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Aoki, H.[Hirofumi] Co Author Listing * Daylight spectrum model under weather conditions from clear sky to cloudy
* Efficient quantization parameter coding based on intra/inter prediction for visual quality conscious video coders
* Few-Shot Font Generation with Deep Metric Learning
* H.264 weighted prediction parameter estimation method for fade effects in video scenes, An
* High-Speed Dialog Detection for Automatic Segmentation of Recorded TV Program
* Image Storage System Using Complex-valued Associative Memories, An
* Improving NERF with Height Data for Utilization of GIS Data
* Mixing Paints for Generating Metamerism Art under 2 Lights and 3 Object Colors
* New Flat Pattern Oriented Order Statistic Filter for Impulse Noise Reduction from Highly Corrupted Images, A
* New System Implementation on SIMD Processor for Reliable Fingerprint Singularity Detection by Singular Candidate Method
* Reliable detection of core and delta in fingerprints by using singular candidate method
* Study on Driver Agent Based on Analysis of Driving Instruction Data: Driver Agent for Encouraging Safe Driving Behavior (1)
* SVG Vector Font Generation for Chinese Characters with Transformer
Includes: Aoki, H.[Hirofumi] Aoki, H.[Haruka] Aoki, H.[Hisashi] Aoki, H. Aoki, H.[Hinata] Aoki, H.[Hiroyuki]
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Aoki, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction and recognition of shoe logos with a wide variety of appearance
* Automatic Extraction of Object Region from Photographs
* Automatic recognition of blooming flowers
* Bayesian Image Segmentation Using MRF's Combined with Hierarchical Prior Models
* Detection of 3D-Flow by Characteristic of Convex-concave and Color
* Estimation of Translation, Rotation and Large Scale Scaling Based on Multiple Scaling Assumptions
* Extraction and Recognition of Shoe Logos with a Wide Variety of Appearance Using Two-Stage Classifiers
* Feature and Classifier Selection in Class Decision Trees
* Homage to Professor Maria Petrou
* Illumination Normalization-Based Face Detection under Varying Illumination
* KIZUKI Processing for Visual Inspection: A Smart Pattern Pop-Out Algorithm Based on Human Visual Architecture
* Motion vector detection apparatus
* Motion vector detection circuit
* Play Estimation with Motions and Textures in Space-Time Map Description
* Progress of Transmission Technologies for UDTV
* Recognizer with Learning Mechanism for Hand-Written Script English Words
* Visual Correspondence Grouping via Local Consistent Neighborhood
Includes: Aoki, K. Aoki, K.[Kimiya] Aoki, K.[Kohta] Aoki, K.[Kyota] Aoki, K.[Kazunori] Aoki, K.[Kazuaki] Aoki, K.[Kota] Aoki, K.[Katsuji]
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Aoki, M.[Masayoshi] Co Author Listing * Face Parts Extraction Windows Based on Bilateral Symmetry of Gradient Direction
* Imaging and analysis of traffic scene
* Local Image Continuity Measure and its Application
* Pedestrian Detection and Tracking in Far Infrared Images
* Position detection using stereo slit camera and vertical objects
* Rectangular Region Coding for Image Data Compression
* Street model with multiple movable panels for pedestrian environment analysis
* Vehicle Detection Using Double Slit Camera
Includes: Aoki, M.[Masayoshi] Aoki, M.
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Aoki, N.[Natsuko] Co Author Listing * Facilitation of shape-from-shading perception by random textures
* Key Derivation Scheme for Hierarchical Access Control to JPEG 2000 Coded Images, A
* Mirror Localization for Catadioptric Imaging System by Observing Parallel Light Pairs
* Some Evaluations on a Digital Watermarking Technique for Music Data Using Distortion Effect
Includes: Aoki, N.[Natsuko] Aoki, N.[Naokazu] Aoki, N.[Nobuya] Aoki, N.[Naofumi]

Aoki, R. Co Author Listing * Blind image restoration utilizing total variation regularization, shock filter and gradient reliability map
* High-Performance Super-Resolution via Patch-Based Deep Neural Network for Real-Time Implementation
Includes: Aoki, R. Aoki, R.[Reo]

Aoki, S.[Shinya] Co Author Listing * Automatic Construction of Tree-structural image Transformations using Genetic Programming
* Building Statistical Atlas of White Matter Fiber Tract Based on Vector/Tensor Field Reconstruction in Diffusion Tensor MRI
* Cyber Traffic Light: Safe Cooperation for Autonomous Vehicles at Dynamic Intersections
* ER-Chat: A Text-to-Text Open-Domain Dialogue Framework for Emotion Regulation
* MMT: An Emerging MPEG Standard for Multimedia Delivery over the Internet
* Regularized polygonal approximation for analysis and interpretation of planar contour figures
* Scene recognition based on relationship between human actions and objects
* Tools and Methodologies for Autonomous Driving Systems
Includes: Aoki, S.[Shinya] Aoki, S.[Shigeki] Aoki, S.[Shunsuke] Aoki, S.
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Aoki, S.I.[Shin Ichiro] Co Author Listing * Video signal processing apparatus for separating an image of a moving object from video signals
Includes: Aoki, S.I.[Shin Ichiro] Aoki, S.I.[Shin-Ichiro]

Aoki, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition Using Passive Stereo Vision
* 3D Reconstruction Method with Color Reproduction from Multi-band and Multi-view Images, A
* 3D reconstruction of urban environments using in-vehicle fisheye camera
* Accurate and Robust Image Correspondence for Structure-From-Motion and its Application to Multi-View Stereo
* Contactless Palm Recognition System Using Simple Active 3D Measurement with Diffraction Grating Laser, A
* Depth Map Estimation from Multi-View Images with NERF-Based Refinement
* Effective Approach for Iris Recognition Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* Efficient Image Matching Method for Multi-View Stereo, An
* Efficient Iris Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* End-to-End Deep Learning for Reconstructing Segmented 3D CT Image from Multi-Energy X-ray Projections
* Estimating Contribution of Training Datasets using Shapley Values in Data-scale for Visual Recognition
* Estimation of Structure and Motion Parameters for a Roaming Robot that Scans the Space
* Face Recognition Using Phase-Based Correspondence Matching
* Fast and Robust 3D Correspondence Matching and Its Application to Volume Registration
* Fast and Robust Fingerprint Identification Algorithm and Its Application to Residential Access Controller
* Fast image inpainting using similarity of subspace method
* Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Combining Phase-Based Image Matching and Feature-Based Matching, A
* Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Image Matching for Low-Quality Fingerprints, A
* FPGA accelerator for PatchMatch multi-view stereo using OpenCL, An
* FPGA Implementation of Exclusive Block Matching for Robust Moving Object Extraction and Tracking
* Generating Robust and Stable Disparity Map Using Phase-Based Correspondence Matching from Stereo Video Sequence
* Geometric Multigrid Solver on Tsubame 2.0, A
* GPU implementation of phase-based stereo correspondence and its application
* HandSegNet: Hand segmentation using convolutional neural network for contactless palmprint recognition
* High-Accuracy Rotation Estimation Algorithm Based on 1D Phase-Only Correlation, A
* Image-based magnification calibration for electron microscope
* Improved image quality in fast inpainting with omnidirectional filling
* Improving the performance of non-rigid 3D shape recovery by points classification
* Iris Recognition System Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* local descriptor for high-speed and high-performance pictogram matching, A
* Medical image registration using Phase-Only Correlation for distorted dental radiographs
* Method and apparatus for detecting moving object
* Moment Symmetry: A novel method for interest point detection to match blurred and non-blurred images
* Multicolor removal based on color lines and improved hough transform for SFS
* Multicolor removal based on color lines for SFS
* non-rigid registration method for medical volume data using 3D Phase-Only Correlation, A
* NON-rigid structure from motion via sparse self-expressive representation
* Outlier and Artifact Removal Filters for Multi-View Stereo
* Palmprint Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Correspondence Matching, A
* Palmprint Recognition Algorithm using Phase-Based Image Matching, A
* palmprint recognition algorithm using Principal Component Analysis of phase information, A
* Performance evaluation of a geometric correction method for multi-projector display using SIFT and Phase-Only Correlation
* Performance Improvement of Phase-Based Correspondence Matching for Palmprint Recognition
* Phase-Based Image Registration Algorithm for Dental Radiograph Identification, A
* Phase-Based Iris Recognition Algorithm, A
* Phase-Based Window Matching with Geometric Correction for Multi-View Stereo
* Points classification for non-rigid structure from motion
* practical method to reducing metal artifact for dental CT scanners, A
* practical palmprint recognition algorithm using phase information, A
* Reconstructing occluded regions using fast weighted PCA
* Restoring occluded regions using FW-PCA for face recognition
* Retrieval of Snow Properties from the Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Instrument
* robot-based 3D body scanning system using passive stereo vision, A
* Scale Estimation Algorithm Using Phase-Based Correspondence Matching for Electron Microscope Images, A
* score calculation method using positional information of feature points for biometric authentication, A
* Sequential Online 3D Reconstruction System Using Dense Stereo Matching, A
* Similarity Measure Using Local Phase Features and Its Application to Biometric Recognition
* Space-Sampling Method for 3D Cinemas
* Stereo radargrammetry using airborne SAR images without GCP
* Sub-Pixel Stereo Correspondence Technique Based on 1D Phase-only Correlation, A
* Wide-baseline stereo matching using ASIFT and POC
Includes: Aoki, T. Aoki, T.[Takafumi] Aoki, T.[Toru] Aoki, T.[Toshimichi] Aoki, T.[Takashi] Aoki, T.[Takayuki] Aoki, T.[Terumasa] Aoki, T.[Takahiro] Aoki, T.[Teruo]
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Aoki, Y. Co Author Listing * 360-Degree Image Completion by Two-Stage Conditional GANs
* 3D image analysis for evaluating internal deformation/fracture characteristics of materials
* Alleviating Over-segmentation Errors by Detecting Action Boundaries
* Anticipating Traffic Accidents with Adaptive Loss and Large-Scale Incident DB
* comparative study on the sign-language communication systems between Korea and Japan through 2D and 3D character models on the Internet, A
* Depth image enhancement using local tangent plane approximations
* Depth Interpolation via Smooth Surface Segmentation Using Tangent Planes Based on the Superpixels of a Color Image
* Digital Image Watermarking by Fresnel Transform and its robustness
* Dilated convolutions for image classification and object localization
* Diverse Plausible 360-Degree Image Outpainting for Efficient 3DCG Background Creation
* Document Shadow Removal with Foreground Detection Learning From Fully Synthetic Images
* Dominant Codewords Selection with Topic Model for Action Recognition
* Evaluation of Vision-Based Human Activity Recognition in Dense Trajectory Framework
* Extended Co-occurrence HOG with Dense Trajectories for Fine-Grained Activity Recognition
* Extended Feature Descriptor and Vehicle Motion Model with Tracking-by-Detection for Pedestrian Active Safety
* Fast Soft Color Segmentation
* Football players and ball trajectories projection from single camera's image
* Generation of Arm-gesture and Facial Expression for Intelligent Avatar Communications in the Internet
* Genetic algorithm for thinning gray-scale images of characters
* Head and Upper Body Pose Estimation in Team Sport Videos
* Hierarchical shape recognition based on 3-D multiresolution analysis
* Human and Object Detection in Smoke-filled Space using Millimeter-wave radar based Measurement System
* Human-Object Maps for Daily Activity Recognition
* Image Data Watermarking Technique Using the Average of a Fresnel-transformed Pattern, An
* Indexing of baseball telecast for content-based video retrieval
* Listening Human Behavior: 3D Human Pose Estimation with Acoustic Signals
* Live image analysis for computer assisted presentation
* Morphing of 2-D models by Fresnel transform
* new parsing scheme for plex grammars, A
* Non-contact measurement system for swallowing time using Fiber grating vision sensor
* On intelligent avatar communication using Korean, Chinese and Japanese sign-languages: an overview
* On The Segmentation of Multi Font Printed Uygur Scripts
* Parsing human skeletons in an operating room
* Pedestrian near-miss analysis on vehicle-mounted driving recorders
* Physical Facial Model Based on 3D-CT Data for Facial Image Analysis and Synthesis
* PointNetLK: Robust and Efficient Point Cloud Registration Using PointNet
* Proposal of a method to analyze 3D deformation/fracture characteristics inside materials based on a stratified matching approach
* Prototype System for Interpreting Hand-Sketched Floor Plans, A
* Qualitative Image Analysis of Group Behaviour
* Recognition of Japanese Sign Language from Image Sequence Using Color Combination
* Retrieving and Highlighting Action with Spatiotemporal Reference
* robust road marking detection method with pseudo-top-view images for creating database, A
* Secrets of Event-Based Optical Flow
* Situation-Based Selective Video-Recording System for Memory Aid
* Study on a Radiation Management System Visualizing Health Risks from Ionizing Particles by CG Technology, A
* Superpixel Convolution for Segmentation
* Towards big SAR data era: An efficient Sentinel-1 Near-Real-Time InSAR processing workflow with an emphasis on co-registration and phase unwrapping
* Video-Based Person Re-identification by 3D Convolutional Neural Networks and Improved Parameter Learning
Includes: Aoki, Y. Aoki, Y.[Yoshimitsu] Aoki, Y.[Yoshinao] Aoki, Y.[Yoshikazu] Aoki, Y.[Yasuhiro] Aoki, Y.[Yosuke]
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