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Reye, D.[David] Co Author Listing * On the Classification of Image Regions by Colour, Texture, and Shape

Reyer, I.A. Co Author Listing * Continuous approach to segmentation of handwritten text

Reyes Aldasoro, C.C. Co Author Listing * Bhattacharyya space for feature selection and its application to texture segmentation, The
* Homage to Professor Maria Petrou
* Microfluidic environment and tracking analysis for the observation of Artemia Franciscana
* Volumetric Texture Segmentation by Discriminant Feature Selection and Multiresolution Classification
Includes: Reyes Aldasoro, C.C. Reyes-Aldasoro, C.C. Reyes-Aldasoro, C.C.[Constantino Carlos]

Reyes Amezcua, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Guided Deep Metric Learning
Includes: Reyes Amezcua, I.[Ivan] Reyes-Amezcua, I.[Iván]

Reyes Ayala, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * High-order statistical texture analysis--font recognition applied
Includes: Reyes Ayala, M.[Mario] Reyes-Ayala, M.[Mario]

Reyes Cabrera, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * Root identification in minirhizotron imagery with multiple instance learning
Includes: Reyes Cabrera, J.[Joel] Reyes-Cabrera, J.[Joel]

Reyes Cabrera, L.[Leobardo] Co Author Listing * Breaking reCAPTCHAs with Unpredictable Collapse: Heuristic Character Segmentation and Recognition
Includes: Reyes Cabrera, L.[Leobardo] Reyes-Cabrera, L.[Leobardo]

Reyes Cardenas, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * evolutionary algorithm with acceleration operator to generate a subset of typical testors, An
Includes: Reyes Cardenas, O.[Oscar] Reyes-Cardenas, O.[Oscar]

Reyes Carmona, C. Co Author Listing * ADAtools: Automatic Detection and Classification of Active Deformation Areas from PSI Displacement Maps
* Analysis of the Geological Controls and Kinematics of the Chgega Landslide (Mateur, Tunisia) Exploiting Photogrammetry and InSAR Technologies
* Assessment of Urban Subsidence in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (Central-West of Portugal) Applying Sentinel-1 SAR Dataset and Active Deformation Areas Procedure
* Combining Satellite InSAR, Slope Units and Finite Element Modeling for Stability Analysis in Mining Waste Disposal Areas
* Detection of Active Sinkholes by Airborne Differential LiDAR DEMs and InSAR Cloud Computing Tools, The
* Evaluation of the SBAS InSAR Service of the European Space Agency's Geohazard Exploitation Platform (GEP)
* Sentinel-1 A-DInSAR Approaches to Map and Monitor Ground Displacements
* Sentinel-1 DInSAR for Monitoring Active Landslides in Critical Infrastructures: The Case of the Rules Reservoir (Southern Spain)
Includes: Reyes Carmona, C. Reyes-Carmona, C. Reyes-Carmona, C.[Cristina]
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Reyes Cedeno, I.G.[Isai G.] Co Author Listing * Determination of Susceptibility to the Generation of Discontinuities Related to Land Subsidence Using the Frequency Ratio Method in the City of Aguascalientes, Mexico
Includes: Reyes Cedeno, I.G.[Isai G.] Reyes-Cedeño, I.G.[Isaí G.]

Reyes Diaz, F.J.[Flavio J.] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Selection for Speaker Recognition Using Cumulative Vectors
Includes: Reyes Diaz, F.J.[Flavio J.] Reyes Díaz, F.J.[Flavio J.]

Reyes Figueroa, A. Co Author Listing * Modulenet: A Convolutional Neural Network for Stereo Vision
* W-net: A Convolutional Neural Network for Retinal Vessel Segmentation
Includes: Reyes Figueroa, A. Reyes-Figueroa, A. Reyes-Figueroa, A.[Alan]

Reyes Garcia, C.[Casandra] Co Author Listing * Modelling Species Richness and Functional Diversity in Tropical Dry Forests Using Multispectral Remotely Sensed and Topographic Data
Includes: Reyes Garcia, C.[Casandra] Reyes-Garcia, C.[Casandra]

Reyes Garcia, C.A.[Carlos Alberto] Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Learning-Centered Emotions
* Bias and Variance Multi-objective Optimization for Support Vector Machines Model Selection
* Combined Classifier of Cry Units with New Acoustic Attributes, A
* Enhanced Fuzzy-Relational Neural Network with Alternative Relational Products
* Evolutionary Multi-Objective Approach for Prototype Generation and Feature Selection
* Infant Cry Classification Using Genetic Selection of a Fuzzy Model
* On the Processing of Fuzzy Patterns for Text Independent Phonetic Speech Segmentation
Includes: Reyes Garcia, C.A.[Carlos Alberto] Reyes-García, C.A.[Carlos Alberto] Reyes-Garcia, C.A.[Carlos A.] Reyes-García, C.A.[Carlos A.]
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Reyes Hernandez, H.[Humberto] Co Author Listing * Improving Identification of Areas for Ecological Restoration for Conservation by Integrating USLE and MCDA in a GIS-Environment: A Pilot Study in a Priority Region Northern Mexico
Includes: Reyes Hernandez, H.[Humberto] Reyes-Hernández, H.[Humberto]

Reyes Lozano, L.[Leo] Co Author Listing * Conformal Geometric Algebra for Robotic Vision
* Registration of 2D Points Using Geometric Algebra and Tensor Voting
Includes: Reyes Lozano, L.[Leo] Reyes-Lozano, L.[Leo]

Reyes Meza, V.[Veronica] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Hummingbirds in Images: A Deep Learning Approach
* From Text to Speech: A Multimodal Cross-Domain Approach for Deception Detection
Includes: Reyes Meza, V.[Veronica] Reyes-Meza, V.[Veronica] Reyes-Meza, V.[Verónica]

Reyes Munoz, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Mapping landscape canopy nitrogen content from space using PRISMA data
* Quantifying Fundamental Vegetation Traits over Europe Using the Sentinel-3 OLCI Catalogue in Google Earth Engine
* Synergy of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series for Cloud-Free Vegetation Water Content Mapping with Multi-Output Gaussian Processes
Includes: Reyes Munoz, P.[Pablo] Reyes-Muñoz, P.[Pablo]

Reyes Nava, A. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Deep Neural Networks for Classification of Gene-Expression Microarrays
Includes: Reyes Nava, A. Reyes-Nava, A.

Reyes Nivia, C.[Catalina] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of Coral Reefs Using Artificial Intelligence: A Feasible and Cost-Effective Approach
Includes: Reyes Nivia, C.[Catalina] Reyes-Nivia, C.[Catalina]

Reyes Ortiz, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * Validation of Semantic Relation of Synonymy in Domain Ontologies Using Lexico-Syntactic Patterns and Acronyms
Includes: Reyes Ortiz, J.A.[Jose A.] Reyes-Ortiz, J.A.[José A.]

Reyes Palacios, S.[Shanel] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Geoparsing Method for Toponym Recognition and Resolution in Unstructured Text
Includes: Reyes Palacios, S.[Shanel] Reyes-Palacios, S.[Shanel]

Reyes Palomeque, G.[Gabriela] Co Author Listing * Effects of Sample Plot Size and GPS Location Errors on Aboveground Biomass Estimates from LiDAR in Tropical Dry Forests
* Novel Approaches in Tropical Forests Mapping and Monitoring-Time for Operationalization
* Road to Operationalization of Effective Tropical Forest Monitoring Systems, The
Includes: Reyes Palomeque, G.[Gabriela] Reyes-Palomeque, G.[Gabriela]

Reyes Perez, J. Co Author Listing * Flood Vulnerability Reduction, Using A Partial Participatory Gis Approach. A Study Case in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Reyes Pupo, O.G.[Oscar Gabriel] Co Author Listing * ReliefF-ML: An Extension of ReliefF Algorithm to Multi-label Learning
Includes: Reyes Pupo, O.G.[Oscar Gabriel] Reyes-Pupo, O.G.[Oscar Gabriel]

Reyes Reyes, R.[Rogelio] Co Author Listing * effective fragile watermarking scheme for color image tampering detection and self-recovery, An
* Gabor Features Extraction and Land-Cover Classification of Urban Hyperspectral Images for Remote Sensing Applications
* Image Authentication Scheme Based on Self-embedding Watermarking
Includes: Reyes Reyes, R.[Rogelio] Reyes-Reyes, R.[Rogelio]

Reyes, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Application of the Comparison of Multibeam Echo-Sound Records to the Study of Stability of a Toxic Waste Stockpile Located on the Margin of a Tidal System: Tinto Estuary, Huelva, SW Spain
* Developing a Body Sensor Network to Detect Emotions During Driving
* Efficiency Analysis of POC-Derived Bases for Combinatorial Motion Estimation
* How Do Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites Affect Coral Assemblages?
Includes: Reyes, A.[Alejandro] Reyes, A. Reyes, A.[Andres]

Reyes, A.A.[Abel A.] Co Author Listing * GAF-NAU: Gramian Angular Field encoded Neighborhood Attention U-Net for Pixel-Wise Hyperspectral Image Classification

Reyes, A.K.[Angie K.] Co Author Listing * Identifying Colombian Bird Species from Audio Recordings

Reyes, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of Land Use/Land-Cover Changes in the Arid Transboundary Middle Rio Grande Basin Using Remote Sensing

Reyes, E.B.G.[Edel B. Garcia] Co Author Listing * Full-Quaternion Color Correction in Images for Person Re-identification
* Multimodal fusion for pattern recognition
* Multiple Substructure Matching Algorithm for Fingerprint Verification, A
Includes: Reyes, E.B.G.[Edel B. Garcia] Reyes, E.B.G.[Edel B. García]

Reyes, F.[Facundo] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric 3D face model for Speech Language Pathologist applications
* Automatic object detection using shape information in ultrasound images
* On vision systems identification with application to fixed-camera robotic systems
* On-line passenger estimation in a metro system using particle filter
Includes: Reyes, F.[Facundo] Reyes, F. Reyes, F.[Fernando]

Reyes, F.J.[Flavio J.] Co Author Listing * Simple Noise Robust Feature Vector Selection Method for Speaker Recognition

Reyes, G.[Gerardo] Co Author Listing * Effective Image De-noising Alternative Approach Based on Third Generation Neural Networks, An

Reyes, H.[Hugo] Co Author Listing * Relative Convex Hull Determination from Convex Hulls in the Plane

Reyes, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Proposal of Neural Networks with Intermediate Outputs, A

Reyes, J.M. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Segmentation and D-Bar Method for Electrical Impedance Tomography, A

Reyes, J.M.D.[Jean Marc D.] Co Author Listing * Tooth Condition Classification for Dental Charting Using Convolutional Neural Network and Image Processing

Reyes, J.R.F.[Jarold Rendell F.] Co Author Listing * Detection of Face Mask Wearing Conditions with Lightweight CNN Models on Raspberry Pi 4 and Jetson Nano

Reyes, L.[Leo] Co Author Listing * Geometric approach for simultaneous projective reconstruction of points, lines, planes, quadrics, plane conics and degenerate quadrics
* Projective reconstruction of all visual primitives
* projective reconstruction of points, lines, quadrics, plane conics and degenerate quadrics using uncalibrated cameras, The
* Registration of 3D Points Using Geometric Algebra and Tensor Voting
* Simultaneous and Sequential Reconstruction of Visual Primitives with Bundle Adjustment

Reyes, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * ChaLearn Looking at People Challenge 2014: Dataset and Results
* Deep Learning-based Type Identification of Volumetric MRI Sequences
* Feature-weighting in dynamic time-warping for gesture recognition in depth data
* GOO: A Dataset for Gaze Object Prediction in Retail Environments
* Graph cuts optimization for multi-limb human segmentation in depth maps
* Graph Node Based Interpretability Guided Sample Selection for Active Learning
* Informative sample generation using class aware generative adversarial networks for classification of chest Xrays
* Integrated segmentation of brain tumor images for radiotherapy and neurosurgery
* Integrated Spatio-Temporal Segmentation of Longitudinal Brain Tumor Imaging Studies
* Interest points localization for brain image using landmark-annotated atlas
* Interpretability-Driven Sample Selection Using Self Supervised Learning for Disease Classification and Segmentation
* Medical Image Super Resolution by Preserving Interpretable and Disentangled Features
* Multi-label Attention Map Assisted Deep Feature Learning for Medical Image Classification
* Multi-modal user identification and object recognition surveillance system
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
* Self-Supervised Generalized Zero Shot Learning for Medical Image Classification Using Novel Interpretable Saliency Maps
* Spatio-Temporal GrabCut human segmentation for face and pose recovery
* Spherical Blurred Shape Model for 3-D Object and Pose Recognition: Quantitative Analysis and HCI Applications in Smart Environments
* User Identification and Object Recognition in Clutter Scenes Based on RGB-Depth Analysis
Includes: Reyes, M.[Miguel] Reyes, M.[Mauricio] Reyes, M.[Marcus] Reyes, M.
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Reyes, M.F.[Mario Fuentes] Co Author Listing * GA-Net-Pyramid: An Efficient End-to-End Network for Dense Matching
* SAR-to-Optical Image Translation Based on Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks: Optimization, Opportunities and Limits

Reyes, M.G.[Matthew G.] Co Author Listing * Lossy Compression of Bilevel Images Based on Markov Random Fields
* Lossy Cutset Coding of Bilevel Images Based on Markov Random Fields
* Structural texture similarity metrics for retrieval applications

Reyes, M.L. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Detection of Driver Cognitive Distraction Using Support Vector Machines

Reyes, M.M.[Miguel Mendoza] Co Author Listing * System Classification by Using Discriminant Functions of Time-Frequency Features

Reyes, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic alignment and comparison on images of petri dishes containing cell colonies
* Coarse-to-fine multiclass learning and classification for time-critical domains
* Fixed Height Queries Tree Permutation Index for Proximity Searching
* Improving the List of Clustered Permutation on Metric Spaces for Similarity Searching on Secondary Memory
* Low-Cost Ka-Band Cloud Radar System for Distributed Measurements within the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
* New Ensemble-Based Cascaded Framework for Multiclass Training with Simple Weak Learners, A
* Shortening the Candidate List for Similarity Searching Using Inverted Index
* Small mammals and bird detection using IoT devices
Includes: Reyes, N. Reyes, N.[Napoleon] Reyes, N.[Nora] Reyes, N.[Nicolas]
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Reyes, N.H. Co Author Listing * Colour segmentation for multiple low dynamic range images using boosted cascaded classifiers
* Dynamic colour adaptation for colour object tracking
* Gaining colour stability in live image capturing

Reyes, N.R.[N. Ruiz] Co Author Listing * Speech/Music Classification Based on Distributed Evolutionary Fuzzy Logic for Intelligent Audio Coding

Reyes, P. Co Author Listing * How Much Carbon Is Stored In Deserts? An Approach For The Chilean Atacama Desert Using Landsat-8 Products

Reyes, S.R. Co Author Listing * Latest Developments Of The Isprs Student Consortium
* Preface: Technical Commission V - Youth Forum
* Synergy Of Optical And Sar Data For Mapping And Monitoring Mangroves

Reyes, S.R.C. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Coastal Vulnerability To Sea Level Rise of Bolinao, Pangasinan Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

Reyes, S.S.[Salvador S.] Co Author Listing * Effects of an Interactive Software Agent on Student Affective Dynamics while Using an Intelligent Tutoring System, The
Includes: Reyes, S.S.[Salvador S.] Reyes, Jr., S.S.[Salvador S.]

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