author Listing * fluid model for error propagation characterization in video coding, A

Kao, C.H.[Chi Hung] Co Author Listing * DCSN: Deep Compressed Sensing Network for Efficient Hyperspectral Data Transmission of Miniaturized Satellite
* Efficient inverse transform architectures for multi-standard video coding applications
* Indexing and Retrieval Scheme of the Image Database Based on Color and Spatial Relations
* Line-based Multi-image Matching For Fašade Reconstruction
Includes: Kao, C.H.[Chi Hung] Kao, C.H.[Chi-Hung] Kao, C.H. Kao, C.H.[Chuan-Ho]

Kao, C.K.[Chi Kang] Co Author Listing * Compression of Dynamic 3D Meshes and Progressive Displaying
Includes: Kao, C.K.[Chi Kang] Kao, C.K.[Chi-Kang]

Kao, C.L.[Cheng Liang] Co Author Listing * Method and system for detecting fire in a predetermined area
Includes: Kao, C.L.[Cheng Liang] Kao, C.L.[Cheng-Liang]

Kao, C.M.[Chien Min] Co Author Listing * efficient and accurate interpolation strategy for multi-dimensional functions, An
* Exact Analytic Approach To 3d Pet Image Reconstruction, An
* general technique for smoothing multi-dimensional datasets utilizing orthogonal expansions and lower dimensional smoothers, A
* Image-Reconstruction for Dynamic PET Based on Low-Order Approximation and Restoration of the Sinogram
* Spatial-Resolution Enhancement in Computed Tomography
Includes: Kao, C.M.[Chien Min] Kao, C.M.[Chien-Min] Kao, C.M.

Kao, C.T.[Charles T.] Co Author Listing * MICR data lift system

Kao, C.Y.[Ching Yao] Co Author Listing * Extraction of 3D Object Features from CAD Boundary Representation Using the Super Relation Graph Method
* Geometric Method for Automatic Extraction of Sulcal Fundi, A
* Image segmentation with simultaneous illumination and reflectance estimation: An energy minimization approach
* Implicit Active Contours Driven by Local Binary Fitting Energy
* Minimization of Region-Scalable Fitting Energy for Image Segmentation
* Simple Software for Microarray Image Analysis
* Split Bregman Method for Minimization of Region-Scalable Fitting Energy for Image Segmentation
Includes: Kao, C.Y.[Ching Yao] Kao, C.Y.[Ching-Yao] Kao, C.Y.[Chiu-Yen] Kao, C.Y.[Cheng-Yan]
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Kao, D.B. Co Author Listing * Pictorial Texture Analysis and Synthesis

Kao, D.Y.[Da Yu] Co Author Listing * Iterative Management Model of Exploring Windows Date-Time Stamps in Cloud Storage Forensics, An
Includes: Kao, D.Y.[Da Yu] Kao, D.Y.[Da-Yu]

Kao, E.K.[Edward K.] Co Author Listing * information theoretic approach for tracker performance evaluation, An

Kao, F.J. Co Author Listing * properties of the cornea based on hyperspectral imaging: Optical biomedical engineering perspective, The

Kao, H.C.[Huan Chin] Co Author Listing * Annual Sea Level Amplitude Analysis over the North Pacific Ocean Coast by Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Method
* Monitoring Vertical Land Motions in Southwestern Taiwan with Retracked Topex/Poseidon and Jason-2 Satellite Altimetry
Includes: Kao, H.C.[Huan Chin] Kao, H.C.[Huan-Chin]

Kao, H.H. Co Author Listing * Eliminating Packet Loss Accumulation in Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems

Kao, H.K.[Hsuan Kai] Co Author Listing * Learning Low-Shot Generative Networks for Cross-Domain Data
Includes: Kao, H.K.[Hsuan Kai] Kao, H.K.[Hsuan-Kai]

Kao, H.L.[Huey Ling] Co Author Listing * DevStaR: High-Throughput Quantification of C. elegans Developmental Stages
* Rapid and accurate developmental stage recognition of C. elegans from high-throughput image data
Includes: Kao, H.L.[Huey Ling] Kao, H.L.[Huey-Ling]

Kao, H.M.[Hung Ming] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Parameters Optimization for Spectral Distance Measurement in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Kao, H.M.[Hung Ming] Kao, H.M.[Hung-Ming]

Kao, H.Y.[Hsun Ying] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity
* Status of Aquarius and Salinity Continuity
Includes: Kao, H.Y.[Hsun Ying] Kao, H.Y.[Hsun-Ying]

Kao, J. Co Author Listing * Graph Based Skeleton Modeling for Human Activity Analysis

Kao, J.C. Co Author Listing * Information Systems Opportunities in Brain-Machine Interface Decoders

Kao, J.H.[Jau Hong] Co Author Listing * Automatic Chromosome Classification Using Medial Axis Approximation and Band Profile Similarity
* Chromosome classification based on the band profile similarity along approximate medial axis
* Identity verification by relative 3-D structure using multiple facial images
* Multi-camera invariant appearance modeling for non-rigid object identification in a real-time environment
* Practical Error Analysis of Cross-Ratio-Based Planar Localization
Includes: Kao, J.H.[Jau Hong] Kao, J.H.[Jau-Hong]

Kao, J.R.[Jyun Ru] Co Author Listing * Mapping Geo-Hazard by Satellite Radar Interferometry
Includes: Kao, J.R.[Jyun Ru] Kao, J.R.[Jyun-Ru]

Kao, J.Y.[Jiun Yu] Co Author Listing * Graph-based approach for motion capture data representation and analysis
* Moving object segmentation using depth and optical flow in car driving sequences
* Validation of Automated Mobility Assessment Using a Single 3D Sensor
Includes: Kao, J.Y.[Jiun Yu] Kao, J.Y.[Jiun-Yu] Kao, J.Y.

Kao, K. Co Author Listing * Deploying Image Deblurring across Mobile Devices: A Perspective of Quality and Latency

Kao, M. Co Author Listing * Deep Photo Enhancer: Unpaired Learning for Image Enhancement from Photographs with GANs
* Recognition System for Home-Service-Related Sign Language Using Entropy-Based K -Means Algorithm and ABC-Based HMM

Kao, M.P.[Meng Ping] Co Author Listing * Bidirectional Scalable Motion for Scalable Video Coding
* Direct N-Point DCT Computation from Three Adjacent N/3-Point DCT Coefficients
* Fully Scalable Motion Model for Scalable Video Coding, A
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Bitstream Extractor for Motion Scalability in Wavelet-Based Scalable Video Coding
Includes: Kao, M.P.[Meng Ping] Kao, M.P.[Meng-Ping]

Kao, O.[Odej] Co Author Listing * Content Based Internet Search Engine for Analysis and Archival of MPEG-1 Compressed Newsfeeds, A

Kao, P. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Cell Segmentation Using Deep Features and CRF Refinement

Kao, P.S.[Po Shan] Co Author Listing * error bound of relative image blur analysis, An
Includes: Kao, P.S.[Po Shan] Kao, P.S.[Po-Shan]

Kao, P.W.[Ping Wen] Co Author Listing * automatic initial snaxel selection method in active contour model for contour extraction, An
* initial edge point selection and segmental contour following for object contour extraction, An
Includes: Kao, P.W.[Ping Wen] Kao, P.W.[Ping-Wen]

Kao, P.Y.[Peng Yua] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition Using First-Person-View Cameras Based on Sparse Optical Flows
* Camera Ego-Positioning Using Sensor Fusion and Complementary Method
* Estimation of 3-D Foot Parameters Using Hand-Held RGB-D Camera
Includes: Kao, P.Y.[Peng Yua] Kao, P.Y.[Peng-Yuan]

Kao, R.[Ricky] Co Author Listing * Multi-Decadal Monitoring of Lake Level Changes in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau by the TOPEX/Poseidon-Family Altimeters: Climate Implication
* Sediment-Mass Accumulation Rate and Variability in the East China Sea Detected by GRACE

Kao, S.[Sean] Co Author Listing * embedded system for an eye-detection sensor, An

Kao, T.J. Co Author Listing * Implementation of Calderon's Method for 3-D Limited-View EIT, An
* Mammography phantom studies using 3D electrical impedance tomography with numerical forward solver
* Regional Admittivity Spectra With Tomosynthesis Images for Breast Cancer Detection: Preliminary Patient Study
* Robust Linearized Image Reconstruction for Multifrequency EIT of the Breast

Kao, T.W.[Tzong Wann] Co Author Listing * 3D block-based medial axis transform and chessboard distance transform based on dominance
* Constant Time Algorithm for Computing Hough Transform, A
* Efficient algorithms for computing two nearest-neighbor problems on a rap
* Efficient Watermarking Method Based on Significant Difference of Wavelet Coefficient Quantization, An
* Optimal Computing Hough Transform on a Reconfigurable Array of Processors with Wider Bus Networks
* Optimal Speed-Up Parallel Image Template Matching Algorithms on Processor Arrays with a Reconfigurable Bus System
* Parallel Computation of the Euclidean Distance transform on the Mesh of Trees and the Hypercube Computer
* Parallel Hierarchical-Clustering Algorithms on Processor Arrays with a Reconfigurable Bus System
Includes: Kao, T.W.[Tzong Wann] Kao, T.W.[Tzong-Wann] Kao, T.W.
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Kao, W.C.[Wei Chia] Co Author Listing * Human body motion parameters capturing using kinect
* Local contrast enhancement and adaptive feature extraction for illumination-invariant face recognition
Includes: Kao, W.C.[Wei Chia] Kao, W.C.[Wei-Chia] Kao, W.C.[Wen-Chung]

Kao, Y. Co Author Listing * Deep Aesthetic Quality Assessment With Semantic Information
* Single-Image HDR Reconstruction by Learning to Reverse the Camera Pipeline
* Vision-Based Heart Rate Estimation Via A Two-Stream CNN

Kao, Y.C.[Yu Chi] Co Author Listing * Overlapping pixel value ordering predictor for high-capacity reversible data hiding
Includes: Kao, Y.C.[Yu Chi] Kao, Y.C.[Yu-Chi]

Kao, Y.G.[Yong Gui] Co Author Listing * Robust Synchronization for Under-Actuated Vessels Based on Disturbance Observer
Includes: Kao, Y.G.[Yong Gui] Kao, Y.G.[Yong-Gui]

Kao, Y.H.[Yi Hsuan] Co Author Listing * Correction of MR k-space data corrupted by spike noise
Includes: Kao, Y.H.[Yi Hsuan] Kao, Y.H.[Yi-Hsuan]

Kao, Y.T. Co Author Listing * Effective Detection for Linear Up-Sampling by a Factor of Fraction
* Image restoration with broken curve prediction
Includes: Kao, Y.T. Kao, Y.T.[Yang-Ta]

Kao, Y.Y.[Yue Ying] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical aesthetic quality assessment using deep convolutional neural networks
* Image Piece Learning for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Visual aesthetic quality assessment with a regression model
Includes: Kao, Y.Y.[Yue Ying] Kao, Y.Y.[Yue-Ying]

Kao, Z.Y.[Zhe Yuan] Co Author Listing * Weighted Background Suppression Target Detection Using Sparse Image Enhancement Technique for Newly Grown Tree Leaves
Includes: Kao, Z.Y.[Zhe Yuan] Kao, Z.Y.[Zhe-Yuan]

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