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Kankaanhuhta, V. Co Author Listing * Using Multitemporal Hyper- and Multispectral UAV Imaging for Detecting Bark Beetle Infestation on Norway Spruce

Kankanala, L.[Laxmi] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Approaches for Clustering

Kankanamge, S. Co Author Listing * Facial analysis in the wild with LSTM networks

Kankanhalli, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic partitioning of full-motion video
* Using Texture for Image Retrieval
* Video Database System for Digital Libraries, A

Kankanhalli, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Workload Equalization in Multi-Camera Surveillance Systems
* Adversarial Learning for Personalized Tag Recommendation
* Audio Matters in Visual Attention
* Benchmarking a Multimodal and Multiview and Interactive Dataset for Human Action Recognition
* bio-inspired center-surround model for salience computation in images, A
* CAVVA: Computational Affective Video-in-Video Advertising
* Context-Based Multimedia Sensor Selection Method
* Depth Matters: Influence of Depth Cues on Visual Saliency
* Direction Concentration Learning: Enhancing Congruency in Machine Learning
* Dual-Stream Recurrent Neural Network for Video Captioning
* Egocentric Analysis of Dash-Cam Videos for Vehicle Forensics
* Evaluating salient object detection in natural images with multiple objects having multi-level saliency
* Eye Fixation Database for Saliency Detection in Images, An
* Flexible Surveillance System Architecture, A
* Hierarchical & multimodal video captioning: Discovering and transferring multimodal knowledge for vision to language
* Hierarchical Clustering Multi-Task Learning for Joint Human Action Grouping and Recognition
* Image Re-Attentionizing
* Key-based melody segmentation for popular songs
* Marker-Less 3D Human Motion Capture with Monocular Image Sequence and Height-Maps
* Matrix Factorization Based Framework for Fusion of Physical and Social Sensors, A
* Multi-Camera Action Dataset for Cross-Camera Action Recognition Benchmarking
* multi-stream convolutional neural network for sEMG-based gesture recognition in muscle-computer interface, A
* Multimedia Data Privacy Against Machines
* new DCT-PCM method for license plate number detection in drone images, A
* Point 4D Transformer Networks for Spatio-Temporal Modeling in Point Cloud Videos
* robust framework for aligning lecture slides with video, A
* Salience computation in images based on perceptual distinctness
* Scene Graph Inference via Multi-Scale Context Modeling
* Unsupervised Abstract Reasoning for Raven's Problem Matrices
* Unsupervised Online Video Object Segmentation With Motion Property Understanding
Includes: Kankanhalli, M. Kankanhalli, M.[Mohan]
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Kankanhalli, M.S.[Mohan S.] Co Author Listing * Action and Interaction Recognition in First-Person Videos
* Adaptive Dominant Point Detection Algorithm for Digital Curves, An
* Application Potential of Multimedia Information Retrieval
* Authentication Mechanism Using Chinese Remainder Theorem for Efficient Surveillance Video Transmission, An
* Automatically generating summaries for musical video
* ClickSmart: A Context-Aware Viewpoint Recommendation System for Mobile Photography
* Cluster-Based Color Matching for Image Retrieval
* Color and spatial feature for content-based image retrieval
* Color Matching For Image Retrieval
* Competence-Based Song Recommendation: Matching Songs to One's Singing Skill
* Coopetitive multi-camera surveillance using model predictive control
* Coopetitive visual surveillance using model predictive control
* DeepDance: Music-to-Dance Motion Choreography With Adversarial Learning
* Design issues in multi-camera systems
* design methodology for selection and placement of sensors in multimedia surveillance systems, A
* Detection and removal of fence occlusions in an image using a video of the static/dynamic scene
* Discovering Person Identity via Large-Scale Observations
* Dual-Glance Model for Deciphering Social Relationships
* Efficient Linear Octree Generation from Voxels
* Emotion-Aware Human Attention Prediction
* Emotional Attention: A Study of Image Sentiment and Visual Attention
* Face Search in Encrypted Domain
* Fractional scaling of image and video in DCT domain
* Functionality Delegation in Distributed Surveillance Systems
* Goal detection in soccer video using audio/visual keywords
* GradMix: Multi-source Transfer across Domains and Tasks
* Integrated Detect-Track Framework for Multi-view Face Detection in Video
* Interact as You Intend: Intention-Driven Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Learning to Detect Human-Object Interactions With Knowledge
* Learning to Learn From Noisy Labeled Data
* Lossless Watermarking Considering the Human Visual System
* Multi-Modal and Multi-Domain Embedding Learning for Fashion Retrieval and Analysis
* Multimedia Fusion With Mean-Covariance Analysis
* Multimedia Surveillance and Monitoring
* multimodal approach for image de-fencing and depth inpainting, A
* n-reference Transfer Learning for Saliency Prediction
* new approach to automatic music video summarization, A
* On the Security of an MPEG-Video Encryption Scheme Based on Secret Huffman Tables
* Photography and Exploration of Tourist Locations Based on Optimal Foraging Theory
* Robust Watermarking of Compressed and Encrypted JPEG2000 Images
* Seeing through the fence: Image de-fencing using a video sequence
* Spring-Electric Graph Model for Socialized Group Photography, A
* Timeline-based information assimilation in multimedia surveillance and monitoring systems
* Toward Multi-Modal Conditioned Fashion Image Translation
* Video Storytelling: Textual Summaries for Events
* Video Summarization Using R-Sequences
* Visual keywords labeling in soccer video
* Visual Social Relationship Recognition
* Weakly-Supervised Multi-Person Action Recognition in 360 Videos
Includes: Kankanhalli, M.S.[Mohan S.] Kankanhalli, M.S.
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Kankare, V.[Ville] Co Author Listing * Accuracy in Estimation of Timber Assortments and Stem Distribution: A Comparison of Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Techniques
* Area-Based Mapping of Defoliation of Scots Pine Stands Using Airborne Scanning LiDAR
* Automated Stem Curve Measurement Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Biomass Estimation of Individual Trees Using Stem and Crown Diameter TLS Measurements
* Combination of individual tree detection and area-based approach in imputation of forest variables using airborne laser data
* Comparison of Laser and Stereo Optical, SAR and InSAR Point Clouds from Air- and Space-Borne Sources in the Retrieval of Forest Inventory Attributes
* Detecting and characterizing downed dead wood using terrestrial laser scanning
* Diameter distribution estimation with laser scanning based multisource single tree inventory
* Feasibility of Terrestrial laser scanning for collecting stem volume information from single trees
* Fusion of Individual Tree Detection and Visual Interpretation in Assessment of Forest Variables from Laser Point Clouds, The
* Individual Tree Biomass Estimation Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* International benchmarking of terrestrial laser scanning approaches for forest inventories
* Investigating the Feasibility of Multi-Scan Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Characterize Tree Communities in Southern Boreal Forests
* Multisensorial Close-Range Sensing Generates Benefits for Characterization of Managed Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Stands
* Multisource Single-Tree Inventory in the Prediction of Tree Quality Variables and Logging Recoveries
* Performance of terrestrial laser scanning to characterize managed Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands is dependent on forest structural variation
* Prediction of Forest Stand Attributes Using TerraSAR-X Stereo Imagery
* Retrieval of Forest Aboveground Biomass and Stem Volume with Airborne Scanning LiDAR
* Single tree biomass modelling using airborne laser scanning
* Structural Changes in Boreal Forests Can Be Quantified Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* TerraSAR-X Stereo Radargrammetry and Airborne Scanning LiDAR Height Metrics in Imputation of Forest Aboveground Biomass and Stem Volume
* Terrestrial laser scanning in forest inventories
Includes: Kankare, V.[Ville] Kankare, V.
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Kankiewicz, J.A.[J. Adam] Co Author Listing * Dual-Satellite Cloud Product Generation Using Temporally Updated Canonical Coordinate Features

Kankuekul, P.[Pichai] Co Author Listing * Online incremental attribute-based zero-shot learning

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