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Ganea, D.A.[Dan Andrei] Co Author Listing * Incremental Few-Shot Instance Segmentation

Ganea, E.[Eugen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method for Efficient Detection of Salient Visual Object from Color Images, An
* Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms from the Perspective of Salient Region Detection
* New Algorithm for Segmentation of Images Represented as Hypergraph Hexagonal-Grid
* New Method for Segmentation of Images Represented in a HSV Color Space, A

Ganea, O.[Octavian] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Image Classification using Entailment Cone Embeddings

Ganebnykh, S.[Sergey] Co Author Listing * Moment-Based Pattern Representation Using Shape and Grayscale Features
* Tree-like data structures for effective recognition of 2-D solids
Includes: Ganebnykh, S.[Sergey] Ganebnykh, S.

Ganel, T. Co Author Listing * Human-Centered Transparency of Grasping via a Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery System

Ganelin, I. Co Author Listing * Virtual View Color Estimation for Free Viewpoint TV Applications Using Gaussian Mixture Model

Ganem, K.A.[Khalil Ali] Co Author Listing * Mapping South America's Drylands through Remote Sensing: A Review of the Methodological Trends and Current Challenges

Ganerod, A.J.[Alexandra Jarna] Co Author Listing * Globally vs. Locally Trained Machine Learning Models for Landslide Detection: A Case Study of a Glacial Landscape
Includes: Ganerod, A.J.[Alexandra Jarna] Ganerød, A.J.[Alexandra Jarna]

Ganesalingam, S. Co Author Listing * Error rate estimation on the basis of posterior probabilities

Ganesan, A.[Anand] Co Author Listing * Numerical Strategies for Mixed-Integer Optimization of Power-Split and Gear Selection in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
* Quantitative-Electrogram-Based Methods for Guiding Catheter Ablation in Atrial Fibrillation
Includes: Ganesan, A.[Anand] Ganesan, A.

Ganesan, B.[Brammya] Co Author Listing * Grey Wolf optimisation-based feature selection and classification for facial emotion recognition

Ganesan, G. Co Author Listing * Differential modulation using space-time block codes

Ganesan, K.[Kanimozhi] Co Author Listing * Data imputation in deep neural network to enhance breast cancer detection
* Earlier detection of cancer regions from MR image features and SVM classifiers
* Energy-aware automatic video annotation tool for autonomous vehicle
* Energy-aware vehicle/pedestrian detection and close movement alert at nighttime in dense slow traffic on Indian urban roads using a depth camera
* Multiplicative Long Short-Term Memory with Improved Mayfly Optimization for LULC Classification
Includes: Ganesan, K.[Kanimozhi] Ganesan, K.[Karthick] Ganesan, K. Ganesan, K.[Kavithaa]

Ganesan, L. Co Author Listing * Analysis of skin images using texture descriptor by a combined statistical and structural approach
* BIONET: an artificial neural network model for diagnosis of diseases
* Efficient Approach To Color Image Segmentation Using Intermediate Features Of Maximum Overlap Wavelet Transform In Peak Finding Algorithm, An
* Fault segmentation in fabric images using Gabor wavelet transform
* modified statistical approach for image fusion using wavelet transform, A
* New Statistical Approach for Micro Texture Description, A
* Orthogonal moments based texture analysis of CT liver images
* Orthogonal Polynomials Based Framework for Edge-Detection in 2-D Monochrome Images, An
* statistical design of experiments approach for texture description, A
* Texture Characterization Using Wsfs And Wcfs
* Texture classification using Curvelet Statistical and Co-occurrence Features
* Texture classification using Gabor wavelets based rotation invariant features
* Texture classification using ridgelet transform
* Texture classification using wavelet transform
* Texture classification with combined rotation and scale invariant wavelet features
* Texture image segmentation using combined features from spatial and spectral distribution
* Texture segmentation using wavelet transform
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Ganesan, P.[Prema] Co Author Listing * Infrared and visible image fusion using multi-scale NSCT and rolling-guidance filter

Ganesan, R. Co Author Listing * Generating Hard to Comprehend Fake Documents for Defensive Cyber Deception

Ganesan, R.A.[Ramakrishnan Angarai] Co Author Listing * DeepInterpolation: fusion of multiple interpolations and CNN to obtain super-resolution

Ganesan, S.[Subramaniam] Co Author Listing * Complete Description of Multiple Line Segments Using the Hough Transform
* robust Hough transform technique for description of multiple line segments in an image, A
* Thermal Imaging Based Elderly Fall Detection
Includes: Ganesan, S.[Subramaniam] Ganesan, S.[Sudakshin]

Ganesan, S.I.[Saravana Ilango] Co Author Listing * Decentralized Emergency Service Vehicle Pre-Emption System Using RF Communication and GNSS-Based Geo-Fencing

Ganesan, T.M.S.[T. M. Senthil] Co Author Listing * Satellite Image Classification Using Cellular Automata

Ganesan, V. Co Author Listing * Simple Direct Computation of the FOE with Confidence Measures

Ganesh Co Author Listing * Dhaksha, The Unmanned Aircraft System in its New Avatar-Automated Aerial Inspection of India's Tallest Tower

Ganesh, A.[Arvind] Co Author Listing * Demo: Robust face recognition via sparse representation
* Fast L1-minimization algorithms and an application in robust face recognition: A review
* Information Retrieval System for Handwritten Documents
* Mapping facial expression recognition algorithms on a low-power smart camera
* Nearest-Subspace Patch Matching for face recognition under varying pose and illumination
* RASL: Robust Alignment by Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition for Linearly Correlated Images
* Robust Face Recognition via Sparse Representation
* Robust Photometric Stereo via Low-Rank Matrix Completion and Recovery
* TILT: Transform Invariant Low-Rank Textures
* Toward a Practical Face Recognition System: Robust Alignment and Illumination by Sparse Representation
* Towards a practical face recognition system: Robust registration and illumination by sparse representation
Includes: Ganesh, A.[Arvind] Ganesh, A.[Anantharaman] Ganesh, A.
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Ganesh, A.B.[A. Balaji] Co Author Listing * ECG steganography based on tunable Q-factor wavelet transform and singular value decomposition

Ganesh, M.[Mani] Co Author Listing * simple computational framework for defect detection system with orthogonal polynomials transcoded coefficients, A

Ganesh, M.R.[Madan Ravi] Co Author Listing * MINT: Deep Network Compression via Mutual Information-based Neuron Trimming

Ganesh, N.[Narayanan] Co Author Listing * Microscopic images classification for cancer diagnosis

Ganesh, P.[Prakhar] Co Author Listing * Empirical Investigation into Benchmarking Model Multiplicity for Trustworthy Machine Learning: A Case Study on Image Classification, An
* YOLO-ReT: Towards High Accuracy Real-time Object Detection on Edge GPUs

Ganesh, S.[Sumitra] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Human Actions using an Optimal Control Based Motor Model

Ganeshan, A.[Aditya] Co Author Listing * FDA: Feature Disruptive Attack
* Generalizable Data-Free Objective for Crafting Universal Adversarial Perturbations
* Object Pose Estimation from Monocular Image Using Multi-view Keypoint Correspondence
* Warp-Refine Propagation: Semi-Supervised Auto-Labeling via Cycle-Consistency

Ganeshan, A.R.[Adithya Raju] Co Author Listing * Are Natural Domain Foundation Models Useful for Medical Image Classification?

Ganeshan, B.[Balaji] Co Author Listing * Texture Analysis for Identifying Heterogeneity in Medical Images
* Towards Detecting High-Uptake Lesions from Lung CT Scans Using Deep Learning

Ganeshan, R. Co Author Listing * Autoregressive-Elephant Herding Optimization based Generative Adversarial Network for copy-move forgery detection with Interval type-2 fuzzy clustering

Ganeshbabu, T.R. Co Author Listing * Fitness adaptive deer hunting-based region growing and recurrent neural network for melanoma skin cancer detection

Ganeshi, N.[Naresh] Co Author Listing * Indian COSMOS Network (ICON): Validating L-Band Remote Sensing and Modelled Soil Moisture Data Products, The

Ganeshkumar, P. Co Author Listing * CANFIS based glioma brain tumor classification and retrieval system for tumor diagnosis
* efficient automated methodology for detecting and segmenting the ischemic stroke in brain MRI images, An

Ganeshkumar, R. Co Author Listing * Automated Brain Imaging Diagnosis and Classification Model using Rat Swarm Optimization with Deep Learning based Capsule Network

Ganeshsingh, T. Co Author Listing * ACSIR: ANOVA Cosine Similarity Image Recommendation in vertical search

Ganestam, P.[Per] Co Author Listing * Real-time multiply recursive reflections and refractions using hybrid rendering

Ganetsos, T.[Theodore] Co Author Listing * Application of Non-destructive Techniques (Raman Spectroscopy and XRF) into an Icon by Michael Damaskinos
* Pigments Identification in Oil Paintings of 18th-19th Century from the Museum of Post-Byzantine Art of Zakynthos Using Raman Spectroscopy and XRF
* Pigments Identification Using Raman Spectroscopy of the 16th Century Printed Book Osorio

Ganeva, D.[Dessislava] Co Author Listing * Phenotypic Traits Estimation and Preliminary Yield Assessment in Different Phenophases of Wheat Breeding Experiment Based on UAV Multispectral Images
* Preharvest Durum Wheat Yield, Protein Content, and Protein Yield Estimation Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery and Pleiades Satellite Data in Field Breeding Experiments

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