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Im, C. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Method of Recognizing Plant Species by Leaf Shapes, A
* Real-Time Color Correction Method for a Low-Cost Still/Video Camera
* Recognizing Plant Species by Leaf Shapes: A Case Study of the Acer Family
Includes: Im, C. Im, C.[Chan] Im, C.[Cholhong]

Im, C.H.[Chang Hwan] Co Author Listing * Modulation of Driver's Emotional States by Manipulating In-Vehicle Environment: Validation With Biosignals Recorded in An Actual Car Environment
Includes: Im, C.H.[Chang Hwan] Im, C.H.[Chang-Hwan]

Im, D.H.[Dong Hyuck] Co Author Listing * Character Detection in Animated Movies Using Multi-Style Adaptation and Visual Attention
* Color laser printer identification by analyzing statistical features on discrete wavelet transform
* Optimization of Shortest-Path Search on RDBMS-Based Graphs
* Practical Real-Time Video Watermarking Scheme Robust against Downscaling Attack, A
* Vector Watermarking Robust to Both Global and Local Geometrical Distortions
Includes: Im, D.H.[Dong Hyuck] Im, D.H.[Dong-Hyuck] Im, D.H.[Dong-Hyuk] Im, D.H.

Im, E. Co Author Listing * Radar Technologies for Earth Remote Sensing From CubeSat Platforms

Im, G.[Gyubeom] Co Author Listing * Live Demonstration: PINK: Polarity-based Anti-flicker for Event Cameras

Im, G.H.[Gi Hong] Co Author Listing * Distributed Block Diagonalization with Selective Zero Forcing for Multicell MU-MIMO Systems
* study on multiple array method of birdcage coils to improve the signal intensity and homogeneity in small-animal whole-body magnetic resonance imaging at 7?T, A
Includes: Im, G.H.[Gi Hong] Im, G.H.[Gi-Hong] Im, G.H.[Geun Ho]

Im, H. Co Author Listing * Dynamic In Vivo X-ray Fluorescence Imaging of Gold in Living Mice Exposed to Gold Nanoparticles
* Human motion reconstruction using deep transformer networks
Includes: Im, H. Im, H.[Hyeonseung]

Im, J.[Jungho] Co Author Listing * Advanced Operational Approach for Tropical Cyclone Center Estimation Using Geostationary-Satellite-Based Water Vapor and Infrared Channels, An
* Advances in Remote Sensing-Based Disaster Monitoring and Assessment
* Airborne Lidar Sampling Strategies to Enhance Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation from Landsat Imagery
* All-Sky 1 km MODIS Land Surface Temperature Reconstruction Considering Cloud Effects Based on Machine Learning
* Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Estimation from CryoSat-2 Satellite Data Using Machine Learning-Based Lead Detection
* Atmospheric-correction-free red tide quantification algorithm for GOCI based on machine learning combined with a radiative transfer simulation
* Classification and Mapping of Paddy Rice by Combining Landsat and SAR Time Series Data
* Classification Of Croplands Through Fusion Of Optical And Sar Time Series Data
* Comparison between convolutional neural networks and random forest for local climate zone classification in mega urban areas using Landsat images
* Comparison of Five Spatio-Temporal Satellite Image Fusion Models over Landscapes with Various Spatial Heterogeneity and Temporal Variation
* Construction and Verification of a High-Precision Base Map for an Autonomous Vehicle Monitoring System
* Detection of Convective Initiation Using Meteorological Imager Onboard Communication, Ocean, and Meteorological Satellite Based on Machine Learning Approaches
* Detection of Tropical Overshooting Cloud Tops Using Himawari-8 Imagery
* Different Spectral Domain Transformation for Land Cover Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks with Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery
* Downscaling of MODIS One Kilometer Evapotranspiration Using Landsat-8 Data and Machine Learning Approaches
* Drought Forecasting Based On Machine Learning Of Remote Sensing And Long-range Forecast Data
* Estimation of All-Weather 1 km MODIS Land Surface Temperature for Humid Summer Days
* Estimation of daily maximum and minimum air temperatures in urban landscapes using MODIS time series satellite data
* Estimation of Fugacity of Carbon Dioxide in the East Sea Using In Situ Measurements and Geostationary Ocean Color Imager Satellite Data
* Forest and Crop Leaf Area Index Estimation Using Remote Sensing: Research Trends and Future Directions
* Geometrical transformation-based ghost artifacts removing for high dynamic range image
* High-Resolution Seamless Daily Sea Surface Temperature Based on Satellite Data Fusion and Machine Learning over Kuroshio Extension
* Icing Detection over East Asia from Geostationary Satellite Data Using Machine Learning Approaches
* Improved retrievals of aerosol optical depth and fine mode fraction from GOCI geostationary satellite data using machine learning over East Asia
* Lossless Compression of Bi-level Images Based on Context Selection and Hierarchical Enumerative Coding
* Machine Learning Approaches for Detecting Tropical Cyclone Formation Using Satellite Data
* Merging multiple sensing platforms and deep learning empowers individual tree mapping and species detection at the city scale
* Multi-Platform LiDAR for Non-Destructive Individual Aboveground Biomass Estimation for Changbai Larch (Larix olgensis Henry) Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Approach
* Novel Bias Correction Method for Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) Soil Moisture: Retrieval Ensembles, A
* Novel Framework of Detecting Convective Initiation Combining Automated Sampling, Machine Learning, and Repeated Model Tuning from Geostationary Satellite Data, A
* novel transferable individual tree crown delineation model based on Fishing Net Dragging and boundary classification, A
* Novel Tropical Cyclone Size Estimation Model Based on a Convolutional Neural Network Using Geostationary Satellite Imagery, A
* Performance of Drought Indices in Assessing Rice Yield in North Korea and South Korea under the Different Agricultural Systems
* Prediction of Drought on Pentad Scale Using Remote Sensing Data and MJO Index through Random Forest over East Asia
* Recent ENSO influence on East African drought during rainy seasons through the synergistic use of satellite and reanalysis data
* Relationship Between Himawari-8-derived Overshooting Tops And Extreme Weather Events In Southeast Asia
* Resampling approach for one-Class classification
* Retrieval of Melt Ponds on Arctic Multiyear Sea Ice in Summer from TerraSAR-X Dual-Polarization Data Using Machine Learning Approaches: A Case Study in the Chukchi Sea with Mid-Incidence Angle Data
* Retrieval of Total Precipitable Water from Himawari-8 AHI Data: A Comparison of Random Forest, Extreme Gradient Boosting, and Deep Neural Network
* Short-Term Forecasting of Satellite-Based Drought Indices Using Their Temporal Patterns and Numerical Model Output
* Spatiotemporal downscaling approaches for monitoring 8-day 30 m actual evapotranspiration
* Support vector machines in remote sensing: A review
* Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimation Using Multi-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks from Geostationary Satellite Data
* Tunnel Facility Based Vehicle Localization in Highway Tunnel Using 3D LIDAR
* Vegetation Cover Analysis of Hazardous Waste Sites in Utah and Arizona Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Visual simulation of fire-flakes synchronized with flame
Includes: Im, J.[Jungho] Im, J. Im, J.[Junhyuck] Im, J.[Jaehyun] Im, J.[Jongho] Im, J.[Jaeho]
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Im, J.A.[Jeong A] Co Author Listing * Digital Video Stabilization Algorithm for CMOS Image Sensor
Includes: Im, J.A.[Jeong A] Im, J.A.[Jeong-A]

Im, J.H.[Jung Ho] Co Author Listing * Detection and Monitoring of Forest Fires Using Himawari-8 Geostationary Satellite Data in South Korea
* Effects of national forest inventory plot location error on forest carbon stock estimation using k-nearest neighbor algorithm
* Enhancing Binary Change Detection Performance Using A Moving Threshold Window (MTW) Approach
* Estimating High Spatial Resolution Air Temperature for Regions with Limited in situ Data Using MODIS Products
* Improving Local Climate Zone Classification Using Incomplete Building Data and Sentinel 2 Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Synergistic Use of Hyperspectral UV-Visible OMI and Broadband Meteorological Imager MODIS Data for a Merged Aerosol Product
* Two Linear Methods for Camera Calibration and Their Applications to Augmented Reality and 3D Reconstruction
* Unified Training of Feature Extractor and HMM Classifier for Speech Recognition
Includes: Im, J.H.[Jung Ho] Im, J.H.[Jung-Ho] Im, J.H.[Jang-Hwan] Im, J.H.
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Im, J.J.[Jooyeon J.] Co Author Listing * Alterations of regional cerebral blood flow after NMDA receptor antagonist administration in patients with alcohol-related dementia
* Assessment of cerebral blood perfusion changes after neurorehabilitation therapy in patients with middle cerebral artery infarction: An acetazolamide-challenged SPECT study
* Effects of nicergoline treatment on regional cerebral blood flow in early Alzheimer's disease
* real-time grid map generation and object classification for ground-based 3D LIDAR data using image analysis techniques, A
Includes: Im, J.J.[Jooyeon J.] Im, J.J.[Jeong Joon]

Im, J.U.[Ji Ung] Co Author Listing * Lidar- and V2X-Based Cooperative Localization Technique for Autonomous Driving in a GNSS-Denied Environment
Includes: Im, J.U.[Ji Ung] Im, J.U.[Ji-Ung]

Im, J.W.[Jang Whan] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Linearly Parameterized Models from a Single Image Using the Vanishing Points
Includes: Im, J.W.[Jang Whan] Im, J.W.[Jang-Whan]

Im, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of GNSS Performance Index Using Feature Points of Sky-View Image
* Attention Routing Between Capsules
* Geometry Guided Three-Dimensional Propagation for Depth From Small Motion
* Stereo Matching with Color and Monochrome Cameras in Low-Light Conditions

Im, S.B.[Seok Been] Co Author Listing * 3D GPR Image-based UcNet for Enhancing Underground Cavity Detectability
* Context-Based Scene Recognition Using Bayesian Networks with Scale-Invariant Feature Transform
Includes: Im, S.B.[Seok Been] Im, S.B.[Seung-Bin]

Im, S.H.[Sung Hoon] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Reconstruction from Small Motion Clip for Rolling Shutter Cameras
* ADAS: A Direct Adaptation Strategy for Multi-Target Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* All-Around Depth from Small Motion with a Spherical Panoramic Camera
* CMSNet: Deep Color and Monochrome Stereo
* Deblocking Algorithm in Mpeg-4 Video Coding Using Block Boundary Characteristics and Adaptive Filtering
* Deep Depth from Uncalibrated Small Motion Clip
* Depth from accidental motion using geometry prior
* DRANet: Disentangling Representation and Adaptation Networks for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Adaptation
* Dynamic Neural Network for Multi-Task Learning Searching across Diverse Network Topologies
* Facial Depth and Normal Estimation Using Single Dual-Pixel Camera
* High Quality Structure from Small Motion for Rolling Shutter Cameras
* High-Quality Depth from Uncalibrated Small Motion Clip
* Implicit Neural Image Stitching With Enhanced and Blended Feature Reconstruction
* Large-Scale Virtual Dataset and Egocentric Localization for Disaster Responses, A
* Noise Robust Depth from Focus Using a Ring Difference Filter
* Offline-to-Online Knowledge Distillation for Video Instance Segmentation
* ProFeat: Unsupervised image clustering via progressive feature refinement
* Ring Difference Filter for Fast and Noise Robust Depth From Focus
* Robust Depth Estimation from Auto Bracketed Images
* Robust Depth Estimation Using Auto-Exposure Bracketing
* Self-Supervised Monocular Depth and Motion Learning in Dynamic Scenes: Semantic Prior to Rescue
* Study on the Generality of Neural Network Structures for Monocular Depth Estimation, A
* VolumeFusion: Deep Depth Fusion for 3D Scene Reconstruction
Includes: Im, S.H.[Sung Hoon] Im, S.H.[Sung-Hoon] Im, S.H.[Sung-Ho]
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Im, S.J.[Sang Jun] Co Author Listing * Moisture Content Measurement of Broadleaf Litters Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Technique
Includes: Im, S.J.[Sang Jun] Im, S.J.[Sang-Jun]

Im, S.K.[Sio Kei] Co Author Listing * Double bit range estimation with eight estimators for CABAC in VVC
* Dynamic estimator selection for double-bit-range estimation in VVC CABAC entropy coding
* Error resilient video coding with priority data classification using H.264 flexible macroblock ordering
* Higher precision range estimation for context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding
Includes: Im, S.K.[Sio Kei] Im, S.K.[Sio-Kei] Im, S.K.

Im, W. Co Author Listing * SSPP-DAN: Deep domain adaptation network for face recognition with single sample per person

Im, W.B.[Woo Bin] Co Author Listing * Combined center dispersion loss function for deep facial expression recognition
* Multi-resolution distillation for self-supervised monocular depth estimation
* Scale-Varying Triplet Ranking with Classification Loss for Facial Age Estimation
* Semi-supervised Learning of Optical Flow by Flow Supervisor
* Unsupervised Learning of Optical Flow with Deep Feature Similarity
Includes: Im, W.B.[Woo Bin] Im, W.B.[Woo-Bin]

Im, Y.[Yeohee] Co Author Listing * Tile-Based Wireless Streaming of 360-Degree Video With Rate Adaptation Using Viewport Estimation

Im, Y.H.[Yu Han] Co Author Listing * M3FPolypSegNet: Segmentation Network with Multi-Frequency Feature Fusion for Polyp Localization in Colonoscopy Images
Includes: Im, Y.H.[Yu Han] Im, Y.H.[Yu-Han]

Im, Y.J.[Yong Jo] Co Author Listing * Automatic satellite image registration by combination of matching and random sample consensus
Includes: Im, Y.J.[Yong Jo] Im, Y.J.[Yong-Jo]

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