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Amar, A. Co Author Listing * Accurate Measurement of Normal Vectors and Principal Curvatures of the Left Ventricle from MRI Data Using Variational Calculus
* Asynchronous Transmitter Position and Velocity Estimation Using A Dual Linear Chirp
* Resolution limits of closely spaced random signals given the desired success rate
* Satellite Monitoring of Environmental Solar Ultraviolet A (UVA) Exposure and Irradiance: A Review of OMI and GOME-2
Includes: Amar, A. Amar, A.[Alon] Amar, A.[Abdurazaq]

Amar, C.B.[Chokri Ben] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Feature and Score Level Fusion Strategy Using Genetic Algorithms
* Detection and Tracking of the Moving Objects in a Video Sequence by Geodesic Active Contour
* Extracting and tracking Colon's Pattern from Colonoscopic Images
* Face recognition based on perceived facial images and multilayer perceptron neural network using constructive training algorithm
* Facial Expression Recognition Based on Perceived Facial Images and Local Feature Matching
* Novel Approach for Semi-regular Mesh Based on Planar Proxies, A
* Topological weighted fisher vectors for person re-identification
Includes: Amar, C.B.[Chokri Ben] Amar, C.B.
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Amar, H.M. Co Author Listing * Bargaining-Based Solution to the Team Mobility Planning Game, A
* Game Theoretic Solution for the Territory Sharing Problem in Social Taxi Networks, A
* GPS Localization Accuracy Classification: A Context-Based Approach
* Traveler Centric Trip Planning: A Behavioral-Driven System

Amar, M.[Meina] Co Author Listing * JND Model Using a Texture-Edge Selector Based on Faber-Schauder Wavelet Lifting Scheme, A
* Robust Print-cam Image Watermarking in Fourier Domain

Amara, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Image processing challenges in weak gravitational lensing
* IRIS features extraction using wavelet packets
* Iris Identification and Robustness Evaluation of a Wavelet Packets Based Algorithm
Includes: Amara, A.[Adam] Amara, A.

Amara, A.O.[Ahmed Oulad] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Scalability of a Deep-learning Network for Steganography into the Wild

Amara, F.B. Co Author Listing * Perceptually weighted distortion measure in low bitrate block based video coders

Amara, I.[Ibtihel] Co Author Listing * CES-KD: Curriculum-based Expert Selection for Guided Knowledge Distillation
* Contextual Weighting of Patches for Local Matching in Still-to-Video Face Recognition
* On the Effects of Illumination Normalization with LBP-Based Watchlist Screening

Amara, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Historical Aerial Surveys Map Long-Term Changes of Forest Cover and Structure in the Central Congo Basin
* Online Handwritten Segmentation in Linear Drawings
* Recursive Estimation of Parameters of Straight Lines and Circles: Application to the Segmentation of the Rey's Complex Figure
* Towards a Generic M-SVM Parameters Estimation Using Overlapping Swarm Intelligence for Handwritten Characters Recognition
Includes: Amara, M.[Michael] Amara, M. Amara, M.[Marwa]

Amara, N.E.B. Co Author Listing * Embedded Computer-Vision System for Multi-Object Detection in Traffic Surveillance, An
* ICPR2016 contest on Arabic Text detection and Recognition in video frames - AcTiVComp

Amara, R.[Rachid] Co Author Listing * New Remote Hyperspectral Imaging System Embedded on an Unmanned Aquatic Drone for the Detection and Identification of Floating Plastic Litter Using Machine Learning, A

Amara, Y. Co Author Listing * Energy Planning for Autonomous Driving of an Over-Actuated Road Vehicle
* GPU Framework for the Visualization and On-the-Fly Amplification of Real Terrains, A
* GPU Tile-Load-Map architecture for terrain rendering: theory and applications, A
Includes: Amara, Y. Amara, Y.[Yacine]

Amaral de Andrade, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Tirolcraft: The Quest of Children to Playing the Role of Planners at a Heritage Protected Town

Amaral, A.M.M.M. Co Author Listing * Feature Selection for Forensic Handwriting Identification
* Forensic Document Examination: Who Is the Writer?
Includes: Amaral, A.M.M.M. Amaral, A.M.M.M.[Aline Maria M. M.]

Amaral, B.[Bernardo] Co Author Listing * Weakly Supervised Fire and Smoke Segmentation in Forest Images with CAM and CRF

Amaral, B.F. Co Author Listing * Clustering analysis applied to NDVI/NOAA multitemporal images to improve the monitoring process of sugarcane crops

Amaral, C.H. Co Author Listing * Change Analysis of the Spectral Characteristics of Rubber Trees at Canopy and Leaf Scales During The Brazilian Autumn
* Mapping invasive species and spectral mixture relationships with neotropical woody formations in southeastern Brazil
Includes: Amaral, C.H. Amaral, C.H.[Cibele H.]

Amaral, H.G.B. Co Author Listing * Visual-Quality-Driven Learning for Underwater Vision Enhancement

Amaral, I.F.[Isabel F.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Quantification of Cell Outgrowth from Neurospheres

Amaral, L.[Livia] Co Author Listing * Efficient reference frame compression scheme for video coding systems: algorithm and VLSI design
* new differential and lossless Reference Frame Variable-Length Coder: An approach for high definition video coders, A
Includes: Amaral, L.[Livia] Amaral, L.[Lívia]

Amaral, L.A.[Leonardo A.] Co Author Listing * Near real-time shadow detection and removal in aerial motion imagery application

Amaral, L.F.C. Co Author Listing * Nonquadratic Algorithm Based on the Extended Recursive Least-Squares Algorithm, A

Amaral, M.S.[Marcos S.] Co Author Listing * Efficient, recursively implemented differential operator, with application to edge detection
* Signal differentiation through a Green's function approach

Amaral, R.d.S. Co Author Listing * Novel Strategy for Road Lane Detection and Tracking Based on a Vehicle's Forward Monocular Camera, A

Amaral, S.[Silvana] Co Author Listing * Bringing to Light the Potential of Angular Nighttime Composites for Monitoring Human Activities in the Brazilian Legal Amazon
* Identifying Precarious Settlements and Urban Fabric Typologies Based on GEOBIA and Data Mining in Brazilian Amazon Cities
* Identifying Spatial Units of Human Occupation in the Brazilian Amazon Using Landsat and CBERS Multi-Resolution Imagery
* Identifying Urban and Socio-Environmental Patterns of Brazilian Amazonian Cities by Remote Sensing and Machine Learning
Includes: Amaral, S.[Silvana] Amaral, S.

Amaral, T.[Tito] Co Author Listing * Induction motor fault detection and diagnosis using a current state space pattern recognition
* InSAeS4 Airborne X-Band Interferometric SAR System: A First Assessment on Its Imaging and Topographic Mapping Capabilities, The
* Multi-part segmentation for porcine offal inspection with auto-context and adaptive atlases
* Spin-context Segmentation of Breast Tissue Microarray Images
* Transfer Learning Using Rotated Image Data to Improve Deep Neural Network Performance
* Weighted atlas auto-context with application to multiple organ segmentation
Includes: Amaral, T.[Tito] Amaral, T.[Tiago] Amaral, T.[Telmo]

Amaranageswarao, G.[Gadipudi] Co Author Listing * Blind compression artifact reduction using dense parallel convolutional neural network
* Wavelet based medical image super resolution using cross connected residual-in-dense grouped convolutional neural network

Amaranth, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Determining Surface Type from Surface Normals

Amarasingam, N.[Narmilan] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Detection of Mouse-Ear Hawkweed Using Drones, Multispectral Imagery and Supervised Machine Learning
* Detection of White Leaf Disease in Sugarcane Crops Using UAV-Derived RGB Imagery with Existing Deep Learning Models

Amarasinghe, N. Co Author Listing * MODIS Cloud Optical and Microphysical Products: Collection 6 Updates and Examples From Terra and Aqua, The
* NASA MODIS-VIIRS Continuity Cloud Optical Properties Products, The
* Sensitivity of Multispectral Imager Liquid Water Cloud Microphysical Retrievals to the Index of Refraction
Includes: Amarasinghe, N. Amarasinghe, N.[Nandana]

Amarasinghe, S.[Saman] Co Author Listing * Decoupling Algorithms from Schedules for Easy Optimization of Image Processing Pipelines
* Halide: Decoupling Algorithms from Schedules For High-Performance Image Processing

Amarathunga, D.C.[Don Chathurika] Co Author Listing * Spatial Monitoring and Insect Behavioural Analysis Using Computer Vision for Precision Pollination
* Towards Computer Vision and Deep Learning Facilitated Pollination Monitoring for Agriculture

Amaratunga, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Tram Tracks on HRCT Images

Amaravati, A. Co Author Listing * Light-Powered Smart Camera With Compressed Domain Gesture Detection, A

Amarger, V. Co Author Listing * Spherical coordinates framed RGB color space dichromatic reflection model based image segmentation: Application to wildland fires' outlines extraction

Amari, S. Co Author Listing * Sparse Representation for Brain Signal Processing: A tutorial on methods and applications

Amari, S.I.[Shun Ichi] Co Author Listing * Information Geometry and Its Applications: Convex Function and Dually Flat Manifold
* Shape Retrieval Using Hierarchical Total Bregman Soft Clustering
* Total Bregman Divergence and Its Applications to DTI Analysis
* Total Bregman divergence and its applications to shape retrieval
Includes: Amari, S.I.[Shun Ichi] Amari, S.I.[Shun-Ichi]

Amarjargal, S. Co Author Listing * Forest Resources Study In Mongolia Using Advanced Spatial Technologies

Amarnath, G.[Giriraj] Co Author Listing * Applications of Satellite-Based Rainfall Estimates in Flood Inundation Modeling: A Case Study in Mundeni Aru River Basin, Sri Lanka
* Assessing the Performance of the Satellite-Based Precipitation Products (SPP) in the Data-Sparse Himalayan Terrain
* Daily River Discharge Estimates by Merging Satellite Optical Sensors and Radar Altimetry Through Artificial Neural Network
* Decadal Historical Satellite Data and Rainfall Trend Analysis (2001-2016) for Flood Hazard Mapping in Sri Lanka, A
Includes: Amarnath, G.[Giriraj] Amarnath, G.

Amaro Mellado, J.L.[Jose Lazaro] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Cartographic and Toponymic Databases in a Multilingual Environment: A Methodology for Detecting Redundancies Using ETL and GIS Tools, A
* GIS-Based Mapping of Seismic Parameters for the Pyrenees
Includes: Amaro Mellado, J.L.[Jose Lazaro] Amaro-Mellado, J.L.[José-Lázaro] Amaro-Mellado, J.L.[José Lázaro]

Amaro, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Field Spectroscopy Metadata System Based on ISO and OGC Standards

Amaro, E. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Whole Brain Registration: MRI and High Resolution Histology

Amaro, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * Parallel refinement of slanted 3D reconstruction using dense stereo induced from symmetry

Amaro, V.E.[Venerando E.] Co Author Listing * Spectral calibration of CBERS 2B multispectral satellite images to assess suspended sediment concentration

Amarouche, L. Co Author Listing * Dynamical Properties of Sea Surface Microwave Backscatter at Low-Incidence: Correlation Time and Doppler Shift
* Ku-/Ka-Band Extrapolation of the Altimeter Cross Section and Assessment With Jason2/AltiKa Data

Amarouche, S.[Sylia] Co Author Listing * New approach of smoothing to extend language model in Lucene

Amarsaikhan, D. Co Author Listing * Advanced Classification of Optical and Sar Images for Urban Land Cover Mapping
* Forest Resources Study In Mongolia Using Advanced Spatial Technologies

Amarunnishad, T.M. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Length for Digitized Straight Lines in Three Dimensions

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